Sandals for Bunions, Best sandals for bunions

Bunions are a common problem experienced by both women and men. The deformity can develop from an abnormality in foot function or arthritis but is more commonly caused by wearing improper fitting footwear.

It is essential to realize that wearing dress shoes and boots, which are tapered in the toe area, can cause the bunions to worsen to the point where surgery is necessary.

In this post, we will look at the recommended sandals for bunions. The key is to look for sandals for wide feet, and of course, they have to be fashionable.

Women’s Sandals for Bunions | Men’s Sandals for bunions

Women’s Sandals for Bunions

1. Tilocow Bunion Sandals

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2. Bunion Sandals For Women Comfy

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3. Bunion Sandals For Women Comfort Bunion Corrector Flat Shoes

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4. Aerosoft – Womens Flats – Comfortable Walk

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5. Comfy Platform Flat Sole PU Leather Shoes for Women Casual Soft Big Toe Foot Correction Sandal

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6. Wedge Bunion Sandals for Women Platform

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7. Women’s Bunion Foot Corrector Sandals

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8. Sandals Slippers Slip On Flip Flops

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9. ArthritisHope Wide Zendalias with Bunion Support, for Bunions

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10. Bunion Sandals For Women Corrector Comfort Bunion Corrector Flat Shoes

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11. Taos Women’s, Gift 2 Sandal

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Reasons For Buying Orthopaedic Sandals

This footwear is a medical device that your podiatrist or doctor may prescribe. Wearing one allows you to preserve healthy feet for the years to come. It comes with a wide range of benefits which include:

1. Alignment – Orthopedic footwear can help you align your feet’ joints, especially when you play sports or exercise.

2. Cushioning – Having your feet properly cushioned from external forces when you walk, run or jump can help you lessen inflammatory foot conditions and arthritis symptoms.

3. Gait -A pair of orthopaedic sandals can help improve your gait. An improved gait can result in lesser wear-and-tear injuries like calluses and blisters.

4. Protection – Wearing a good pair of orthopaedic sandals protects the joints of your feet. It also keeps your hips and knees secured since you can position your body well whenever you walk.

5. Support – Of course, they can give you the proper support for your arch, which reduces the risks of tendinitis and fasciitis.

6. Better performance – Some athletes experience an improvement in their athletic performance since support sandals help increase the range of motion and the flexibility of their feet.

Finding the right pair of orthopaedic sandals that correctly supports your feet may not be an easy task for some. With their thin and flat soles, most ordinary sandals do not make a good support shoe for supporting your Achilles tendon, arch, toes, and heels. However, we bet you would want to do everything you can to get hold of the best pair for its benefit.

The situation is even worse for those who have had a history of foot injury or deformity. For instance, those who suffer from heel pain (plantar fasciitis) need footwear that supports the arch and slightly lifts the heel.

Furthermore, people who have had injuries to the Achilles tendon are advised to wear a pair of footwear with an elevated heel since wearing ordinary sandals may stretch out the Achilles tendon.

Those with high arches or flat feet are also vulnerable and should consider wearing support sandals instead of ordinary ones. If you happen to be among the above categories, look for strap-on sandals with good arch support.