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Looking for the best back massager? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, you’ll find unbiased back massager reviews that will help you to choose the best massager for your needs.

Almost everyone will experience back pain at some point in their lives. It can occur in the upper or lower back, it can be the result of a strain or injury, or it can occur with no warning whatsoever. The cause of back pain is as unique as the individual experiencing it, but relief from all forms of muscular back pain can be found from the same place.

If the pain is in the muscles of the back, a massage is a great way to find temporary relief from what could be a chronic problem. Massages from a professional massage therapist, though great, can become expensive. So, why not use a back massager yourself, in the comfort of your own home?

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Back Massagers


Advantages of a Handheld Back Massager

Regardless of the kind of activity you indulge in whether it be physical or mental these massagers help to relax the sore muscles of the body with their pressure and vibrations.

The reason massage guns are so popular is the convenient massage they give the user without his having to book an appointment with a masseur time and again.

1. Decrease muscle soreness

Throughout the day we are busy in some activity whether we are at home or at work or on a sports field. The muscles of the neck and back, arms and legs, and our feet tend to get sore by the end of the day.

The Best handheld massager provides great relief as they work over our sore muscles giving us different massages, thereby relaxing them and reducing the pain in them.

2. Lower stress levels

Mental fatigue and stress can affect our behavior and family life. Stress levels increase due to tension at work or problems at home. Stress creates tension in the muscles leading to aches and pains which makes the person less productive and also lowers their energy levels.

When we take a relaxing massage it not only removes the soreness in the muscles but also lowers the stress hormone cortisol.

Thus a massage raises the levels of serotonin and dopamine giving a boost to your mood.

3. Sound sleep

Have you ever noticed that after a massage from a spa you tend to sleep soundly like a baby?

The reason is that a good deep muscle massage helps the body get rid of its pains and relaxes the mind and the muscles. When the body and mind reach a relaxed state they help you sleep tight. 15-20 minutes of massage is good for deep and comfortable sleep.

4. Increase body flexibility

One of the main reasons why sportsmen get a massage on a regular basis is that it helps increase the flexibility of their muscles.

After a massage, the muscles become loose and stretchable giving in a larger range of movement to the body. This helps us to exercise effectively and also decreases our chances of getting cramps and muscle-related injuries.

Therefore if we are able to combine our massage with stretching will help in bettering our performance, not in sports but other physical activities too.

5. Raises immunity

The deep kneading strokes of the massage, when taken by a handheld massager, get the blood flowing into the area being massaged.

This way of massaging improves the blood circulation in the body and also brings with its proteins and other nutrients which help in protecting the body from various diseases, infections, and tumors.

Thus a good massage changes the blood composition and increases its oxygen levels while it also helps in improving the lymphatic drainage in the body.

Neck and Back Pain

Neck and back pain are very common in today’s high-stress world. More and more people are using massagers to relieve stress and muscle pain. It is important to people that they purchase the best back massager they can get for their money.

The vibrations from a massager, like the kneading of fingers in a manual massage, work to relieve pain by helping relax tight muscles. Different models will use different combinations of vibration and heat. There are many different kinds, from small, handheld cordless ones, to full mats, to large massage tables.

In fact, a lot of them are fairly high quality. Once the domain of chiropractors and occupational therapists, many massagers are now available for the home market.

Types of Back Massagers You Can Buy

Here are some things to look for when shopping for back massagers along with descriptions of the various types of back massagers available.

1. Back Massage Chair Cushions

Back Massage Chair Cushions. Homedics is the manufacturer of some of the best back massagers available. They make a massager cushion that you just place in a chair and plugin!

It is one of their best models and is called The Back Energizer 5 Point Back Massager with Heat. This electric massager works both in the car or office, as it works in a 12V car adaptor or normal AC plug.

A good back massager cushion is designed to not only produce heat but also a comfortable kneading sensation to release tight knots in your back. A good chair back massager can easily double as a car back massager as well.

Click here to check out recommendations for the best back massagers for chairs!

2. Back Shiatsu Massage Cushions

Back Shiatsu Massage Cushions. For a deep tissue massage at home, Shiatsu massagers have two rolling knobs that turn in opposite directions of each other.

Designed to simulate the kneading fingers in traditional Japanese Shiatsu massage, these back massagers provide all of the luxuries for a fraction of the cost.

For pain that resides deep in the muscles of the back, this is the best back massager. HoMedics sells Shiatsu massaging cushions, pillows, and lumbar massagers.

Another very good Homedics massager is the shiatsu back massager, based on therapy originating in Japan. This chair massager is designed to simulate the movement of a regular shiatsu massage. The Shiatsu technique refers to the use of fingers to apply pressure to particular parts of the body.

This technique is simulated by the built-in roller massager with a vibrating seat. It is a great kneading back massager with two knobs that spin and turns, while it is moved up and down the spine.

3. Percussion or Thumber Back Massagers

Percussion or Thumber Back Massagers. A thumper back massager is another very popular type of massager, but with a major difference. It gives a deep tissue massage without vibration.

Instead, it uses gentle pulses of energy to penetrate and relax sore muscles. The Conair NM6R Body Benefits Hot/Cold Massaging Neck Rest is a great model that offers options for heat-based massage and cold-based massage.

The percussion massager is made to mimic a Swedish massage. With an ergonomic hand-held design, these are perfect for loosening tight knots in any part of the back. Percussive massagers are also available that provide pin-point massage techniques. HoMedics offers many styles of hand-held percussion massagers that are good quality, and there is one available to fit almost every budget.

4. Back Massager for Chair

Back Massage Mats or Back Massage Pads. A back massager mat can be used in the office or at home on a chair, but can also be used on the floor or on a bed. A heated massager, whether in chair or mat form, is even better than a massager using vibration alone.

The best back massagers will allow the user to switch between vibration and heat, and combinations of the two. The vibrating back massager pad is mostly found as a neck back massager or neck ring that works the upper back and shoulders.

These will usually have various speed settings, and many of them will come with a heating option. Components inside the unit will vibrate at varying speeds, depending on what settings it is on. Either battery or electric powered, these are the best back massagers for those days when the back pain is not very intense or when muscles become slightly sore and achy. A heated back massager is also great for use during cold days as well.

5. Manual Back Massage Tools

manual back massagerManual Back Massage Tools. You’ll be surprised what a simple wooden back massager can do for your back! The Back Knobber by The Pressure Positive Company is a non-electric back massager.

It is designed so the user can perform pressure point massage therapy on themselves. When there is an obvious spot in the back that is knotted up, this is one of the best back massagers to provide any relief.

It is an S-shaped metal rod with wooden balls on both ends. The balls differ in size and are made for comfort while still supplying enough pressure to work the knot out. There is also the roller back massager where you can roller a stick-like roller with blunt edges on your back.

How to Choose the Best Back Massager

Most types of back massagers are available as hand-held units and chair pads. Shiatsu massagers are styled differently, however. They resemble a pillow with two knobs on one side. For the other massager styles, both designs are beneficial. It’s simply a matter of where and how the massage is to be performed.

The hand-held units offer more portability, so they work best for those who prefer not to be in a seated position or for those who want to quickly work the tension from a specific area of the back.

Chair massages are available as a pad that fits in a regular chair or the entire massaging chair can be purchased. These are ideal for those who want to get an entire back massage while relaxing or at the office.

Overall, the companies that manufacture the best back massager are HoMedics, The Pressure Positive Company, and The Body Back Company. The Body Back Company has designed a massager similar to the Back Knobber. Having expanded on that concept, they also offer tools that aid in correcting posture and back realignment. As always, talk to your doctor before using any equipment yourself in order to avoid injury.

Regardless of the type of back massagers one ultimately chooses, it is important to check with your chiropractor or other health professional to make sure the model being used is appropriate for the type of pain being experienced. Verify with your doctor that you are using the massager in the most effective way.

Having expanded on that concept, they also offer tools that aid in correcting posture and back realignment. As always, talk to your doctor before using any equipment yourself in order to avoid injury.

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