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Best Foot Massager

foot massager

A foot massager allows users to passively enjoy the massaging action of their devices.

To create a massage effect, electric foot massagers employ either a rolling or an oscillating mechanism.

Users place both feet on the massager and turn the device on, initiating the massaging action.

Some models of electric foot massagers, particularly rolling massagers, will massage different areas of the foot at one time.

Other massagers, specifically oscillating models, stimulate all the soft tissues of the foot simultaneously.

Best Foot and calf massager 2021

foot and calf massager

A calf massager offers more relaxation compared to the foot massager.

It stimulates not only the feet are but also the calves. This increases blood circulation to the upper body even further.

One of the main features of these massagers is that they come with a dashboard where users can adjust the settings.

Air compression is also most likely to be found in all the machines.

Massage Chair pads

massage chair cushion pad

A massage chair pad for car is a very useful device that can be regarded as an inevitable need of all those who are destined to work for long hours every day.

You can use these massage chair pads at your home, at your office and even while you are in your car.

The portability of these pads makes them your best friend. Technically speaking, these pads are provided with heaters, vibrators and motor gears at 4-5 different spots.

The first spot is the neck muscle area; the second spot is the high back and lower back muscles area, third is usually the back arms and fourth is the shoulder area.

The heaters present in these pads release gentle heat to relax the muscle fibers and vibrators gently massage your muscles.

The presence of different gears in all these zones allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of the massage.

Best Massage Chair 2021

massage chair

Though not really classified under foot massagers, a massage chair also offers foot and calf massage and of course a full body massage.

We review the best massage chair in details including their benefits and technologies used.

These chairs have become a necessity especially with the many health problems cropping up on a daily basis.


Best Handheld Massager

handheld massager

After a tough day at work, the best way to unwind and relax is getting a good back massage.

However, many working people don’t have the extra time or money to head to a spa for a soothing back rub.

The best solution is to invest in best handheld massagers. Handheld ones provide the same level of comfort and relaxation you normally pay for.

The best thing about handheld massagers is that they’re able to apply pressure on hard-to-reach areas of the body.

People who use these things notice that they experience less strain on their muscles.

Top-rated foot Spa Bath

foot spa

Best foot spa massagers are electric foot massagers that incorporate water and heat to increase the therapeutic benefits of the device.

Often outfitted with additional features, spa massagers are frequently larger than manual and regular electric foot massagers.

The larger size makes traveling with spa massagers difficult.

For users that need foot massagers to relieve chronic pain, it can be a good idea to purchase a manual foot massager in addition to a spa massager for times when they will be away from home.

Leg Compression Massager

leg compression machine

If what you’re looking for is a full leg massage, then I recommend these leg compression machines.

They are suitable for people suffering from leg edema, leg swelling, restless leg syndrome e.t.c.

One of the advantages of using this type of massage is that they are widely accepted and recognized by podiatrists all over the world.

The material used is also durable in case you are wondering.

Best Bunion Splint

bunion splint

A bunion splint can help relieve a good deal of the pain and discomfort of a bunion.

They do not heal the bunion but provide bunion splint toe relief from the painful bunion.

When fitted properly the splint works by separating the toes from each other creating cushioning and also redistributing the pressure over a larger area thus reducing pain and discomfort.

They come in various materials and types, some for night time use and some for use during the day.

Most come with Velcro fasteners making adjustments and application of the splint simple and easy. Some of the bunion splints come with antibacterial properties to prevent infection and reduce foot odor

A day time bunion splint is usually soft and flexible and need to be usually used in a wider width shoe than you would normally wear to accommodate the splint.

This can relieve a deal of pain when walking or standing during the day.

Deep Tissue Stimulator & Massager

foot roller

If your main problem is below your foot, then I suggest you use a foot roller.

These are specifically designed for deep tissue massage.

They are effective for people suffering from plantar fasciitis, heel spur, diabetes or even just tired feet.

These are simple to use. Just place the roller under your feet and roll your feet on them. I suggest using it on one foot at a time.

Best Foot Scrubber 2021

foot scrubber

Foot scrubbers are essentially designed to cleanse your feet after a long day at work.

These can be used in the shower or inside the bathtub.

The scrubber comes with bristles which helps in the exfoliation process.

Falling is not a problem when using them because they come with built-in suction pads that stick firmly on the floor or your bathtub.


Best Callus Remover

callus remover

Are you thinking of removing dead callus on your feet? These are the best callus removers for 2019.

Exfoliating can be done in many ways, using a pumice stone an electric exfoliator or even using gels or lotions.

Callus can go away without treating but they can be an embarrassment if you’re usually on open shoes.


Best Teak shower bench

teak shower bench

Having a teak shower bench is always one of the best options for your bathroom.

These are the most durable piece of furniture that are believed to withstand even most adverse conditions.

The reason why they are so durable is because of the material that is used for making them – the teak wood.

Teak wood is considered as the best material for making bathroom furniture and other furniture as well.

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