Best cellulite massagers

Best cellulite massagers

cellulite massagers

You may be wondering what cellulite massages are.

How exactly do they help in cellulite reduction?

Cellulite massages actually ease away the fatty bumps without the hassle of employing costly surgical treatments and perverted processes. They are natural, efficient, and gratifying ways in cellulite reduction.

There are several massages that focus on how to reduce cellulite. However, any massage targeting deep tissues, when applied to affected areas, can, in fact, lessen the cellulite appearance. If you want to really treat the cellulite in your body, it is still best to see a massage therapist for a number of sessions.

The Benefits of Cellulite Massages

Cellulite massages work in a variety of ways. This is provided that the massage is done in the right way and by a certified therapist. Here are some of the benefits you may get from massaging:

  • Cellulite massages improve circulation in the body. It will also soften the areas with fat cells then eventually release them. Add to this, massaging eases muscle tension and enhances the flow of the blood.
  • Cellulite massages aim at the lymphatic system which leads to accumulated fluid release connected with cellulite. Also, it can split fatty deposits into smaller pieces and drives out excess water.
  • Toxins, which have remained between the tissues, are released from the body through massages. Through these, the body gets rid of the fatty bulges.
  • Oils are used in massages. These oils actually aid in stimulating the fat cells and enhance the appearance of the skin as well. At the end of the day, you will find out that cellulite massages done with the aid of essential oils could be a best technique answering your question on how to remove cellulite.

Steps in a Cellulite Massage – Six Vital Things to Complete the Process

Massages, in general, are considered as one of the most ancient types of healing. They help lessen stress, stimulate the lymphatic system and circulation. They can also break down cellulite. Below are a few easy anti-cellulite massage steps you can learn to do to yourself or to people you know:

  • First Step. Work in the direction of the heart at all times. This is because of the fact that anti-cellulite massages should stimulate the lymphatic vessels and promotes blood circulation. Start the massage on your arms and legs, and then work up towards the back and torso.
  • Second Step. Do not massage your body without using a massage oil or lotion. Massaging on a dry skin may cause pain. Thousands of massage oils and lotions are readily available in the market. However, keep in mind that you should read the ingredients first before purchasing to prevent likely skin allergies.
  • Third Step. Knead the tissues to warm them up. Work on a great deal of the skin if possible. Rub and pinch gently as if you are kneading dough of bread. If you are massaging someone else, communicate with him or her to make sure that he or she is cozy and at ease.
  • Fourth Step. Gently pinch the skin found in between your forefinger and thumb then gradually pull away your hands. Rub deeply into the tissue. This will aid in breaking down your cellulite.
  • Fifth Step. Rub your cellulite in circular movements using the heel of your thumb and your palm. Start underneath the cellulite-affected part and gradually move up to the direction of the heart.
  • Sixth Step. End the massage the way you started it. This means that you should give yourself  smooth, extended and gentle rubs working towards the heart.

It has been proven through studies that cellulite massages are in fact very effective in cellulite reduction. If you are one of those who do not want to spend a fortune on surgeries to solve your problem with cellulite, deep tissue massage is what you should go for. For all you know, you may rub your way out of the stubborn cellulite.


Cellulite is a common problem that can affect many men and women. It is typically caused by fat just below the surface of the skin which shows up as small dimples.

Generally, there are three categories use to describe it ranging from Grade 1 which is a slight appearance to Grade 3 which often has the appearance of orange peel and the skin is visibly rougher.

If you have cellulite, there are a few ways to deal with this and an anti-cellulite massager is a common option used by many people.

An anti-cellulite massager can come in a few different varieties and this ranges from products as simple as massaging soap to complete massaging systems. Whichever type you choose they are basically designed to reduce and eliminate the appearance of cellulite on the body and to get the skin back to a more natural and smoother look. There are a few areas of the body which can be prone to cellulite with the top of the legs, pelvic area and abdomen being common locations and these are the areas where a massager will typically be used.

Cellulite Remedy – A Comparison Between Expensive and Inexpensive Treatments

Are you looking for the right cellulite remedy? Well, there are legions of products in the market – some good enough for cellulite reduction while some promising to get rid of the ugly sight totally.

Well, if you will believe that there is indeed one product in the market that will help eliminate the sight totally, then you are on the wrong path. What you must do now is to look for the more natural cellulite treatments in the market.

Come to think of it, there are cellulite remedies available over the counter. And yet some of you might have been frustrated after buying one. The reason is that you rushed to the purchase. But you can no longer bring back those products and ask for a refund. What you will do is charge it to experience.

Cellulite Remedy – An Overview on Different Forms

Before you answer the question on how to remove cellulite, you should know about the different treatments available in the market. Cellulite remedy is classified into two simple forms.

The first are remedies that are recommended by physicians or those that are utilized and suggested by countless spas specializing in cellulite reduction. The second is known as those that do not require medical techniques. Sometimes, the second is known to be natural cellulite remedies.

Before you choose any form of cellulite remedy, you must have first-hand information regarding cellulite. This will make sure that you have a better comprehension of the problem. In the end, this will lead you to the best remedy for your problem. Let us decipher the two cellulite remedy types.

First Cellulite Remedy Category – Lipo Dissolve and Mesotherapy

The cellulite remedies that your physician may recommend consist of Lipo Dissolve And mesotherapy. Lipo Dissolve is considered the most recent progress in the world of liposuction surgical procedure. Learn more about these two methods through the succeeding paragraphs.

Lipo Dissolve requires injection of phosphatidylcholine beneath the skin. This will help remedy your cellulite problem.  The drug injected into the skin performs effortlessly and in harmony with the natural physiological performance of your body. This is the reason behind why its outcome can be easily seen in a matter of two weeks after the process.

Mesotherapy on the other hand is a modified remedy. This makes use of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These are combined together and injected into the concerned parts of the body.  The common duration of treatment suggested by the physician is two weeks.

Second Group of Cellulite Remedy Forms – Natural Remedy for Cellulite

The other form of cellulite remedy does not require medicinal techniques. These ones are called natural at some points because of the ingredients found in the product and the technique used in the regimen. The list of cellulite reduction techniques on this regard includes the following:

  1. Endermologie.  This is simply a rubdown method that stretches out the parts of your body containing cellulite.  A rubdown method is one that makes use of massages. Since massages are considered natural techniques, endermologie qualifies as a natural cellulite remedy.
  2. Cellulite Acoustic Wave Therapy.  The type of cellulite remedy uses sound waves to force the fat beneath your skin causing it to flatten.  This remedy requires at least six sessions before you see the favorable result.
  3. Cellulite Diets.  It is believed by a number of specialists that elimination of cellulite begins with a beneficial regimen.  Good diet possesses a big influence on the totality of your physical condition while helping you in getting rid of cellulite. There are different cellulite diets recommended in the market.
  4. Cellulite Creams.  This is considered as one of the mainly fashionable remedies for cellulite.  However, it is important that you should perform some forms of background investigation first prior to buying cellulite remedy creams. There are products out there sold at a cheaper cost but are mere imitations of branded products. Most of these creams are available in natural ingredients thus classifying them under natural remedies.
  5. Exercise.  This is another cellulite remedy that is regarded to have an impact not only in cellulite reduction but to your entire physical condition as well.  Although this is more difficult than applying creams and undergoing medicinal treatments and the result will only be seen after a long time, this is worth a try. It does not pose any danger unlike other types of remedies making it the most natural of all options.

Whatever cellulite remedy you choose, it is important that you should do it on a regular basis. This will be beneficial if you want to maintain younger looking and smooth skin. Most of all, you should be ready for whatever outcome you will get from your choice of remedy. Assess the treatments accordingly and know what you should expect in each type of remedy.

Cellulite Creams – Should You Cream Your Way Out of Cellulite?

While glued to the TV or passing through the health and beauty stores, cellulite creams to get rid of the ugly sight may have caught your attention. The first thing you ask yourself: does this work? The flashy box and the model with perfect contours are so enticing that you immediately would like to purchase the said cellulite solution.

If you are looking to purchase an anti-cellulite cream, you may want to read this before doing so.

Most advertisements love to sugarcoat and ads for anti-cellulite creams are no different. It is a lot harder to answer the question on how to reduce cellulite than what these products suggest.

According to a beauty product study, more than 70% of women from all over the world have cellulite. Even thin women are not spared from this problem in physical appearance. The fineness of a woman’s skin makes cellulite more prone to women than men.

How to Remove Cellulite – Do Cellulite Creams Work?

The truth about this matter is no anti-cellulite cream can ever really eliminate cellulite from the body.

As a proof, Allure magazine’s editor-in-chief stated that anti-cellulite creams do not actually reduce cellulite but plump the skin surface to lessen the uneven and dimply appearance of the skin. These creams cannot do any more than that.

However, for a more enhanced outcome, if you really want to buy anti-cellulite creams, you might as well purchase something that has antioxidants or anti-inflammatory ingredients because these aid in blood circulation.

Other ingredients that you should look at when contemplating on buying these sets of treatment for cellulite are; AHA, aminophylline, caffeine, herbal cellulite lotion (tartaric, phytic, and citric acids) and retinol. In this way, the money you spent would still be somewhat worth it.

A Closer Look at Some of the Ingredients for Cellulite Creams

You have always been reminded to read the label whenever you go and shop around for the food you eat and for the beverages you drink. Well, the same rule applies to getting cellulite creams. You should be able to access the ingredients of the solution accordingly.

Each ingredient of cellulite creams has a unique property that somehow makes them work. Here you will read about the description of some of the ingredients in anti-cellulite creams. How will you benefit from these ingredients? How do they aid to reduce cellulite?

  • Aminophylline. This chemical minimizes the cottage cheese-like appearance of the skin due to cellulite. It breaks fat cells and changes them to fatty acids. Several consumers say that creams with this kind of chemical actually work. However, remember not to expose them to heat.
  • Retinol. It is said that retinol penetrates through the skin while exfoliating it. Add to this, it increases the production of collagen forming a thicker skin. This makes retinol an effective tool to help you conceal the uneven fat – those that add up the ugly appearance.

What do Doctors Say about Cellulite Creams?

There are many doctors who are not swayed by the effectiveness of anti-cellulite creams. They believe that these creams improve the skin appearance around the affected area but do not really reduce cellulite. On the other hand, some doctors gave a nod to anti-cellulite creams with methylxanthines.

This component is said to be helpful in cellulite reduction. It contains properties that remove fluids from the gaps between the fatty deposits. Additionally, it can stimulate the fat-burning process.

As what was said above, cellulite creams cannot fully help you reduce cellulite, let alone completely eliminate the condition. If your only concern is to have a better-looking skin on the areas where the cellulite is, then, by all means, purchase these products. After all, at the end of the day, it is you who would make the choice. There’s no harm in trying as long as you are guided with what you have read in this.

Massaging Soap

If you are looking for a simple anti cellulite massager then a massaging soap specifically aimed at cellulite reduction can be a good choice. The Dead Sea Anti-Cellulite Massage Soap produces by Jericho Cosmetics is an example of this.

The soap is produced with nodules on it to aid the massaging effect and is rich in Dead Sea minerals which are said to penetrate the skin to assist in smoothing the appearance of cellulite. The cost of the soap is around $9.

Hands Held Devices

There are also a few hands held devices that are designed to work as an anti-cellulite massager. The Phat QR Anti Cellulite Deep Tissue Massager is an example of this. It retails at around $$ and is easy to use massager.

It is a small plastic device that has 7 metal ball bearings set in it. The metal balls can be rolled on the skin and have the effect of providing a deep tissue massage which can help to break down uneven fat cells and smooth out the appearance of the skin. It needs to be used gently at first to avoid bruising the skin, although the intensity can be increased as your skin becomes more used to the effect.

If you are looking for a full anti-cellulite massage system then the Verseo Rollercell Cellulite Tissue Home Massager is one that gets good reviews. This costs around $$ to purchase and employs a number of different functions to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Some of the options include motorized rollers, vibro massage, deep heat therapy and also anti-air suction. The massager is supplied with three interchangeable rollers, a carrying case and a tube of massage gel. It is considered to be a good system and the multi-function it offers can be a good way of combating the effects of cellulite.


Many people develop cellulite to some extent on their skin and will look for a way of effectively dealing with this. An anti-cellulite massager can be a good option to choose and with the various products available on the market most people should be able to find a suitable massager that helps them smooth their skin and reduce the effects of cellulite.

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