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We are dedicated to providing quality foot care information. Our podiatrists will teach you about the anatomy of the foot and how a foot checkup can keep you healthy. At Foot Massage Reviews we enjoy providing quality, compassionate foot care articles to members of the public.

1. Massage Tools – for Beauty and Well-being

massage toolsMassage accessories are a huge market as not everyone can afford to have a spa massage daily. There are plenty of products to be found in the market promising to relax, de-stress and ease away then tension.

Massage tools come in all shapes and sizes, from foot rollers, back massagers, large arch massagers and all kinds of wooden tools that help knead away the knots and ease stiffness. The good thing about home massage tools is that you can use them on yourself anytime.

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2. Shoes – Podiatrists Recommended Shoes

Shoes for BunionsShoes are considered one of the precious things loved by people from different age brackets. Collecting a variety of shoes is common nowadays and sometimes, becomes an obsession, especially for women.

They express themselves in the way they wear shoes and what kind of shoes they are going to wear.

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3. Bunions – Pain Relievers and Correctors

Bunion treatment at homeA bunion is a common term for a medical condition known as Hallux Abducto Valgus. Hallux Abducto Valgus is the tilting of the toe away from the mid-line of the body. It is usually characterised by a lump or bump that is red, swollen and/or painful on the inside of the foot in and around the big toe joint.

To reduce the pressure over the enlarged joint it is helpful to use items such as gel pads and adhesive paddings as well as orthotics (a device to redistribute the weight more evenly over the sole of the foot). In conjunction with protective paddings, daily use of a good foot cream with periodical gentle use of a foot dresser will help to keep the skin soft and elastic.

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4. Plantar Fasciitis – Treatment Options at Home.

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that affects the heel and arch of the foot. Excessive, constant abnormal pulling and stretching of the fibrous bands that support the arch, causes the heel bone to become inflamed and painful. This constant irritation can sometimes lead to a heel spur (bony growth) forming on the bottom of the heel bone.

Certainly, the first line of defence for this condition is good supporting shoes which have a wide toe box and a low heel. Useful treatments for Plantar fasciitis are anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin and Ibuprofen gel/tablets. Cold ice-pack compresses can be useful in reducing any swelling with stretching exercises and massage both being beneficial.

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5. Athlete’s Foot

Despite the name athlete’s foot, this condition doesn’t only infect sporty feet. It is a contagious fungal infection that anyone can get and affects as many as one in seven adults. The fungus that causes athlete’s foot is a spore that can survive for up to two years and is usually picked up from walking barefoot across communal changing rooms.

There are various creams and solutions that can be used to help prevent athlete’s foot also some measures that you can take to avoid contracting athlete’s foot are do not wear shoes without socks or tights, wear footwear which allows your feet to breathe.

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6. Smelly Feet – Sweet and Bacteria Causes Odour

Sweaty feet (Hyperhidrosis) and smelly feet are two very common, annoying conditions of the feet. Sweaty feet are caused by excessive production of sweat from the soles of the feet. This condition often starts in childhood and may affect either sex but it is particularly prevalent in young adult males.

Certainly, the first line of defence for this condition is to wear good shoes and socks that are made from a cotton/wool mix. In addition to this, good hygiene and daily changing of hosiery are recommended. There are also a variety of creams, sprays and powders that are effective in reducing the level of perspiration on the foot.

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7. Toe Pain

Toe pain can be a result of injuries or genetic factors. some of the main toe problems include; hammertoes, black toenails, dislocated toes, broken toes and many more. The resulting pain can be excruciating. This calls for urgent solutions to relieve the pain.

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8. Diabetic Foot Pain

The two main complications which can affect diabetic feet are poor circulation and peripheral neuropathy (loss of feeling and disturbing sensation). 1. Poor circulation results in intermittent claudication (pain in the calf muscles during walking) as well as leg cramps during the night. 2. Peripheral neuropathy is a frequent complication and may go unnoticed by the patient.

If the patient is unaware of peripheral neuropathy the feet and toes can become traumatised and in the presence of poor circulation ulceration and gangrene can occur. It is important that a patient with a foot ulcer consult their podiatrist or family doctor.

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9. Bathroom Safety – Get Extra Care for your Feet

Bathrooms have always been considered among the most important parts of the house. In recent times, most households have always spent a considerable amount of investment and effort in making sure the bathroom is safe and also elegant.

To boost the usability and safety of the bathroom, it is advisable to install Shower grab bars, use mats and design them for easy movement.

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10. Pedicure Ideas – Beauty also Matters

In order to have a home pedicure, you need to find the right pedicure tools. Quality clippers, exfoliators and cuticle pushers are three of them, all well worth the investment. Not only can you use them at home, but you can bring them to the salon if you elect for professional pedicure treatment; this will help prevent bacterial infections that can develop when your pedicurist uses poorly sanitized tools. Here’s everything that you will need.

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11. Foot Warmers – The Best way to Avoid Cold Feet

These heated foot warmers are simple yet ingenious products that come in the form of either radiating panels or heated mats. They are small in size and therefore can be placed conveniently and discreetly under your office desk or anywhere else that you usually spend a considerable length of time standing or sitting down.

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