Top 5 Bunion Relief Home Remedies

Well, a bunion is a foot condition wherein the big toe bone will protrude out due to overgrowth. And, due to this, the big toe tends to bend towards other toes.

This would add a lot of pressure on the feet, making it very painful and difficult to walk. The only way to get rid of this condition is to get it removed surgically. However, there are a few bunion relief home remedies that can be considered.

Top 5 Bunion Relief Home Remedies

Try these simple home remedies to get relief from the shooting pain:

Epsom Salt:

Pour some hot water in a tub and add in a cup of Epsom salt. Keep your feet soaked in this water for about 10-15 minutes. When it comes to soothing the bunion pain, Epsom salt literally works wonders. It not only helps in improving blood circulation but also helps in bringing down foot swelling. Follow this procedure on a daily basis.

Ice Pack:

Another simple home remedy for bunion pain relief is the application of an ice pack on the bunion foot. All you need to do is apply an ice compression over your bunion foot for about 15 minutes.

Take a break, and apply the compression again. Make sure you do not apply the ice for more than 15 minutes. If you have a circulation problem or are diabetic, do not opt for this remedy.


At nights, place a splint between your big toe and second toe. This will help in keeping away the extra pressure on the toes and thus relieving the pain. Follow this procedure at night.

Clove Oil:

Clove oil has a content called eugenol which is very helpful in desensitizing the swollen and painful part of the feet. All you need to do is take a cotton bandage and add a few clove oil drops.

Put this bandage over your bunion feet, after a while you will actually find your toe going numb. Do this at least twice or thrice a day.

Stretch the Heel:

At times, even a tight Achilles tendon can lead to a bunion. Hence, it is advised that you stretch your heels so that some pressure is relieved from your underlying tendon, making your feet flexible. All you need to do is stand straight and stretch your heels as much as you can.

Hold the stretch for about 5-10 seconds. Follow this simple procedure as many times as possible in a day. The more the better.

Bunion Brace

Bunion brace is equipment that can treat the bunions quickly. While purchasing a bunion brace, make sure that you purchase one according to the size of your foot and could fit in properly. Another point to note is that the brace must be made up of a breathable synthetic material similar to neoprene. This material will prevent the building up of heat in the shoe while you are wearing it. Some of the benefits of wearing the bunion brace are:

The bunion braces are perfect for those who suffer from Hallux Valgus or are likely to develop it. Wearing a brace develops a strength line that is distinct from the abnormal deviation of the big toe for the other toes.

Braces carry differing weaves of the fibers in the various bands located inside them which move along with the feet and take proper care of the problem. This movement creates a massaging effect which helps in improving the drainage of the lymph and helps in making the muscles firm.

Wearing the brace also ensures that you have a perfect shape of your foot not only while moving but also at the time of rest. This treatment is very beneficial for those who have the job of standing for long hours or have to run or walk extensively.

Most of these products not only provide relief from irritation and pain but also prevent the development of bacteria on the foot with the help of anti-bacterial treatment present in them.

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