Foot Massager Machines: Expert Reviews For The Best Foot Massagers 2018

foot massager machineAre you experiencing discomfort on your feet, or ailing in some kind of foot disease? Or maybe one of your family members is the culprit? A foot massager is the way to go.

Have you ever considered consulting a professional or possibly your family doctor about this dilemma? Believe it or not, persistent feet discomfort or aches is not something that should be ignored.

Find that much-needed relief for your feet today. It’s time to get your feet back to their perfect condition.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say finding the best foot massager or the best foot massager machine can be a difficult task.

This is where we come in and offer you the solution …

Searching for information about different foot massagers can be a challenge especially if it’s your first time. Lucky for you, we have done all the work. There are various categories of foot massagers available in the market. The most common ones are electric foot massagers, manual foot massagers, and foot spas.

In this website, we will look at various ways to treat your feet. You will also learn foot massage techniques that can apply using your bare hands.

Why Use a Foot Massager?

Foot massage has been practiced for centuries as a part of foot care. Currently, foot massage is considered as a tool to relieve pain, increase blood circulation, treat diseases such as Plantar Fasciitis, Spurs, diabetes, and even detoxification of the body.

This involves applying pressure at some specific point of the feet for improving blood circulation and complete relaxation.

In modern society, manual foot massage has been replaced by foot massage machines. There is no need to go to any massage spa or massage parlor because you can do it in your own home.

After thorough research, I concluded that there are three major categories of massagers available.

  • For treating illnesses
  • For general relaxation &
  • For soothing dry, cracked feet/detoxification

Select a category that suits you best for detailed reviews:

Best Foot Massager

miko shiatsu foot massager

Electric foot massager models allow users to passively enjoy the massaging action of their devices. To create a massage effect, electric foot massagers employ either a rolling or an oscillating mechanism. Users place both feet on the massager and turn the device on, initiating the massaging action.

Some models of electric foot massagers, particularly rolling massagers, will massage different areas of the foot at one time. Other massagers, specifically oscillating models, stimulate all the soft tissues of the foot simultaneously.

Best Foot and calf massager 2018


A foot and calf massager offers more relaxation compared to the foot massager. It stimulates not only the feet are but also the calves. This increases blood circulation to the upper body even further.

One of the main features of these massagers is that they come with a dashboard where users can adjust the settings. Air compression is also most likely to be found in all the machines.

Top rated foot Spa Bath

foot bath

Best foot spa massagers are electric foot massagers that incorporate water and heat to increase the therapeutic benefits of the device. Often outfitted with additional features, spa massagers are frequently larger than manual and regular electric foot massagers.

The larger size makes traveling with spa massagers difficult. For users that need foot massagers to relieve chronic pain, it can be a good idea to purchase a manual foot massager in addition to a spa massager for times when they will be away from home.

Air Compression Leg Massager

Leg air compression massager

If what you’re looking for is a full leg massage, then I recommend these leg compression machines. They are suitable for people suffering from leg edema, leg swelling, restless leg syndrome e.t.c.

One of the advantages of using this type of massage is that they are widely accepted and recognized by podiatrists all over the world. The material used is also durable in case you are wondering.

Deep Tissue Stimulator & Massager

Foot roller massager

If your main problem is below your foot, then I suggest you use a foot roller. These are specifically designed for deep tissue massage. They are effective for people suffering from plantar fasciitis, heel spur, diabetes or even just tired feet.

These are simple to use. Just place the roller under your feet and roll your feet on them. I suggest using it on one foot at a time.

Best Foot Scrubber 2018

footmate scrubber

Foot scrubbers are essentially designed to cleanse your feet after a long day at work. These can be used in the shower or inside the bathtub.

The scrubber comes with bristles which helps in the exfoliation process. Falling is not a problem when using them because they come with built-in suction pads which stick firmly on the floor or your bathtub.

Best Callus Remover

callus remover

Are you thinking of removing dead callus on your feet? These are the top rated exfoliating machines for 2018.

Exfoliating can be done in many ways, using a pumice stone an electric exfoliator or even using gels or lotions. Callus can go away without treating but they can be an embarrassment if you’re usually on open shoes.


Best Massage Chair 2018

shiatsu chair massage reviews

Though not really classified under foot massagers, a massage chair also offers foot and calf massage and of course a full body massage.

We review the best massage chairs in details including their benefits and technologies used. These chairs have become a necessity especially with the many health problems cropping up on a daily basis.

Foot Massagers Buying Guide

Prices for different types of foot massagers can range from a few dollars to several hundred or more. The most expensive foot massagers can be recommended by doctors for people that suffer from chronic pain and might be covered under healthcare insurance in some cases.

For people with complicated foot problems, it is recommended that they speak with their doctor before investing in a foot massager and consult their health insurance providers to determine if some or all of the costs might be covered under their health insurance plans.

For a foot massager to be covered, it typically must be included in a prescribed therapeutic regimen ordered under the supervision of a licensed medical doctor.

Benefits of Foot Massagers

Foot massagers can relieve the foot aches caused by ill-fitted shoes, foot fatigue, and pain caused by muscle, joint, and skeletal diseases. They can also play an important role in reflexology.

Reflexology is an alternative medicine approach that claims that pressure points in the feet are directly linked to the health of other parts of the body. By applying pressure to certain areas of the foot, a whole host of health problems can be alleviated.

For example, massaging the joints of the toes is believed to relieve sinus headaches. Using a foot massager can help people stimulate the pressure points throughout the whole foot in addition to targeting specific areas of the foot to ease the pain in the rest of the body.

Foot Massager Features

Each of the different types of foot massagers can be manufactured to include added features that can increase the comfort and convenience of using the device. Before purchasing a foot massager model, buyers should think carefully about the specific features they might find most beneficial.

When they have a clear idea of the features that are mandatory for purchase, buyers should check the specifications of each foot massager model they are interested in to be sure a certain feature is included before they begin a foot massager purchase.

Cushion Surface

Both manual and electric foot massagers might include a cushioned surface in the area where users place their feet. Cushioning on a foot massager can allow users greater comfort because it helps the foot massager conform to the shape of a user’s foot.

In some cases, cushioning also creates a non-slip surface on the massager. A foot massager cushion can be manufactured from soft foam or from malleable plastic pads that have been injected with gel.

Multiple Speeds

Electric foot massager models can include multiple speeds so users can customize their massaging experience. Typically offering two or three speeds, multiple speed foot massagers should have a solid base to minimize any shifting while in use.

Before buying a multiple speed foot massager, buyers should check to make sure that a model is designed to include non-slip posts or padding on the bottom to the foot massager to prevent moving when in use.

Convenient Control Options

In the most basic models of electric foot massagers, control options will be located on the body of the foot massager. This forces users to bend down to reach the controls each time a user would like to make an adjustment.

In more sophisticated foot massager models, users are often provided with a remote control to change settings conveniently. Buyers should check to make sure remote control mechanisms are easy to use before purchasing a foot massager model, particularly if a buyer suffers from joint-related health issues like arthritis.


Heat can be used to relieve aches related to foot pain. For added comfort, some foot massager models include heaters to increase their therapeutic benefits. Heat options can be combined with a water bath in some foot massager models, while other models include heat features independent of water bath options.

Depending on the foot massager model, heat can be applied only to the bottom of the foot or can include the ability to heat the upper foot and ankle. Foot massager models that extend their heating options past the bottom of the foot are significantly larger than other models, so buyers should determine before buying if this feature would be beneficial.

Water Jets

To create an invigorating experience, foot massager models can include water jets. These jets can be used to increase blood circulation and relax tight muscles.

Before buying a foot massager with water jet options, buyers should read the models specifications to understand how many jet speed options are available if they would like a number of options.


Everyday life can be rough on feet, particularly for people who suffer from joint, muscle, or bone ailments. To pamper feet, buyers can purchase foot massagers that help relieve pain and fatigue. Foot massager models can range from very basic, manual types to highly sophisticated, electric types that include a number of therapeutic features.

To make the most strategic purchases, buyers should research which options are best for them before shopping for foot massager models.

Each added feature can impact the cost and size of a foot massager, so buyers should assess which features will be useful before deciding on a purchase.

Depending on the circumstances, some foot massagers might be included under healthcare plans if their use is prescribed by a licensed doctor. Therefore, it is advisable for buyers to contact their healthcare insurance providers in case a foot massager’s cost might be included under the buyer’s insurance plan.

Once buyers have a clear understanding of the types, features, and payment options available for foot massagers, they can use Amazon to find a wide selection of foot massagers from well-known manufacturers.

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