upholstered Bedan Upholstered bed is the simplest way to add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. They are affordable and come in a variety of styles.

You can choose the sleek, modern beds or the ones that are huge and overstuffed. Either way, you are likely to end up with a bed that will be the centerpiece of your bedroom.

What are upholstered beds?

Upholstered beds have padded headboards. As a matter of fact, most upholstered beds have padding everywhere with not an inch of any wood or metal showing. If you would rather not buy a complete bed, but still would like to get the comfort and style that this type of beds offers, then you can opt for an upholstered headboard. They can be bought separately. But for the sake of symmetry, it is preferable to buy the bed and the headboard together.

Unlike regular beds, a good upholstered system bed has a soft cushioned covering. Furthermore, you don’t need the box springtime, because this kind of beds possesses slats throughout their bottom to support the mattress. Therefore, they are affordable compared to regular beds since you are only spending money on the body and the upholstered bed, as you are not necessary to buy box springtime. What is the Different Design Available? Wooden and steel are the most widely used platform bedrooms available in the market these days.

However, there are several manufacturers who’ll combine both materials to obtain a different appear. Others utilize a leather-based finish, providing your system bed an abundant and contemporary look. Many of these beds are made without a footboard or perhaps a headboard, but when you are looking for a definite sleeping room, you should have absolutely no trouble discovering one available on the market with bed headboards and footboards too. What to bear in mind when Shopping for a good Upholstered System Bed Platform beds can also add beauty to your rooms that they take up.

There are different types of platform bedrooms available on the market these days, enough in order to cater to everybody’s budget as well as tastes. Based on what kind of appear you are going with regard to in your bed room, you can most likely find a good upholstered system bed in most kind of color, finish as well as stain. Given that they come in a number of finishes, it is relatively easy that you should find a mattress to match your individual preferences as well as your décor.

Probably the most popular bedrooms in the market these days are strong black system bed. Furthermore these bedrooms go with nearly every color; their own dark tone makes them the actual rooms focal point. Nevertheless, if you are looking for any natural try looking in your bed room, you could choose an incomplete wooden design. Bold completing like gleaming red or perhaps a purple microfiber-upholstered body can give a stylish look to your living space.

On the other hand, if you wish to give a nice and clean look to your own bedroom, apply for white completing as well. Because of their flexibility, its not surprising that padded platform bedrooms are very popular in the world today. Having a choice of supplies, styles and colors, these types of beds are most likely one of the best opportunities for your bed room that will satisfy your budget too.

Features of Upholstered beds

The headboard is the most important thing about an upholstered bed, they are heavily or lightly padded and the size and shape differ from model to model and brand to brand. The material used also varies; some may have sponge padding with fabric covering while others may use leather covering instead. Some beds may have jute upholstery on the whole bed including frame and headboard. It is not unusual to find upholstered beds with storage space.

There are endless choices available to you if you want to buy upholstered beds. You might even find stores that will be willing to build custom beds to match the décor of your bedroom. One of the biggest advantages of this type of bed is the unlimited options that are available to you. You can find them in almost any color and material, not to mention the shape and size.

Upholstered beds are very comfortable, and since there are hardly any sharp edges or hard surfaces, getting hurt isn’t a possibility. So if you have boisterous children in your home, this kind of bed will be a very safe option.

How to choose the best upholstered beds?

Upholstered beds are very popular and the popularity is not based on hype. There are some solid reasons that contribute to the popularity. They are available in many sizes, styles, colors and materials. People who are handy with tools also love these beds as they can put it them together very easily. There are many choices in configuration as well from simple beds with only the headboards upholstered to more intricate ones with padded frames as well. There are many different options available in frames as well.

The three basic things to consider while buying the best upholstered bed are; style, type and size.

Selection by Style

  • As mentioned earlier, this type of bed comes in many styles; you can buy a bed with a wall mounted bed frame, or a freestanding one or a bed with attached headboards.
  • You can’t ignore the height and width either. Some headboards can tower over the bed, while others might be wide enough to encompass the nightstands. There are still others that wraparound the sides of the bed to some extent.
  • One of the most important considerations is obviously the fabric. You need to choose a color and texture that complements the décor and color scheme of the room as whole or the bed will look quite out of place.
  • Nail heads are often a prominent feature of upholstered beds. So, if you want them in your bed you will also have to decide what size nail heads you want, how many rows and what color nails will look good etc.

Selection by type

This is a bit trickier; you will have to do some research before you can even begin to take a decision on this basis. The internet can be your best friend at this point. Spend some time researching and you won’t make any regrettable mistakes when time to choose a bed comes.

  • Contemporary: The contemporary style of upholstered beds goes very well with bedrooms with modern décor. They are usually simpler, low on the padding and come in neutral colors. Modern décor is usually all about straight lines and edges, an upholstered bed will make a nice contrast with its curves and softness.
  • Sleigh bed: this one is a classic that has stood the test of time without losing one iota of popularity. The sleigh bed is an embodiment of comfort and luxury with its soft lines and padded elegance, which is why leather is often a fabric of choice for this type of beds.
  • Complete upholstered: Complete upholstered beds have padded frames as well as headboards. This type of bed looks and feels very comfortable. The covering could be faux leather, vinyl, leather or fabric.
  • Upholstery on the footboard and headboard: though most upholstered beds focus on the headboard alone, a bed with matching footboard and headboard can make a bed stand out. This look goes well with a traditional décor.
  • Upholstered canopy bed: do you want a room within a room? If your answer is yes then this is the bed for you. This type of bed gives a feeling of immense comfort and safety. However, it might be hard to move them around.

Selection by type

You would think that this will be the easiest think to decide, but it might not be as easy as you hope. The size of a bed doesn’t always depend on the number of person sleeping in it. If you want a bed only for yourself, you would think that a single bed would do just fine, but if your room is very big, a single bed will look puny and disturb the ambience of the room. On the other hand, a king size bed in a tiny room will not be suitable either.  You need reasonable amount of space in the bedroom and around the bed so that it doesn’t feel stuffy or suffocating.

Other considerations

  • Get your homework done before you start shopping for bed. Research all you can about upholstered beds and their pros and cons.
  • Decide the color and fabric and look for beds accordingly. Look up the models online first; if you like any of them then you can look for the exact model or something similar to it in nearby stores.
  • Shop around a little, there is no reason for you to buy a bed from the first store you visit. It might seem like unnecessary hardship, but visiting a few stores will mean that you have more options.
  • Don’t buy a bed without testing it out first, when you go to the shop, lie down on the upholstered bed you like for at least 5 minutes.
  • If you share your bed with somebody, take that person along when you are shopping for a bed. Though you might have to make a few concessions in order to accommodate your partner, but in the long term it will be well worth it.
  • Is storage an issue for you? If yes then why not choose a upholstered bed that comes with ample storage space. This way you will be killing two birds with one stone, you will get a comfortable bed and save the space that a wardrobe would have taken up otherwise.
  • Just because a bed looks wonderful in the store doesn’t really mean that it will look wonderful in your bedroom as well. So, unless you are ready to redecorate your room for the sake of your bed, you will have to choose something that blends seamlessly with the overall theme of the room.
  • A good quality upholstered bed wouldn’t come very cheap. This is not to say that you wouldn’t find a cheap one. But buying a very cheap bed will translate to a lot of problems in the not too distant future. A bed is a long term investment, so being a miser might not be the best approach. Choose an upholstered bed that is value for money. It is okay to make some compromises with respect to the look and style, but you shouldn’t compromise with comfort which is essential for a good night’s sleep.

Modern Trendy Bed Frames for the Stylish Bedroom

The largest feature of the bedroom and the focal point of the room are the bed frames that are used while designing the room. The feature can completely change the appearance of the bedroom and can be chosen in textiles like leather and velvet, or traditional styles crafted from wood and metal.

Learning about the options for the many styles of bed frames can be helpful for homeowners that are trying to redesign the bedroom in the home.

Stylish and trendy options to create a modern bedroom include:

Leather Bed Frames

Leather bed frames or the more affordable faux leather bed frames are a great option to design a room in luxurious tones and textures throughout the room. These bed frames are commonly available in white, black and brown, creating an inviting and warm space in the bedroom. Leather bed frames are created in the popular style of platform beds and are designed with the traditional headboard and footboard that is completely covered in leather.

Wooden Platform Bed Frames

Wooden bed frames are a popular choice for people designing a room in modern and simplistic styles. These bed frames don’t require the use of a box spring, as the mattress can be placed directly on the slats designed on to the platform of the bed. This makes it an affordable choice, as well as a modern choice. There are many styles of wooden platform beds that are available to choose from through leading big box retailers, at rock bottom prices or high end designer platform beds available for upwards of several thousand dollars.

Covered Headboard Bed Frames

Covered headboards are the fastest way to create a statement in an room makeover. Using a covered headboard in a bold fabric can help to complete the room design. The bold fabric becomes the focal point of the room and the other furniture in the room can be chosen based on the style and print of the covered headboard.

Covered head boards can create a unique style in the bedroom and can be a great way to find a focal point in the room. A popular do-it-yourself project, there are many ways that older bedroom furniture can be completely transformed through the use of some padding, fabric and embellishments that are used throughout the style of the room.

These styles of headboards can be quite expensive, and are available through designer lines if DIY is not in your repertoire. Shopping through designer furniture shops and showrooms can help to find the latest styles – or inspiration for a DIY bed frame project.

Classic Sleigh Beds

The classic sleigh bed design is easily translated into the popular modern styles of beds. These popular styles of beds are created with a head and foot board that make an impact through the design of the room. Crafted in rich tones and hardwood styles, the classic sleigh bed is an option for a room design that is going to be paired with rich and luxurious features and beddings throughout the space.

Though a classic choice, more and more designers are creating sleigh beds that are designed to mesh well with modern spaces. The large design requires a room large enough to accommodate the big slice of style – something to consider when shopping for a new bed. Larger rooms are better suited to sleigh beds, as smaller spaces can be easily overtaken from the large piece of furniture.

Metal Canopy Bed Frames

Metal canopy bed frames are a popular choice to create a room style with a romantic feel. The popular styles of bed frames can be draped with fabric to offset the coolness of the metal design. Choosing rich fabrics and vintage designs, the metal canopy bed frames are a popular choice – and as an added incentive, the metal bed frames with canopies are also an affordable choice.

Canopy bed frames are a versatile way to change the appearance of the space. The canopy can be changed as the fabric is not included with the bed frame – and can be changed to suit the varied décor of the room. In addition, the canopy frame can often be removed through a simple process, leaving behind the metal head and footboard to create a modern design without the canopy.


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