Best Body Scrub

Body scrubs are used to exfoliate the skin. As the skin produces cells that continually renew themselves, exfoliation helps remove the dead surface cells that build upon the skin surface.

Body Scrubs gently buff away impurities and dead surface cells with the tiny particles that are contained in them, stimulating skin renewal and revitalizing the complexion without any redness or flaking. It also helps to release in-growing hairs and is ideal to use before shaving.

Benefits of Body Scrubs

Body Scrubs are used because exfoliating the skin has several benefits.

· Old dead skin cells that make the complexion appear dull can be scrubbed off thus leaving new fresh skin cells.
· Body Scrubs help remove dead cells, impurities, and sebum thus speeding cell renewal and allowing smooth new skin to shine
· After scrubbing or exfoliation, it is easier for skin to absorb moisturizers and other skin treatments.
· Exfoliating regularly results in a smoother and more radiant looking skin.

How is a Body Scrub used?

Whether the skin type is normal, dry, sensitive, a combination of these or oily, all require body scrubs to exfoliate and remove old dead skin cells from the outer layer. Exfoliation is usually done one to three times every week depending on the skin type.

This is so because the need to exfoliate varies with the skin type and must be adhered to give the desired results:
·For normal to oily skin: Scrubbing or exfoliating is helpful three to four times a week.
·For dry skin: Exfoliation should only be done one to two times a week maximum.
·For acne prone or sensitive skin: Avoid exfoliating or consider doing it gently.

Facial scrubs or exfoliators contain fine grains which help to remove dead skin cells. It should be massaged gently into the skin and then rinsed away thoroughly. The skin will thus soften with weekly use. Here is a simple and easy to use method to scrub and exfoliate the skin for that healthy glow:
·Use a small coin size quantity of any facial scrub
·Remember that fruit-based facial scrubs are better as their natural enzymes make great exfoliators.
·Lightly rub fingers in circles over the entire face, avoiding the eye area.
·Rinse with tepid water and
·Pat dry.

Types of Body Scrubs

Here are some popularly known types of scrubs that are used:
Facial Scrubs: These come in Cleanser and Gel forms. They contain fine particles to loosen dead skin cells and should be gently applied to avoid skin irritation.

Buffing Creams: These creams should be applied and kept on the face for 5-10 minutes. They are more effective than facial scrubs and should be gently applied in a circular motion.

Honey Almond Scrub: This is a double-action masque as almond helps to exfoliate the dead dry skin and other skin imperfections. Honey improves the surface of the skin leaving it softer. It should be used once or twice weekly after cleansing the face. It should be evenly applied to the entire face avoiding the eye area and left on for 20-30 minutes. After that, massage gently with wet fingertips in a circular motion.

Tips to choose a scrub:

·Choose an exfoliator that contains gentle, rounded beads.
·Avoid those that have scratchy beads like crushed kernels.
·Try a mini scrubbing or exfoliating pad that lathers up with soap or face wash.

Mud or masques

Mud or masques, as it is popularly known are considered to be rich in vitamins and minerals. Body masques or mud is applied to the body to nourish the skin and stimulate circulation. Mud or masques cleanse, hydrate, and re-mineralize the skin.

Benefits of Muds or masques include:
· Nourishing the skin.
· Stimulating blood circulation.
· Toning the skin instantly.
· Clarifying and softening the skin.
· Controlling excess oil on the skin.
· Bringing a healthy glow to the skin
· Removing impurities in the pores of the skin.
· Reducing the appearance of open pores.
· Reducing pimple growth.
· Removing blackheads.

How is the body mud applied?

Here is a step by step process of applying the body mud or masque:

Preparing the skin for the masque: It is mandatory that the skin must first be exfoliated using a dry-brushing technique. This is done to remove dead skin cells. This prepares the skin for maximum absorption of ingredients. After this process, the body masque is applied to suit the person’s requirement.

Applying the body masque: The masque may be applied all over the body but it is advisable to avoid eyes and lips. Ensure that the mud is spread evenly over the body. Remember: it is not necessary for the application to be thick.

Drying and Purifying: After applying the mud, relax on a lounge or bed covered with towels as the mud begins to dry. As the mud dries, the skin begins to tighten. Many muds help draw out impurities and toxins and temporarily tone the skin. After 15 minutes, refresh the mud mask with a body mist ( in a bottle, blend two cups of distilled water with five drops each rosemary and orange essential oils to make the body mist ). These oils help promote detoxification. Shake well and then spray the mud with the mist to keep it damp.

Warm Rinsing: When the mud dries the second time after about 15 minutes after misting rinse off in a warm shower. Simply use hands or a washcloth to wipe away the mud; it may take a few minutes to remove it all . It is advisable to avoid using any soap or cleansers, as they may wash away beneficial trace minerals that can help restore the health of the skin.

Moisturizing: After rinsing away all the mud, pat skin dry. Use a rich body butter containing an intensive emollient such as olive oil or shea butter, spread this butter evenly over the body, and rub it profusely. Avoid using it on the face as it may be too rich for the face.

Kinds of Body Mud or Masques:

Body masques consist of clays or pastes made from mixing custom oils or water with powders such as marine algae. Masques help slim, tone, firm, or just relax. There are a variety of body masques that are commercially available to suit personal needs.

Here are some of the popularly used muds and masques:

Cryogenic Slimming Masques: Designed to help slim, tone, and stimulate circulation, a creamy cryogenic paste with active marine minerals and organic compounds is applied to the body. It hardens into a masque and peels off.

Dead Sea Mud: Mineral-rich mud harvested from the Dead Sea cleanses and helps ease joint discomfort.

Fango: Nourishing and soothing, fango (“mud” in Italian) helps relieve joint and muscle discomfort as it cleanses.

Moor Mud: Formed thousands of years ago, this sterile, organic, and deeply therapeutic mud stimulates circulation, exfoliates, and draws out impurities with hundreds of extracts and trace elements.

Sedona Mud: Iron-rich mud from the Southwest nourishes and detoxifies without dehydrating.

In addition to the many different kinds of muds used in spas, there are also a number of clays that are immensely popular, such as:

French Green: fine pale green clay from southern France that contains magnesium, dolomite, and silica; it’s highly absorbent and also makes a good deodorant and cleanser.

Rhassoul: a natural-colored clay from the Atlas mountains; considered a good hair and body cleanser.

Kaolin: a fine white powder clay, found in southeast China, that is rich in aluminum silicate; often used as a thickenings ingredient for facial masks and creams, and body masks.