Upholstered Storage Bed

When you purchased your home the realization that you would need more storage space didn’t come until you had already proceeded through the closing and had been living there for a few months. Finding extra space to store winter clothing, and other seasonal items require a strategy that will keep clutter to a minimum and give you that much-needed storage at the same time. A bed with storage drawers built into the frame will give any room in your home scads of added space without the need to build an addition off the backside of your house.

Bed With Storage – What would it allow you to do?

A twin bed with storage will allow you to preclude the use of conventional dresser and or chest of drawers that take up space in a juvenile’s room. Some of these beds go the extra mile and have built-ins like a slide out activity table, spring-loaded mattress deck that lifts to reveal extra storage in addition to the drawers that make up the lower part of the frame. There are even twin storage beds that are on a platform system, which looks like a bunk bed without the lower bunk installed. These will allow for a complete child’s activity or homework area, plus room for a computer, television, and a built-in staircase with drawers under each step that leads up to the bed. With these types of beds, you get a chance to save a ton of room on your bed with storage. These beds with storage free up a lot of what most people would call junk that collects dust from around the house. Another good advantage of using this type of furniture is that you can also store memorabilia or anything that has sentimental value within the object. You can do this in an organized fashion and more importantly, you can store these special things safely on your bed with storage.

Bed With Storage – Lastly

The need for under bed storage for a bed with storage is different for all college students sharing a bedroom in an apartment. When renting a house, these bed with storages are almost a requirement to have any type of place to put clothing, and other incidentals when there are two and three people living in each bedroom. These beds can be purchased for a little as a couple of hundred dollars, and if there is not a limit to mom and dad’s black American Express card then by all means indulge yourself with a two thousand dollar Scandinavian storage bed that is not only functional but a genuine work of art as in bed with storage.

Keep clutter away by getting kids beds with storage

We could all use a little extra storage in our homes when we have kids running around. That’s why you should really think about looking at kids beds with storage. For such a small space, the storage options are endless, and can really help you get a hold on the toys, crafts, and clothes that seem to be weighing you down and getting worse every day.

You might be thinking that ‘under bed storage’ is what kids do when you tell them to clean their rooms. We’ve all got images of clothes, papers, games, and who knows what else, shoved under the bed, collecting dust, never to be seen again. This is the unfortunate image that comes to mind when we talk about storing things under our beds.

But it doesn’t have to be like that – even for your kids! Give them a proper storage solution and set some expectations, and they can’t go wrong!

There are a few bed ideas here that we would recommend checking out. Storage beds for kids aren’t incredibly expensive due to the fact that they’re pretty small, so you would do well to shop around if you are thinking of a storage bed.

You can, of course, find other under bed solutions for children, such as using storage bins, but there are so many excellent and creative beds that you should check them out first.

Setting your children up with storage beds is wonderful, because you can tell them that shoving their toys, crafts, clothing and other items under their bed is great! They’ll love it, and you’ll love the fact that it’s in a neat, organized and clean way, rather than the nightmare image you have of things crammed under the bed.

Make it even more organized by having an in-drawer storage organizer. You can divvy up compartments and make labels so that it’s easy for your kids to remember where everything goes. This will help them get into the habit of putting things away because it’s easy and they don’t have to rack their brain trying to remember where each piece goes. Make it easy and fun and they’ll fall into organization and cleanliness quickly!

What kind of things might you store under your children’s beds?

Toys and games – things like lego, board games, wooden blocks, small figurines, action figures…the list goes on and on!
Books – is a bookshelf not in the cards? Maybe you don’t have room, or maybe your kids have a few favourite books that they want close to bed. Having a storage container full of some books is a great way to save space and have reading material close by.
Clothing – whether they have a dresser or not, using the under bed storage space for clothes can be smart. Eliminate the crammed feeling of the dresser or closet, or eliminate the dresser altogether with clothes storage under the bed.
Craft materials – Just like toys and games, your kids will love having a space dedicated to their crafts. Put all the construction paper, glue, glitter, scissors and markers under their bed and use labels. Always organized!

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to storing things under your kids’ beds with storage. The choice is yours, but make sure you explore this option if you are looking for extra storage and a solution to clutter!

Organized people should love Upholstered beds with storage

You’re an organized person. You likely have shelves and some nifty storage boxes and containers hidden away, sometimes in plain sight (because you’re good like that – making functional look stylish). Let’s take a look at your bedroom, then.How’s your organization here? You’ve got a dresser, a closet, a night stand or two. Everything put away, yes? Hooks on walls might hold various accessories to your wardrobe. Your closet might have a hanging shoe rack.

So you are, in fact, an organized person. But wait a moment – what’s under your bed?

No, it is not just a place where naughty children hide their mess. If you’re not using the space under your bed properly, your claim as an organized person could be in jeopardy!

Here’s what I mean: you should be looking for and utilizing any and all storage spaces. We’ve all got stuff, but too many of us just don’t have enough room for all of it. Sometimes things will pile up – on the dresser, a table, a desk – and you’ll always make a note to clean it sometimes. Sometimes becomes never and you resort to tidying the messy area – stacking things in order by size, so that it looks less messy.

What if there was a way to get rid of this small, but annoying clutter? What if your closet could get a little extra breathing room? And those knick-knacks you don’t display but would never throw out?

If this sounds anything like you, organized person that you are, you need to be thinking about beds with storage.

You will climb the ranks of organized-personhood faster than ever, and finally put an end to your clutter, overstocked closets and drawers, and anything else that you just can’t find room for.

There are many options when it comes to under bed storage, and you should be using one of them.

Did you know that depending on your bed size, you might be wasting up to 40 square feet under your bed that could be used for discreet storage?

Beds with storage offer you so many options. Whether you get a bed frame that has drawers or you use simple boxes that slide under your bed, you’re sure to be thrilled with the added storage space that was hiding right under your nose.

Organized people find great use for the added space. Store clothing, files, books, games, crafts, and more. There’s a storage solution for all of your needs, as long as it fits under your bed.

If you’ve got everything else down pat, and you are utilizing other amazing storage solutions throughout your home, you cannot pass up beds with storage – they will perfectly complement the rest of your neat and tidy home, and they will save you from many headaches when it comes to small things that just never quite find a home, or from other crowded storage spaces.

Organized people beware – there’s probably extra storage space in your room, you’ve just got to find and use it!


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