Beurer Foot Massager

The Best Beurer Foot Massagers

Beurer foot massager with a built-in heat function is one of the best massagers in the market. It’s a massager you can easily use at home.

You can easily use the control panel to adjust speed, intensity, and vibrations to your preference. It comes with a wide range of selections, for instance, you can choose soothing to intense pressure options.

People with large feet will fall in love with the Beurer foot massager because it accommodates larger sized feet up to men’s foot size 13. People with smaller feet are well taken care of as well and won’t have a problem using this foot massager. It is adjustable to fit any feet size.

This massager is very good for people with plantar fasciitis. It delivers a good massage throughout without causing any more discomfort and pain unlike some of the more enclosed massager that could cause pain to a person with this condition.

The massager reaches all, the targeted pars of the feet using the shiatsu ball that move in a circular motion to make sure that the feet get equal priority without you having to give certain parts of your feet a turn on the shiatsu balls.

This massager does not massage the top part of the foot. It delivers an excellent job at the bottom and sides of the feet so if you are looking for a unit that massages the entire foot, Beurer foot massager with Heat function might not be the massager for you.

With that said, let’s look at the features of the massager.

About The Brand

Beurer is company the deals with health and well being and have been do so for the last 95 years. It has a wide range of products such as foot warmers; weighing scales, toning belts; hand massage and foot massage products. The company has a whole line of beauty and baby care products. This is a trusted brand producing quality products at a pocket friendly price.

Five massage Pressure settings

Not many massagers will come with such a wide selections of settings. The Beurer massager give s you more choices, you get five pressure settings. The feet massager can give a light massage or a deep one according to your needs and without you having to leave your house.

Heat Function

Beurer foot massager comes with a heat function that can be switched on and off depending on a person’s needs. The heat function helps in aiding blood circulation to your feet. The heat will help loosen up muscles and at the same time making the massage experience so pleasant. Depending on what you want, be it just a massage, switch the heat off, if you want to take things up a notch switch on the heat and relax!


Soothing shiatsu balls, 9 for each foot

These balls provide the deep or light vibrations depending on the settings by the user. If you want a deep massage increase the vibration in order to get more use of the massager. For a light massager, reduce the vibrations.

Foot reflex zone massage

This is a circulation-boosting foot reflex zone to boost your well-being by increasing blood flow to your feet.

On/ off heat function

The soothing heat function can be turned on and off giving the user more flexibility of use. It heats up quickly so the user doesn’t have to wait long and uses little power as well.

Two massage level

The massager offers two speeds of massage for the user to work with depending on their preference.

Convenient storage cable under the massager

The electric cable is fitted under the device to make it easy to store and doesn’t take a lot of space.

Adjustable angle for height-adjustable feet

The adjustable angle makes the Beurer massager able to accommodate both large and small feet comfortably. Once you place your feet on the device you can adjust the device to get comfort.

Easy foot operation

The device is designed for home use so no technical know-how is needed.


Beurer foot massager with the heat function is quite affordable retailing at around 65 dollars. It is a high quality device that will serve you well for a long time without breaking the bank. It does a great job comparing with the other more expensive brands.

The Verdict


– Accommodates different feet sizes

– Easy to use

– Not noisy while using

– Affordable


– Can’t reach the top part of the foot

– Bulky weighing 12 pounds

We highly recommend you get yourself this amazing massager as soon as you can because it’s selling out very fast at the major outlets. Such a good bargain is not easy to come by and won’t last long