In this article, you can find out information on electric foot warmers and how they provide an easy solution to one of the most discomforting problems in cold weather. Yes, cold feet! Hopefully, the information will prove useful to you and will help you decide which foot warmer you should purchase.

Having cold feet when you are resting at home or are hard at work can become a real discomfort. Imagine coming home with cold feet from the snow and finding the floor just as cold. Sometimes this makes the whole body cold, making work a lot more difficult and eventually leaving you sick, but there is an easy solution for it—an electric foot warmer.

How can electric foot warmers help?

Electric foot warmers are a good investment. They are simple, yet brilliant; because you can place them inconspicuously underneath your desk at work or wherever you spend long hours. They are small in size and very convenient. These foot warmers function with the help of heat radiating panels or heated mats.

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1. Best Foot Warmers for Neuropathy

Is heat good for neuropathy in your feet?

No. Electrical foot warmers are not recommended for people suffering from neuropathy.  The nerves are unable to send messages correctly to the spinal cord; making electrical foot warmers dangerous.

How do I keep my feet warm with neuropathy?

The safest way for diabetics to keep warm is using heat holders; these are specially designed socks that retain heat. 

1. Debra Weitzner Thermal Socks

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2. DG Hill Men’s (2pk) Thick Heat Trapping Insulated Boot Thermal Socks

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Foot warmer bath for neuropathy
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Two of the most common types of electric foot warmers are Electric Heated Floor Mat Warmers and Leg and Foot Electric Heating Panel.

Electrically heated floor mat warmer

Electric heated floor mat warmer is simply a heated floor mat that keeps your body warm in very cold temperatures. This it does by radiating heat throughout your body. When you place your feet on the mat, it first retains all the heat in your feet, then it transfers the heat to the rest of your body. The best part is, it only consumes as much electricity as a small bulb does and heats up to 130 degrees within just five minutes.

Leg and foot electric heating panels

Leg and foot electric heating panels have compact heating panels. They can easily be fixed at your work desk. They are specially designed to provide comfort to your legs and feet. In chilly weather conditions, they can radiate heat to your legs and feet. So you can carry on with your work feeling snug. Whether you’re at home or busy working in your office, it serves its purpose equally well.