Why use a Foot Roller?

Your feet are special and are the foundation of your body and thus you should spoil them with a nice and comfy foot roller. A roller will ease out the foot arch pain and will make your feet more supple and fresh.

A foot roller provides instant or temporary relief to one’s feet from tired feet as well as heel spurs. There are other massaging machines available in the market but they are more of a jack of all trades.

A foot roller massager on the other hand is purposely designed for your feet and it instantly relieves you from the soreness or the tiredness. In many of the cases, foot rollers unlike other massagers can be frozen so that the inflammation caused on the feet can be reduced. Thus, rollers are a huge advantage over the ordinary body massagers.

The following are the best foot massagers for plantar fasciitis and diabetes. These foot massage tools trigger specific parts of the foot. Consult your podiatrists before using any of these tools.

Best Foot Roller comparison Table

ImageProduct NameDimensionsPrice
TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller (Large)7.1 x 11.2 x 2.2 inches check price
*New* TheraFlow Foot Massager Roller11.7 x 2.7 x 1.8 inchescheck price
Foot Massager - Relieves Foot Pain and Stress in Minutes - by Foot Log13 x 2.2 x 2.2 inchescheck price
TheraBand Foot Roller for Foot Pain Relief5 x 2 x 2 inchescheck price
TriggerPoint NANO Foot Roller Massager 2.7 x 6.5 x 2.8 inchescheck price
Foot Massage Roller for Plantar Fasciitis, Heel & Foot Arch Pain ReliefN/Acheck price
Gaiam Restore Foot Massage Rollers check price
Foam Roller for Best Muscle Massage & Deep Tissue Trigger - Roll & Stretch Tool13 x 5.2 inchescheck price
Foam Roller, LuxFit Speckled Foam Rollers for Muscles check price
Foam Roller, LuxFit Premium High Density Foam Roller - Extra Firm With 3 Year Warranty 3 sizes available 6x36, 6x18, 6x12check price
ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller2 sizes Available 13” x 6”, 24” x 6” check price

#1. Thera-Band foot roller

The Thera-Band roller is one of the best in these modern times. The ease of its use and its portability factor really make this product a wonderful one. This roller is made of supple natural rubber and is thus really smooth on your feet.

Like some of the other top notch rollers, the Thera-Band roller is slip resistant and does not even leave scratch on the floors. The ridged design that we often see in some of the top class footwear also suits the need of a person who is suffering from the soreness of feet. The ridged design increases the number of pressure points on the roller and thus creates a better relaxation session for your feet.

#2. Foot Roller TM by Body Back TM

This product is again one of the best in its class. This roller provides a lot of relief and soothes the pain of the patient or of the individual. Be it the tired feet or you have some soreness in it, the Foot Roller by Body Back TM is one of the better options to provide relief to both these problems. Not only does the massage of this roller give relief to your feet but it will make the whole body of yours, feel the ease.

Even if some coagulation of sorts is done inside your legs, this roller heals everything and paves the way for a proper blood circulation.  Although has a bit less ridged design than the Thera-Band roller, this Body Back roller still packs a punch when it comes to making the foot come alive and soothing it.

#3. Trigger Point Performance Quadballer Roller

This roller is one of the best in the present times and is pretty innovative in the way it works. The roller is absolutely spot on when it comes to the deep tissue massage of the foot. Also, this roller is apt for self-applied Myofascial release.

Another important feature of this roller that is absent in any of the above mentioned rollers is that this roller is apt not only for foot but also for lower back, hamstrings and neck. Thus, this roller can really ease out the pain after a day of real hard work. Unlike foam rollers, this roller has got an unbelievably solid grip and rolls over pretty nicely over every organ that includes massage. Thus, the precision factor, the control factor and the stability factory increases by a dozen when it comes to this roller.

The material which is used for the fabrication of this product has the same texture as that of a human’s thumb. So the feel of the roller is perfectly human. However, one doubt that immediately springs to mind after hearing that the texture of the roller is like that of a human’s thumb is that whether the material will get compressed after a couple of uses. The answer is a big no and there are no compressions formed even after repeated uses. Last but certainly not the least, this roller like the aforementioned ones is easy to use and easy to carry. The roller is completely devoid of latex.

Other alternatives for trigger point therapy, heel and foot arch pain relief include the following:

#4. Premium Massage Balls, Firm Lacrosse Ball Set or Spiky Roller

#5. Dr. Frederick’s Original Advanced HOT & COLD Massage Ball Set

What are the Advantages of Using a Foot Roller?

Now when we know something about the rollers, it is imperative only to talk of their advantages. Let us have a glance at their advantages.

  • Portability– The rollers are pretty small in size and can be easily carried from one place to another. This makes foot rollers really handy objects and apart from giving rest to your feet, they help you in backpacking too, as these rollers are very lightweight and also do not take up a lot of space.
  • Design– One of the most important features of a roller is it’s extremely foot friendly design. These rollers are resistant to slippery surfaces and do not scratch the floors of your house. The design of the foot roller goes pretty nicely with the shape of the foot and thus there are no side effects to using it.
  • Easy to use– The design and the shape of the rollers make it pretty easy to use and thus one can easily relax his/her feet without providing any headaches of the user. A user manual is also provided in order to make all the uses of the foot roller clear. Also, the roller can be easily cleaned, which is always beneficial.


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