Best Foot Spa Machine

The Best Foot Spa Machines

We often hear about home foot spa machines, foot baths, or foot spas. A common question that arises in everyone’s mind is;

Does a foot spa work?

And does it have any side effects?

These home spas work and don’t have any side effects. People use foot bath devices to get rid of their sore joints, relax their foot muscles as well as increase blood circulation in the feet.

The results of using these spa massagers are proven – it is a safe, effective, and healthy process. Let’s look at some of the best foot spas in the market as well as some additives that can help you experience top-notch relaxation.

Best Foot Spa Machines – our Top Picks

Let’s take a look at some of the best-rated foot spa machines. We keep this post updated regularly {every month} to include any latest home foot spas that have great features.

1. HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa

⭐Best budget-friendly

portable leg massager

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At below $25, the HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa has plenty of features needed for a soothing foot spa session. The features include; relaxing bubbles, raised massage nodes for self-massage, a pumice stone for removing dead skin, and toe-touch control for turning it in and off.

2. Conair Soothing Pedicure Foot Spa Bath

⭐Best for arthritis

portable leg massager

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For treating arthritis, we found that the Conair Foot Pedicure Spa has the necessary features for a soothing foot spa. It’s important to note that the spa does not offer heating capabilities. It can, however, maintain the temperature of the water placed into a basin for an estimated 10 minutes of relaxation. Find more information about electric foot massager machines.

3. 5 in 1 Foot Spa/Bath Massager with Tea Tree Oil

⭐Best with automatic rollers

portable leg massager

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The Zircon 5 in 1 Foot Spa/Bath Massager offer the best vibration massager with its effective rollers. The massager has a total of 14 rollers 7 for each foot for alleviating stress and also enhances well-being. It is suitable for up to foot size 15. Other features include vibrating bubbles as well as instant water heating.

4. All in one Large Foot Spa Bath Massager

⭐Best digital foot spa

portable leg massager

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The Kendal Foot Spa Bath Massager tops the list for the best digital display spa. The temperature can be adjusted between 68℉ to 118.4 ℉. You can set the temperature, time, and bubble functions according to your own preferences. Once done with the foot soak, there is a drainage system for you to dispose of the water easily.

, there is a drainage system for you to dispose of the water easily.

5. ESARORA Foot Bath Massager

⭐Best best-heated foot spa

portable leg massager

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The ESARORA Foot Bath Massager is well priced and also comes with some great features; infrared, bubbles, and water heating function. The Red infrared lights can ease muscle tension and stimulate cell regeneration. This foot soak tub has 22 massage rollers that are not motorized. The auto-shut-off feature activates after 60 minutes of continuous use. This massage equipment improves the overall quality of your health.

6. Foot Spa Bath Massager

⭐Best for deep tissue massage

portable leg massager

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The best spa for a deep massage is the Ovitus Foot Spa Bath Massager. equipped with 16 fully motorized rollers for automatically massaging your feet. The continuous bubbles pamper your feet tenderly and when combined with vibration, it helps spread heat evenly on your feet. Check out reviews for the best foot rollers.

7. Mantello Foot Soaking Bath Basin

⭐Best foot bath for large feet

portable leg massager

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If you’re looking for a basic yet large pedicure tab, then the Mantello Foot Soaking Bath Basin is the perfect fit. The tub is professionally designed with raised dots and rounded arch supports strategically placed on the bottom for maximum massage therapy potential. Add water and your Epsom salt and you’re all ready for a relaxing session. we have compiled a list of the best Epsom salt for feet.

8. Ionic Detox Foot Bath Cleanse Spa

⭐Best ionic foot detox machine

portable leg massager

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This Ionic Detox Foot Bath doubles up as a foot spa and a detox machine. It’s reasonably priced at around $100. The package comes with a basin, a liner, 2 array units, 1 power supply a spoon, and a manual. Please read the manual before using the machine.

Medical Benefits of a Foot Spa Bath

This foot massager is of great benefit and some of those benefits are:

  • Relaxation: Because of our busy and stressful schedule we often want a great foot massage. This foot massage gives us great relaxation to the feet which are stressed due to tension and too much work.
  • Rejuvenation: A good foot massage using the footbath massager helps to generate a great flow of energy by making the feet happy. Generally when your feet are happy you are also happy.
  • Exfoliate: This foot massager also works great to exfoliate the feet with the strong jet bubbles that are formed. This helps you to relax as well as make your feet soft and smooth.
  • Improves blood circulation: After a stressful day the circulation of the blood in the feet becomes low and that is why a great massage on the foot can improve blood circulation and make the feet happy
  • Reflexology: When you put your feet into this foot massager there are certain pressure points on your feet that are connected directly with different parts of the body. So, it helps to relax the whole body and you feel a lot better. We have more massager guides for the body.

An Ionic Detox Foot Spa can give your body just the right balance of positive and negative ions, absorbed through the feet. The cells will be working at optimum efficiency when the body moves into the equilibrium condition.

These rebalances free your body from unwanted toxins and revitalize the necessary nutrients within your body. This causes renewed vitality and increased physical and mental energy levels.

Foot Soaker Additives – Three Ways to Make Your Foot Bath More Effective

There are natural, essential, and aromatic oils you can add to a foot bath. Some people add these because they enjoy the aroma produced. Other people believe essential oils can treat a wide range of human maladies. Some of the reported benefits of essential oils in foot baths are as follows.

  • Anaesthetic – Cinnamon, cloves, and oil of peppermint produce a relaxing, calming, and pain-relieving feeling.
  • Anti-allergenic – Oil from chamomile and Melissa can relieve signs of an allergic reaction on the feet when added to a warm foot bath.
  • Anti-biotic – Garlic, tea tree oil, and oil of thyme are proven to help clear the feet of bacteria and fungus. This is one of the most popular uses of essential oils with a foot bath.
  • Anti-rheumatic – Eucalyptus, juniper, lavender, and oil of pine are reported as helpful for people with rheumatism pains in their ankles and feet.
  • Astringent – Cedarwood, cypress, frankincense, lemon, and the oil of yarrow are helpful in treating minor cuts and wounds on the feet.
  • Excessively Sweaty Feet – Oil of cypress, Clary sage, geranium, and peppermint help cleanse and stop the propensity of some feet to sweat excessively.

Other Additives for Feet

Some people love to put small stones or marbles in the bottom of the footbath container. Placing slight pressure on the stones or playing with the toes provides a relaxing sensation.

A mixture of Vinegar and Apple Cider help treat plantar-type foot warts. Studies by American universities have shown that repeated weekly footbaths with vinegar and apple cider eventually cause plantar warts to lose their grip on the soles of the feet.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide with a foot bath is the best way to disinfect cuts on the feet. The use of this substance also does a great job of overall disinfecting all parts of the feet.

Types of Foot Bath Equipment and Machines

1. Non-Electric Pan or Bowl

The general type of foot bath is just a pan or large bowl that will allow placement of the feet, or foot, into the water, without causing water to spill over the edge and onto the floor.

Epsom salt is usually added to the bowl to make the process even better.

2. Ionic Foot Bath Machines

There are Ion generators that can be placed in the water with the feet. These are said to do an excellent job of taking heavy metals from the feet and legs.

There is a lot of debate about the ability of an ionic foot bath to do anything at all. One thing that cannot be debated is that after a fifteen-minute session with an ion generator, there will be a disgusting amount of coagulant in what was, previously, clear water.

Continued treatments will not result in as much material, which makes sense if the heavy and toxic metals were taken out of the system at the initial treatment.

3. Commercial Style Foot Baths

There are also water pulse foot baths that are like a mini-jacuzzi for your feet. These are gentle,  soothing, and relaxing and many people swear by their use.

The best foot bath is simple and easy to prepare, it relaxes and treats the feet, body, and mind. If you never had a simple foot bath, give one a try soon. Learn more about electric leg massagers.

Shopping For a Home Foot Spa – A How-To Guide

Do you want to pamper yourself without spending much on foot spas? Do you want to massage your feet on the weekend using your very own ingredients?

If you work really hard and would want to feel relaxed even on the weekends, you won’t have to spend money on expensive salons or spas to have a foot spa.

Especially if your feet are too tired and would want to have some massage, then shopping for your own foot machine can help. Calf massagers are more complex compared to foot spas.

However, there are some important factors to consider when choosing your spa machine. Below are tips to choose it wisely. Make an informed decision by taking a look at these considerations.

1. Where will you store your spa massager?

If you want a space-saving foot spa machine to massage your feet, then you may opt for a smaller unit.

2. How much is your budget for this foot spa massager and relaxer?

In order to make it easier for you, narrow down your choices based on your budget. If you won’t want to spend much on this investment, then you may opt for foot spas that range at least $20.

3. What features are important for you?

Decide on the type of features you would want your foot massager to have. This has to be something that has to do with convenience features. Learn more about the cleaning process.

You can opt for spas with warmer bubbles. Perhaps, you can also opt for those models with detoxifying features like an ion spa.

4. What are the recommended foot bath models?

Check out online and find brands and models that are used by many people. As you’ll notice, these products are patronized because they’re good.

However, never forget to narrow down your choices based on your budget.

5. What characteristics of the spa should you look for?

This is one of the main factors to consider when shopping for foot spas. You may want to buy a durable unit. You may also want to look for the heating time required by the unit. Plus, you may want to check for the depth of water needed to use it.

In addition, there are models that have their massaging characteristics which you may also look into. Others have remote controls and a number of jets.

6. What do reviews say?

Check out what customers are saying about the product. Look for various websites such as eBay and Amazon. Read customer testimonials to help you decide on which foot spas to choose. Look for the product that receives high consumer satisfaction ratings.

This may help you decide on which product is reliable and worth buying.

7. What about suppliers?

Who supplies the product? Check out various websites offering foot spas to their customers. Look for reputable sellers online by visiting their websites. In choosing a supplier, be able to know their years in the business and their reputation when it comes to the quality products they sell.

Ask yourself these questions when shopping for a foot bath. These can make your life easier by finding the right product for you. Take time to study your options to be sure that you get the most out of your money.