Tens UnitDo you suffer from chronic pain? How often do you get a muscle pull? Then you need not to worry anymore as you have a remedy now that is called the TENS Unit.

It is a very helpful device that can stimulate the natural pain killers in the body in a scientific way. This is why it has become so popular and with the best home TENS unit readily available in the market, these days, things have taken a different turn.

It is a relaxing way to get relief from excruciating pain in a healthy way. That is true as you do not have to take medicines and all you need is to use the device and enjoy the massage. There you go it’s as easy as it sounds. Read this post to know more.

Best TENS Unit Reviews

Here is a compiled list of the best TENS machine on the market and there are no doubts about the quality of these products:

#1. Lifetime Warranty, FDA cleared HealthmateForever TENS unit handheld body, massagers


This is by far one of the best TENS unit for home use in the market. This neat gadget packs in a powerful performance. This body massager comes with easy to use controls and you can adjust the intensity of the massage as per your requirement. This device is very effective indeed when it comes to eliminating back pain. The finishing of the product is simply top notch. The best part is that this product is not expensive.

If you read any TENS machine review then these are the pros that you are bound to come across. The product has easy to use controls that can be used to adjust the settings of the device. The settings allow you to go from a deep to a light massage. The product has a built in timer that sends the device into shut down mode instantly. Yes you can carry this product as it is very portable, in fact you can neatly put in your pocket. You do not have to worry about its usage as it is very easy all you should do is follow the instruction manual well. The gadget is built using the best technology possible so you can expect to get the very best out of it. The gadget is built to last as it has a strong finishing. The device has a built in lithium battery that can be recharged. Some customers have complained that the device malfunctions but other than that there are no problems with this appliance.

#2. TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator – TENS Machine for Pain Management, Back Pain and Rehabilitation


There is no doubt that this is the best back pain relief machine in the market right now. This product has already become very popular in the market right and it is selling out really fast. The neat device is very easy to use; as a user you will be totally satisfied with the usage. The device is very portable so you can carry it anywhere you want. The appliance has a strong finish so it will last for a number of years to come. The gadget is so effective that even doctors recommend it to their patients.

This product has many pros and that is why it has become the most sought after product with the users. The device is very effective in eliminating back pain and comes with an instruction manual that clearly states how you can use the device. You also get a travel case, if you need to take this machine while you are travelling. The controls on this gadget can be used to control the intensity of the massage. There are total 5 modes of operation in this device which makes it perfect to use for everybody. The product is not very expensive and it works a lot better than most expensive ones. Certain customers have said that the electrodes do not work very well in this gadget and sometimes the device does not switch on. Malfunctions like these can arise out of manufacturing defect but it is certainly not enough to discourage people from buying this.

#3. TruMedic TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager


This TENS unit for back pain is a high quality product that is designed to last. This gadget has a 9001 certification, which means it follows the industry standards. You can buy this over the counter. This massager is very effective as it can eliminate any stiffness or muscle pain within a very short time. This product is available online and the vendors offer fabulous discounts. This product is so good that you do not have to depend on the expensive models any longer. Doctors often recommend this TENS for back pain to their patients.

The pros of the product

This product has many plus points and it no surprise that it has become one of the most sought after products in the market right now. The appliance is very easy to use; the user simply needs to go through the manual properly. The controls on this gadget help you to adjust the intensity of the massage. Pain of any sort can be eliminated by using this product on the affected part. The massager uses latest technology that helps to reduce stress and pain of any kind from the body. The product is quite compact and light weight so you can carry this product anywhere. The appliance comes with a 90 day warranty.

Every product has its share of ups and downs and this product is no exception. Some users have complained of poor battery life and some have complained that it is not up to the standards. However these cons should not discourage you from purchasing this product as these are common problems with electrical appliances.

#4. HealthmateForever TENS Unit 6


If you are in need of a gadget that will help you get rid of any unwanted pain caused by injury or stiff muscles well simply get this portable TENS unit as it is the best. This product gives good results, which has made it the most popular product in the market right now. This is an affordable, compact and light weight appliance that you will like using. You no longer have to buy the expensive models. This neat gadget packs in quite a powerful performance.

This device has many pros that can easily outweigh the cons. The pros will tell you exactly why people prefer buying this wonderful handheld massager. The massager has very easy controls, and it comes with a user manual with clear instructions on how to use it. The device has a rechargeable lithium battery that permits continuous use up to ten hours. The appliance is very effective and it actually eliminates all kinds of pain. This best TENS unit muscle stimulator can be programmed in six different ways to give you the best massage ever. This device can also be used by young children. The display on the device shows all the major pressure points on our body. The finishing of the product is absolutely top notch and you can see that the appliance is made to last

There is really no problem with the device, however certain customers have complained that the battery loses charge very soon and the display malfunctions. These are very common problems and they can be fixed.

#5. TENS Unit Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager – Excellent Muscle Stimulator for Electrotherapy Pain Management


This is the latest back pain relief machine that has taken the market by storm. Market reports have stated that this gadget is outselling every single competitor in the market. The appliance produces outstanding results by eliminating pain from the body. This product is just perfect for those who work on the computer for long hours. The device is very easy to use all you have to do is read the manual very carefully and you are good to go. As a user you will be very satisfied with the kind of results you will get. Doctors often encourage their patients to purchase this wonderful device.

This gadget has quite a few pros that have made it the fastest selling electrical stimulation machine. The gadget is very easy to use as it has user friendly controls. You can alter the intensity of and speed of the massage. This also has a very high frequency setting that helps to relieve pain faster. This operates on 4 AAA batteries; you also get a power cable with this device. A bright LCD Screen displays the relevant details related to the massage. This product is very light weight and highly portable. This machine has a very sturdy finish, so you can expect it to last for many more years.

This product has no serious issues other than the usual technological glitches. However problems can arise out of manufacturing defects and you can always seek a refund or a replacement.

#6. FDA Cleared HealthmateForever TENS unit Pro12AB (Silver) 2in1 Double Value 12 Modes


If you are tired of dealing with pain, well the good news is that you can now purchase this portable TENS unit to get rid of any pain from the body. This gadget is simply flawless when it comes to eliminating pain from most parts of the body. As a customer you will be thrilled to use this product. The device has already gained tremendous amount of popularity in the market and it is selling out fast.

This product costs more than $100 online; even then once you go through the pros you will realize why you should purchase this product after you go through the pros of this portable TENS unit. The device is very easy to use and the controls let you adjust the intensity of the massage nicely. You will get a warranty card that is valid for a life time which will make you tension free. There are 12 different modes that you can use for the massage depending on the necessity. There are two separate outputs for intensity and modes, no matter the nature of pain; it works wonders by diminishing any discomfort. The user manual has instructions listed very clearly, so as a user you will not have trouble using the device comes with very light weight and portable

Some customers have complained of malfunctioning of the device or the LCD on the device, but the truth is that these are common problems this should not discourage you from purchasing this TENS unit for neck pain. If the defect is a manufacturing one then you can get a replacement.

#7. TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator – [email protected] Electronic Pulse Massager


If you want to get rid of pains without using strong drugs then you should purchase the best TENS machine to buy without any hesitation. Millions of people around the world have put their faith in this product for good reasons. The product is safe and most importantly it is very easy to use in every single way. The portable unit works by relaxing the nerves and then eliminates any pain caused by injury or muscle stiffness. There is no doubt that as a customer you will love using this product.

This device has become a top seller in the market simply because its pros outweigh the cons by a large margin. This product actually works very well under any circumstances and increases the level of endorphins within your body and it kills pain the process. The most important pro of this device is that it is very safe to use and is known to have no dangerous side effects. You can use this device very easily; it becomes easier when you read the manual very carefully. There are 6 different programs to choose from and ten different levels of intensity. The LCD is quite big and hence you can see everything very carefully. This appliance is very portable and light weight so you can carry it anywhere you go. The battery life is outstanding and comes with 4 AAA battery set. It comes with 1 year money back guarantee or product replacement guarantee if any malfunctioning does occur during operation. The product does not have a serious issue with it. Some people may not find it up to the mark but that is hardly the reason not to use it.

#8. Lifetime Warranty FDA cleared OTC HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit


This is a portable TENS unit that you should not miss out on under any circumstances, in fact if you are someone who works stretchy hours in from of the computer , you are bound to have neck pain. That is where this best TENS unit on market comes in, the device is super effective in getting rid of any nagging pain from any part of the body. The device uses state of the art technology that works gently on the body while helping your nerves relax.

Going through the pros of this TENS unit you will understand that why this product has out sold every other similar product in the market. The product is recommended by doctors to their patients. The appliance has separate buttons for different body parts. It has a big LCD screen for easy viewing, the display also shows the time left for the massage. The device lets you program a massage routine via 15 different modes and is very easy to use on a daily basis. You can buy this product over the counter or even order it online. The product packs in a very powerful performance. The good thing is that manufacturer are so confident that they can say buying best TENS unit is a very good choice and it will last for many years.

The appliance does not have any serious problems other than the usual malfunctioning of the display that can happen due to a defect in the manufacturing or careless handling. However you should not write off the product yet.

#9. TruMedic TM-1000PRO Deluxe TENS Unit for Pain Relief


This is a highly versatile electrical stimulation machine that can successfully remove any uncomfortable sensation such as pain from injured or stiff muscles from the body. The device is very safe to use and is devoid of any side effects, and so you can use it whenever you want to. You can use this on any part of your body without any hesitation. This neat gadget is very simple to use but very powerful at the same time.

Recent market reports have stated that the product has become a hot selling item and is giving every other competitor a tough time in terms of sale. The results from this product are so good that even doctors encourage their patients to use this product on a regular basis to treat pain. Even though this is one the best TENS unit electrodes costs more than $100 the pros of the product make it worth shelling out the money. The product can be bought over the counter or online and mostly easily available products. The device is very light weight and can be carried around easily and the controls are very user friendly. You can adjust the intensity of the massage. The LCD has a lot of clarity so it becomes easier to see things clearly. One major advantage of this product is it never needs battery and runs with in-built rechargeable Li-on cells.

Some customers have complained that the device has very low battery life and that it is no good, while others have said that the LCD is not bright enough. However in spite of these problems you should not feel discouraged from using this wonderful device.

#10. Omron Pain Relief Pro


This TENS unit is a very versatile and simple gadget. It is highly effective in eliminating pain of any sort. This machine certainly features in any discussion about the best portable TENS unit reviews is very easy to use at all times and is the ultimate solution to pain management. This device is portable and is very light to so you can take anywhere you please. The results from this device are so good that doctors encourage patients to use this on a daily basis.

This gadget has gained tremendous amount of popularity in the market as it gives good results. The product is outselling every other similar product by leaps and bounds simply because it has too many pros that ultimately convince people to buy this product. So let us go over the pros of this wonderful portable TENS unit. The product has a firm finish and is built to last for a longtime. The easy controls make this product highly user friendly. You will have access to eight different modes of massages to relax your nerves. You do not need a prescription to buy this product. The user manual available with this product is very helpful at all times. Using this gadget for 15minutes will help to get rid of all pain. This product operates on 2-AAA battery and product costs much less than $100 so it means you do not have to buy expensive substitutes.

Some customers have said that the product does do anything for them; well in this case there is something called compatibility and most some treatments do not work for some people. So do not let this stop you from buying the product.

What is a TENS Unit?

TENS is a way to reduce chronic pain or ache in a scientific way. It activates natural pain killers that provide more sustenance to your body. This is true with pulses moving all across the surface of your skin, your nerve strands start feeling the change and then they communicate with the brain that instructs the rest of the body to forget about the pain all total.

How Does the TENS Unit Work relieve pain?

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS as it is popularly called is a device that can invigorate pain killers naturally present in the body known as ‘Endorphins.’ As a result of this the pain signals do not reach the brain, thus the effect diminished in a spontaneous way.

This helps the body to calm down slowly without much of a problem and then you do not feel the acute pain as you may have been for a long time by using a TENS Unit. Yes, this is really simple to understand as there no rocket science involved but yes you need to give it a go-to feel how comforting it can be. No wonder it is used by thousands of people as home TENS unit are easily available in the market and this only to proves its worth.

Types of TENS Units

There are mainly three types of TENS Units namely:

  • Hand Held TENS machine – These comprise of the best portable tens unit that are easy to carry in pockets! That is very true and this is the biggest reason for these battery operated machines to have become popular.
  • Combination TENS machine – As the name suggests these are a combination of EMS and TENS system. It is needless to say that it builds muscles as well as works like a pain killer.
  • Minature TENS machines – These are extremely small sized devices and their existence is quite questionable. That is no one is sure of how well do they work and are they good at easing pain at all.


Both Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator or TENS and Electronic Muscle Stimulator or EMS is a way to treat chronic pain. It has been noted that about one third of Americans suffer from aches and pains for various reasons. So these machines have been a great source of relief for everyone around. A few of these few pointers can make things clear, so keep reading:

  • Historic evidence – Interestingly enough a mechanization like TENS was discovered by the Roman physician Claudius who use electrical fish to cure pain in humans. This was followed by Benjamin Franklin who advocated the cause of electrical stimulation that would alleviate pain.
  • The other one – EMS on the other hand helps in stimulation, contraction and relaxation of muscles to reduce pain. In fact both are tried and tested methods to relieve pain.
  • As per physician’s instructions – Nonetheless both should be used under the supervision of a physician
  • Best avoided by – Yes it should be avoided by pregnant women, people with skin irritation, heart patients and those who suffer from seizures.

TENS vs. Electronic Pulse Massagers

Let us make it simple for you by saying TENS is an uncomplicated machine in comparison to the Electronic Pulse Massagers. This is because whereas TENS is a form of what is called electroanalgesia, the latter is a medical device mostly used by chiropractors, medical physicians, and massage therapists.

So it is bound to be more complex and different than the easy to use TENS units. Electronic Pulse Massagers have lately blended in the art of ancient Chinese acupuncture with their state of the technique to build muscles in order to provide respite from chronic pain and discomfort.

TENS for Home Use

These days there are several models of portable TENS unit that you can buy from traditional as well as online merchants in case you are wondering where to buy TENS unit. As a matter of fact the online merchants have a variety of best TENS machine back pain that offer you with timely discounts too. You can take a nap while messaging at home and yes there are more reasons for installing a TENS at home like:

  • A TENS for home is that because it gives you the convenience to use any time you want
  • These are highly portable devices
  • You get them at affordable prices
  • Easy to install
  • Have a low maintenance which gives you ample of reasons to invest in it

Portable TENS Devices

There are a myriad of TENS unit for sale the portable ones are the most common wireless TENS unit to be used. These devices are prevalently used for curing aches and pains like back pain, heel pain, wrist pain, headache, arthritis, sciatica, osteo-arthritis and calf strain to name a few. The compact sizes of these gadgets make it easy to even keep them in office for use. Well portability makes a TENS device easy to move around and carry along while traveling. This is why doctors, chiropractors, coaches and physical trainers prefer using TENS unit for pain.


Yes there are some considerations to be made before you take a plunge like:

  • The type – There three distinct types of TENS unit that you need to choose as per your requirement.
  • The settings option – Depending on the intensity of your pain make sure that the unit you invest in has options to choose the right level for pain relief.
  • Pulse rate – This is the number you would be feeling in a specific time and you need to ensure that the machine you buy has provisions to select this amount.
  • Pulse width – This is the time that counts as the ON time which should give you the preference to choose from low to a middle range.
  • Amplitude – Most units have it like a knob that usually controls the power of channels in general.
  • Modes – These are the rate at which pulses are being sent to the brain. In almost all units you will find this marked as Normal or Continuous for steady flow and Burst implies X pulses which most machines say is based on user’s requirement.
  • Channels ­– In simple words a channel in TENS unit is used to turning on the unit.

How to maintain your TENS machine?

TENS Units machine diminishes pain in an inherent way and certainly is a great way to get instant pain relief. Additionally these are easy to maintain devices that do not demand much of your time. Their units are usually small in size and most of these gadgets are battery operated which makes them portable and keeping a few of these pointers in mind can solve a lot of problems:

  • Always check the power cord for safety reasons
  • Keep the pads cleaned after use
  • Replace them when required
  • Store them in a safe place
  • Test the batteries before using them
  • Turn off the controls right after use
  • Use rubbing alcohol on the skin before placing the electrodes
  • Clean the electrodes for TENS unit with mild soap solution and water to get rid of the gel after use

Seek expert guidance from a physician before using your machine

Choosing the Best TENS Units

There are many ways to choose the best TENS unit for back pain for you. You can treat your chronic disorder with this machine in a painless way. As a matter of fact using this machine means you can treat your pain or ache without the help of medicines that make your brain dull. You can consider these options while deciding on that:

  • Ask your health provider or caregiver for the right kind of machine that would be appropriate for you
  • You can even contact the provider for more information and select a machine of your choice
  • Shop around online and collate all the data for use

How to buy and where to buy?

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before investing in a quality TENS units. The first thing that you should do is read as many TENS machine review as possible. This will give you a heads up to start looking into things from a different point of view. In addition to this you can keep some of these indicators help you guide for best results:

  • Budget – Like always keep a budget fixed for your digital TENS unit as this assist you streamline the process. There are many unit available at $50 and some of the best TENS unit under $100 really are good for home use.
  • Cranking it up – Yes look at the settings because pain will vary from time to time which means you may need different speed levels of operation. A good unit should be able to relieve pain without causing any more injury.
  • Brand – You need to invest in a good brand and you can come across the big names while researching about the best TENS unit on the market. Carefully choose the brand and you may seek some names from your health care provider or from a caregiver.
  • Warranty – This is a sign that the product has quality and the manufacturer knows it very well. You know where to go in case of a problem with your electrical stimulation machine.
  • Electrodes – The number of electrodes in a device also matter as there should be enough of them to cover the affected area. This is the most important thing that you need to bear in your mind while buying the best TENS unit for the money.

Where to buy?

This is a big question that surrounds the whole problem because many people want to buy a TENS unit for back pain. You can certainly get them in drug stores and may be a few departmental stores as these are over the counter. Alternatively you can find these readily available with online merchants. In fact you can get a lot of varieties and various at real affordable prices.

Cautions while using a TENS machine

Yes there are some precautions that you need to take before starting with a TENS unit like:

  • Avoid using it near to water for example while bathing or shaving
  • Never use it while driving
  • Do not place the electrodes on damaged skin
  • Remember not to use when operating a machinery
  • Another thing evade would be to eyes, mouth and neck

Best TENS Unit Brands

A TENS unit is major breakthrough that has reduced pain and given people relief from acute pains and aches. A few names of manufacturers has become evident as they have pioneered the production of best professional TENS unit and best TENS unit home use. Here are some of the names that have successfully made a mark and that have never compromised with quality:

  • truMedic
  • Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager
  • Omron
  • Icy Hot
  • HealthmateForever


Q1. Can everyone use a TENS unit?

Ans. Yes with a few exceptions everyone can use it. However it is recommended that you get consent from your health provider or primary care physician.

Q2. Who should not?

Ans. The exceptions include – pregnant women, people with heart condition, people with pacemaker and those who have skin allergy.

Q3. What are the health benefits of a TENS machine?

Ans. Treatment without medication, provides you with better sleeping pattern and increase blood circulation.

Q4. Types of TENS machines available?

Ans. There are three types of TENS units – Hand Held TENS machine, Combination TENS machine and Miniature TENS machine.

Q5. Are there any health hazards of using a TENS unit?

Ans. Generally there are none. However if you feel skin irritation or twitching of your muscle then it is highly advisable that you contact a physician.

Q6. For how long should a TENS unit should be used?

Ans. It can be used for 2 hours at the maximum.


We have reviewed and provided all the possible information about the top rated TENS units in this post that will help you understand this device better. These devices are really good for reducing pain, most importantly without any side effects and are available at reasonable prices. In case you are thinking about investing one, do consider reading this whole post by all means. Don’t be afraid and get your TENS Unit today!



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