Broken Pinky Toe Remedies

Injury in the pinky toe is caused by trauma in the affected area. When you drop something heavy on your little toe, that can cause toe bones to break. At first, you might not see a cause for worry as the pain would go away.

But since the toe is up of several small bones that can easily break, daily movements such as walking, running, and jumping can lead to toe fractures because the toe is constantly stressed.

The pinky toe is not used as actively as the other toes, so, when it hurts, we take the little toe for granted without realizing that it is already fractured; for this reason, we must know the symptoms of a broken pinky toe and the treatments needed for the toe to heel.

Symptoms of a Broken Pinky Toe

1. Pain on the Small Toe

Depending on the kind and degree of fracture, you will feel pain when your pinky toe is broken. The pain can be dull but constantly felt or one that comes and goes but is very painful. This can cause discomfort and difficulty in walking.

To check whether your little toe is broken, try touching or wiggling it. If a slight touch or movement causes pain, your pinky toe will likely be broken.

2. Swelling and Bruising

When your pinky toe is broken, it swells up to twice its standard size. The affected area will turn red and stiff. Also, the broken pinky toe might turn black and blue because of bruising.

In some cases, the toe can be deformed because of the fracture. It might be broken if you feel any lumps when you touch your pinky toe.

3. Fever

A broken pinky toe can cause a slight fever as the body reacts to something not natural within your body.
If you have any or all of these symptoms, you should do something about your broken pinky toe before things worsen. Here are the things you can do to treat your broken little toe.

Broken Pinky Toe Remedies

1. Cold compression

To relieve pain, apply a cold compress to the affected toe. Wrap ice in a towel or bag and use it on the broken toe. Do this for 20 minutes every 2 hours.

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2. Medicine

If the pain is unbearable, you can take painkillers to give you relief, significantly when the pain is hampering your daily activities. However, the replacement would only be temporary as the tab can numb the pain and not heal the fracture.

3. Adequate rest

Give your toe a break by not doing any strenuous activity that can put pressure on your toe. In some cases, wearing a protective shoe or using crutches would be necessary to protect the broken pinky toe.

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Also, when resting, keep your feet elevated with the help of pillows. You can also put on a bandage to speed up the recovery.


These are simple ways of treating a broken toe that you can use at home. These tips are applicable for minor toe injuries.

If you feel that the conditions of your broken pinky toe are getting better with these home remedies, then continue doing self-medication until the toe heals. However, when these treatments do not seem to work, seek medical attention to avoid further complications.

The fracture in your pinky toe may be a more severe case, and asking for help from a doctor may be the only way to solve the problem. Medical treatment of a broken toe will depend on the degree of the fracture.

More often, treatments administered by professionals to a broken toe are prescriptions to relieve pain. Medicines such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen may be prescribed to give relief.

Doctors may also require x-ray results to check the severity of the fracture. For minor cases, buddy taping is administered. Casting the toe can be done if the pinky toe is really in bad shape. If the rupture of the toe causes deformation and dislocation, the reduction can be made. Follow the doctor’s orders so the toe can heal quickly.