Storage bedA storage bed is a great way to utilize space that is otherwise wasted in your bedroom. By using a storage container of some kind and stowing things underneath your bed, you maximize space and minimize your visible storage footprint.

Your bedroom should be for relaxation, serenity, and rest. Untidy clothing, storage boxes, too many shelves, and other unsightly things take away from your ability to enjoy your most intimate room!

When you’ve come to your wits end coming up with new places and methods to put things away, the realization that you may have more than 40 square feet of extra storage can be a “Eureka!” moment.

Whether you buy a bed frame that has drawers built into it already or choose to use a storage container that slides neatly under your bed, you will open up a whole world of possibility when it comes to finding space for those last few things that “have nowhere to go”.

The Basics

Under bed storage is a great way to get more out of your space without having to spend a lot of money. It can also put an end to that feeling of never having quite enough space in your home.

Some of the best uses of this added storage are things like seasonal clothing, important files that you don’t frequently access, craft supplies, or anything else that can lie flat and does not need a lot of height to store comfortably.

There are a couple of types you can choose from, and you are only limited by your needs and creativity! Whether it’s for function alone, or to enhance the look of your bedroom, saving space by putting things beneath your bed will be a huge positive.

Types of Under Bed Storage

There are two main types of under bed storage:

  1. Bed frames with drawers
  2. Storage containers that fit under your bed

The option you choose to help you maximize your storage space is dependent on your style, budget, and needs.

Bed frames that have drawers already built into them can be great for storing things such as clothes, thereby eliminating the need for a dresser. However, they come in all shapes and sizes, so what you choose to store can be dependent on your needs and the size of the drawers.

You might come across taller drawers. Tall drawers are a bonus, because they increase the type of items you can store underneath your bed (rather than just clothing, files, or any other flat material).

However, you must keep in mind that drawers necessarily limit the amount of space one item can take up, because they are compartmentalized. So, while you might have the option of storing taller and bulkier things in drawers, if you have one large item that takes up a lot of square footage, you may be out of luck. (Note that this can be avoided with one-drawer solutions).

Storage containers are a great fit for nearly any bed. All you need is a container or a box that fits under the frame of your bed easily.

Depending on what you will be putting under there, you might find that a box with a lid is helpful, but if you need to get into the storage container frequently, a nice wicker basket or something else without a lid would be a good choice.

Storage containers for under the bed are typically long and wide, but not very deep. That is because of the obvious restraints that a typical bed frame puts on us. Most bed frames are not very high off the ground, so you will have to choose a container that will be deep enough to fit your stuff, but that isn’t too high to fit under the bed (don’t forget to take the lid height and shape into account!).

Under Bed Storage Uses

You can store all sorts of things under your bed, as long as they aren’t too bulky! However, here’s a list of some common uses:

  1. Seasonal Clothing – Store your summer clothes under the bed during the winter, and put winter away when it is warm enough to get your summer clothes out.
  2. Paperwork – Put your historical paperwork under your bed, as long as you do not need to access it frequently and it is not the type of thing that should be more closely guarded.
  3. Craft Supplies – A big box of construction paper, markers, scissors, tape, glitter, string and anything else you can think of for the kids or for your own crafting exploits fits great under the bed!
  4. Seasonal Decorations – Do you have a few ornaments you put up around Christmas? Maybe a handful of wreaths you change seasonally? You might well be able to fit them under your bed in a storage container.
  5. Sheets and Blankets – Instead of a packed linen closet or the laundry room, why not put your sheets and covers under the bed? Very accessible when it’s time to change the sheets!
  6. Lego and other toys – Great under the bed storage option for children! The only time you won’t be upset when you find out they have just shoved their toys under the bed!

Storage for beneath your bed can be totally functional and simply provide utility, or it can be used as an accent to your room’s decor. The great thing about this solution is that it is all totally up to you – and up to how much room is under your bed!

A plain plastic box with a snap on lid can be a great solution. A plastic box with wheels can be even better! If you’re looking at this storage option thinking that it might add an interesting flair to your bedroom, you can certainly get some fancier storage containers, or even make your own to match the rest of your look.

One thing is for sure – follow the old adage of “measure twice, cut once”. While you’re not going to be doing any cutting (unless you make your own drawers or containers, of course), it’s important that you take a measurement of the space under your bed so that you can get the best storage solution for you. There’s nothing worse than the hassle of returning something that was only a quarter of an inch too big to fit under your frame!

6 Things To Consider When Buying a Bed With Drawers

As under bed storage goes, a bed with drawers is one of the most popular methods of gaining that extra bit of storage space in your room.If you’re interested in getting a bed with drawers – as opposed to another solution, such as storage bins under your bed – there are a few things you should take into consideration when making your decision.

We’ve compiled a list that will help you tick all the boxes and choose the right bed with drawers. Make sure you take these 6 things into consideration:


As with all purchases, make sure you set a budget when it comes to price. Did you know that buying a bed with drawers could set you back over $2000?

Of course, there are far more economical options, but you should have a good idea of the price range before you start shopping and go in with realistic expectations.

 to get a better idea about what you can expect to pay. You may even find a bed to buy!


What does your bedroom look like? Is there a prominent theme throughout? Do you have a color palette with main and accent colors?

Take stock of your current style and make sure your bed will fit in. If you’d like to keep it subtle, choose something that will blend in with the rest of your room and simply be functional. If you’d prefer to make a statement and have your bed stand out, pick an accent color that will really pop.

Whether you choose to be subtle and elegant or wild and fashionable, make sure you make note of your bedroom’s current color scheme before buying a bed.


While the size of your bed goes without saying  (buy one that fits your mattress!), you must figure out the size of the bed you buy. This is definitely an instance of “measure twice, cut once”.

Take just a moment to measure your room. Write down the dimensions and make any notes, such as other pieces of furniture in your room (and the size of them). This way you won’t end up with a bed with drawers that is too big to comfortably fit in your room.

Keep in mind that some beds will actually have a larger footprint (cover more area) than your mattress, especially if they are platform beds that have drawers.


While most beds you look at won’t vary greatly in height, there are some beds that are much higher up and some that are quite low. This obviously determines how big the drawers can be, but it may also affect your sleep comfort.

If possible, test out the bed frame before buying it, to make sure that you won’t have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning (if the bed is too low, and you have mobility issues), for example.


Quite likely the biggest reason you’re looking at getting a bed with drawers is the storage aspect! Therefore, you should know exactly how much storage space you need.

What will you be storing under your bed? If you’re going to be putting clothes, books, or other fairly flat objects down there, you should be okay with most standard, low profile storage beds. However, if you’re interested in being able to store larger, bulkier items, you should opt for a bed with taller drawers.

Additionally, do you want one long drawer that extends from the head of the bed to the foot or do you want multiple drawers? Again, this goes back to what you anticipate storing underneath. Do you need a vast storage area for one or two items, or are you only looking to place smaller items below?


Like color, you should have an idea of the style that will most benefit your room’s appearance. Go so far as to take a picture of your room before you go shopping.

While you’re buying a storage bed for the extra storage and functionality, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make it a key item in your room – after all, it is likely the largest piece of furniture in there!

This is really all up to your personal taste, as there are many different styles of bed, but it is good to be prepared when you start to see the options available to you.

Because there are so many options available to you when you’re choosing your bed with drawers, it is difficult to provide specifics!

There are all sorts of storage and design options from which to choose, so the best advice is to really think about what you want in a bed – is storage the only priority or do you also want to enhance the design of your room? How big of a bed do you want? How much can you spend? All of these things will impact your final decision.

Too many people miss out on utilizing the space underneath their beds for storage – you’re ahead of the game if you’re considering a bed with drawers! Don’t let clutter overrun your room. You might even be able to remove a piece of furniture (such as your dresser) by adding the extra storage under your bed, thereby making your room feel bigger.

Plastic Storage Boxes – A practical and affordable under bed storage solution

Perhaps the most basic and affordable way to maximize under bed storage space is utilizing plastic storage boxes.A typical and popular way to improve storage, boxes are in clear contradiction to built-in bed frame storage. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but it is clear that using any sort of box is a very different subject than that of purchasing or making a bed frame with storage (link to this category).

Plastic storage boxes are a common way to increase storage and for good reason. They are durable, inexpensive, and come in many shapes and sizes. In fact, this is the method of under bed storage that the author (me!) uses to store seasonal clothing in the off-months.

If you have a ‘typical’ bed frame – one that is metal and quite low to the ground – this is probably your best option.

You will be best served by a long, shallow box. For easier access, consider getting one with wheels on one end, to easily bring it out from under your bed and push it back under.

Additionally, a box with a lid is always a good idea, regardless of whether it is a plastic one. They will keep your storage items more secure and help to defend them in the case of dirt, dust, water, or any other type of potentially harmful substance.

Because they come in various shapes and sizes, a particular advantage to having storage of this sort, is that you can have multiple different boxes, each with a different type of item. This will help you stay even more organized and eliminate the time you would have spent digging through a lot of things just to find the one item in storage that you actually need. This way, everything is compartmentalized, easily labelled, and quickly accessible.

One of the few downfalls of using plastic storage boxes is that they are certainly no way to enhance the look of your room.

Normally, this isn’t an issue, and so the easily hidden box can be stored neatly away without anyone being the wiser. However, some people wish to liven up their bedroom by adding a beautiful bed frame with drawers or by utilizing stylish storage boxes under their existing bed frame.

While plastic is extremely functional, it is the least likely to be something you use as a design accent in your room. If you are on the search for a bedroom makeover that both looks good and has functional storage space, this might not be the option for you.

If you are simply looking for a few extra square feet of storage, though, having plastic boxes is likely the best way for you to get the most out of your room.

Here are a few tips for buying plastic storage boxes for underneath your bed:

Measure your bed frame, both the distance from the ground to the bottom of the frame, and the dimensions (length and width). You must make sure that you buy something that will fit under your bed! It may sound like common sense, but there’s nothing worse than being at the store and having no idea whether the boxes you are looking at will fit under your bed. You’ll have to go home, measure, and go back to the store – a big waste of time!

Depending on what you’ll be storing, make sure the quality is good and the boxes are sturdy. Now, you might be able to get away with a cheaper box if the things you are storing are not vitally important, or are durable. However, if there is even the slightest chance of damage, or if the items are of more importance, you will certainly want to make sure the quality is high. You can get plastic boxes for around $20 at the bottom end of the spectrum, but think through your storage needs before buying the cheapest option.

Think quantity – how many boxes will you need for your storage, and how many will fit under your bed? As mentioned above, having multiple boxes can be a great way to stay even more organized.

In conclusion, plastic storage boxes are a very common, very practical, and very affordable option for under bed storage. There are a few things to consider, but if your goal is simply to have a tidy way to utilize the unused storage space under your bed, you’ve likely found your answer here.


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