sleeper chairA foam chair bed or a sleeper chair is pretty self-explanatory. It is a piece of furniture that can serve as either a chair or a bed, and it is made of foam.

These pieces are flexible and can be used in a variety of rooms for several different purposes.

There are several places to buy the futon mattress. Your family and your guests can benefit from one of these pieces of furniture, and you can make the people in your life more comfortable.

Sleeper Char Reviews 2019

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#5. DHP Emily Linen Chaise Lounger, Stylish Design with Chrome Legs

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#8. Modern Plush Tufted Velvet Splitback Living Room Futon (Navy)

Modern Plush Tufted Velvet Splitback Living Room Futon (Navy)

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Where and how to use a foam chair bed

You can use a foam chair bed in any room in the house. Following are several ideas for incorporating one (or more!) into your home.

  • Living room—In the main living room, where your family watches television and spends family time together, is an excellent place to keep one of the chair beds. You can leave it in the chair form most of the time. Then, if you have guests, you have a piece of furniture that can fold out to make a comfortable bed.
  • Spare bedroom—If you have a guest room that you cannot or do not want to fully furnish, you can put one or two chair beds in the room. Then, the room can serve as an area with additional seating or an area with additional beds.
  • Child or teen’s bedroom—The foam chair bed is perfect for an extra piece in bedrooms of young people. It gives them a chair to sit in during the day, while reading, doing homework, or playing video games. Then, at night, either the child or a friend can sleep on the fold out bed.
  • Office or study—If you have a room that services as a workspace, you can add one of these simple chairs into the room to give it additional seating. Then, if you need an extra place for someone to sleep, you can fold the chair out into a bed. It will also serve as a great place for a quick afternoon nap or a place to take a relaxing break in the middle of work.

Types of foam chair beds

There are several different foam chair beds. They come in styles like the tri-fold, where the bed is jointed in two separate places, making three sections of the bed. Then, when you want to transform the chair into a bed, you simply fold the parts on top of each other, and you have a comfortable chair.

There is also a chair that pulls out flat, much like a futon bed on a smaller scale. The base of the chair may be made of wood, metal, or some other sturdy material. The main sitting and laying part of the chair and bed is made of foam.

You can also find a nesting version of the foam chair bed. Instead of being jointed, this piece is actually made up of individual pieces. The pieces fit inside each other, and to form a bed, they are put end to end.

Hidden costs

Sometimes there are hidden costs you much watch out for when looking into buying a foam chair bed.

  • Shipping—If you buy your chair online, you are probably going to have to pay shipping charges. Be sure to take this into account when you are looking at the price of the chair bed.
  • Taxes—Taxes can add an unexpected cost to your final purchase price. For example, if you buy a $500 chair, you can expect to pay nearly $50 in taxes. There are some places online where you are not charged tax until the very end, which can be deceptive.
  • Extra parts—Be careful that you know exactly what you are buying. Some places will separate the frame and the foam seat/mattress part. So, you could think you are getting a great deal on a $50 foam chair bed, but when you open it up, you realize you have just bought a $50 frame, and now you are going to have to buy a $100 mattress. Luckily, most places will tell you up front exactly what you are getting, but sometimes it is a little more tricky.
  • Covers—Some of the chair beds come already made with a soft, comfortable exterior. However, some of the chair beds do not have this. A really inexpensive piece may be just a large piece of foam that is jointed for easy folding. You would not want a big yellow piece of foam sitting in your living room. You would want to buy a cover to put over it. There are some covers that are simple, like the canvas or terrycloth covers. Other covers are more luxurious, like a fur cover or one made of velour. This will make your foam chair bed extra comfortable, but it will also cushion the price, sometimes increasing that by up to $200.

Different Styles and Colors

it’s not difficult finding a sleeper chair in a pleasing variety of styles and colors.

Many comfortable bedroom chairs are perfect for lounging, reading, or even writing in a journal. Bedroom chairs are found in the bedrooms of adults, teenagers, and children.

Many people even include chairs in the decor of their nursery. In addition, some chairs are selected to pair with a desk that occupies the bedroom.

Today, a person looking for a chair bed enjoys a large selection of colors and patterns to choose from. Furthermore, a person on the lookout for chairs has the opportunity to evaluate their style, size, and design to find the most suitable option.

When it comes to bedroom chairs, leather, canvas, and cotton are just a few of the fabric choices available. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that a person can go about selecting chairs that will fit perfectly into a bedroom. Oftentimes, it’s best to begin by looking at the other elements of decor in a bedroom.

Matching Sleeper Chair with the Wallpaper

When decorating a bedroom choosing chairs that match the wallpaper is one appealing option to consider.

For instance, if a bedroom features light-colored wallpaper with a red design a person may opt for a gathering of bedroom chairs in red. The bright red fabric of an armless chair is likely to bring out the eye-catching details in the wallpaper.

Chairs can also highlight the colors found in a bedroom’s wallpaper border. For example, a simple chair upholstered in gold-colored fabric has the ability to complement a gold design trailing through a wallpaper border.

An individual who is redecorating may want to take a close look at his or her wallpaper, or wallpaper border, in order to take note of all of its colors. By doing this, the person can decide on the color that he or she wants to highlight.

In addition, taking along a section of the wallpaper often helps people as they are shopping for chairs. A person is able to match the colors of the wallpaper to the actual chairs before making a final decision. By matching the color of the chairs to the wallpaper, a person is beginning the process of creating a harmony of color in the bedroom.

Bedroom Chairs and the Carpeting

Another way to choose suitable bedroom chairs for a room is to look at the color of the carpet.

For instance, the choice of a cream-colored leather chair would be appealing in a bedroom with carpeting in a dark shade of colors such as red or purple. Alternatively, chairs made of dark leather can serve as an attractive contrast to beige or light-colored carpeting.

A person may also consider selecting chairs designed in a different shade of the carpet’s color. For example, bedroom chairs in deep blue would fit into the atmosphere of a bedroom with light-blue carpeting.

Bedroom chairs can also be chosen to enhance the colors found within a rug that is displayed on a bedroom floor. Chairs can certainly highlight the trim or border of a unique rug. Furthermore, a person can choose pillows for the bedroom chairs that enhance the color of the carpeting.

In short, it’s worth a person’s time to consider the color of a bedroom’s rug or carpeting before choosing chairs that will flow with the decor.

A Chair Bed to Pair with a Desk

Many people choose to put a desk in their bedroom so they can complete work or read in a quiet atmosphere.

A bedroom chair can be both decorative and practical when paired with a desk. A person can choose a sturdy, wooden chair with a seat cushion that matches colors found elsewhere in the bedroom. For instance, a floral pattern in the chair’s cushion may echo a pattern found in throw pillows scattered throughout the room.

Furthermore, the colors of the chair’s seat cushion may complement the bedspread or curtains in the room. A person may want to select several seat cushions to periodically refresh the look of the room. In addition, an individual may consider choosing a chair made of the same type of wood as the bed frame or a bedside table.

A chair constructed of the same material as other items in the room lends a sense of organization to the decor. In short, just because a chair is paired with a desk doesn’t mean that it can’t add to the pleasant atmosphere of the room.

Accentuate the Decor of the Room

If a person is willing to take the time, he or she can create a comfortable decor for a bedroom. The color and style of sleeper chairs can both contribute to the overall harmony of the room’s atmosphere. Furthermore, the simple addition of a pair of chairs goes a long way to refreshing the look and tone of a bedroom.

If a person has only a small redecorating budget for the bedroom, he or she can choose some attractive chairs along with curtains and perhaps a new bedspread.

In fact, by changing just a few items in a bedroom space can take on a refreshed, stylish appearance. Reupholstering chairs is another way to refresh the look of a bedroom. Also, some chair beds can pair with a footrest or an ottoman. Those items add interesting detail to the decor of a room.

In addition, a person can search for chairs of different sizes to lend more interest to the bedroom’s space. Depending on the tone of the decorator’s vision, bedroom chairs can serve a variety of purposes within the decor.