bariatric shower chairsA bariatric shower chair and other related products are in vogue right now. This popularity is not surprising, considering the rising cases of people with obesity worldwide.

Bariatric is a department in the medical field that caters for obesity or excess weight issues.  It features products that old and young overweight people should use to have a normal risk free lifestyle.

A bariatric shower chair, whether a reclined or a rising style is a perfect example of exclusive equipment for these people.

It is a comfortable, safe and reliable type of chair for use when taking a shower. Although meant for big people, anyone else with obesity-related sickness could use it safely. Sick and obese people feel tired quickly, and that is why they must take the weight off their feet when showering. This bench type is the answer. There are manufacturers that make this line of exclusive products. Each manufacturer claims to provide something excellent and dependable to consumers.

In spite of everything, it is important to search and shop carefully. Each product, no matter how good, will have its pros and cons, whether quality or price related. The easiest way to snatch the best is reading available product reviews.  Without doubt, each product one finds in the market has a previous user, unless it is totally brand new. For that reason, consumers should go an extra mile to find out what other previous shoppers are saying. Reviews enlighten new shoppers quickly and free of charge. If one is seriously looking to get a bariatric shower chair today, he or she should consider the following three tips.

Who needs the new ergonomic bench?

 Some families have to take good care of elderly people with bariatric problems. Others suffer from obesity and have to take care of themselves. Prior to buying, understand a person’s weight issue and condition properly. If caring for an elderly or a young person with this condition, pay a visit to his or her doctor. Request the doctor to recommend the best bathroom chair.  Maybe a friend, relative or even a neighbor uses this item and seems to have a similar condition.  Approach them and request referrals.

What is the best height and weight limit?

  A shower bench chair that allows a high weight limit is indeed appropriate. A hardwearing seat with a limit for five hundred pounds as a minimum is the most excellent. Do not trust anything below this limit to offer maximum security. If a family has more than one overweight person, they can all share a common seat. However, it has to have an adjustable height option.

Should one consider quality more than price?

– Most people will obviously recommend going for the quality of the chairs and not their prices. A suitable bariatric shower chair must-have features such as side handles, wide sitting area, matchless construction materials, and workmanship.

Shower Chairs for Elderly

As we grow older tasks that once were easy and sometimes seen as mundane become more difficult and even dangerous.  Bathing is one of those tasks that not only becomes more difficult as we age but also becomes more jeopardous.  The reason for the danger in bathing in the wet surfaces.

Wet surfaces create a slipping and falling hazard even for the most sure-footed of folks; but when you combine a wet surface with age-induced instability, you have a potential disaster.  One way of reducing the danger associated with the elderly bathing is by having them use a shower chair.  A shower chair can add three things to an elderly person bathing experience.

1)      Safety

The most important aspect of a shower chair for the elderly is the increase in safety.  By adding a shower chair in the shower a person no longer has to stand up for the entirety of the bath.  A person can sit down thereby lowering their center of gravity and reducing the chances of a fall into the hard tile or porcelain.  The majority of shower chairs are built and customized to add even more safety to the shower.  For instance, some chairs are designed to keep their edges outside of the shower.  This not only removes potential hazards if there was a fall but also makes it much easier to get in and out of the shower easier.

2)      Peace of Mind

Having a shower chair for the elderly lets them feel more comfortable during a bathing experience.  It helps to preserve their dignity by increasing their independence.  For some elderly folks, a shower chair is all they will need in order to bathe properly without any assistance at all.  This is the optimal solution for most elderly people.  No one likes having someone help them to remove their clothes and clean off.  It can be humiliating for most.  With a shower chair, an elderly person can actually look forward to a relaxing shower or bath once again.

3)      Comfort

As we grow older we lose the energy level we once had.  We can grow tired simply brushing our teeth.  Taking a shower or bath is not any different.  An elderly person can get very tired of having to stand for the entire time it takes to get clean.  Or, if lying in a tub, it can be tiring to hold oneself upright in the awkward position that a bathtub demands.  Adding a shower chair for the elderly gives them a comfortable place to rest as they are bathing.

A shower chair for elderly people is something that will not only make their lives safer but will also make their lives more comfortable.  It is highly recommended that if you are or someone you love is elderly and having difficulty bathing, that you add a shower chair, tub bench, or any of the like to the bathroom.  It is an item that will create a better life for the user.

The Advantages of a Tilt-in-Space Shower Commode Chair

When caring for a patient that is immobilized there are many difficulties to bathing that can create dangerous situations, not only for the patient but also for the caregiver.  Shower chairs are known to help reduce such situations, and in some cases eliminate them completely.  A specialized shower chair referred to as the “Tilt-in-Space” shower chair has many danger reducing advantages that should be considered when caring for an immobilized patient.

To begin with, the tilt-in-space shower chair provides a more secure position for the patient.  The reclined position is much more secure than a sitting up position as the caregiver does not have to hold the immobilized patient upright while attempting to bathe them.  The patient simply lounges back comfortably without any assistance or effort from the caregiver.  Also, with immobilized patients, it is often times necessary to use a hoist to move the patient.  The angled or reclined position of the tilt-in-space shower chair makes it much easier to move the patient from hoist to chair.

The patient isn’t the only one who benefits from a tilt-in-space shower chair.  The caregiver will appreciate this product as well.  The recline of the tilt-in-space shower chair allows the caregiver to have much better access to the patient, which benefits in two ways:

1)It allows for better posture for the caregiver, reducing the risk of back pain.
2)It allows for better contact with the patient.  Better contact between patient and caregiver has untold benefits, ranging from improved morale for the patient to less physical exertion by the caregiver.

If you are a caregiver and working with an immobilized patient, a tilt-in-space shower commode chair should be something to consider in order to give you and your patient a safer and more pleasant bathing experience.

The Convenience Of Shower Commode Chairs

Shower commode chairs are a convenient piece of furniture for those who find it difficult to stand for the period of time required when taking a shower, or for those who need to be wheeled in. This can be for many reasons such as recent hospitalization, being elderly, handicapped or other things.

An extended water hose and faucet makes it very easy to control the water temperature and shut it on and off as needed. It can be used by the individual or by an aide who is assisting. This works very well with a wheel chair type shower commode.

Over the past few years the construction of these chairs has improved remarkably. In the past one size fit all but that is no longer the case. They are now available in a number of sizes and can fit people with sizes from small to very large.

These chairs are designed to allow easy removal of bedpans for cleaning. In addition, some models have removable arms and detachable or adjustable footrests. The push handles are conveniently placed for moving the chair.

With the many different styles and types of chairs available it is possible for one to find exactly what is needed for special situations. Adjustable chairs are very good for people who have difficulty sitting up straight or in other positions. They are easily movable with their large, well-oiled, wheels and can be securely stopped with excellent brake mechanism.

Chairs available with wheels, similar to a wheelchair, are very popular. They are comfortable and can be maneuvered easily. Chairs are also available that remain in the shower at all times and can be easily folded when not in use. It is easy to find a suitable chair today to fit anyone’s needs.


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