celebrities with bunions

Do Celebrities Have bunions?

The answer to this is absolute!  Of course, there are plenty of celebrities with bunions and you can be sure that in many cases they are suffering from the painful condition thanks to the type of shoes they have to wear when living up their glamorous lifestyles.

It is almost ironic that these same celebrities go to great lengths to maintain ‘perfect’ figures, hairstyles, makeup and in some cases will undergo painful and expensive plastic surgery yet neglect their feet!

The trashy magazines will always find something to photograph and splash across their pages and in some cases, the feet are any easy target.

Below is a list of just some Celebrities who have or do suffer from bunion


This list is by no means exhaustive and is not intended to shame or embarrass these celebrities.  It simply highlights the fact that anyone can suffer from the condition and that it is often the type of footwear that is to blame.

In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find many female celebrities who have been in the business for a few years who don’t suffer from some sort of foot deformity.  From what we have seen bunions are by far the most common issue and are almost certainly a result of the high-heeled shoes our female celebrities are expected to wear.

The video below shows some of the celebrities with foot problems listed above.

As you can see in the video some have progressed to the point where surgery and a change in footwear choice are probably the only options to fix these celebrities feet.  The problem is that the functions they attend almost require that they continue damaging their toes and feet by wearing high heels that create excess pressure on their joints.

I hope that some of these women who are looked up to by many others around the world will take a stand and openly make a change to the way they treat one of the body’s most important assets.  You may find yourself in a similar situation where you are expected to wear high heels and pointed shoes for work or when going out.

In moderation this is OK but wearing such shoes for 8 hours a day at work and then in the evenings when going out is a recipe for disaster in the long run.

I encourage you to limit the time you wear this form of footwear and think of it more as a treat, only to be worn on special occasions.  The future you will thank you!