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Priceless Teak Benches


The durability of teak benches is a matter beyond contention.

Completely natural aesthetic appeal and the hardness of the wood make it the favorite furniture for outdoor purposes.

It does not mean that they will not serve the purpose as indoor furniture. The strength of this wood is unparalleled and it has become the most sought after wood to make furniture of all types. Read more on the best teak shower bench.

Because of all these factors the life span of teak wood cannot be compared with other types of wood and most people find tremendous joy in purchasing benches made of teak for their indoor and outdoor needs.

Aesthetic appeal and durability of teak benches

Benches made of teak will add style and substance to your home. The elegance and the aesthetic appeal of these types of benches make your home gorgeous and attractive.

Most people consider it as a perfect fit for outdoor purposes because the weather cannot make any negative impact on teak.

It will remain the same even if the sun beats down heavily for a long time and it can stand the test of time with constant rain as well.

Over exposure to snow and hail cannot make a difference to this unique wood. When you purchase a teak bench for yourself you are purchasing it for your future generations as well.

What happens with other types of wood is that they may lose shape during the course of time. Teak benches will not break easily and the insects cannot do much harm as well.

It can be described as a priceless possession because of all these factors.

How to maintain Teak Benches?

The maintenance aspect deserves great appreciation as well.

All you have to do is to apply some teak oil once or twice in a year to make it last for a long period of time.

Another method of keeping it fresh is to sand the bench once in a year and such a process will keep the golden brown color of the teak more bright and clear.

These benches do not confine themselves to any particular like garden, porch and deck.

You can use it anywhere to increase the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a place.

Teak benches for quality living

These types of benches are available in different designs and styles to suit the varying needs of the customers.

Some of the highly decorated pieces will give a dignified appearance to the concerned space by adding more style and substance.

Having a teak bench on your garden will give the much required relaxation for you and your family in a sophisticated manner.

These benches, with their well crafted armrests and properly designed structure for the effective support of the body give a totally different dimension to relaxation all together.

Different types of teak benches

Various companies have come up with different types of Teak Benches to offer the customers the much-required variety.

Teak benches like pork benches, patio benches, and pool benches can be used for different purposes and prices also vary for different types of benches.

It does not matter whether you want furniture for indoor purposes or outdoor purposes because benches made of teak will go in complete harmony with both purposes in the best possible manner.

Best Power Reclining Sofa


Relax with a Recliner Sofa

When you enter a furniture store you are easily confused with the overwhelming array of furniture and choices. With so many choices a person is bound to make irrational decisions that may cause frustration and distress later. If you happen to decide on buying a recliner sofa then there are some tips and instructions that you need to follow.

Just like choosing the best couch for yourself, the recliner sofa also deserves the same scrutiny and attention when you are going through the decision making process. Recliner sofa has many variants and is available in many types and shapes. And you should be aware that when investing in a recliner sofa you need to consider the ambience of the room and the existing furniture.

Recliner sofa is not just a piece of furniture but in fact it provides a glorified sitting arrangement for you.  Companies are now offering many variants of recliner sofas that are favorable news for many who plan to buy a sofa in the near future. The reason is that this allows you to choose from a variety of styles and designs. With options like the leather recliner sofa, recliner lover seat sofa you now have a wide range of recliner sofas to choose from.

Recliner sofa is of immense use for people who suffer for some medical ailment that causes them difficulties while sitting and getting up from the sofas. Many that suffer from arthritis feel on cloud nine due to its adjustable options. You can easily help yourself out of the chair or adjust it for your ease when sitting on it. Many of us plan to get recliner sofas to create a distinguished look in our homes or offices. But before we can have them you need to consider some issues and keep them in mind when you are buying a recliner sofa.

The first thing that you must consider is the size and space for your sofa. The reason is that you need space for the recliner to spread out when the person sitting on it requires. Any hindrances like furniture or walls will conflict with the purpose of the recliner sofaTherefore before you charge out to buy yourself a recliner sofa you need to measure up the space in the room where the sofa will be placed.

The next thing that you must consider is who will be using this sofa. If you happen to be the only one or one other person besides you will be using the sofa then getting a love seat recliner sofa will be a sound option. These sofas are about five to six feet long. If people using the recliner sofa are a large family and want it in front of the television, then consider purchasing the nine to fourteen feet long sectional sofa.

This sofa can be broken down into several parts for easy fitting into your room’s designs. Remember that recliner sofas tend to be heavy and more difficult to transport or move around if they are made into one unit. This means that you must consider the size and space carefully so that you don’t have to face the hassle of moving it again and again.

What To Consider When Buying A Recliner Sofa

When you are going to buy a recliner sofa then you must obviously consider the make and build of the sofa. This is very important. The investment and effort in getting a recliner sofa is immense. So you must make a decision that is for the long run. Try to find a recliner sofa that is made of hardwood preferably oak or maple. Also keep a close eye on the fabric that is used on the sofa. Try getting those sofas that have been covered with leather which is very long lasting. Go for the microfiber which is not only easy to clean but also has small gaps within the fabric that help in reducing the chance of belts or jewelry getting stuck in it.

Recliner sofas now come in either electronic or manual controls. In the manual control you have to adjust the angle of the sofa to the ideal position that fits your needs best by hand. In the case of electric controls you can easily adjust the angle by the push of a button or the remote that comes with it. If you are willing to spend more you can also acquire a recliner sofa that comes with heating pads and massage options. There is one offside to power recliner sofas. For instance in case of non availability of electricity, they can remain stuck in the same angle and you will not be able to shift or change their angle manually.

Especially if these sofas are being used by patients suffering from arthritis or some other ailment, electricity shortage can be a huge issue. They might even have to wait for the electricity to get out of the sofa which can cause them distress or pain. Also if the sofa is electric, it will definitely be more expensive not only in the principle cost but also over the years, in terms of maintenance. You will naturally require an expert to handle the technical or maintenance issues with your sofa and in case a part needs replacement, it will cost a lot.


Recliner sofas can be complex when it comes to taking care of them. But with the various options they offer, nothing can beat a recliner sofa when it comes to comfort and relaxation. With so many different conveniences this sofa offers, you can work sitting on it. Using the laptop holder, you can comfortably place your laptop and work in a relaxed posture. The massager option can make things much more enjoyable for you. What else could anyone ask for when all you need after a tough day at work is to snuggle in a recliner sofa and forget all about your worries. Just play smart when opting for one of these sofas and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Best pedestal sink 2019


pedestal sinkAs our homes are becoming smaller and so are the bathrooms shrinking we are need of extra space to store our stuff, a great way to do this in the bathrooms that have pedestal sinks is to add Pedestal Sink Storage units underneath making us of this extra space.

What is the buzz about Pedestal sinks?

For the average urban dweller, the concept of a comfortable dream home often faces a significant obstacle.

This comes in the form of a deficit in enough storage space in our resources including rental woes of hiring a house with bigger storage spaces.

Often in our owned houses too, a thought races in our minds: had there been a few extra cubic units of space in your bathroom so that you wouldn’t have to carry your toilet kit every morning from your living room to the bathroom to save a few extra minutes that you can utilize in perfecting your office work or reducing the commuting hassle in morning hours. The latest thing in town is you’re your space agony will find a much awaited relief with the help of the new generation interior designers. Pedestal Sink Storage solution is an innovative way to address the “short- on- storage” pain of the average urban dweller in society, that can add space to our small sized bathrooms. The idea involves using the vacant space under your pedestrian sink and utilizing it to create space for storage .

The ways and means of creating pedestal sink storage

There are a number of innovative things that you can do to create that extra space under your pedestal sink.

You can pick and choose the ones that best suit your individual needs.

Some of the possible things that you could do to create that extra space are putting a mirror over a pedestal sink.

You could wall mounted cabinets between pedestal sinks, use twin pedestal sinks with a small counter.

Have pedestal sink with a trash can underneath. Anaddition of glass shelf over a pedestal sink.

An addition of matching sconces or you could add a tiny side table can be set underneath the choice is yours.

How to install it?

When you do decide to install pedestrian sink storage units you need to Choose the right accessories for yourself.

Decide on what type of and how much space you would like to create.

Take a market survey & exercise online options could be great at this time as it would help you decide.

Take help of an interior decorator and one you have decide you could either have the unit installed or as is the case with some unit you may not need to install it at all or it could be done by you.


Awesome renovation delights: you can give a great makeover to your old house; matching the colour and finish of the sink to that of the floor tiles, cabinets, mirror stand, counters, glass shelf, window pane, and the trash can too!

Ample amount of options to exercise from: contemporary warehouses are studded with various sizes, designs, numbers and finish.

Tons of storage: you don’t need to carry your toilet kit every morning from your bedroom shelf to the toilet

Counter space between sinks: gives you enough breathing space

Perfect dimensions: you will love the day your bathroom takes a fairy makeover; you won’t stop admiring your old bathroom

Lovely look: eye catchy inclusions will make you really proud of your bathroom


A lot has been said about the advantage so let’s get to the disadvantages.

There is a lot of hype about the fancy design but if you see the costs it is just too high.

A bathroom is any ways a difficult place to keep clean and dry this just adds to the problem.

A wrongly renovated bathroom give you more space and breathing woes so don’t expect that your grown up cousin brother will appreciate the bathroom of your school going kid

A nicely crafted pedestal sink gives us the option to make our ordinary bathroom to be a special custom made one; but one has to be judicious enough to exercise the options available.

Reasons for you to purchase a pedestal sink storage

Remodeling your home initiates a different kind of perspective to your quality of living. It enables you to freshen up and bring a different ambiance to your home living.

Remodeling is a good thing especially when it has been a long time that you have not moved any furniture in your home.

It is also suggested that if you have some clutter at your home or things no longer go well with your stuff, remodeling is a must.

Remodeling does not mean that you have to change all of your furniture stuff, do some repaint, or total makeover.

It only suggests that little by little you figure out what you actually need to make your home living better.

When thinking about remodeling your home, take note of what you actually need.

Do you need some repaint?

Do you need better furniture?

Do you have extra things all over your home that needs to be properly stored?

If you are able to answer these questions, you might as well already know the solution for these things.

The importance of proper storage to your homes

One of the most common problems in today’s homes is the need for proper storage.

Proper storage is important at homes especially if you do not want to end up losing your files or other things when needed.

It is not just about arranging your stuff inside your personal space or living room but you also have to consider your bathroom space.

The best way for you to save space in your bathroom is by having pedestal sink storage.

This pedestal sink storagemay come in handy to your home especially if you wish to arrange your bathroom materials and toiletries in just one corner.

A pedestal sink storagemay vary in size, style, and design so it is actually up to you on what kind will fit your need. Here are some important things you need to consider before buying:

Tips on how to buy a bathroom pedestal sink

Where and how to buy

The idea of buying pedestal sink storageonline is very convenient for anyone who might need this as soon as possible.

You can simply work on search engines and look for websites that sell sink storage. It is important that you check whether they deliver near your area.

Check for the gallery of the items and make sure that you get the dimensions so that you can estimate how it fits to your bathroom.

Checking the price tag

Price should not be a limiting factor to you as expensive items does not always mean they are the best ones.

Take time to search for websites that sell such product and compare the prices.

You should also take note the price of each type as it may differ depending on the material they are made of.

Once you have already determined what pedestal sink you prefer for your home, take the necessary steps to make your purchase.

The importance of proper storage to your homes

One of the most common problems in today’s homes is the need for proper storage.

Proper storage is important at homes especially if you do not want to end up losing your files or other things when needed.

It is not just about arranging your stuff inside your personal space or living room but you also have to consider your bathroom space.

The best way for you to save space in your bathroom is by having pedestal sink storage.

This pedestal sink storage may come in handy to your home especially if you wish to arrange your bathroom materials and toiletries in just one corner. A pedestal sink storage may vary in.

Tips before building your toilet and bath

Building a new bathroom? There are plenty of new ideas that you might want to consider. A cosy bathroom usually has some portions of wallpaper and wood furniture by the sink.

If you have little space to spare, pedestalsink storage with wood finish for the cabinet is just marvelous.

To build a lasting impression, the countertop should be made of ceramic tile or precious stone while your fixtures must be in the finest stainless steel.


A contemporary designed bathroom looks dainty in white. There are lovely pictures of an all-white bathroom that you will truly admire.

However, maintaining an immaculately white space isn’t that simple.

You have to keep it tidy and pristine every after use if you don’t want to see some obvious yellow stains and molds gathering the next time you use it.

In other words, it’s more high maintenance that you ever thought.

Bright, chic and practical

Putting some shelves in between the sink is also a good idea aside from already built-in pedestal sink storage.

This will keep your toiletries dry and will be spared from disadvantages when the sink suddenly leaks.

For the high-end

Most bathroom shelves with enclosure comes with louvers for air ventilation.

You may also opt for open shelves if you have a great space to put it away from the bathtub or the sprinkles of your showerhead.

Newly designed bathrooms are now equipped with frosted shower glass enclosures to divide between the wet and dry portion of a slightly larger bathroom.

Space saving advantage

If your allotted space for the bathroom were cramp, wouldn’t you want to stuff it with everything else you need without sacrificing more space left?

For that, nice pedestal sink storage would be appropriate. You can even add some glass shelves on top of it to put the lotions, shaving creams, toothbrushes and other necessities.

Some sets of this type of bathroom furnishing come with a wall mirror with frame that matches the make of the shelf.

Bring your dreams at your door

When renovating an old bathroom, we suggest that you think of a nice place that you had visited before and its nice bathroom and try to incorporate the look.

This will save you time, effort and cost when sourcing out for materials as you already have something ideal already in mind.

Browsing through home and architectural magazines will be supplemental as well. The internet hosts plenty of up to the minute trends that’s just one click away.

Pedestal sink Budget

Above all, you need to know your budget range.

Everything you put into the project will be the fruit of your hard work so being budget wise is essential when constructing even for just a small bathroom.

Consider the labour cost and materials as well as a timeframe when setting for a budget.

You will not only buy a tub, pedestal sink storage and tiles but the tiny decors and fixtures will also round up with the entire outlay.

Best Shower Grab Bars: A Guide For Buying The Best Bathroom Grab Bars in 2019


Shower Grab BarsShower grab bars and toilet safety frames are made and designed for people that have trouble or need assistance when sitting and standing in the bathroom.

Some people use toilet safety rails because of recent hip or knee surgery and cannot put as much pressure on their legs and need help pushing off to get up from a toilet or commode.

Bathroom grab bars are very convenient and are very easy to attach to the back of the toilet frame by a bracket that holds it securely in place and keeps it from moving.

Bathroom Grab Reviews

#1. Grab Bar by Vive – Suction Shower Handle & Bathroom Balance Bar


Vive Suction Grab Bar


#2. Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 11.5″ Balance Assist Bar

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 11.5" Balance Assist Bar

#3. Moen 8724 24-Inch Grab Bar, Stainless Steel

Moen 8724 Home 24-Inch Bathroom Grab Bar, Stainless

#4. Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 17″ Bath & Shower Handle

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 17" Bath & Shower Handle

#5. Stander Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar – Elderly Tension Mounted Transfer Pole + Bathroom Assist Grab Bar – Iceberg White

Stander Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar - Elderly Tension Mounted Transfer Pole + Bathroom Assist Grab Bar - Iceberg White

#6. Moen LR2356DCH 16-Inch Grab Bar with Shelf, Chrome

Moen LR2356DCH 16-Inch Grab Bar with Shelf, Chrome

#7. AmazonBasics Bathroom Handicap Grab Bar – 42-Inch Length, 1.5-Inch Diameter

AmazonBasics Bathroom Handicap Grab Bar - 42-Inch Length, 1.5-Inch Diameter

#8. OXO Good Grips StrongHold Suction Balance Assist Bar for Bath and Shower with Non-Slip Grip

OXO Good Grips Strong Hold Suction Balance Assist Bar for Bath and Shower with Non Slip Grip


#9. Franklin Brass 5616 1-1/2-Inch x 16-Inch Concealed Mount Safety Bath and Shower Grab Bar, Stainless

Franklin Brass 5616 1-1/2-Inch x 16-Inch Concealed Mount Safety Bath and Shower Grab Bar, Stainless

#10. Moen SMA1015CH, Home Care Securemount Anchor, Stainless

Moen SMA1015CH, Home Care Securemount Anchor, Stainless


Toilet Safety bars

Toilet Safety bars come in many different models but stay consistent in what they can do.

The safety rails can be adjusted for height for different size patients and also can be adjusted for width for those bathrooms with very small areas around the toilets by increasing and decreasing the width within the arms.

The toilet safety frames arms fold back for cleaning and are easily removed for patient transfers. The average weight capacity of a toilet safety frame is 250lbs and they average around 3lbs in weight.

Shower grab bars are usually associated with elderly people or individuals with a handicap who need the added support while showering.  However, over 70 of accidents in the home occur in the bathroom.  The installation of shower grab bars is a great way of preventing accidents in the bathroom.

The Two Types of Shower Grab Bars

There are two types of grab bars available on the market that you can choose from.  They are removable and fixed shower grab bars.  Let’s look at them in slightly more detail.

Removable Shower Grab Bars

The first type of grab bar is removable. These are convenient because they attach to the wall easily with a suction cup on each end of the bar.

To use this type of shower grab bar, all you do is to position the bar where you want it, press it against the wall and flip the button at each end.  What this does is attach the grab bar to the wall by creating a vacuum in the suction cups.

One of the greatest advantages of this type of grab bar is that it is easy to install.  You are also easily able to adjust them to any location in your shower or bathtub.

If you are going to be traveling, you can easily bring this type of grab bar with you to help you feel secure when showering or bathing in a hotel.

The main disadvantage associated with removable shower grab bars is that they are not created to support a person’s weight.  Their main purpose is to act as a guide for balance while showering.

Because it is easy for the suction cups to release, a person putting their weight onto the bar can cause it to detach from the wall.  This could possibly lead to injury for the person holding onto the grab bar.

Fixed Shower Grab Bars

For a more secure and better safety option, you will probably want to look into fixed shower grab bars.  This type of grab bar attaches to the wooden studs in the wall behind the fiberglass or bathroom tiles.

While it will be more work to install these grab bars, they are far more secure and able to hold a person’s weight.  If you purchase a set that is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant, they will be capable of holding a person up to 250 pounds.

It is important to note that most fixed shower grab bars come in lengths of 12-inch, 18-inch, and 24-inch.

While the studs that you are going to be attaching them to are usually 16 inches apart.  Due to this, you will need to tilt one end of the grab bar up so it can be securely attached to the studs in the wall.

Safety in the bathroom is very important.  Remember that 70 percent of accidents in the home occur in the bathroom.  Investing in a set of shower grab bars is worthwhile to help you protect your loved ones. Read more on teak shower mat for added safety on the floor of the bathroom.

shower grab bar installation

Best Linen Cabinet for 2019: Buyers Guide and Reviews


linen cabinet

This is the most comprehensive guide to buying a linen cabinet on the planet.

The best part?

I’m going to show you the best cabinets that are highly rated right now. (in 2019).

Read more on Linen Towers vs. Linen Cabinets

In short: if you want quality linen storage, you’ll love this guide.

Let’s get started.

Best Linen cabinet Reviews 2019

1. Prepac Elite 16″ Narrow Cabinet in White

Prepac Elite 16" Narrow Cabinet in White

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

2. Sauder 414034 Peppercorn Linen Tower

Sauder 414034 Peppercorn Linen Tower, L: 14.72" x W: 15.51" x H: 60.59", Cinnamon Cherry finish

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

3. Elegant Home Fashions Adriana Linen Cabinet Tower with 2-Shutter Door

Elegant Home Fashions Adriana Linen Tower with 2-Shutter Door

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

4. Ameriwood Home Kendall 16″ Utility Storage Cabinet, White

Ameriwood Home Kendall 16" Utility Storage Cabinet, White

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

5. Wood Linen Cabinet

Wood Linen Cabinet

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

6. RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Tall Corner Cabinet, Espresso

RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Tall Corner Cabinet, Espresso

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

7. Winsome Wood Alps Tall Cabinet with Glass Door and Drawer

Winsome Wood Alps Tall Cabinet with Glass Door and Drawer

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

8. Target Marketing Systems Tall Storage Cabinet with 2 Adjustable Top Shelves and 1 Bottom Shelf, White

Target Marketing Systems Tall Storage Cabinet with 2 Adjustable Top Shelves and 1 Bottom Shelf, White

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

9. Sauder 414031 Peppercorn Floor Cabinet

Sauder 414031 Peppercorn Floor Cabinet

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

10. VASAGLE Floor Storage Cabinet with Double Door Adjustable Shelf


Features & SpecificationsProsCons

The Perfect storage space

By little modifications, you can make your bathroom look bigger and spacious.

One such modification is installing bathroom linen cabinets, as they make your bathroom look stylish and organized.

There are certain tips that will help you to keep your bathroom linen more neat and accessible.

What to store in bathroom linen cabinets

Firstly of all decide what all are you going to store.

They are often used to store bath towels, bathrobes, wash cloths and bed linens. Linen cabinets make your bathroom look neat and clean.

You can easily get the clean linens when needed.

For every one

Every family member has their own styles of linens of their favorite colors, brands and designs. If each family member has their own bathroom linen cabinets, they can store their linens at one place. It will be their responsibility to make it neat and clean.

Provides space

Having a separate shelve for each family member gives them the chance of storing their things at one place; this avoids unnecessary messing up of things. Each family member can store his or her linens at one place and access when needed.

Easy for kids

Store your kid’s linens at lower shelves, so that they can access them easily. Teach you kids to keep the cabinets neat and organized.

Allow them store their bath towels, washcloths and other things in their bathroom cabinets. Paste some cartoon stickers and sport stickers on your kid’s cabinet doors.

bathroom medicine cabinet are wonderful which help you in hiding all your linens and toiletries.

The size of these cabinets depends on your preferences.

If you have smaller bathroom go for limited cabinets and if you have bigger bathrooms go for some modern and stylish cabinets.

These cabinets not only make your bathroom look good but also act as bathroom furniture.

Why use a linen a linen cabinet?

A linen cabinet is another home essential that keeps your beddings and linens organized and in good condition.

This kind of closet stores linens and protects them from damage brought about by dirt, house pests, moisture, and many other substances.

Household linens are your beddings, tablecloths, table napkins and towels among others.

Linen can be very expensive and valuable most especially the antique pieces; hence, a cabinet made especially for these fabrics is necessary to maintain their quality.

Linen towers or cabinets are usually freestanding units. You can also get a corner bathroom cabinet.

They often have shelves and compartments so you can neatly arrange pillowcases and towels in them.

There is often a drawer for very small items and large shelves for bigger stuff like sheets.

Just like in a shop where linens are well organized so buyers can find the item that they need easily, the home should also have one or two linen closets to house all your bedroom, bath and kitchen linens.

A linen cabinet is a key to keeping your linens neat and orderly so you can quickly find items that you need.

Sheets are changed like once a week or even monthly in some cases, so storing them in a safe place would keep them clean, fresh and ready for use.

Where to Buy Linen Storage Cabinets

Here are some suggestions to help you shop for the best storage unit for your linens.

Whether you need bathroom linen cabinets or a child’s linen closet let our top picks guide you to find the best cabinets available.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Linen Cabinet

  •  Set a budget. This will not only let you spend within your means but also help narrow down your options.
  •  Measure the space in the room where you plan to place the linen cabinet. You may be eyeing a piece that won’t fit in the desired location.
  •  Determine the items that you want to store in the cabinet. This will help you with the size, shape and design features to look for. Are you planning to store small items like table napkins, larger pieces like sheets or a combination of both?
  •  Decide on the style and design of the cabinet for your needs. Do you want a cabinet with open shelves, glass doors or drawers? Do you need a slim and tall cabinet or something that is wide perhaps?
  •  Think about the overall design theme of the room in which the linen cabinet will be placed. The cabinet should, of course, match the other pieces of furniture in the room for aesthetics and balance.
  •  Find out if the cabinet is easy to assemble as well as the manufacturer’s warranty and delivery options.

The Importance of Linen Cabinets for Your Home or Business

Everyone should have at least one cabinet, especially for linens. This not only keeps linens in good condition but also makes finding items easier for people.

Spas and gyms have several linen cabinets to neatly pile sheets, bath towels, face towels, and many more items.

Hotels and inns also use linen cabinets to protect and keep sheets and pillowcases fresh and clean.

Whether tall or wide, enclosed or open, linen cabinets of every kind are essential pieces of furniture to safe keep linens.

A linen cabinet protects your investment and ensures that linens last for years.

What One Should Know About Linen Cabinets

Bathroom floor cabinets are not the same as vanity cabinets which are purchased together with a bathroom sink and/or mirror.

A bathroom floor cabinet is purchased as a standalone item. It can be placed in any part of the bathroom and it is used to store linens and/or other household items.

Cabinets of this nature can be purchased at a furniture store, supermarket, mall or internet retail site.

Most of these cabinets are made using wood, wood laminate or wood with glass.

Bathroom floor cabinets are made in many different sizes and even an average size bathroom can usually accommodate a cabinet for extra storage space.


A bathroom floor cabinet can be an aesthetic addition to a bathroom.

If the bathroom is quite large, then such a cabinet can help to fill up space so that the bathroom does not appear bare.

Additionally, one may wish to put a potted plant, figurine or decorative vase on the cabinet in order to beautify the bathroom.

However, in order for a bathroom floor cabinet to look good in the bathroom, it must be the right color and size for the bathroom.

If the bathroom is not overly large, then one should purchase a narrow cabinet.

Elite Home and Jaclyn Smith Traditions are two companies that make narrow cabinets that can hold a fair bit of stuff without taking up too much floor space.

Color and Style of the Cabinet

Choosing the right color of cabinet for the bathroom is also very important.

A person who already has a bathroom vanity cabinet will want a cabinet that is the same color as the vanity.

If the bathroom does not get a lot of natural light, then a white cabinet may be a good option, as it will automatically help to brighten up the bathroom.

Choosing the right style of cabinet is also important.

One should take a moment to consider what the overall style of the bathroom is meant to be.

An elegant bathroom should have an elegant bathroom cabinet.

A bathroom that has a casual style of decor would look best with a wooden cabinet that has a simple design.


Needless to say, a bathroom floor cabinet is an extremely useful addition to any bathroom.

Some of these cabinets are used to store household supplies, cleansers and the like, but others can hold sheets, pillow cases, guest towels, and a spare floor mat.

While vanity cabinets under a bathroom sink can also be used for storage space, having a bit more room for items can be of great use to a homeowner living in a small house.

Before buying a bathroom floor cabinet, a homeowner should, first of all, consider which items he or she wants to store and then make sure the cabinet has enough space for the items in question.

It is a good idea to place all the storage items together to see how large or small the cabinet should be. Read more on the uses of bathroom storage furniture.

Some bathroom floor cabinets have more shelf space than others. In fact, some cabinets are not technically cabinets at all, as they consist solely of drawers.

Other cabinets have one or two drawers with a cabinet while yet others have one or two cabinets with shelves inside.

A person who wants to store numerous small items will probably want to invest in a cabinet that has at least one drawer for storage of large items.


A bathroom floor cabinet should be placed in an area of the bathroom. This where it will not interfere with one’s regular use of the bathroom.

The area between the sink and the toilet can be a possibility. However, one will want to make sure the storage cabinet does not get a lot of water on it.

As each bathroom is different, a homeowner will need to consider the bathroom size and see where the cabinet would best fit.

Bathroom floor cabinets not only provide additional storage space for toiletries and linens. They are also aesthetic and can enhance the decor of most any bathroom.

It is not hard to find a wide range of bathroom floor cabinets for sale, especially if one shops for such a cabinet online.

However, one will want to make sure that the cabinet not only looks good but that it also has enough storage space.

One should measure the bathroom to make sure that the cabinet will be the right size.

By the same token, one should put all the storage cabinet items together.

Make sure that the size of the cabinet being purchased is the right size for the bathroom.

Styles of Bathroom Linen Cabinets

It can be a struggle for anyone looking for bathroom linen cabinets to find a piece that goes well with their existing bathroom furniture.

Browsing through the huge array of available cabinets can leave shoppers overwhelmed.

This can happen especially if they don’t know the terminology used to describe furniture styles.

Below is an explanation of the three most common styles that you will come across in your search.


Traditional bathroom linen cabinets take their inspiration from antique European design.

In some cases, you will also find Asian-inspired designs, which were popular in the United State and Europe during the Victorian era.

The traditional style encompasses a variety of more specific styles, such as Neoclassical, French Country, or British Colonial.

The traditional style is very orderly, with furniture pieces often being purchased in matching sets of several pieces..

If you are adding a cabinet to your existing bathroom set you can try to match the finish.

If you’re not able to do that it is usually best to find a piece that complements your existing furniture.

This way you don’t end up with a cabinet that almost matches the other furniture but fails.

Traditional bathroom linen cabinets, like other traditional furniture, tend to be quite ornate with a lot of detailed carving and molding.

This style features curving lines that give a feminine feel.

The scale of the furniture can be much larger than other styles. Make sure your bathroom is large enough to accommodate a larger piece of furniture.

Doors and drawers can be either wood or glass and the hardware can come in a variety of finishes.

It is a good idea to match the hardware to the finish on your faucet and other furniture.


The modern style is the complete opposite of the traditional style.

This sleek, uncluttered style focuses on utility, using the space they occupy more efficiently than a traditional cabinet.

These bathroom linen cabinets can have an almost complete lack of ornamentation.

Using highly contrasting hardware or glass elements instead of intricate wood details brings out the design.

As the focus in the modern style is on straight lines, modern furniture can feel very masculine.

Some people worry about modern bathroom linen cabinets looking cold.

However, there are many options in deep, rich wood tones that will keep your bathroom from looking too clinical.

Chrome and glass are commonly used materials in modern style cabinets, often providing a nice contrast against the dark woods.

This style may not be for you if you tend to be a bit messy.

Because of the clean lines of the furniture, a few things lying out on your bathroom sink could look cluttered.

Fortunately, many modern cabinets come with solid doors that can easily be used to hide your clutter away.


Transitional design is a blend of features from both the traditional and modern styles.

This style includes more specific groups such as the Shaker and Arts & Crafts styles.

Transitional furniture is great if you find the traditional style too formal and stuffy but find the modern style to be too cold or too trendy.

The lines and embellishments of transitional furniture are simpler than that of traditional pieces.

While not always trendy like modern furniture, transitional cabinets have a classic, timeless look that will last for many years to come.

The focus in transitional design is a more relaxed, casual look that fits well with a wide variety of furniture pieces and fixtures.

These bathroom linen closets tend to be more moderately scaled and so can fit into smaller bathrooms.

Transitional furniture combines both curves and straight lines, making it not too masculine or too feminine.

This is a great option if your bathroom will be shared by a man and a woman.

These descriptions should make it easier for you to find the cabinet that you are looking for.

Remember, these are not hard and fast design rules, in the end, get something that you are happy with.

Don’t worry too much about matching the style classification of your other furniture pieces.

There are styles of bathroom linen cabinets that go well with the décor in any home.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Linen Cabinets

Whether homeowners are finishing a basement bathroom or upgrading existing equipment, the need for a bathroom linen cabinets will eventually arise.

Picking the set that is right for the application and preference is important because there is such a wide variety available to consumers.

The type of cabinets will determine the materials used during construction and the overall appearance of the unit.

Some research is essential to making the right decision.

While function is a very important aspect, many consumers are looking for products that also bring an element of character and style to the room.

By being prepared and having an idea of what is needed, consumers can find just the right combination of form and function to complete or update the look of their bathroom.

The selection of building materials is the first and most fundamental decision to be made. To begin the search for the right set of bathroom cabinets it is important to consider the environment in which the units will be placed.

The moisture level inside a steamy bathroom during showers creates a potentially damaging situation for certain materials. Material such as fiber-board or unprotected metal finishes are sensitive.

If the room does not have a shower the list of options grows exponentially as there are no material limitations to consider.

Protecting the purchase should be a priority for consumers, picking the right wood and finish is a big step towards meeting that goal.

Wooden cabinets add beauty and natural tones to a bathroom space.

Wood Made cabinets

Wood brings a natural and organic look to a bathroom regardless of the darkness of the stain.

The grain and color should be considered beside the existing furniture or fixtures in the bathroom. White linen cabinets are mostly prefered because of the elegance they portray.

The costs of real wood can be a little steep at times.

Laminate and other options exist to provide the great look of wood at more affordable prices.

Metal cabinets

Metal cabinets are long-lasting and decorative but come with their own drawbacks. The use of metal in the construction of bathroom linen cabinets is becoming ever more popular.

Manufacturers are responding to demands from consumers for simply decorated wrought-iron or stainless steel applications for a rustic or modern look.

These can be great investments because of the durable and tough materials, and will consistently outlive their wood or plastic counterparts.

The price of metal cabinets varies depending on the type of metal and the level of decoration or artistry involved.

While commercial cabinets are available from large home stores for relatively low prices.

Specialty design stores and antique shops will often offer items at significantly higher prices.

Metal cabinets are an excellent buy because of their durability, but customers may find them limited in their overall features due to the simplicity of their design.

Choose the right style to maximize the function of your bathroom linen cabinets.

Once the customer determines the materials that are best suited for the bathroom environment and design theme, the type of cabinet should be considered.

The type of cabinet will determine the function that it provides, such as having an open face or hinged doors.

Other choices include a freestanding unit that is unattached to the walls or countertops and a custom installed model that can be fit into a specific space and mounted.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, with respect to both the overall cost and the applications possible.

Having an open style versus hinged-door bathroom linen cabinets. The bathroom cabinet design will offer the same overall function whether they are closed or open.

The choice becomes merely a matter of aesthetic preference and overall compliance with the theme of the room.

It is important to mention that hinged-door cabinets are easier to find in wood than metal.

The closed doors create a more uniform look by not exposing the contents of the cabinet and may enhance the unit through the use of elegant or artistic embellishments.

In this scenario, the owner has the option to select complimenting knobs and handles to accent the interior design concept of the room.

In comparison, the open-faced cabinets exude Spartan simplicity with easy, informal access to the contents.

Many homeowners take advantage of the opportunity provided by open drawers to decorate with linens or patterned towels.

Both looks serve a specific purpose and the choice is left to the homeowner as a matter of personal preference.

Freestanding or Built-In Bathroom Linen Cabinets

Deciding whether to mount a custom cabinet or employ a freestanding model.

The basic focus of this category is to consider safety and function over aesthetic value.

There are safe and reliable products available that are designed to be freestanding, not needing to be mounted to the wall or surrounding fixtures.

Consumers should take extra care to ensure the unit is balanced and level to minimize any risk of tipping or falling over.

Ideally, with free standing cabinets, items should be placed on the bottom first, starting with the heavier ones.

This avoids a situation where the unit is top-heavy and prone to tipping.

Mounting a bathroom cabinet to the wall or nearby fixture is possible to offer a more custom look and a safer installation.

This may be expensive if some fabrication or improvisation is necessary and should only be done by experienced technicians.

The material used for a Linen cabinet

Besides metals, you also get solid surfacing material which has some excellent properties.

The material is completely non-porous or opaque making it highly resistant to adverse conditions.

It comes in many colors but is slightly more expensive.

Wood is obviously a bad choice given that it’s highly prone to moisture induced damage and mildew.

A wooden bathroom floor cabinet also tends to crack and splinter easily in humid conditions.

The good news is that many companies are applying modern state of the art technology to create wooden cabinets that are extremely water resistant.

Some are also coming up with tactics to combine wood and metal together to provide an additional protective coat.

Keep in mind that plywood and wood veneer are stronger options than plain solid wood to tackle high moisture and high heat.

Never store extremely hot or cold items in your bathroom floor cabinet.

Putting soap, shampoo or toothpaste on its surface is also a big no-no. Keep your cabinets clean and odor free to keep insects away.

It is also a good idea to place your cabinet in such a way that you do not stumble against it.

This is especially important if you have a brood of hyperactive kids running up and down the house all day long!

15 Tips For Organizing Your Linen Closet


Magnetic Bracelet: The Best Ones For Arthritis and Carpal tunnel

magnetic braceletMagnetic therapy for pain relief has existed for centuries, and today it exists as a natural and non-invasive alternative or supplement to medication.

It is believed by some that magnet therapy increases blood circulation, providing the body with more nutrients.

A magnetic bracelet is an attractive accessory, as well as an easy way to receive the benefits of magnetic therapy.

we list the magnetic strength of the magnets used in the magnetic bracelet.

Magnetic Bracelet Reviews 2018

#1. Elegant Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Pain Relief for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel


Elegant Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Pain Relief for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel

#2. VIKI LYNN 2 sets of Hematite Bracelet Hematite Metal Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

VIKI LYNN 2 pcs Hematite Bracelet Hematite Metal Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

#3. Elegant Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Pain Relief for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel

arthritis copper brace

#4. Elegant Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Pain Relief for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel magnetic Brace

#5. Copper Magnetic Bracelet with Silver Finish, Best Natural Pain Relief Therapy by Mind n Body

Copper Magnetic Bracelet with Silver Finish, Best Natural Pain Relief Therapy

#.6 EBUTY Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

EBUTY Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

#7. Pure Magnetic Copper Bracelet for Women & Men

Pure Magnetic Copper Bracelet for Women and Men

8. Earth Therapy Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet Arthritis Pain Relief, Carpal Tunnel, RSI and More 18,000 Gauss For Maximum Treatment Healing For Men and Women

Earth Therapy Magnetic Arthritis Treatment

9. Willis Judd Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Two Tone Adjustable

Willis Judd Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Two Tone Adjustable

10. Feraco Mens Sleek Magnetic Therapy Bracelet for Arthritis Pain Relief with Free Link Removal Tool,9 inch

Feraco Mens Sleek Magnetic Therapy Bracelet for Arthritis Pain Relief with Free Link Removal Tool,9 inch

Natural Pain Relief Through Magnetic Therapy is Possible

No one can deny the power of magnets, racing pigeons find their way home across thousands of miles, and Salmon use the earth’s magnetic pulses to travel through oceans to make their way back to their spawning grounds. The ancient Celts built their places of worship at points where the earth’s magnetic ley lines intersect.

Are you sitting there reading this and rubbing your wrist because your arthritis is playing up again? Do you avoid walking upstairs as your knees hurt so much?

Magnets have been helping guide animals around the world for millions of years; they can now help you with your pain.

As more questions are raised every day over the use of drugs (Celebrex or Vioxx) to assist in pain relief for arthritis, the study is good news to the over 70 million Americans suffering from the disease.

Arthritis affects one in three adults in the United States, and over half of those feel that there is nothing that can be done to ease their pain. It is a sad world when people will suffer their pain rather than take medication as they are so frightened of the potential side effects of the prescribed medications.

Magnetic therapy offers a natural risk-free pain relief for people who suffer from Arthritis. Arthritis gloves also offer relief to the condition

Can magnetic therapy products really help me?

.The British Medical journal thinks so and it definitely can’t hurt you.

.Magnetic therapy products are natural and offer natural pain relief.

.You wear them on your body, no invasive operations.

.Cost/benefit, the cost of trying Magnetic therapy products is much lower than trying various drug therapies.

Arthritis pain really wears you down as it drags on for years and years; try magnetic therapy products for natural pain relief.

Magnetic Therapy: The Facts and Myths

Is magnet therapy regarded yet as a mainstream therapy? I consider it is not and through this series of articles I hope to raise awareness by examining a number of issues that have stood in the way of mass acceptance.

There is a useful parallel to be drawn between magnetic therapy and acupuncture. Acupuncture today is an acceptable alternative therapy but 20 or 30 years ago it was regarded with deep suspicion.

So what has happened to make it so popular now that many conventional health clinics have a professional acupuncturist on hand to provide the therapy?

Well, the passage of time has allowed communication of the obvious benefits actual patients have enjoyed by having a wide variety of symptoms relieved.

If one reads the information available at acupuncture, the science behind acupuncture is still largely theoretical and involves “the common ground shared among meridian system, chakra system and modern sciences” Basically, acupuncture is a successful discipline that encourages the body to heal itself.

It is worth noting here that the general description of what acupuncture does, includes words such as “electromagnetic fields” and “polarity”. Terms which also are used in any consideration of magnetic therapy.

More on Acupuncture

So, acupuncture has become accepted mainly because of anecdotal results and any number of successful blind trials. Virtually the same situation that magnetic therapy finds itself in today!

The ‘skeptics’ and ‘doubters’ will tell you there is no basis on which magnet therapy can work, but they said the same words with regard to acupuncture all those years ago.

They will tell you there is no clinical proof that magnetic therapy does anything. This too is untrue, but like anything, it depends on how tests are carried out and what is being measured.

It is also good to keep in mind; these are both ‘alternative therapies’. An alternative, to what? To the medical and veterinary establishment who maintain they have the monopoly on curing all biological bodies with drugs and surgery and radiation.

I acknowledge there are dedicated individual health professionals and vets, who do have wellness as their main priority for us and our animals. There have been many occasions down the ages when new innovations and discoveries have been discredited by those with a vested interest in their failure.

Further fuel for the skeptics and doubters rhetoric is that there are many companies and individuals ‘out there’ who, looking to jump on a band, will sell you a product that may be totally inappropriate for your needs. ‘Dealers’ who sell magnetic therapy items have, in my experience little or no knowledge of how the therapy works or able to provide help and advice as to the correct application.

It is these people who generally cannot be bothered to find out, will tell you, “it is not known why magnets work only that they do”.

Taking care for magnetic bracelets will ensure you have them for a long time

Health and safety:

When discussing side effect and health hazards of magnetic bracelets we are facing a very strange answer: There are no known side effects for the use of magnetic jewelry. There is no measurable observed time limitation or length of time or the number of magnets or the accumulative strength of magnets anybody can wear at any given time.

The use of magnetic therapy products generally and magnetic jewelry in specific enable any person to safely and economically treat many human and animal body aches and painful conditions without the use of injections, salves, and drugs. In fact, the usage of magnetic therapy is completely non-intrusive.

Using magnets is as safe as anybody have ever observed. It is non-invasive and also non-addictive, with the few notable following exceptions:

Magnetic therapy products, magnetic jewelry, magnetic bracelets, and bangles are may not suitable for:

Pregnant women and more …

This is precautionary notice, as we actually do not have any empirical data based on observation regarding the possible effect of magnets on unborn children. In this case, it’s best to be extra careful.

People with a pacemaker or any other electrical implants: Magnetic field effect electric currents, as they are actually similar in origin and effects. Though not all electric devices are being affected by magnetic fields, it is best to ensure that you don’t use magnets where electric devices that may have fatal consequences on humans if fail.

People with an insulin pump: Same applies as above.

Also, magnets should not be used near and on an open wound: Goes without saying, you may say. Trivial. Well, it’s not. Some people have been known to place magnets on an open wound and expected results.

Animals (Mainly cats and dogs) with any electrical implants: Some electric chips that are implanted in animals are not affected by magnetic collars. It depends on the device and also the location of the implant in relation to the collar. It’s best to consult your vet about the matter – Ask him or her if it is all right to use the magnetic collar.

Daily use of magnetic jewelry:

Guidelines for safe daily usage of magnetic therapy jewelry are not complicated, but may vary between different magnetic ornaments:

The magnetic bracelet or magnetic bangle should be worn close to your skin to get the best results. The reason is that the magnetic field has a limited range.

You may leave the magnetic bracelet on when sleeping. The more time you wear it the better.

Take off when having a bath or a shower, or before entering the sea or the swimming pool. This may sound a little strange advice. The reason it came about is that even though all magnetic bracelets are plated or made of noble metals such as titanium magnetic bracelets or stainless steel magnetic bracelets.

The magnets are never made from noble metals – and they tend to rust easily because of the high content of iron. Also, chemicals will affect all metals regardless if they are noble metals or not.

Do not allow magnets and magnetic jewelry near digital watch, credit card or domestic appliance. Basically, just don’t place your magnetic bracelet on your credit card. However, it is safe to handle accredit card while wearing a magnetic bracelet.

Magnets can erase video, music, and computer data, and may interfere with computer and TV screens. Again, it is perfectly safe to wear magnetic bracelets while typing on your laptop computer because of the low range of the magnetic fields of the magnets in magnetic jewelry.

Daily care of Magnetic Jewellery:

Taking care of your magnetic bracelet is easy, and it is more or less as taking care of any piece of jewelry:

Keep magnetic products that contain magnets (Magnetic bracelets, magnetic bangles, magnetic body wraps, magnetic dog collars & magnetic cats collars, magnetic cat collars) away from fresh or salty water.

To clean, wipe with dry cloth. Stainless steel and titanium items may be wiped with a damp cloth, and gently polished, but ensure the item is left dry when finished. Do not use any chemicals at all.

Wearing copper magnetic bracelets or copper magnetic bangles may leave a dark green stain on the skin. This is pretty much normal because the copper is absorbed from your magnetic bracelet though to your body via your skin. If the pain is around the knee, a better option would be using a knee compression sleeve.

As even plated magnetic bracelets may be chipped because of hard surfaces, you may want to consider purchasing magnetic jewelry from noble metals such as stainless steel or titanium magnetic bracelet.

10 Best Heated Socks and Footwear for 2019

heated socksAlthough winter is often associated with celebrations of Christmas such as making snow angels, building snowmen, riding the snowmobile, skiing and hiking, you also have to worry about having cold feet and that is why you need battery heated socks to help you keep warm.

When you constantly have to deal with cold feet during the winter months, it may result in you developing fevers, colds, and coughs, particularly in the younger children who enjoy spending most of their time outdoors.

Why use Battery Heated Socks?

Heated socks are your best solution to keeping your feet cozy and warm, in addition to helping to prevent you from developing a cough or catching a cold.

Heated socks are worn and loved by everyone, from children and older folks who enjoy staying indoors to those persons who engage in various winter sports.
The socks are battery operated, and are capable of producing heat for approximately six hours; furthermore, they are much more effective than the standard woolen socks.

What Are They Made of?

Battery heated socks are made from a blend of fabrics like Lycra or cotton or polyester. These fabrics are of high quality, and they are also thick enough to keep the heat trapped inside. The toes and the heels of the socks are reinforced using additional fabric, in order to prevent them from wearing out easily.

The cuffs of the battery heated socks are fitted with a battery pack, and this battery pack is the source of power that generates the heat for the socks. Generally, ‘D-cell’ batteries are used for the socks.

However, there are some brands that require other types of batteries. The battery is equipped with wires that run into the toe area, which are the generators of the heats. The heat is then evenly spread throughout the remainder of the socks.

How DoElectric Socks Work?

The heat that is generated in the electric socks is a gentle and steady heat; however, after some time it may become stifling. If the heat becomes unbearable, you should remove the batteries from the socks, since most of them are not equipped with heat regulators.

There are a number of persons who prefer to use heated socks rather than regular socks because these special socks are warmer and last a lot longer.

Different Types

Some of the designs of the rechargeable electric socks operate by Lithium battery packs that you can recharge, and that also can be worn on your belt or in your pocket. Therefore, you will not have to worry about wearing socks that sag because of the battery’s weight.

The power that is produced by the Lithium battery pack lasts a lot longer, and because they are rechargeable there is no expense of having to constantly replace the batteries. This is another reason many persons prefer wearing electric socks.

There are also other types of electric socks that are specifically designed only to be worn indoors, and they are plugged into the wall outlet.

Even though they do not allow you the freedom associated with other types of heated socks, they come in very handy when you are working around your desk, watching television, reading, or engaging in any other type of indoor activity that does not require you to move around a lot.

Used For Every Occasion

Battery powered heated socks are also a great accessory for winter sports; furthermore, they are available in various lengths, therefore you will be able to find a pair that is suitable for the sport that you will be participating in.

For instance, if you play ski hockey, you will need socks that do not get in the way of you wearing your ski boots; on the other hand, you will need shorter socks if you will be wearing them on a hike. You can use heated slippers with these socks to provide extra warmth.

Heated electric socks are also very easy to take care, as all that you need to do to make them look new and fresh again is to hand wash them and allow them to air dry. If you would rather have ordinary wool socks don’t miss alpaca wool socks.

How do foot warmers keep your feet warm?

Foot warmers are pouches containing iron and other chemicals. When opened and combined with oxygen and other chemicals they create and maintain heat up to four hours. These provide heat almost immediately and can be transported easily.

Foot warmers can be kept in your car, purse or backpack, are easy to use, safe, natural and environmentally friendly.

Heat in heated foot warmers is created by a chemical effect between iron and oxygen. There is iron in each pouch. The iron oxidizes and produces warmth when exposed to oxygen. Heat is retained in the pouch when other ingredients like salt, cellulose, and carbon are dispersed.

When to use them?

They are ideal to use in various situations such as winter sports, camping trips and any type of activity done outdoors. Many hunters and skiers, construction workers and athletes use this convenient product.

Cold feet can be as a result of one not being dressed properly, exposure to cold weather for a long period, or because of illness. Cold feet can make you feel extremely uncomfortable. Whip up some homemade foot warmers and cure yours or someone else’s cold feet. They serve as very practical gift items too.

What are foot warmers made of?

Select the best fabric to use when making foot warmers. Cotton is a natural fiber which allows air to get into the skin. Cotton flannel works best as flannel induces a feeling of comfort and is soft and cozy. It is ideal for use in foot warmers that are homemade.

The amount of material to be purchased depends on the amount and size of the foot warmers you want to make. You can make it large enough and enjoy it while lying in your bed or reclining in front of the TV. They may also be small enough to put inside your winter boots.

One full-sized foot warmer or four to six mini foot warmers can be made from a half yard of material. Think about which size you want, use a towel as a guide to measure the size, and then decide accurately how much fabric you will need. Foot warmers can also be made from towels instead of fabric.

How are they made?

Homemade foot warmers may be stitched by hand or a sewing machine. Ensure that the stitches are very close together and are small so that the filling will not fall out between them.

Just like any other thing that is sewed, the fabric should be turned inside out when being stitched, then turned back on the right side to put in the filling and then sew up the last few inches on the right side. Foot warmers are basically small pillows.

You should decide if you want the stitches to be visible or not. Decide on a thread of good quality and a color that will either compliment or is distinct from the fabric chosen.

Instant white rice is inexpensive and is quite easy to warm in a microwave oven and is ideal to be used as the filling for your homemade foot warmers. Each of your foot warmers is to be filled with uncooked rice and the remaining opening stitched closed. The foot warmers should then be placed in the microwave to be warmed. Two minutes of heating in the microwave is required for large warmers and the only one minute for the small ones.

If your microwave is in exceptional working order, the heat will be retained in the rice for up to one hour. Warm it in the microwave and relax in bed with your feet under it if you are using a large one at home. Microwave, flatten and put the small ones inside your slippers once you come inside from the cold. They can also be worn inside your shoes or boots if you decide to go outside. They take up no more room than an extra pair of thick socks.

Four Benefits Of Alpaca Wool

Alpaca wool is considered one of the best materials used for clothing. Fibers are gathered from Alpaca animal which resembles sheep and lives in the high Andes in Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. Alpaca has to survive the extremely cold winters.

The material is used for simple inexpensive clothing as well as for luxurious clothing like suits. Alpaca properties are much better than any other materials.

Alpaca Fibers Will Keep You Warm

Want to be warm in winter and cool in summer? Alpaca certainly does the job. Alpaca fibers absorb air into air pockets which serve as insulation and keep you warm in cold winter. In the summertime, air pockets do the opposite task. They keep you cool. You could say it is all weather material and the ideal choice for winter and summer.

Extremely Lightweight

Alpaca wool wouldn’t be so popular if it wasn’t extremely light. Because of its lightweight fibers are used almost everywhere.

You will find this material used in sports clothing as well as ordinary day clothing. They are also ideals for any kind of sports because you wouldn’t want to carry too much right?

Odour Free

Alpaca has anti-microbial properties, so your clothes won’t have an odor. Your clothes will remain fresh. Alpaca fibers won’t absorb moisture, so your clothes won’t be soaking wet when you are done with your sports activities.

Texture And Durability

Alpaca has a special feel to it. Alpaca fibers are one of the best fibers used for clothing. If you think for a moment Alpaca lives in the high Andes, where winters can be harsh and summer sun can be very dangerous because of the high altitude.

The material offers the best protection in both extremes. Alpaca fibers are also seven times stronger than any other fibers.

Products Made from Alpaca Wool

There are a variety of items you can choose which are made from alpaca. You can choose from different products made from alpaca material like alpaca wool socks, alpaca wool blankets, alpaca wool sweaters,… If you are still cold don’t forget to check out the heated jacket to keep your upper body warm.

Best Kitchen Rugs for That Elegant look

kitchen rugsDoes your kitchen lack that spark?

Do you want to spruce it up a little or add a bit of vibrancy?

Kitchen rugs kitchen mats are an excellent way to provide your kitchen with both.

There are many things to consider when looking to spruce up your kitchen, and it all depends on you’re the design of your kitchen and personal style.

Take the theme of your kitchen into consideration. You want to purchase kitchen rugs and mats that of course go with your kitchen decor. A design that is going to accent everything about your kitchen.

There are so many kitchen rugs and mats to choose from that can give you exactly what you are looking for.

Best Kitchen rugs Consumer report 2019

At  Glance

Best Overall:

For more different sizes and colors go to Amazon 

1. Kangaroo Brands Original 3/4″ Anti Fatigue Comfort Standing Mat Kitchen Rug

Kangaroo Brands Original 3/4" Anti Fatigue Comfort Standing Mat Kitchen Rug, Phthalate Free, Non-Toxic, Waterproof, Ergonomical Floor Pad, Rugs for Office Stand Up Desk, 32x20 inches



Kitchen Rugs Shapes

Kitchen rugs and mats are available in round, oval, rectangular and square shaped. Kitchen rugs and mats are a great way to showcase your own creativity and individuality even if you have one of those food rugs.

Plus, you can do both at an affordable price. You will be amazed at just how affordable kitchen rugs and mats are.

Not only are the shapes, styles, and colors should be considered when purchasing kitchen rugs and mats, but there are also other areas to consider as well. Think of the durability. How will kitchen rugs and mats hold up in your kitchen? It all depends on how much time you spend in the kitchen.

If you are a parent, then you obviously spend a great deal of time in the kitchen and need kitchen rugs and mats that are going to be able to withstand heavy traffic. Children are constantly running in and out of the kitchen, as are us parents.

Therefore, not only do you want the right kitchen rugs or kitchen mats to fit your personal style, but you also want to choose the right ones to last.

Kitchen Rugs and Mats – Shopping Tips

When shopping for your kitchen rugs and mats, be sure the edges are strong and sturdy. Many kitchen rugs and mats have a tendency to come apart at the seams, and can’t hold up to heavy traffic.

By the way, if you are searching online for the rugs, don’t forget to look under kitchen carpets as well – you might just discover the best rugs there.

Since we are talking about parents and children, you also want to consider the safety of your kitchen rugs and mats. Not only does the theme and quality play a huge role in picking out the right kitchen rugs and mats that work for you, but so does the slip factor.

Be sure to look at the back of the kitchen rugs and mats, to make sure, they will stay in place, while enduring the heavy traffic. You want your children, or yourself, for that matter, to slip and hurt themselves, because your kitchen rugs and mats aren’t suctioned to the floor.

You may also want to shop around for kitchen rugs and mats that you can wash at home yourself. Investing in kitchen rugs and mats that meet all of the standards doesn’t have to be expensive, and they are well worth the price. Not only will kitchen rugs and mats give your house elegance, but you can rest assured knowing it didn’t cost you a fortune to obtain.

The Best Thing About Round Kitchen Rugs

Circular rugs are very eloquent and stunning. They will have all of your friends and loved one envying you for years to come and the convenience of them is outstanding.

Not only can round kitchen rugs provide your kitchen with class, but they also make it easier on you knowing they are affordable and washable. I cannot say enough about round kitchen rugs.

A few years back, I needed a change. My kitchen was coming across as dull and boring. However, when I purchased my round kitchen rugs, those days are now a thing of the past. I have children and as a parent.

I can tell you, not only have the round kitchen rugs I purchased gave my kitchen that wow factor, but it has also made the cleaning process so much easier and affordable.

Now when I have visitors, they comment on my kitchen. Earlier it was just a kitchen before but now it is the kitchen everybody wishes they had in the same way.

I gave my kitchen that modern style while having money left in my pocket. However, don’t take my word for it. Shop around and do your own research. I am confident you will be as amazed as I was at what all round kitchen rugs have to offer.

Kitchen Rugs

A good kitchen should not only be kept clean and orderly but it should also have some ambiance.

Using kitchen rugs is a nice way of adding a touch of décor. This is because the rugs come in a wide range of colors and designs to go with the look of a specific room.

You only need to choose the one that blends well with your kitchen and your tastes.

Getting the best out of your kitchen rugs

From kitchen mats to runners and whole area rugs, one has the options that are best suited not only for aesthetics but also for safety. For example, runners or entrance mats will help prevent accidental slips and falls as one enters the kitchen.

On top of that, they give an appealing welcome when one is entering the kitchen. On the other hand, kitchen mats will also add to the aspect of safety.

This is because they are made with rubber tiles that interlock for safety purposes to those using the kitchen. Area kitchen rugs are also good for covering most of the open space in the kitchen. This is good not only for you but also for the kitchen floor.

They help keep the floor free from any smudges that may be caused by spillage. They also protect the floor from marks that may be caused by falling objects.

Since the kitchen rugs are also intended to protect the kitchen from the effects of heavy daily movement, it is important to consider what type of rug to put at specific areas. Stronger mats are required for areas that are frequented most.

Material Used

The material should be durable and the color should be the type that does not fade out quickly. Making such a calculated choice will save you money as the rugs will last longer. The initial cost will most probably be more than buying other lighter rugs but it will be worth the investment.

The best kitchen rugs are those which are made of strong material and are washable. They normally have good wear and tear resistance. Whether big or small, these types can easily be folded and put into the washing machine.

Those which may prove to be too heavy for the washing machine can be hand washed with startling results. This may take time but it could be a better option than taking them to expensive cleaning services. But this will again depend on your budget.

Washable rugs are normally able to withstand the rough kitchen activity. At the same time, they are made in a way that they do not fray and resist unraveling of the weave.

There are many available styles from which you can choose your kitchen rugs. These styles are usually named according to their origins. That is why you will always hear of Oriental rugs and Persian rugs among others. Other styles are dependent on the use such as shag rugs, hall runners and indoor rugs among others.

With so many things to consider while buying rugs, it is important to get as much information as possible before buying one. This will enable you to make an informed decision. But among the most important aspects to consider should be safety, quality, and style.

What and Where To Look for The Best Kitchen Rug

Kitchen Rugs Material

Materials and ShadesBecause kitchen rugs provide so much style and comfort, choosing the most important features for a specific situation ensure years of enjoyment.

Ranging from commercial quality nitrile to hand-hooked cotton or anti-fatigue gel mats, the vast array of types and styles makes it a little challenging to decide on the most suitable kitchen rug options.

Although non-slip backing and easy cleaning are essential for many applications, other choices depend more on the look desired than on the actual construction of the rug itself.

Many popular kitchen rugs and mats offer anti-fatigue foam, resilient rubber or gel-filled cores to cushion feet and relieve stress on knees and backs. Some non-toxic models feature plant-based foam and even boast of being 100% recyclable.

Simple, classic rugs hooked, woven or braided from cotton or a fiber blend add a homey touch with easy machine wash-ability, while a large selection of modern polypropylene mats with microfiber, brushed, tile top, Berber or woven-polyester surfaces add plenty of styles.

Washable shag and knotted silk or wool rugs work well in less-trafficked kitchen areas, and jute or bamboo mats provide a tropical touch.

non-slip bottom surface for safety

Kitchen rugs generally feature a non-slip bottom surface for safety, but the addition of a gripping liner under an otherwise ideal rug works well. Washable kitchen rugs hold an obvious advantage, although larger mats may require the use of a commercial machine.

Some kitchen rugs are stain-proof or wipe clean easily with soap and water. Indoor-outdoor types may just need to be taken out and hosed off.

Anti-microbial and mold resistance are excellent features for kitchen rugs which may not be easily washed, and beveled edges to prevent falls and keep the mat straight greatly increase its usable life.

If heat, flame, or chemical resistance are a priority, some kitchen rugs offer that security. As some foam or gel kitchen mats require special care to avoid puncturing, that may be a consideration in choosing a durable rug.

Another feature to weigh is the length of the resilience warranty for cushioned rugs.

Although kitchen rugs come in many sizes and shapes, it is fairly easy to decide that part after selecting the type and materials.

Popular kitchen rug sizes generally run around 2 feet by 3 or 4 feet, but larger rugs are commonly available. Kitchen ‘slices’ are half circles designed to fit with the flat side against the wall or counter, but rectangles, ovals, and circles are also common.

Corner runners extend perpendicularly in two directions, while island runners offer longer, narrower coverage. Of course, novelty shapes such as footballs, flowers or even foods round out the assortment.

Designs of kitchen rugs

Designs of kitchen rugs may coordinate with lines of other kitchen linens, or range from classic to modern, including many seasonal creations. Roosters in a dizzying variety compete with fruits and florals.

Geometrics, abstracts, inspirational sayings, folk art, and sports themes abound. Coffee cups, chili peppers, pomegranates, and kitchen utensils are popular prints, but solids in a rainbow of colors round out the choices, often with contrasting borders.

Shoppers often look for food rugs and in fact, kitchen rugs with all sorts of fruits and vegetables etc. printed on them are also in demand.

When shopping for kitchen rugs, consider which features are the most important in addition to the size, design, and colors to suit a particular kitchen. Because materials and options abound, choosing durable and easy to clean kitchen rugs ensures many years of enjoyment.

Different Types of Kitchen Rugs

Washable kitchen rugs seem to top the list of kitchen rugs when it comes to usability and convenience.

The other factor that contributes to its demand is, of course, the price. Easy availability and inexpensive pricing make washable kitchen rugs everybody’s favorite. The good news is these washable rugs are also available in a wide range of variety.

Best Foot Massager Reviews 2019 { in-Depth Buyer’s Guide }

Foot Massager Kneading Shiatsu Therapy Plantar Massage with Built in Infrared Heat Function and Power CordDo you want something to soothe and relax your feet?

We have the perfect solution…

A foot massager is an ultimate solution.

Do you find yourself on your feet all day at work or have specific medical conditions?

well, then a relaxing massage will go a long way in easing your feet and blood circulation.

The market is filled with different kinds of products that one could ask for, ranging from premium professional foot massagers to manual foot massage machine to help relax your feet.

When the right acupuncture points are triggered, you can have a blissful experience right at the comfort of your own home. It’s easier and comfortable than having to visit a foot reflexology center in person.

Here is our compilation of the top 10 best foot massagers you can find online.
Each one of them has unique product features with great pros and some cons but at the end of the day, it’s your personal preference that matters the most!

Electric Foot massager Consumer Reviews

1. MediMassager MMF06 Variable Speed Foot Massager

MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager

The MediMassager is another awesome foot massagers on the market. I personally think that it is the best, all things kept in mind. Most importantly, this massager gives you an excellent massage, one you will be satisfied with. The Medi-Rub foot massager will relieve your aching feet in minutes.

This is ultimately known best for its 2-speed heavy duty motor which increases blood circulation while also activating the various nerves at the end of your feet, preventing aching feet. This is highly recommended for people with poor blood circulation and is most commonly used by diabetic patients.

Additionally, the vibration provided by this massager will not only vibrate your feet but you will also be able to feel the vibration all the way up to your thighs. Medi-Rub has done a brilliant job building this machine by not only making it sturdy but also by not making the motor lag when pressure is applied.

This massager will help you prevent cramps and is designed in such a way that it makes it less awkward to use the machine, allowing the preference of multiple positions. Although it may be a bit more expensive than other massagers it is definitely worth the price and it should last you a long time.

Features & Specifications

  • 11-speed settings {ranges from 1,000 RPMs to 3,700 RPMs}
  • The device is for those suffering from neuropathy and other ailments
  • Its primary function is to provide comfort and circulation through heavy vibration.


  • Extremely strong vibration
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Arch-Bar


  • Vibration only – no Shiatsu features included
  • No timer settings included.
  • Its expensive



2. FIT KING Leg Air Massager for Circulation and Relaxation Foot and Calf Massage with Handheld Controller 3 Intensities 2 Modes(with 2 Extensions)

leg massager air compression


FIT KING is a reputed brand known for its high-quality foot massagers. The Sequential Compression device is geared towards people with medical conditions. It has cleared the FDA certification and is recommended by professionals for a wide range of conditions including lymphatic system function, post-immobilization edema and if the insufficiency is found in the veins.

While it may sound like a device meant for medical conditions, the product is primarily a compact foot and leg massager. You can switch between four different pressure levels. It also has auto shut off feature for improved safety and is really useful for people of all age groups.


  • Certified by FDA and is a proven medical grade device
  • Works well for people with lymph-edema, edema, and lymphatic issues
  • Comfortable to wear and covers the entire, foot legs for a complete massage
  • Comes bundled with an easy to carry, durable storage bag


  • The air inflated design may not appeal to users who expect a cushion-like effect
  • Has a strong focus on medical conditions and less on actual comfort

Recommended For

Buyers looking for a compact foot massager can undoubtedly go with the Sequential compression device by FIT KING.
It’s an ideal fit for those looking to have a foot and leg massage equipment.
Designed for users with unique medical conditions.

3. Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager with Deep-Kneading

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager with Deep-Kneading


If you want all the attention on your feet, the Miko Shiatsu foot massage equipment is the one you should go with! Designed with two individual foot compartments, it provides equal pressure around your feet during a massage session. The compact massager comes with remote controls to adjust the heat, massage sensitivity and other options on each individual foot.

The machine allows you to start at a lower pressure level which you can gradually increase up to the fifth level. It also has an option to switch between gentle relaxing vibrations to deep kneading. You can use it when watching television or even at the office to relax your feet.

The Miko Shiatsu foot massager has a great build quality and has removable cloth covers to maintain the highest level of hygiene.

Miko Massager Video Review


  • A machine dedicated to foot massage that doesn’t deviate its attention by offering too many features
  • Bundled with wireless remote to easily adjust heat and pressure level
  • Compact and can be placed anywhere
  • Easy to wash, a hygienic option when different users use it


  • Limited functionality that focuses solely on the feet
  • It’s not designed to cover your legs or other areas as larger massagers do
  • Can cover only up to size 12 feet and may not accommodate wide feet sizes

Recommended For

  • People who spend a lot of time working on a computer and need a non-intrusive relaxation equipment
  • A massager that’s easy to use and store in the home or office
  • Made for those who are looking for an exquisite massage for their foot area with a remote control to easily change pressure levels


4. Shiatsu Foot Massager Electric Heat Kneading

Shiatsu Foot Massager Electric Heat Kneading -Foot Massage Machine with Rolling and Air Compression for Home and Office for Men and Women


Marnur Foot Massager uses Shiatsu massaging techniques to relax your feet after a hard day at work and it is one of the most complete massagers available in the market. Equipped with three different levels of intensity to choose from, the device completely covers your feet and offers pressure massage and heat rolling massage options.

The manufacturer claims that it touches the acupuncture points accurately while warming your feet and kneading the right spots. The reviews from users suggest the same making this an ideal, cost-efficient choice for anyone looking to relieve foot ache, joint pain and feel relaxed. It heats up the entire foot area, supports three massage modes and is easy to maintain as you can remove the cover to wash it before using it again.

The Marnur foot massager is also integrated with three different safety measures including one to automatically cut-off after 15 minutes, an over-heat cut-off system and PTC protection. You can easily find a great deal as it is found to go on sale often and has garnered positive reviews overall.


  • Completely covers your entire feet and offers both heating system as well as relaxing kneading massage mode
  • Offers three different intensity levels to choose from to suit people of all age groups and with different requirements
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Very hygienic to use and washable cover allows multiple family members to use the same machine


  • Supports foot size only up to Size 10 and may not fit people with large feet
  • Marnur doesn’t cover the entire leg or knead other parts of your leg
  • Users with sensitive feet may feel some pain even at the lowest pressure point

Recommended For

  • Office goers and manual workers who need a relaxing foot massage with adjustable intensity levels
  • Touches the acupuncture points that make it an ideal fit for average users but it’s not for people with medical conditions
  • A great choice to invest if you have 3-4 members in your family who like to use it


5. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat - Air Compression Foot Massage Machine Improves Blood Circulation | Electric Deep Kneading Feet Massagers Relieve Feet Pain

Belmint Shiatsu foot massager is the best fit if you are looking for a product that offers an array of customizable features. Right from its speed, intensity or varying pressure levels, everything is customizable using the large, easy-to-access buttons on top. All the functions you need including adjusting heat levels, five different pressure levels, and kneading feature can be accessed with one-touch buttons.

The new Belmint massager is also a perfect choice for people with large feet. When you look for the best foot massagers, you might often bump into a dead end with products that don’t support large sizes. This one, however, supports men’s feet with size 13 and by far is the largest.

The independent feet chambers allow you to personalize your massage settings which you can always change when needed and knead your feet in a leisurely manner. The massager doesn’t take care of the top area of your foot which may disappoint some but it’s a wholesome product with great reviews and requires limited maintenance.


  • Individual foot compartments to provide personalized attention
  • Large buttons that are easily accessible to customize heat and pressure levels
  • Shiatsu styled massage offers maximum comfort
  • Washable foot cover, deep kneading functionality and you can select the most comfortable heat level


  • The Belmint massager weighs nearly 12 pounds making it much heavier and not the compact choice to go for
  • It doesn’t knead the top area of your feet but does heat it
  • There is no remote control and manual controls may be tough to access for some

Recommended For

  • If you prefer the highest level of customization, Belmint’s product offers five pressure levels and individual heat settings based on personal comfort
  • Large buttons that are readily accessible
  • Sturdy body and build quality which makes it less portable but more durable in the long run


6. Naipo Foot Massager Calf Foldable Machine

Naipo Foot Massager Calf Foldable Machine, Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Tapping and Air Compression Feet Massage with Heat, Leg Beautician Massager for Full Foot

The Naipo Foot Massager is a unique product in the lot as it uses a completely new tapping functionality to massage your feet. You will be in total control of the equipment as it allows users to fully customize between three different tapping patterns, the heat level, and the air pressure to find the most comfortable setting.

An advantage of using the Naipo design is that it completely immerses your feet into comfortable, cushion pockets. You can choose between a rhythmic continuous mode to tap the feet and an intermittent pulse that sends wave-like taps.


  • Offers both foot and calf massage
  • Large pockets completely immerse your feet and provide overall comfort
  • Unique tapping system with three different modes which is not available in any other product
  • Easy to customize to your individual preference and has great heating levels


  • Tapping system may not suit all users as some may prefer a more conventional massage
  • A therapist doesn’t recommend this for people with any ailments or pregnant woman as triggering acupuncture points could cause adverse effects

Recommended For

  • If you want a strong massaging experience combined with an unconventional tapping technology, this is the product to go for
  • It offers sturdy build quality, has high-pressure levels and will suit users who indulge in strenuous manual work


7. Reflex-4 Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager

Reflex-4” Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager

Powered by an exclusive figure-eight technology, the Reflex-4 massager is known for its capability to massage both your foot and calf at the same time. While it is equipped with reflexology massaging techniques, the highlight is its capability to improve blood flow from your foot to the upper part of your body.

Most reviews claim it soothes your feet to a satisfying level, has the good build quality and as it covers your entire leg area until the calf region, it is considered to be offering a comprehensive foot reflexology treatment.

Most conventional feet massage machine stops at the foot area while the Reflex-4 happens to go the extra mile. It may not have any significant drawbacks other than being slightly large and for not having heating capabilities for the top area of your feet.


  • Designed to improve blood circulation and uses exclusive figure-eight technology
  • Soothes your feet, reduces stress and implements best of reflexology methods
  • Easy to clean
  • Covers the entire bottom area of the feet and the calf


  • The product doesn’t provide a heating system for the entire feet area
  • May sound bit intrusive for people who just want a feet massage and not cover their calf region
  • Has limited customization options

Recommended For

  • People who spend a lot of their work hours standing and need a relaxing massage for their entire leg
  • Improves blood flow and reduces strain which is good for users who just want to rejuvenate their feet without using any Shiatsu or other massaging techniques.


8. uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager

uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with Multi-Level Settings, Delivers Deep-Kneading Massage Relief

The uComfy Shiatsu foot massager strikes a fine balance between portability and performance. While the sturdy build quality with polished metal frame on top looks as premium as it could get, the foot massager has a strong focus on usability and features.

It is affordable, easy to store and relies on Shiatsu massaging technique, making it an ideal companion for users looking to get quick relief. Unlike other products, it doesn’t have any fancy features but uses the basic vibration and heating massage systems to relax your sore feet. It

massages both the top and bottom area of your feet. If you expect an easy-to-use feet massage machine with large buttons and simple controls, this is a good choice.


  • Compact in size and easy to store
  • No complex custom settings to learn
  • Provides both heating and Shiatsu therapy


  • May not appease people looking for a massager loaded with features
  • Not designed to help medical conditions or massage others parts of your leg

Recommended For

  • If you are looking for a hassle-free massaging experience with just the basics done right, the uComfy is an ideal pick
  • Doesn’t need a learning curve as the settings are simple and large buttons are easily accessible
  • People looking for a compact massager that supports Shiatsu therapy.

9. HoMedics FMS-270H Foot Massager

HoMedics, Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat | Deep-Kneading Rotating Heads & Soothing Heat | Large Design, Breathable Fabric & Toe Controls

HoMedics foot massager relieves stress and gives the best massaging experience. Unlike most conventional products, it doesn’t require you to insert your feet into an enclosure as it houses an open design.

Powered with six rotational heads and a whopping 18 massage nodes, HoMedics has got a product that focuses strongly on your heel and the bottom area of your feet. The product should not be used by people with diabetics but works well for everyone else.

You can always move your feet to let the rollers massage specific points and its deep kneading action has received amazing reviews online except for a few caveats that you should take note of.


  • An open-design HoMedicsFMS-270H is meant to focus solely on the bottom area of your feet and offers the best kneading experience
  • It doesn’t cover your feet area, thereby providing more comfort and there’s no need to wash the covers
  • Mimics Shiatsu massaging effectively and touches all the essential points in your sole.


  • Feet slip off at times as it doesn’t have any covered area to keep it in one place
  • Some complain that it could get ticklish or go hard on the sole area. Wearing socks could solve the issue

Recommended For

  • Maintenance friendly and easy to clean.
  • Quick and easy to use, doesn’t need any complex setup
  • Good for people who don’t prefer air pressure or heating systems


10. Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager

Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Selectable Heat, Rollers and Air Compression

The Brookstone is easily one of the best foot massagers that can be a little expensive but it’s loaded with great features. The Shiatsu styled foot massager offers kneading massage combined with rollers and air pressure to provide a very soothing overall experience.

The product’s design covers your entire feet and has a couple of customization options. You can choose between two different intensity modes, go for a soothing, pulse or energize massage modes to find your optimal area. Brookstone has built a brand name for itself with several positive reviews all over and it provides a sensational massage experience.

The top of the line product is sturdy, easy to store and the cord can be wrapped up to be stored in any available location. The heating system is not satisfactory according to some but the F4 massager does satisfy in every other area.


  • Robust build quality combined with minimal but useful customization settings
  • Covers your entire feet and offers a wholesome massage
  • Supports kneading, Shiatsu therapy to provide a SPA-like experience


  • The heating system is not as warm as users want it to be according to some reviews
  • May fall on the expensive side if you are not willing to spend a considerable sum in a foot massager

Recommended For

  • For buyers who want only the best in the market with good customization options and are willing to invest, this is the one to buy.


11. Giantex Shiatsu Foot Calf and Leg Massager

Giantex Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Vibration Heating Foot Calf Leg Massager

The Giantex foot massager is a multi-purpose product which provides great stress relief to your feet, calf and leg region. Shiatsu is the most popular therapy which is adopted by this product which also combines the best of rollers, vibration, and heating system to offer the most relaxing massage time.

Massage discs give 360-degree coverage for your legs. You can easily switch between three different heat levels, three custom modes of massage and an option to vary the intensity level to get the optimal experience.

For safety purpose, the machine automatically cuts off in 15 minutes. The Giantex product sits somewhere between expensive all-purpose machine and entry-level massagers, making it a good entry-level premium product to go for.


  • Covers your entire leg area including your feet and calf to provide a complete massage
  • Simple settings make it readily usable for people of any age group
  • Provides Shiatsu therapy while combining the best of kneading and heating elements


  • The product’s build quality and pricing is justified but going for a more expensive variant from other brands may be a better choice
  • Auto cut off timer turn off feature is available

Recommended For

  • Budget-constrained buyers
  • An ideal fit for you, if you are looking for a calf and leg massager with all functionalities bundled in

Foot Massagers Buying Guide

Prices for different types of foot massagers can range from a few dollars to several hundred or more. The most expensive foot massagers can be recommended by doctors for people that suffer from chronic pain and might be covered under healthcare insurance in some cases.

For people with complicated foot problems, it is recommended that they speak with their doctor before investing in a foot massager and consult their health insurance providers to determine if some or all of the costs might be covered under their health insurance plans.

For a foot massager to be covered, it typically must be included in a prescribed therapeutic regimen ordered under the supervision of a licensed medical doctor.

What are the benefits of a foot massagers?

Foot massagers can relieve the foot aches caused by ill-fitted shoes, foot fatigue, and pain caused by muscle, joint, and skeletal diseases. They can also play an important role in reflexology.

Reflexology is an alternative medicine approach that claims that pressure points in the feet are directly linked to the health of other parts of the body. By applying pressure to certain areas of the foot, a whole host of health problems can be alleviated.

For example, massaging the joints of the toes is believed to relieve sinus headaches. Using a foot massager can help people stimulate the pressure points throughout the whole foot in addition to targeting specific areas of the foot to ease the pain in the rest of the body.

Foot Massager Features

Each of the different types of foot massagers can be manufactured to include added features that can increase the comfort and convenience of using the device. Before purchasing a foot massager model, buyers should think carefully about the specific features they might find most beneficial.

When they have a clear idea of the features that are mandatory for purchase, buyers should check the specifications of each foot massager model they are interested in to be sure a certain feature is included before they begin a foot massager purchase.

Cushion Surface

Both manual and electric foot massagers might include a cushioned surface in the area where users place their feet. Cushioning on a foot massager can allow users greater comfort because it helps the foot massager conform to the shape of a user’s foot.

In some cases, cushioning also creates a non-slip surface on the massager. A foot massager cushion can be manufactured from soft foam or from malleable plastic pads that have been injected with gel.

Multiple Speeds

Electric foot massager models can include multiple speeds so users can customize their massaging experience. Typically offering two or three speeds, multiple speed foot massagers should have a solid base to minimize any shifting while in use.

Before buying a multiple speed foot massager, buyers should check to make sure that a model is designed to include non-slip posts or padding on the bottom to the foot massager to prevent moving when in use.

Convenient Control Options

In the most basic models of electric foot massagers, control options will be located on the body of the foot massager. This forces users to bend down to reach the controls each time a user would like to make an adjustment.

In more sophisticated foot massager models, users are often provided with a remote control to change settings conveniently. Buyers should check to make sure remote control mechanisms are easy to use before purchasing a foot massager model, particularly if a buyer suffers from joint-related health issues like arthritis.


Heat can be used to relieve aches related to foot pain. For added comfort, some foot massager models include heaters to increase their therapeutic benefits. Heat options can be combined with a water bath in some foot massager models, while other models include heat features independent of water bath options.

Depending on the foot massager model, heat can be applied only to the bottom of the foot or can include the ability to heat the upper foot and ankle. Foot massager models that extend their heating options past the bottom of the foot are significantly larger than other models, so buyers should determine before buying if this feature would be beneficial.

Water Jets

To create an invigorating experience, foot massager models can include water jets. These jets can be used to increase blood circulation and relax tight muscles.

Before buying a foot massager with water jet options, buyers should read the models specifications to understand how many jet speed options are available if they would like a number of options.

Types of Foot Massagers

There are many types of foot massagers of which the following are the most common.

Electric foot massager:

These machines work on the principle of rolling or oscillating. These are powered by electricity and are designed to provide heat and vibration to your feet for complete relaxation of the muscles.

Manual foot massager:

These employ rolling action to massage soft tissues of the foot and are made of natural materials that the user operates manually. The basic model is a tube placed under the feet. The users roll the tube from the heel to the toes for a complete massage. Read more about foot rollers.

Water foot massager:

These are like mini hot tubs for the feet, fitted with bubbling water jet and foot massage options. These are perfect for dry and tired feet. While the other types of massagers simply massage the feet, these exfoliate your feet with warm water and jet bubbles, thus nourishing your feet.

Handheld Massager:

Perfectly suited for targeted areas. This means you can focus your attention on specific places on your feet. They are easy to carry around and come in small sizes.

Common Features in Modern Massager Machines

Each foot massage machine can have certain features for improving convenience and comfort. The following are some of the basic features provided by modern foot massagers.

  • Cushion Surface: These are generally made of soft foam injected with gel for ensuring comfort during massaging.
  • Multiple speeds: These are provided with non-slip pads and have varying speed options for a customized massaging experience.
  • Convenient control: These are provided either with toe-touch controls when you can control the machine by simply pressing the button with your toes without bending down or when you have a remote control to change settings conveniently.
  • Infra-red heating: Foot massagers are provided with options to heat which can either be applied at the bottom of the foot or can include the ankle and the upper foot for decreasing muscle pains.
  • Water jets: For having refreshing experience foot massagers can also have warm water jets. Water jets improve blood circulation and relax tight muscles.

Advantages of Using a Foot Massager Machine

Foot massage is not only pleasurable but can provide many benefits. Finding the best foot massager can give you relief from the pain of wearing an ill-fitted shoe, fatigue of the foot and muscle pains as well.

They can also play a greater role in improving overall health by reflexology when pressure is applied to certain pressure points thus alleviating many health issues. But if you do not have the time to go to a massage parlor, then using foot massagers can be the only option left. Massaging with foot massagers has the following advantages:

  • Improves your blood circulation: Foot massages help to relieve stress and improve blood circulation thus providing more oxygen and nutrition to the cells and also removing wastes and toxins from the body.
  • Healthier feet: Foot massagers massage muscles, reduce stiffness and relieve pain to make your feet healthier. These also bring balance when all the body systems work in harmony to achieving good health.
  • Exfoliation: Massaging with water foot massagers help to exfoliate your skin by strong warm water jets. When the feet are soaked in warm water you have a nice soothing effect that refreshes your feet.
  • Tranquility and relaxation: Massaging the feet helps to relieve stress and anxiety. When the solar plexus point of the feet is pressed, all of your stresses are removed and you live in a tranquil state of mind.
  • Your energy rejuvenates: When the foot is rubbed or massaged with a massager it energizes the body due to the pressure applied to the pressure points of the feet.
  • You enhance your immunity: Massaging with foot massagers also improves the blood flow and relieves stress resulting in relaxation and healing. A regular foot massage with a foot massager helps to protect many diseases.

Reflexology in a Foot and Calf Massager

A very basic understanding of reflexology foot massage is that it is a method in which pressure is applied on specific areas of feet’s soles.  So what happens when this is done? Well, with the manipulation of every particular area, a reflex action in other parts of the body is stimulated. So what is the difference between other massages and reflexology foot massage?

Other massages make use of palms, hands, thumbs, knee, and foot, but reflexology massage makes use of hands, fingers along with a wooden stick with lotion and oil. Thus it could be said that reflexology foot massage is one of the healing methods.

Why Use a Reflexology Foot Massager?

As per Chinese medicine, it is around the soles of the feet that the sensory nerves of the internal organs which spread throughout the body are mostly gathered around.

Vital fundamentals to keep in mind with Reflexology Foot Massage

First and foremost try to ensure that you have kept your hands clean along with the nails of your fingers being properly trimmed prior to any kind of massage. It is essential to ensure that the feet are pressed properly or held firmly.

There may be certain areas of feet which may be sore and for such areas ensure that pressure is applied in a gentle way. The best way to do this is by pressing in a way which is gentle but firm.

The process could be started by massaging every nook and crannies which are around the ankles. The remaining foot gets ready for the direct pressure which is part of a reflexology foot massage when all the ligaments, as well as the nerves which run through the ankle, are loosened.

Advantages of Reflexology Foot Massage

With this type of foot massage pain and stiffness could be relieved. Stiffness is caused due to a lot of exercising or when muscles are used for too long.

Reflexology foot massage could be useful in preventing as well as in curing diseases. This includes headaches, asthma, migraine, stress and so on.  Blood circulation could be boosted with the help of this technique. Reflexology foot massage is also helpful in naturally turning the body’s function into its homeostasis.

Where it is useful

It is important for us to understand the areas and the genres on which this reflexology can be used. One important thing to understand here is that if you are injured then this reflexology massage really serves a great purpose in healing that pain.

Reflexology is a therapy which not only alleviates the pain for a short while but also completely decimates it. In modern times, everything has become digitized.

Right from booking next flight to Disneyland to paying your taxes, everything is just a click away. However, if anything this lifestyle has promoted is an increased level of stress and obesity.

Doctors have quoted this many times that obesity is the breeding ground of many other diseases. However, none of the modern marvels or inventions are good enough to treat stress other than those colorful pills.

But reflexology can easily treat and alleviate your stress levels. Apart from the above mentioned, problems like indigestion, frequent headaches, constipation and the pain of periods can also be treated by reflexology.

However, some of the practitioners have gone on record saying that reflexology can also treat the pain from chemotherapy. Although, they have also joined in a rider that none of the patients should use only reflexology to treat cancer.

The patients should use their regular drugs but can supplement it with reflexology in order to have some relaxation.

Even those people who were in depression or were chronic pessimists agreed to a fact that after having even a single session of reflexology, they felt way better than before and that reflexology was the best thing that has happened to them over a long time.


Hopefully, we have answered your question ” What is the best foot massager?” by providing you with a brief overview of the top-massagers in the market as well as a detail comparison chart. In the end, it all boils down to personal preference. One massager that works for one person might not be suitable for another person.

It depends on your needs, your budget and your preference. So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and grab yourself foot massager and experience a new lifestyle!

Worth Looking At

Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat - Electric Feet Massager Plantar Fasciitis Air Compression Deep Kneading Foot Massages for Neuropathy Muscle Relief Nerve Pain Therapy Spa (Black)
UP TO 12 SIZE. HEALTHY FEET: Problems with getting enough sleep or cold feet are particularly started because of poor blood circulation. Use shiatsu foot massager daily and you will forget about all these problems.
Foot Massage Machine Shiatsu Massager for Tired Feet, Legs, Calf, Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetics, Neuropathy |Increases Blood Flow Circulation | w/Heat Therapy, Deep Kneading by CloudMassage
ADJUSTABLE COMFORT– Cloud Massagers provide a deep kneading shiatsu massage at the optimum comfort angle. Features an easy adjustable bar. Other foot massagers force you to keep your knees together, and legs at a 90 degree angle.
MaxKare Foot Massager Shiatsu, Electric Foot Massager Machine with Rolling, Air Compression and Built-in Heat Function, Adjustable Intensity Perfect Relax for Home or Office Use
【Fatigue & Stress Relief】Massage the feet, and relax the whole body. The foot massager features unique design with airbag and roller techniques, mimicking hand and thumb pressing action of a professional masseuse, which brings ultimate relaxation and fatigue relief after working or driving.
Beurer Shiatsu Foot Massager 18 Rotating Massage Heads, Relax Sore & Tired Feet with Deep Tissue, Heat Function, FM60
TREAT YOUR FEET: Put your feet up and relax – be sure to treat your feet! Help relax sore and tired feet with a deep tissue foot massager.

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Best Foot Roller for Muscle Massage & Deep Tissue Trigger

Why use a Foot Roller?

Your feet are special and are the foundation of your body and thus you should spoil them with a nice and comfy foot roller.

A roller will ease out the foot arch pain and will make your feet more supple and fresh.


The following are the best foot massagers for plantar fasciitis and diabetes. These foot massage tools trigger specific parts of the foot. Consult your podiatrists before using any of these tools.

Best Foot Roller comparison Table

 ImageProduct NameDimensionsPrice
1TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller (Large)7.1 x 11.2 x 2.2 inches Check Price
2*New* TheraFlow Foot Massager Roller11.7 x 2.7 x 1.8 inchesCheck Price
3Foot Massager - Relieves Foot Pain and Stress in Minutes - by Foot Log13 x 2.2 x 2.2 inchesCheck Price
4TheraBand Foot Roller for Foot Pain Relief5 x 2 x 2 inchesCheck Price
5TriggerPoint NANO Foot Roller Massager 2.7 x 6.5 x 2.8 inchesCheck Price
6Foot Massage Roller for Plantar Fasciitis, Heel & Foot Arch Pain ReliefN/ACheck Price
7Gaiam Restore Foot Massage Rollers Check Price
8Foam Roller for Best Muscle Massage & Deep Tissue Trigger - Roll & Stretch Tool13 x 5.2 inchesCheck Price
9Foam Roller, LuxFit Speckled Foam Rollers for Muscles 4 sizes available= 36 Inch, 24 Inch, 18 Inch, 12 Inch. 36 InchCheck Price
10Foam Roller, LuxFit Premium High Density Foam Roller - Extra Firm With 3 Year Warranty 3 sizes available 6x36, 6x18, 6x12Check Price
11ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller2 sizes Available 13” x 6”, 24” x 6” Check Price

1. TheraFlow Dual Foot Wooden Acupressure Massager – Acupressure Reflexology Tool for Overall Relaxation & Stress Relief

carepeutic foot massagerYou may be asking yourself what this massager is doing on this list. It is evidently outdated by most of the other modern massagers. So why did we include it? It’s simply due to its price.

For around $$, the TheraFlow Dual Foot Roller will get the job done. At this price point, it is definitely one of the best manual foot massagers and it serves as a good entry-level massager if you are looking to test the waters before upgrading.

Although it does not come with all the cool features, it is a great source of temporary relief from tired feet. It is used most commonly by people with plantar fasciitis and with its ridged design this foot roller will enhance your foot massage experience!

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • This foot massager works on a fairly simple rolling design
  • Made of durable high-quality Theaceae wood
  • 10 independent rollers for maximum relief
  • Won’t constantly slide out of position unlike lower-quality products
  • Accommodates both feet at once
  • Light enough to travel anywhere you go (1.6 pounds only!)
  • Suitable for feet of all sizes
  • Easy to use
  • Treats ailments such as planta fascia
  • soothes the arch
  • No heated or vibration options compared to electric massagers

2. Foot Massage Roller for Plantar Fasciitis, Heel & Foot Arch Pain Relief

foot massager plantar fasciitisFoot Massage Roller for Plantar Fasciitis, Heel & Foot Arch Pain Relief can be great for relieving the pain in the muscles; thanks to its unique design. The product is made from superior quality PVC material. The TPE protect and durable PU prevents the roller from slipping away. This device is a gift for the health.

This foot roller can be used to reduce pain caused by heel and foot pain relief and plantar fasciitis. Our foot massager roller is specially designed with a spiked surface which is quite effective for foot arch pain relief. This is a high-quality device with effective pricing that is quite helpful.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Superior quality PVC material
  • Portable as well as light weighted which makes it easier to carry
  • Dimensions- 6.7 inches in length and 2.7 inches in diameter
  • Pressure points, as well as arc design that provides, relieves from muscle pain
  • Provide great relief from plantar fasciitis
  • Effective design that offers firm grip for the foot
  • Right size and curves to perform the massaging
  • Perfect amount of pressure
  • No heated or vibration options.

#1. Thera-Band foot roller


The Thera-Band roller is one of the best in these modern times. The ease of its use and its portability factor really make this product a wonderful one. This roller is made of supple natural rubber and is thus really smooth on your feet.

Like some of the other top-notch rollers, the Thera-Band roller is slip resistant and does not even leave a scratch on the floors. The ridged design that we often see in some of the top class footwear also suits the need of a person who is suffering from the soreness of feet. The ridged design increases the number of pressure points on the roller and thus creates a better relaxation session for your feet.

#2. Foot Massager Roller + Ball for plantar fasciitis

This product is again one of the best in its class. This roller provides a lot of relief and soothes the pain of the patient or of the individual. Be it the tired feet or you have some soreness in it, the Foot Roller is one of the better options to provide relief to both these problems. Not only does the massage of this roller give relief to your feet but it will make your whole body release tension.

Even if some coagulation of sorts is done inside your legs, this roller heals everything and paves the way for a proper blood circulation.  Although has a bit more ridged design than the Thera-Band roller, this  roller still packs a punch when it comes to making the foot come alive and soothing it.

#3. TriggerPoint Performance Collection for Total Body Deep Tissue Self-Massage (6 Piece)

This roller is one of the best in the present times and is pretty innovative in the way it works. The roller is absolutely spot on when it comes to the deep tissue massage of the foot. Also, this roller is apt for self-applied Myofascial release.

Another important feature of this roller that is absent in any of the above-mentioned rollers is that this roller is apt not only for the foot but also for lower back, hamstrings, and neck. Thus, this roller can really ease out the pain after a day of really hard work.

Unlike foam rollers, this roller has got an unbelievably solid grip and rolls over pretty nicely over every organ that includes massage. Thus, the precision factor, the control factor and the stability factory increase by a dozen when it comes to this roller.

The material which is used for the fabrication of this product has the same texture as that of a human’s thumb. So the feel of the roller is perfectly human. However, one doubt that immediately springs to mind after hearing that the texture of the roller is like that of a human’s thumb is that whether the material will get compressed after a couple of uses.

The answer is a big no and there are no compressions formed even after repeated uses. Last but certainly not least, this roller like the aforementioned ones is easy to use and easy to carry.

Other alternatives for trigger point therapy, heel and foot arch pain relief include the following:

#4. Premium Massage Balls, Firm Lacrosse Ball Set or Spiky Roller

#5. Dr. Frederick’s Original Advanced HOT & COLD Massage Ball Set

What Does a foot Roller Do?

A foot roller provides instant or temporary relief to one’s feet from tired feet as well as heel spurs. it also offers muscle and deep tissue massage for Arch Pain, Plantar Fasciitis Treatment, Heel Spurs Reliever and Tired Feet.

There are other massaging machines available in the market but they are more of a jack of all trades.

A foot roller massager, on the other hand, is purposely designed for your feet and it instantly relieves you from the soreness or the tiredness. In many of the cases, foot rollers, unlike other massagers, can be frozen so that the inflammation caused on the feet can be reduced. Thus, rollers are a huge advantage over the ordinary body massagers. Learn more about electric foot massagers.

What are the Advantages of Using a Foot Roller?

Now when we know something about the rollers, it is imperative only to talk of their advantages. Let us have a glance at their advantages.

  • Portability– The rollers are pretty small in size and can be easily carried from one place to another. This makes foot rollers really handy objects and apart from giving rest to your feet, they help you in backpacking too, as these rollers are very lightweight and also do not take up a lot of space.
  • Design– One of the most important features of a roller is it’s extremely foot-friendly design. These rollers are resistant to slippery surfaces and do not scratch the floors of your house. The design of the foot roller goes pretty nicely with the shape of the foot and thus there are no side effects to using it.
  • Easy to use– The design and the shape of the rollers make it pretty easy to use and thus one can easily relax his/her feet without providing any headaches of the user. A user manual is also provided in order to make all the uses of the foot roller clear. Also, the roller can be easily cleaned, which is always beneficial.

Muscle Roller – Solution for Tight and Sore Muscles

People do exercise or workouts to eliminate those unwanted fats or bulges. They also want to tone down their muscles. They venture into healthy routines like bodybuilding, aerobics, ballroom or belly dancing. In the end, they feel exhausted and worn out. Sometimes, their muscles are tight or sore.

In other instances, muscle soreness is triggered by ailments and injuries. A good massage from therapists can alleviate the pain. Sometimes, helpful massage tools are necessary like muscle rollers. These come in two forms, which can prove useful to ease out tight or sore muscles.

Muscle Roller – Foam Roller

A foam roller usually comes in a long cylinder made of foam. Apply pressure through your body weight whenever you lay or sit on the foam roller. You surely feel like you just had a great massage every time you use this tool. As you roll your muscles with this tool, adhesions formed on your muscles are torn apart. This tool is best on hard to reach areas. It soothes your body by providing the required benefits that ordinary static stretching cannot.

Many people may learn to benefit from using the foam roller. But there are others too who use the tool like physical therapy patients. The massage tool can further enhance their progress many times a week. The foam roller breaks down scar tissue, which may have triggered the injury.

Excessive workouts can cause muscle breakups, which make the muscle fibers shortened and scar tissue formed. This is the cause for soft tissue injury, which if continued, will result to more serious injuries and chronic pain. Foam rolling alleviates the pain from the injury and might even prevent it in the future.

For these types of patients, they will need to perform foam rolling programs appropriate for their injury. They will need to be really attentive to incorporate the practice to the affected muscle areas. As a rule of thumb, it is suggested to roll using the massage tool at least five to ten minutes. When rolling before a workout, you improve warm up and minimize muscle density. Rolling after a workout will minimize soreness. So you there is really good reasons to do foam rolling most of the time.

Stick vs Foam Rollers

The muscle roller stick comes in different lengths. It uses the hands to push the stick into the muscle and is great for general muscle massage. It is best for the neck and back. The massage tool is perfect for rolling across the muscles. And you can take it when you travel or for portable use.

The foam roller applies body weight for pressure. The foam roller works better for the hips. It is great for holding muscles over trigger points. The firmness of the massage tool varies. It is perfect for home or gym uses.

Foot Roller – Buying Tips

How to choose foam rollers and sticks?

Obtaining these massage tools are simple and easy. In fact, foam rollers and sticks come in many different styles. Having these rollers will provide you good reasons to use it every day.

1) Check a fitness store to see various styles of rollers. Check the item first if you buy through online sites, so you know this is the right product you want.

2) Determine the purpose of why you have to buy the rollers. Determine the number of times you use the rollers. This may be suited for core training and balance exercises, or tissue massage.

3) Determine the firmness of your muscle rollers. Foam rollers, for instance, have color codes based on firmness. Choose white rollers if you want the softest. Green and blue rollers come in medium density. Black rollers are the firmest.

4) Determine the roller’s size. Foam rollers have lengths varying from 12 to 36 inches, and its diameter is usually 6-inches. The roller sticks come in different sizes depending on your needs.

5) Determine your budget. Choose the muscle roller that suits your needs by visiting a preferred store. Once purchased, these massage tools allow you to perform your desired routine.

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Best Toe Separators For Runners, Overlapping Toes And Bunions 2019

Original ToePal, Toe Separators and Toe Streightener for bunion reliefI know you will agree with me when I say foot cramping is the most annoying experience after a long day.

But there’s a solution…

Toe separators or toe spacers are the ultimate relief for your foot pain.

… and yes, it’s the easiest workout ever for your toes.

You’re probably wondering what they are and how they work. wonder no more. In this review, I will list and explain the features of different gel toe separators. I will also explain in details on what to look for when looking for the best yoga toes. Foot massagers are also a great way of relaxing your feet

Did You Know?

Feet have more nerve endings per square inch than any other part of the body; therefore the feet are a powerful portal to the entire nervous system.

Best Toe Separators Comparison Table

 Product ImageProduct Name FeaturesPrice
1Pack of 4 Toe Separators and Spreaders for Relieving Pain Associated with Bunions, Overlapping Toes, and Toe DriftPack of 4 Toe Separators and Spreaders for Relieving Pain Associated with Bunions, Overlapping Toes, and Toe Driftdurable gel toe separator,
Medical-grade gel is latex free
2YogaToes GEMS: Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator (Instant Therapeutic Relief For Feet)YogaToes GEMS: Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator (Instant Therapeutic Relief For Feet)100% Medical Grade Gel, Shoe Sizes 6-11 / MEN: US Shoe Sizes 7-10
3Gel Toe Separator,Bestrice Toe Spacers Rubber Toe StretchersGel Toe Separator,Bestrice Toe Spacers Rubber Toe StretchersMade of durable, soft and safe medical-grade silicone gel
4YOGABODY Naturals Toe Spreaders and Separators (Two Pairs in Wooden Box)YOGABODY Naturals Toe Spreaders and Separators (Two Pairs in Wooden Box)Fits women sizes 4.5-7.5 or 8-11, and men size 4-7 or 7.5-12,
Podiatrist Recommended Corrective Spacers:
5Pedifix Gel Smart Visco-gel Toe SpacersPedifix Gel Smart Visco-gel Toe SpacersComes in 4 pieces only and not a pack of 4
6Toe Separators - Yoga Massage Ball Toe Separators - Yoga Massage Ball Toe spacers are made of latex-free silicone, You get access to video instructions online
7PediFix Double-Toe StraightenerPediFix Double-Toe StraightenerComes with a soft cushion protects ball-of-foot

Best Toe Spacers For Runners

Editors Note ; Runners experience toe discomfort after training for the better part of the day. Some problems that they may experience include friction, joint stiffness and muscle cramps between the toes.

#1. YogaToes GEMS

amazon best seller



YogaToes GEMS: Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator (Instant Therapeutic Relief For Feet)

The aesthetic design is not only beautiful but also functional. It makes slipping into these spacers quite easy. They offer a natural, doctor-approved instant therapeutic relief for your feet. The gel toe spreaders straighten toes, relieve pain and help ease cramps.

The gems fit perfectly between your toes gently spreading them apart. This proves more beneficial than actually walking bare feet. Start slowly, by wearing the toe straightener for around 10 minutes each day and build up gradually as your feet become more accustomed to them. They might feel uncomfortable at first, but with constant use, your feet will get used to them.

Made from 100% medical grade gel, these toe spacers will prevent and treat bunions, hammertoes and other feet conditions. They are sold as a pair and are available in sapphire blue for both men and women.

#2. Original YogaToes

toe spacers

Made from 100% premium medical grade gel, these toe separators provides revolutionary care for your entire feet. It works by stretching your toes and strengthening the weak muscles thus improving your posture and toe alignment.

The ergonomic design ensures an easy slip, a comfortable fit, and a most exhilarating barefoot experience. These gel toe separators will offer incredible results in foot pain relief and rectifying injuries. They also help eliminate various foot problems such as claw toes, hammertoes, and bunions.

The separators are originally made and sold by YogaPro, a company with over fourteen years experience in foot relief. They come in purple, sapphire blue and clear color tones. They are available for both men and women.

The medical grade gel used to manufacture these toe correctors is non-toxic and latex free. It is great for those with sensitive skin. It is easy to clean with just soap and water.

You should consider your doctor’s advice if you have severe foot conditions before using this product. The toe separators are not meant to be worn with shoes. For personal safety, avoid walking around in them.

#3. Original Yoga Toes For Men (Fits US Shoe Sizes 10 & Up)

yoga toes


These particular toe correctors are recommended for men with wide feet and only fits US shoe size 10 and above. It is made in the USA using 100% medical grade gel that is free of toxins. These toe separators are meant for men who spend most days in shoes and have no time or place to walk bare feet.

They can be worn at work or at home while you relax to give your feet a much-needed shoe break.

Regular use of the toe correctors treats and prevents bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, flat feet and a host of other foot conditions. Slipping into these correctors for just 10 minutes a day can eliminate feet pain, improve blood circulation and provide you with better agility and overall balance.

The unique design offers maximum stretch for your toes and arches to give them more strength. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but with time, your feet get used to it. Suggested you spray the gel separators with warm water to make them easier to get them on.


Best Toe Separators For Overlapping Toes

Editors note: Overlapping toes are a results of different factors but the main one is wearing shoes that are tight on the front of the shoe.

#4. Toe Spacers, Spreaders & Separators Straightener


One pair of these gel toe separators can give your feet that much-needed spa treatment after a day in those uncomfortable and possibly tight fitting shoes. These toe straighteners also offer instant pain relief and treatment of bunions, hammertoes, claw toes and other unsightly feet conditions.

The design is simple and easy to slip on. Because the toe separators are made from medical grade gel, they have a much smoother texture. The material also provides a stronger grip and more stability making it possible to wear these toe separators with socks or walk around bare feet in the house.

They are perfect for people who practice yoga, are athletes or do ballet dancing. They work by separating and lengthening the toes thereby giving the feet more balance and flexibility. The orthotic device reduces the strain on your feet muscles and joints greatly relieving the tension and ultimately relaxing your feet.

One size fits all. Can also be used for pedicures. Do not wear the separators for too long without a break as they may cause an interruption in blood circulation or cause irritation.

#5. Original ToePal, Toe Separators and Toe Streightener


If you suffer from the toe drift, toe overlap, and bunion, the toes separator makes your feet happy. The Original ToePal helps to improve toes health loops for straightening the toes.

With the propriety medical-grade gel, the stretcher greatly reduces the strain of the joints, muscles, tissue and lengthen the toes. As per the design, the top part of the toe separator
keeps open.

The Original ToePal, toe straightener for relaxing the toes landed in the market a single standard size. The single size fits most feet. The powerful toe separators come with the enough flexible, relaxing and the smooth texture.

Wearing the Original ToePal toe spacer helps to keep your toes in proper natural alignment. Toe separator greatly work for Hallux Valgus, Claw Toes, Bunionette, Bunion Split, Toe Pain Relief, Toe alignment, Toe spreader, Night splint, Ball of foot pads and much more. It’s
Made up of the medical grade gel.

#6. Toe Separators by VIVE


Loving your high heel, pointy and slightly uncomfortable shoes does not mean you should have unhealthy feet. The key is to slip into these comfortable gel toe separators guaranteed to bring your feet back to their natural position especially after a long day of looking good in your designer shoes.

The toe separators work to give you a great posture and gait. The soft silicone gel used to manufacture these toe spacers makes them long lasting, easy to wear and easy to clean. They prove to be the best remedy for bunions, hammertoes, and other feet ailments.

The easy-care design fits comfortably around your toes offering you more flexibility and comfort that can only be compared with years of walking bare feet. The toe separators give your feet the ultimate foot yoga. They stretch your toes opening up blood veins and arteries for improved circulation. These toe separators also provide instant pain relief.

Best Toe Separators For Bunions

Editors note: Bunions can be painful if not treated early enough. These are some of the best get pads in the market for bunion relief.

 #7. ZenToes Pack of 4 Toe Separators and Spreaders

These toe separators are a natural remedy for unsightly feet problems like bunions. The ring-like design is made to be worn on the second toe. The flexible silicone pad grips comfortably against the big toe instantly correcting your toe overlap problem.

They also relieve drift pain caused by wearing tight-fitting footwear over time. By gently aligning your big toe, the toe separator ensures you comfortably walk and stand for longer.

The spreaders are made from medical grade gel that is latex free. The soft material used to make these spreaders is soft and does not cause blisters or calluses on the sensitive skin between the toes. This material also makes it easy to clean, allergy free and can be used repeatedly without losing its shape.

The toe spreader stays in place properly aligning the big toe and preventing the sides of your shoes from rubbing against it. It stretches the big toe thereby reducing muscle strain and aches.

Available in a set containing four, one size fits all pieces that come in either white or beige. They can be worn discreetly under almost all types of shoes.

#8. Dr. Frederick’s Original 14 Piece Bunion Pad & Spacer Kit


As the name suggests, the package comes in a set of 14 products. The set of 14 bonus pads, toes separators made of soft medical and super flexible gel. The Soft and stretchy gel pads are specially designed to provide gentle realignment of your toes and bunions.

Dr. Frederick’s cushions pledge to be always ethical: The professional
has consistently worked to improve the benefits of the products.The toe separator designed for an active lifestyle.

#9. Bunion Corrector & Bunion Relief Protector Sleeves Kit

Carefully purchasing  an outstanding Bunion corrector is highly indispensable for those who are suffering from bunions or looking for relief. This modern-day Bunion corrector comes with the excellent cushioning and padding ability.

Yet there are slim enough toes separators made their way to market with compatibility to wear it under regular footwear. One Size fits all: the package of 7 carefully selected piece set is highly useful for bunion relief.

It’s a unique solution towards the many foot problems like Hallux Valgus, pain in the big toe joint and much more. No doubt, this toe spacer made up of 100% medical grade premium quality silicone. The material is washable and reusable.

#10. DR ROGO Bunion Relief 2 Big Toe Protectors For Bunions


Dr. Rogo Bunion toe protector is specialized in instantly reducing the daily discomfort of hammer toe pain and bunions. With the usage of Dr. Rogo Bunion Toe protector gel, you’ll get the therapeutic solution for your Bunions in the big toe joint.

Made up of premium quality one of a kind durable medical-grade level. Simple to use and can be worn underneath the socks and shoe without experiencing any discomfort.

The insulating pads fit between the big and the second toe to instantly reduces the routine life discomfort of hammer toe gain.

Read more on Bunions Splints

Toe Alignment Socks

Editors note: If you don’t want the conventional toe stretchers made of gel, plastic or silicone, then you can use toe stretcher socks which are extremely comfortable. They are also considerably cheaper than the gel versions, but they don’t provide as much of a stretch.

#11. Happy Feet Women’s7-9/Men’s5-7 Original Foot Alignment Socks


These toe alignment socks reverse the damaging effect of wearing narrow shoes by providing cushioned toe dividers. The plush toe dividers offer relief from overlapping, crowded and crooked toes, bunions, toe cramps and more for pain-free comfort.

This acrylic sock is designed for both men and women. They do take some time getting used to. the socks should only be worn at night time. It’s not advisable to walk in them because these tend to stretch the material. Do not wear them with your shoes.

Enjoy improved foot health and warmth when you slip on these comfortable socks.

#12. 1 Pair Yoga GYM Massage Five Toe Separator Socks 


The Yoga gym massage sock is available in different colors but comes as a pair. Some of the main functions of the sock are to prevent beriberi infection and big toe hallux from exstrophy.

The sock also prevents plantar fasciitis, foot pain, diabetic feet, deep vein thrombosis, bunions, hammer toes, heel spurs, claw toes, bunionettes, poor circulation and mallet toes.

It made up of the Acrylic and Cotton.

It’s advisable to wear the sock for a few hours on each foot.

#13. Flesser Toe Separator Socks Yoga Sports GYM Half Toe Socks



Bunionette Toe Spacer

Editors note: If your main problem is the bunionette, then select one of the following for quick relief.

#14. NatraCure Pinky Toe Guard (Tailor’s Bunion)


#15. Dr. Frederick’s Original Tailor’s Bunion Pads


My Story: The Dancer with Squished Toes

I found myself having feet pain every day after wearing my heels and taking dance lessons 5 times a week.

Just like i was, you’re probably wondering what they have to do with yoga and if really work…

…so I decided to head to the far east for some answers. I landed at Waterbury at One Studios. You didn’t really think I was headed overseas, did you? While there I met Indie Ewell a yoga trainer. She’s been training yoga for over 20 years. So I was sure she would be able to explain the mystery of yoga toes.

I asked if she’s ever heard of this yoga toes and she said she’s heard of them but doesn’t use them in her yoga classes because she believes in inner healing from deep relaxation…. I almost gave up at that point.

My next visit was to a podiatrist. To my amusement, he had a sample of the toe spacers and even went ahead to illustrate how they are worn and what they do.

This is what he said:

“What it does is stretch out our feet making up for the position your feet should be all day. Many physical activities may end up depriving your feet of enough blood circulation such as wearing high heels or walking for long distances which may be harmful in the long run.”

Trying them on (My very first Experience)

At the end of all that I decided to try them on at least thrice a week while reading, watching Tv and even taking a nap.

Guess what… they work great and they are absolutely incredible. I used to have terrible foot pain from wearing high heels and taking dancing lessons but that’s no more.

Gel Toe Separators

Thanks to modern technology and the advancement of science and manufacturing, we can now enjoy the benefits of wearing Gel Toe Separators. It is so easy to use. Just take a piece of the gel that is meant for that gap (an example is between the big toe and the second toe) and that is it. Instant comfort!

Gel Toe Separators will help reach the different areas of the toes during the pedicure treatment. This is especially beneficial during the trimming or filing of the nails.

Those who decide to have a french tip pedicure will be glad to know that it will be easier to do this with the Gel Toe Separators as they separate each toe from one another. Thus, making the application of the nail polish easier and faster. No more worries. Just apply it and let it dry.

Another benefit of the Gel Toe Separators is the drying process. It can be faster and less messy as the toes do not touch each other. Proper air circulation is distributed between toes ensuring the faster drying of nails.

Painting nails can be a tiring thing to do and redoing it is a nightmare. These Gel Toe Separators relieves friction between toes and prevents rubbing. Thereby, relieving the toes from irritation and pain.

Gel Toe Packaging

Gel toe separators come in a pack and can be reused. It comes in different sizes and even colors. Some manufacturers added unique features such as making their gels vitamin-enriched which releases mineral oil that soothes and moisturizes the skin. These items can be purchased in your local health or beauty stores and even online.

Gel Toe Separators are a great alternative to paper or plastic that is inserted between your toes. It provides comfort and style. Say goodbye to toes scrapping one another. Bid farewell to ruined pedicures and styled nail polishes. Say hello to a healthier and happier set of toes.

How to Use Toe Spreaders

Tightening of the muscles and ligaments leads to discomfort and stiffness. This makes mobility a problem. If this persists, the problem is transferred to the calf and all the way to the back eventually affecting your posture.

The stretchers are carefully placed between your toes to exercise the muscles on the toes. This also helps in increasing flexibility and blood circulation to all parts of the feet.


Toe Separators for Bunions

Toe Separators for Bunions are beneficial in reducing pain in the foot due to bunions.  A bunion is the growth of bone or tissue at the base of the big toe roughly around the joint area. Thus, the toe turns inward and towards in the second toe. This generates pain when walking or when weight is shifted towards the big toe and second toe.

Aside from putting ice on the foot and taking prescribed medication, one way to provide comfort to a person who has bunions is to put a toe spacer in between the affected toes. This is called Orthotics or putting padding or shielding between two toes.

In the old days, they use either paper or tissue. But this can be more of a pain than a pleasure. That is why there are now products such as Toe Separators for people with bunions that available in the market.

These specially crafted and shaped gels are inserted in between the big toe and the adjacent second toe. Since they are made of the finest gel possible, special care and comfort are aimed at anyone who will use it.

In fact, you will be able to notice already a big relief once these Toe Separators for bunions are placed. They are reusable and washable without any worries of corrosion.

What Other Conditions Can They Be Used For?

Toe spreaders are used for preventing and correcting many conditions such as:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Bone Spurs
  • Hammer
  • Varicose Veins
  • toe stiffness
  • Mallet & Claw Toe
  • Morton’s Neuroma
  • Corns & Calluses
  • Achilles problems
  • foot cramps
  • overlapping toes
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Arthritis

Apart from using the gel toes for medical treatments, they can also be used for relaxation or improving the overall appearance of tour feet. Everybody wants to show off their beautiful toes and feet especially on this sandal season.


Best leg compression machine: Air Compression Massager for 2019 Buyers Guide

Leg Air Massager Compression Leg Wrap Are you experiencing pain in your legs?

Looking to relive the pain?

There are many different causes for having pain in legs as I found out when I went to my doctor after having the pain for a couple of months.

Don’t despair there is hope in getting rid of the pain. In this post, I plan to tell you about my leg pain and how I finally resolved it.

This is why I created this article about pain in legs so that I could list some of the common causes, common symptoms and how you can get rid of the pain specifically using a leg massager or air compression leg massagers.

Let’s start by looking at some of the best-rated leg compression machines in the market.

Best lymphedema pumps 2019 Reviews

1.FIT KING Leg Air Massager for Foot and Calf Circulation Massage

leg massager air compression

The FIT KING leg air massager for foot and calf circulation massage is one of the best leg compression machines on the market. It has ten amazing massage techniques that will leave your legs relaxed and comfortable. The machine has two airbags for each leg, and of course, it has medical grade material used on the sleeves. Read more on electric foot and calf massager.

This leg compression machine has great pain and soreness reduction, guaranteeing you
that your pain will reduce after using this machine. As previously said, it has ten massage techniques. On top of that, it has three intensity levels that might be a bit too strong for some users and two massage modes. For its price, it is really cost-efficient and a good choice.

Easy to use and very portable. The only con from this is if you have weak legs, you should not try the most intense levels, as they might be way too strong for your legs.

Why do you need this machine? If you have fatigue in your legs or pain, If you want to
improve your circulation, If you want to relax your muscles after a workout and If you travel or walk a lot then this is a machine to consider.

People have recorded success with restless leg syndrome, swollen feet, varicose veins, edema on foot. Why not try it out, especially if you have any of those problems or tasks that you do often, you should try these out as they will help, guaranteed.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Includes two airbags for both legs
  • 10 professional massage techniques
  • Automatically shuts off after 15 minutes
  • 3 intense levels and two massage modes
  • Medical grade material is used
  • Rated Power: 12 W 
  • Portable for those who travel a lot
  • Reduces pain and soreness
  • Reduces feet swelling, tension, varicose veins, and restless leg syndrome.
  • Easy to use
  • The higher intense settings can be uncomfortable

2. Sequential Compression Device by Air Relax. 

Sequential Compression Device by Air Relax. Compression Pump, Foot and Leg Massager, Leg Compression Massasger, Blood Circulation machine for Legs, Air Compression Leg Massager, Leg Massage MachineThis compression device by air relax increases your legs’ blood flow and improves your lymphatic system functionality. This special device has 4 great modes each with its own purpose. This includes sequential, peristaltic/sequential, massage and peristaltic. Additionally, it comes with right-and-left cuffs for both sides.

The device shuts down after 15 minutes automatically. The main device is used for circulating air into your legs and body. The main advantages of using this leg compression machine are for sports injuries,  a lack of blood circulation lymphedema, etc.

For, you’d be expecting a hefty machine that you can’t carry around, but it actually is a complex machine that is made up of extremely light components, but expensive components. It is still durable and good quality, but the company ensured to make it light as possible for the keyword in everyone’s minds. Transportation.

My mom has this same device, and she uses it every day. She has used several different
types of compression devices and this one made her feel amazing because of how adaptive it is to your situation. She has never felt a better or similar experience from any other device.

However, she has taken the right steps before buying this item, she consulted her doctor whether or not she should spend this much money on a device for her health. Her doctor said yes.

Everyone who is considering this item should realize that doctors are the wise people who tell you whether or not you will need this item in your life.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • 4 modes: sequential, perilstatic +sequential, Massage and perilstatic
  • Comes with right and left cuffs (30 inch each)
  • The main device used to produce the much needed air for circulation
  • Power Use: 30W
  • An instruction manual for first time use is included
  • device shuts off automatically after 15 minutes
  • Increases blood flow on the legs
  • Portable
  • improves the functioning of the lymphatic system
  • No shorter cuffs for short people

Air sequential Compression in Action


3.TENKER Leg Air Massager Compression Leg Wrap Massage Therapy with Handheld Controller 2 Modes 3 Intensities for Calf Arms Foot

TENKER Leg Air Massager Compression Leg Wrap Massage Therapy with Handheld Controller 2 Modes 3 Intensities for Calf Arms Foot

This might just be the spotlight for this list, for $$, you can get this amazing product with
cool features. Three modes, two levels, this might just be all you need for your legs. Like many other products, it will shut off after 15 minutes.

It includes widely adjustable leg wraps that will ensure it fits you. Some of the reviewers say that it is extremely easy to use and really time efficient.

For you people with big legs, this will fit you just fine and probably, fit you better than any other product o the market right now! Of course, it is portable, you’ll be able to fit this anywhere in your bags.

It heavily promotes blood circulation, relieves fatigue and pain, and possibly prevent your spasms and panic attacks. Oh, and it can be used for your arms, which is really cool.

It comes with a handheld controller, adapter, the machine itself and a user manual to
ensure you’re using it right. The controller is there for you to easily this massager, you can choose from 3 pressure strength levels and 2 different massaging and the relaxing modes.

It can be used for your legs, arms, and feet, helps you promote blood circulation, removes fatigue and pain. The company recommends you to use it for 15 minutes at a time as it is said to be the perfect time for massaging legs.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Two compression sleeves for calves and arms which are adjustable
  • Two massage modes and three intensity levels
  • 15-minute auto-off safety protect function
  • 12V/1A power supply
  • Portable
  • Promotes blood circulation, relieves fatigue and pain, prevent spasms
  • Can be used on arms

5. Naipo Leg Massager for Foot and Calf Circulation Massage Air Compression Leg Wraps with 3 Intensities 2 Modes Handheld Controller (Suggested Calf Circumference 15-21 inches)

Naipo Leg Massager for Foot and Calf Circulation Massage Air Compression Leg Wraps with 3 Intensities 2 Modes Handheld Controller (Suggested Calf Circumference 15-21 inches)

Talk about a device that looks really expensive and is well-manufactured, but only costs $$-$$$. This is made intentionally only for the calves and legs. Like most other machines, it has 2 modes and 3 intensity levels. Companies include 2 modes and 3 intensity levels because this is really all you need for all situations.

Reviewers have said that it eliminates their fatigue and makes their metabolism feel stronger and healthier. This device is one of those easy to use devices. All you need to do is wrap the device-around-your-calves and feet with really strong and well-manufactured velcro straps.

After all, our everyday life has put stress on many of us humans. To soothe your pain and relax your mind, this is a really good option due to its unique features and strong power.

Your mid-calf should be 15 to 21 inches in circumference in order for this machine to fit. This is really the only factor that will break it or save it for you to buy this machine. If it doesn’t fit barely by 1 or 2 inches, don’t worry, you can still get it and use it, but it will be a bit uncomfortable.

However, if your feet is 10 inches, do not buy this, it has to be at least 11 inches,
according to the seller of this product.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Two velcro straps for foot and calf massage
  • Comes with 2 modes and 3 intensity levels
  • 15minutes Auto shut-off
  • Massages the foot as well as the calves
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Improves blood flow and relaxes your muscles.
  • Recommended for people with fatigue, crumps and need relaxing
  • Only fits feet upto 11 inches

6.Rapid Reboot Recovery System: Compression Boots, Pump, and Case. Rapid Reboot Recovery System: Compression Boots, Pump, and Case. Sequential, dynamic air compression for massage therapy, improved circulation and faster workout recovery for all athletes





Not only is the fabric made out of 1st generation material, but the Rapid Reboot control unit is extremely strong and efficient. This is specially made for athletes who go through pain after their workouts. However, if you are a dedicated worker and you work many hours a day, this is just as good for you.

You have the option of getting the leg package, or the complete set. The complete set comes with all you need. Compression boots for arms, legs, and hips.

Any of the packages come with a hefty 10 possible settings, a heavy-duty pump that is portable. This pump allows you to optimize from fast or slow compression cycles. You pick when it turns off, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes.

Its pressure boots are available for all sizes. Lightweight sleeves that are extremely good quality. If you’re an athlete or a hard working person who has some extra money to spend, this is for you.

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symptoms of leg pain

Physical pain can occur due to a lot of several reasons. We experience pain at every moment in life. These could range from pain the joints or pain due to injury. Pain could also be caused due to certain medical conditions.

It is an indication sent to you by your brains telling you that a particular place in your body needs urgent medical attention before it is late. Therefore, when you experience pain you know that you need to take great care of it.

Pain could be mild or severe. There are some body parts where the pain comes and goes in intervals while certain body parts experience pain throughout depending on what the source of pain actually is. Here, we shall tell you all you need to know about leg pain and leg pain symptoms.

You would also get to know what causes this pain and how you could treat it well. So sit back and read through the articles to find out things you never probably knew…

What is leg pain?

When we refer to leg pain, it would obviously mean pain in the leg. But this pain in the leg can vary from mild pain to severe pain. The pain could occur in several forms as well such as simple aching sensation or numbness of the leg or even throbbing or searing as if someone is piercing needles into your calves, knees or thighs.

These sensations together constitute what is known as leg pain. It can be caused due to a lot of different factors which we would tell you in detail later on.

In most of the cases, your back is examined to find out the source of your leg pain symptoms. Untreated leg pain could prove to be very risky therefore doctors do not take any such risk.

Leg pain symptoms

Leg pain symptoms are of several kinds. These are indications that tell you whether you could have leg pain or not. These usually include burning pain, numbness of the leg, the heaviness of the foot, constant pain as well as positional leg pain.

Leg pain symptoms of pregnancy and leg pain symptoms of children would not be the same. It varies from person to person or rather from one situation to another. Leg pain blood clot symptoms would also be different depending on the injury.

Most commonly you would experience a tingling sensation or growing pain which would certainly mean you are suffering from leg pain. This can also be cured using a foot massager.

The causes:

These leg pains occur in various places of your feet, ranging from the calf, toes, ankles, groins, etc. But to be honest, to establish a particular reason why it occurs is rather difficult. It is du rot various causes.

Some of them are as follows:

Spondylolisthesis- it occurs when the vertebra in the spinal portions of the body slides forward lapsing the next lower vertebra comprising the structure of the spinal segment and also the flexible and stable nature. This instability, therefore, causes a tinge or pinch in the nerve and this, as a result, is what causes leg pain as well as what causes leg pain at night.

Lumbar degenerative disc disorder– with time as we age our intervertebral discs sort of lose water and become dry. This makes it lose its flexibility and allowance of small movements. This, as a result, is what causes leg cramps. Some of the prime symptoms of the lumbar degenerative disc are leg ache, foot ache, lower backache, etc. This is what causes leg pain in both legs, what causes leg cramps, what causes leg pain and weakness, and especially what causes leg pain at night.

Apart from these, there are certainly other reasons for what causes leg pain. They are:

Neurological reasons:

Restless leg syndrome is what causes leg pain in children
Trapped Nerves
Sciatic nerve ache or disorder.

Musculoskeletal reasons:

Arthritis is one of the prime reasons for what causes leg cramps, what causes leg cramps, and also what causes leg pain in both legs, etc.
Muscle ligament or tendon strains, usually associated with sportspersons.
Stress fractures.
Medial tibial stress oriented syndrome.
Night muscle tightening or cramps.

Vascular reasons:

Blood clotting or deep vein thrombosis.

Peripheral arterial disorders. In fact, PAD is one of the chief reasons what causes leg pain in diabetics! This occurs when then the arteries in the extremities (hands and legs) are damaged and plagued. The blood cannot circulate properly through the artery and this, as a result, is what leads to the numbness, cramping sensation in the feet and arms and also causing intermittent claudication. Thus this is what causes leg pain in diabetics!

Menstrual pain reasons:

Apart from all the above-mentioned reasons and causes, there is one more which is equally important and that is the menstrual pain. In fact, what causes leg pain during menstruation? This is another question which many ladies ask their doctors. To know just read the following:

According to research women who get periods at a very early age are prone to such cramps. Also, a woman who is obese or overweight is also what causes leg pain before the period.

Another reason what causes leg pain during menstruation or what causes leg pain before periods is over smoking and consumption of alcohol. Yes, folks, this is another reason for leg cramps!

An Overview About Poor Circulation In Legs

We all are aware that our body circulatory system is responsible for circulating blood, nutrients, and oxygen all over the body.

This circulation enables proper functioning of our body organs, but if that circulation is somewhat lessened to a particular portion of the body, then the functionality of that body part is reduced and as a result of those symptoms of poor circulation in legs and arms is visible. Another thing, it takes place mainly in organs such as the legs and the arms.

Poor Circulation in Legs

An interesting fact is that this poor circulation is not a condition in itself; it, in other words, results from various other health hazards. Some of the hazards in which poor circulation are diabetes, obesity, arterial problems, and heart issues, etc.

The poor circulation in leg causes are mainly:


The general feeling or observation that diabetes affects only sugar is completely a misconception. It can adversely affect other portions of the body too. Poor circulation in legs and arms, resulting due to diabetes can cause strain in the legs and cramping up of the calves, thighs, and buttocks. People who are cursed with advanced diabetes have a difficult time finding out the signs of poor circulation because the diabetic neuropathy enables a reduction in the sensations of the extremities (legs and arms).


Having excess weight is also another cause of poor circulation in legs and arms. The overweight puts lots of load on the body and also standing and sitting for hours can result in poor circulation. This can also increase the chances of varicose veins and problems in the blood vessels.

Peripheral Artery Disease:

.Peripheral artery disease also can cause poor circulation in legs and arms as it is a circulatory issue that causes a reduction of the arteries and blood vessels. Over a span, this reduced blood flow will lead to sensations such as numbness, tingling, etc. PAD is most common in people over 50 but it can also happen to young people especially smokers who are prone to this.

The poor circulation in legs symptom is as follows:

Muscle cramps.
Pain in the entire legs or arms.
Stinging and needle-like pain in the limbs.
Lack of stamina
A headache


To improve the flow of poor circulation in legs and feet and also arms, one needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Poor circulation in legs treatment includes regular exercise, jogging, stretching, giving up smoking habits or for that matter any other forms of addiction such as over-consumption of tea and coffee, and also alcohol. Have a proper dose of sleep and try and eat healthy and diet-friendly food which assists in maintaining body weight. Hydrotherapy is another poor circulation in legs remedy which assists in improving bold circulation.

Apart from all this, some other poor circulation in leg treatment or poor circulation in legs remedy includes usages of herbs such as garlic, ginkgo, ginger, Biloba, cayenne, etc. these herbs are very good in improving poor circulation in legs and feet and also arms. Also, try and take warm baths or apply ointments which provide cold and warm sensation, especially in improving poor circulation in legs at night.

What Causes Restless Leg Syndrome And How To Treat It?

The restless leg syndrome is an uncomfortable sensation in the legs which causes an urge to move the leg to relieve the leg from the sensation. This sensation varies in different types and also often gets serious.

This sensation is stronger during the night and in the evening while you are relaxing or sleeping. So, you may think about what causes restless leg syndrome? There are a few factors that are involved.

What causes restless leg syndrome

Causes for the restless leg syndrome
Some of the major causes of the restless legs syndrome are –

Deficiency in iron. It is very much important to intake good quantity iron every day. It is one of the important minerals needed by our body. Often due to the lack of that this restless legs syndrome or RLS occurs.

Often high dose medications like anti-nausea, antidepressants and allergy and cold medications can worsen the symptoms. So, it is highly recommendable that before any kind of medication consult the doctor. This is one of the major reasons what causes restless leg syndrome in adults.

During pregnancy women often face this RLS problem. This remains unless and until the delivery is done. After delivery usually, the symptoms go away within a month or so. So if you are thinking about what causes restless leg syndrome during pregnancy, it is quite common for them and doesn’t have to panic regarding these things.

The nervous system can also lead to RLS. Often the problem in nerves can make people feel all these sensations.

Sleeping pattern problems or even intake of alcohol and smoking can be a major problem for this. If you don’t correct your sleeping pattern or don’t maintain a fixed patter it can get worse. Sleeping pattern is one of the main reasons what causes restless leg syndrome in children.

There is no usual method to diagnosis this RLS problem but a physician or doctor may recommend you for a blood test in order to know further details about this.

Who gets this?

This restless leg syndrome is quite common in everyone. Both men and women are affected by this. Mainly the middle-aged persons or the older ones face this. You can consult the doctor if you are going through the symptoms. He or she can definitely help you and once diagnosed it can be treated successfully as well.

This generally varies in different situations and often it is mild or even can be intolerable. At night it gets worse and in the morning it is not so severe. Some weird sensations like itchy, needles and pins are poked can be felt. This causes a strong urge to move the legs. The doctors can answer well to the question – what causes restless leg syndrome.

Tips to cure

Here are some tips for you which can help you to cure this RLS which causes a lot of pain in legs. A proper sleeping pattern is very much essential and makes sure that your entire body is getting the relaxation. If you are a smoker or alcoholic then it is better to quit them.

They never do any good to a human being. Include some food which is rich in iron in your regular diet. This is extremely essential for what causes restless leg syndrome home remedies.

Proper eating and sleeping along with proper and regular exercises are very much necessary. Leading a healthy lifestyle is always better and thus you have to make sure that you are doing all these in order to cure the restless leg syndrome naturally.

First, you to know what causes restless leg syndrome in you to know how to stop restless leg syndrome and then work on that particular thing.


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