The 10 Best Shower Grab Bars (2021 Reviews)

Shower Grab Bars Shower grab bars and toilet safety frames are made and designed for people that have trouble or need assistance when sitting and standing in the bathroom.

Some people use toilet safety rails because of recent hip or knee surgery and cannot put as much pressure on their legs and need help pushing off to get up from a toilet or commode.

Bathroom grab bars are very convenient and are very easy to attach to the back of the toilet frame by a bracket that holds it securely in place and keeps it from moving.

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Bathroom Grab Reviews

1. Carex Suction Shower Grab Bar

Carex Suction Shower Grab Bar – 12” Ultra Grip Shower Handle - Dual Locking Grab Bars for Bathtubs and Showers – Seniors, Disabled, Handicap, Elderly Assistance Product

2. Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 11.5″ Balance Assist Bar

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 11.5" Balance Assist Bar

3. Moen 8724 24-Inch Grab Bar, Stainless Steel

Moen 8724 Home 24-Inch Bathroom Grab Bar, Stainless

4. Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 16″ Bath & Shower Handle

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 16" Bath & Shower Handle

5. Vive Metal Grab Bar – Balance Handrail Shower Assist

Vive Metal Grab Bar - Balance Handrail Shower Assist - Bathroom and Bathtub Mounted Safety Hand Support Rail - Stainless Steel Wall Mount for Handicap, Bath Handle, Elderly, Disabled, Injury (12 Inch)

6. Moen LR2356DCH 16-Inch Grab Bar with Shelf, Chrome

Moen LR2356DCH Home Care 16-Inch Screw-in Curved Bath Safety Grab Bar with Built-in Shelf, Chrome

7. Delta Faucet DSQ5924-BN Harvard Square Decorative Bathroom Safety Grab Bar, 24″ x 1 1/4 inch, Satin Nickel

Delta Faucet DSQ5924-BN Harvard Square Decorative Bathroom Safety Grab Bar, 24" x 1 1/4 inch, Satin Nickel

8. OXO Good Grips StrongHold Suction Balance Assist Bar for Bath and Shower with Non-Slip Grip

OXO 1436280 Good Grips Suction Grip Bar,White

9. Franklin Brass 5616 1-1/2-Inch x 16-Inch Concealed Mount Safety Bath and Shower Grab Bar, Stainless

Franklin Brass 5616 1-1/2-Inch x 16-Inch Concealed Mount Safety Bath and Shower Grab Bar, Stainless

10. 12 Inch Stainless Steel Shower Grab Bar

12 Inch Stainless Steel Shower Grab Bar - ZUEXT Shower Handle, Bathroom Balance Bar - Safety Hand Rail Support - Handicap, Elderly, Injury, Senior Assist Bath Handle (w/ Self-adhesive Stick-on Hook)

Toilet Safety bars

Toilet Safety bars come in many different models but stay consistent in what they can do.

The safety rails can be adjusted for height for different size patients and also can be adjusted for width for those bathrooms with very small areas around the toilets by increasing and decreasing the width within the arms.

The toilet safety frames arms fold back for cleaning and are easily removed for patient transfers. The average weight capacity of a toilet safety frame is 250lbs and they average around 3lbs in weight.

Shower grab bars are usually associated with elderly people or individuals with a handicap who need the added support while showering. However, over 70 of accidents in the home occur in the bathroom. The installation of shower grab bars is a great way of preventing accidents in the bathroom.

The Two Types of Shower Grab Bars

There are two types of grab bars available on the market that you can choose from. They are removable and fixed shower grab bars. Let’s look at them in slightly more detail.

Removable Shower Grab Bars

The first type of grab bar is removable. These are convenient because they attach to the wall easily with a suction cup on each end of the bar.

To use this type of shower grab bar, all you do is to position the bar where you want it, press it against the wall and flip the button at each end. What this does is attach the grab bar to the wall by creating a vacuum in the suction cups.

One of the greatest advantages of this type of grab bar is that it is easy to install. You are also easily able to adjust them to any location in your shower or bathtub.

If you are going to be traveling, you can easily bring this type of grab bar with you to help you feel secure when showering or bathing in a hotel.

The main disadvantage associated with removable shower grab bars is that they are not created to support a person’s weight. Their main purpose is to act as a guide for balance while showering.

Because it is easy for the suction cups to release, a person putting their weight onto the bar can cause it to detach from the wall. This could possibly lead to injury for the person holding onto the grab bar.

Fixed Shower Grab Bars

For a more secure and better safety option, you will probably want to look into fixed shower grab bars. This type of grab bar attaches to the wooden studs in the wall behind the fiberglass or bathroom tiles.

While it will be more work to install these grab bars, they are far more secure and able to hold a person’s weight. If you purchase a set that is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant, they will be capable of holding a person up to 250 pounds.

It is important to note that most fixed shower grab bars come in lengths of 12-inch, 18-inch, and 24-inch.

While the studs that you are going to be attaching them to are usually 16 inches apart. Due to this, you will need to tilt one end of the grab bar up so it can be securely attached to the studs in the wall.

Safety in the bathroom is very important. Remember that 70 percent of accidents in the home occur in the bathroom. Investing in a set of shower grab bars is worthwhile to help you protect your loved ones. Read more on teak shower mat for added safety on the floor of the bathroom.

shower grab bar installation

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