Looking for a way to remove your calluses?

Well, when looking for electric callus removers, then Amope Pedi perfect is just the perfect solution. The Amope Perfect Pedi Foot File comes in an eye catching design fitted with a roller.

In this article we will look at the various categories you can choose from, how they operate, and where you can operate them without putting yourself and the product in harms-way. Lets start by looking at the Three types available.

Amope Perfect Pedi Models

#1. Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry

wet and dry foot file

This rechargeable foot sander cleanses your feet even in the bathtub or shower, which is not the case with other models. The Pediperfect should always be fully charged before any filing process begins.

Wet and Dry Usage

Amope wet dry is waterproof and comes with special roller heads. the interchangeable roller heads are designed for the best efficiency. To change the roller, simply click the button located on the side. Amope refills are available separately.

If you want to increase the speed on the foot buffer, simply press the button located just bellow the rollers. These speed is suitable for removing stubborn hard skin for those of you who have very dry feet. Remember, the results are always the same when using the foot filer on wet/ moist skin or dry skin.

The charging process is simple. Simply clip the device on the charging dock and make sure the green light comes on. To protect the pedi perfect, make sure you do not charge it near any wet surface. Also ensure the charging dock and the metal charging contacts are dry.

#2. Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File (Regular Coarse)


Soften toughened feet in seconds! That’s the claim for the this electric pedicure foot file. This battery-powered callus remover comes with a removable, replaceable roller and powered rotation to buff and soften hardened heels and calluses in very little time compared to manual callus removal methods.

Reviewers seem to love this product, claiming visible, touchable results in just a few minutes. The spinning roller is coated with Micralumina – a unique micro-abrasive surface for a gentle but effective smoothing effect that promises to give visible effects from the very first use.


#3.Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File (Extra Coarse)

pink crystals


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