zero gravity chairIf you are looking for a chair that provides comfort and helps your aching body, then look no farther.

A zero gravity chair is the perfect solution for your needs. With its state of the art design, it is designed for comfort and relaxation.

More and more people are waking up to the ridiculous performance enhancing qualities of zero gravity chairs – to the point where it’s almost impossible to find even a handful of backyards and outdoor spaces not dotted and decorated with these types of outdoor furniture.

However, finding the picture perfect one for your specific needs has never been more difficult – specifically because there are so many different options on the market today.

That being said, this particular zero gravity chair is widely regarded as one of the very est options for anyone to invest in (garnering some of the very best reviews in the industry).

The Design Out of This World

If you’re used to seeing traditional outdoor loungers (or even have a handful of these old and outdated pieces of furniture lying around your backyard, then your first glimpse of them is going to take you a little by surprise.

Certainly more than a little bit futuristic looking, this is the kind of outdoor lounge chair that seems like it has a left-right off of the pages of a Sharper Image catalog – or something that the crew of Star Trek uses when they are getting a bit of rest and relaxation when not on a mission.

Completely jet black (though offered in two other color schemes), this monochrome design is certainly upscale and more than a little bit classy – the kind of outdoor piece of furniture that you can safely add to any outdoor design or landscaping motif.

Comfort and Durability are the Highest Priorities

However, it would be more than a little bit of a mistake to believe that at this chair is all about the exterior design and aesthetics – nothing could be further from the truth.

Caravan Infinity Zero Gravity Chair is designed and developed from the ground up to offer a ridiculous level of performance (and maybe the most comfortable seating platform of any of the zero gravity chair solutions), you’re just going to find that this is the be all end all solution when it comes to reducing your stress and frustration levels while slipping into the chair.

Everything about this specific chair has been crafted to the highest degree, whether it’s the ridiculously strong (but still lightweight) powder coated steel frame, the durable Textilene fabric that covers the entirety of the seats, the adjustable headrest made of memory foam, or the comfort locking system that allows you to maneuver the chair into the perfect position without ever leaving the seat.

Plain and simple, this is a dream product.

2.Human Touch Perfect Chair

If you have been struggling with trying to decide which zero gravity recliner is absolutely perfect for you – not knowing whether or not you should go with a dedicated indoor or a dedicated outdoor piece of furniture – then you are going to absolutely love the information provided below about the Human Touch Perfect Chair Series 2 Zero Gravity recliner.

Widely considered to be one of the very best in zero gravity recliners ever created, as this is the kind of high-level piece of furniture that you can rely on day in and day out to give you the comfort and performance that you’ve been expecting.

Classic Meets Modern Design

It’s absolutely impossible not to feel as though you have been transported to a Frank Lloyd Wright piece of architecture or to the set of Mad Men the moment that you lie eyes on at the brand-new Human Touch Zero Gravity recliner.

Looking like it would have been absolutely perfect in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s – and perfectly fitting into many of the more classically inspired design aesthetics of the modern interior design world – or this is definitely a handsome piece that you will feel comfortable having in your home.


Crafted out of some of the most supple leather available – and with a number of high tech electronics and technologies built right into the chair – it’s likely that all of your household visitors and guests will never really know exactly how this zero gravity chair is able to reduce the kinds of restorative results that it can.

This isn’t exactly a bad thing – in fact, it’s one of the biggest selling points for the Human Touch Zero Gravity recliner. Everything about it seems high-end – everything about it IS high-end – making this one of the smartest investments if you’re serious about purchasing the ultimate zero gravity recliner.

Don’t Forget About All of the Performance Benefits

However, it’s not likely that you would drop nearly $2800 on a recliner that wasn’t able to give you some tremendous results as well as far as it comes to restoring and helping heal your body.

After all, isn’t that the real reason why you are looking for a zero gravity chair in the first place? This chair has been specifically designed to alleviate much of the stress and strain placed on your body on a daily basis, using its built-in ergonomics and some proprietary technologies to help support your body and give you a true sense of weightlessness the moment that you drop into the chair.

3. Faulkner Standard Recliner

The moment that you see the brand-new Faulkner Standard Recliner outdoor lounge chair is the moment that you realize that the days of uncomfortable, cheap, plastic loungers is finally dead and gone.

This is literally the biggest breakthrough in the lounge chair arena, the kind of peace of outdoor furniture that you can count on to deliver high-end performance and ridiculous comfort – all with a reputation for design and reliability that is simply unmatched in the industry today.

Development and Technology

This zero gravity chair is designed and developed from the ground up to look absolutely stunning – but there is zero compromise on construction and quality anywhere on this item

The first time that you really set eyes on this chair is the moment that your expectations for outdoor furniture changes forever. Crafted from the ground up with the assistance of high level engineers, scientists, and researchers – as well as a number of elite level manufacturing management teams – this is a zero gravity recliner that creates the sensation of weightlessness while looking absolutely fantastic at the exact same time.

The entire color scheme of this specific lounge chair is rather subdued and a low-key, but you know from your first glance that there is definitely something different about this chair. Everything about it has been crafted to the highest degree of quality possible. Welds are strong, the construction materials are lightweight and ridiculously durable, and even if the UV resistant poly cotton fabric blend and high density memory foam padding has been selected to deliver ridiculous performance across the board.

Not Just Another Pretty Face

Thanks to the engineering behind this specific piece of outdoor furniture, you’re going to be able to enjoy almost weightlessness the moment that you slide your backend into this piece of furniture.

Nothing like your run-of-the-mill outdoor lounger, the truth of the matter is that this is a zero gravity lounge chair – the kind of furniture that has been crafted to relieve as much tension from your muscles, tendons, and skeleton as humanly possible through some pretty interesting engineering. Also nice to sit into an outdoor lounger that has been crafted with comfort in mind – as this is technically and “XL” size (with 2 extra inches in the width, 4 extra inches in height, and the ability to accommodate anyone up to 350 pounds).

4. Delano Orbital Lounger

If you like to spend time relaxing outdoors then you need a comfortable place to do it. After all, you will not be able to enjoy the beautiful weather from a chair that makes your back ache or your neck sore. Luckily, there are some high quality outdoor chairs that will allow you to enjoy the same comfort that you do with your indoor furniture.

The Delano Double Orbital Lounger is one such item, as it provides maximum comfort in a chair that was designed for the outdoors. Here are some of the most important features and benefits of this lounger, which will help you make an educated decision when shopping for a quality outdoor chair.

Features and Benefits

There are number of unique features that set the Delano lounger apart from many of its competitors. The masterful design of this product will make it a must have for anyone that wants maximum enjoyment and comfort from their outdoor furniture. Here are some of the most important features of this product, as well as the benefits they provide:

– It has a zero gravity design: Zero gravity chairs are designed to relieve pressure from the spine. This allows you to get some relief from back pain while sitting in this chair. This is a huge benefit for anyone that has back problems that are exasperated by sitting in other chairs.

– It has contoured back support: The contoured design of this chair provides even more back support. This will allow you to sit in the chair for long periods of time without suffering from back pain.

– It is made from premium, woven PVC material: This durable material ensures that the chair will stay in good condition and age well. You won’t have to worry about rips, tears or other problems with this type of material.

– It has a mattress bed made from olefin polyester: This material is not only resistant to weather but also fading, which means the quality look of the chair will not diminish over time. You can leave it outdoors all year round, even if you live in an area with adverse weather conditions. This material is also quick drying, so you can use the chair even after it has rained.

– It is rated to handle up to 375 lbs.: This means that most people will be able to comfortably use this chair without any problems or safety concerns. This is a big benefit for anyone that is large and has a hard time finding outdoor chairs that can accommodate their girth.

– The chair is lightweight and easy to carry: This chair can be folded down to a mere twelve inches and weighs just twenty-five pounds, so it can be moved easily.

5. Lafuma Evolution AIR Recliner

Have you ever been able to sit in a recliner that literally made you feel as if you were floating on air? That may just be a dream for most people, especially if they have never taken the opportunity to experience a zero gravity chair. However, if they have been able to sit in a Zero Gravity chair or lounge recliner at least once, then they completely understand that these types of dreams do actually come true – especially if the recliner that they chose was the Lafuma Evolution AIR Recliner. There are many different premium features and benefits that can be enjoyed and experienced through this zero gravity chair, that are definitely worthwhile your consideration. What are some of these key features?

The Beauty of Removable Fabric

A key highlight of tis chair is that the comfortable fabric that has been used for this particular recliner is completely removable. This is a major benefit and selling point because it means that it is much easier to keep clean and looking fresh than you might think. The actual fabric is secured in place by several clipped elastic bands that are made out of a very solid type of injected elastomer. There truly are not very many things that you will not be able to wash out of the fabric in regards to stains because the fabric has been heavily coated with a finish that is absolutely resistant to stains and soiling. Therefore, you can properly and easily take care of fabric of your chair simply by removing it and washing it as normal without any excessive complications or difficulties.

Solid Frame for Solid Sitters

One of the biggest complaints that many consumers have about lightweight recliners is that they are only able to safely secure lightweight sitters. Once you have reached a specific weight limit, the odds of the actual chair buckling up and caving in are extremely high. After that has already taken place, it is not as if you can simply take the chair back to the manufacturer for a refund. A key benefit of the AIR recliner is that, even though it has a very lightweight design, it is specifically built to hold people that are much heavier.

The average zero gravity recliner that is being sold by other competing brands may not be able to hold over 200 pounds. However, this Lafuma recliner has actually been able to hold close to 300 pounds safely. This is primarily because of the revolutionary tubular steel frame that is resistant to rust and built to last for many years. You truly will be purchasing a recliner that is going to stay with you for many years, regardless of how much you weigh.

Highly Adjustable Level of Comfort

Another major selling point of the this recliner is that you are going to be blown away once you realize just how easily you will be able to adjust the level of comfort that you will be able to experience and enjoy from this particular model. For example, the ergonomic plastic armrests are specifically designed to provide you with comfort that many other armrests on comparable models cannot match. There is also a padded pillow that comes with this chair which is easy to remove and adjust to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible a swell.

6. Lafuma RSX Mesh Recliner

Zero gravity chairs are known to help reduce pain and a variety of symptoms that are caused by health problems. Because of the chair’s design, the pressure is elevated from the spine, thus, the person seated in the chair can breathe easier and have comfort that cannot be felt in other chairs.

With the feet being elevated to heart level, blood pressure drops and any swelling in the lower extremities can be significantly reduced. Various medical professionals highly recommend zero gravity chairs for their patients, and with the growing popularity of the chairs, numerous options have become available.

RSX Pros

The Lafuma RSX Mesh Recliner is a high quality, portable zero gravity recliner. It can be used at home, or it can be easily taken along for outings, such as sporting events, tailgate parties, picnics, or beach trips.

Weighing in at only 16 pounds, the chair is suitable for various body styles and is suitable for people weighing up to 290 pounds. It has a steel tube frame and mesh covering, for an overall simple, but attractive appearance. The chair’s folded size is 38 inches by 27 inches by 6 inches.


Hand made in France, the chair has a lever-lock system which enables the chair to be locked into a variety of desired positions. It also has a padded headrest for added comfort.

Zero gravity chairs are recommended by orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, and neurologists. These chairs are known to provide pain relief and added comfort for those who suffer from a variety of bone or muscle disorders as well as other chronic pain conditions.

What is a Zero Gravity Chair?

It’s basically s a manual reclining lounger, which positions the user so there is no pressure on the spine. By the placement of the body in the chair, the legs are raised to lower the blood pressure and the lungs are given room to breathe. They are ergonomically designed to help with health issues and to prevent muscle strains or discomfort.

The chair uses a concept that was developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), by elevating an individual to a “zero gravity” position. The feet are raised to the same level as the heart, thus reducing the strain on the vertebrae significantly. It also reduces any discomfort or pain in the back, and it lowers the blood pressure. For those who suffer from edema or swelling in the lower extremities, it assists with the proper elevation to reduce the fluid retention in the legs and feet.

It also helps to improve circulation, forcing the heart to work less and enabling the blood flow to properly go throughout your body with  less effort. Thus, it helps with various health problems and body systems. In addition to added comfort, the chair is designed for an overall improvement of health.

How Does It Work

All available positions on the chair are fully supported. With locking mechanisms, there are multiple positions and one is bound to be suitable for each individual’s frame and health problems.

There is also a variety of these recliners currently available on the market. Whether you enjoying sitting outdoors for long periods of time and need this kind of chair or whether you want a state of the art professional grade recliner with leather upholstery, there is a recliner available exactly for you.

Who Recommends Them

A variety of medical professionals recommend these chairs for their patients and they are in particular recommended by orthopedic specialists, neurologists, rheumatologists, and vascular surgeons. Those who have chronic health problems, such as arthritis, neuro-muscular disease, or vascular issues can benefit greatly from having access to this kind of chair.

They can even provide pain relief for those who suffer from chronic health issues that result in ongoing pain. It is a much healthier form of pain relief than regularly taking pain medications, which can have side effects or which can be habit forming.

What to Consider when Purchasing

Consider your body type. You need to select a chair that is designed for your size. If you are taller, or shorter, than the average size and you purchase a chair that is designed for the average build, you won’t be happy with your purchase.  You need to ensure you purchase a recliner that is long enough or short enough for your height. In addition, you want to make sure the width is appropriate for your particular build.

How frequently do you plan to use it? If you plan to use the chair regularly, then you should invest more in the chair to ensure it doesn’t wear out quickly. They are comfortable, so you can sit in them to watch television, use your laptop or tablet, read, or even play video games.

Where will you use it? If you plan to just use the chair in your living room or den, then you need to get a standard recliner that you put in location and leave there. If you want to take your chair along with you to outdoor activities and road trips, you need to consider purchasing a portable model.

How important is appearance? If you want a chair that blends in with your room’s designs and furnishings then you need to take that into serious consideration. They are available in a variety of colors and materials as well as a variety of price ranges. These are all things to consider when making the initial purchase.

Consider your budget. If you overspend, you won’t be happy in the long run with your purchase. If you get less than what you need, then again, you won’t be happy with your purchase. Decide what you need in a chair and set a budget. You then know what you have to work with and from what price range you can select a chair.

What benefits do you expect from this recliner? While it does not cure any health conditions, it does help with a variety of symptoms. Don’t expect miracles. That said, the chair can help with pain relief and can help make some symptoms reduced in scope and therefore, make the problems more tolerable.

After The Purchase

After you have selected the chair that is most suitable for your needs and you have it in the desired location, use it. Within a few uses, you will wonder how you ever made it without this kind of amazing comfort and design. You will feel better rested and you won’t have as much pain and discomfort in joints and muscles.

Consider it to be an investment in your overall health and wellness. When you are feeling better and suffer from less discomfort, your productivity increases and your overall attitude improves. You can get more done and suffer from less pain. The end results usually mean fewer doctor visits, which are expensive and time-consuming.

This type of chair is an investment in pursuing a healthy lifestyle and in your overall well being. After you purchase one, you will wonder why you waited so long to make the investment. If you have questions or need assistance with making your purchase, don’t hesitate to ask for more information today.


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