Cut resistant glovesIt’s hard to believe there are cut resistant gloves, right?

But with the way technology is growing, it’s crazy to dismiss anything if you haven’t actually seen it.

Selecting level 5 cut resistant gloves can be a tricky process especially if you don’t know what level of resistance you are dealing with. There are many companies in the business of manufacturing this gloves. The main reason you should wear this glove is to protect yourself from cuts.

Today, I have a comprehensive list of what to look for when buying a No cry cut resistant gloves. We are also going to extensively look at the materials used to make the cut resistant gloves.

What is Cut Resistant Gloves?

These are gloves specifically designed to avoid cuts and bruises which may occur when dealing with sharp objects.

These gloves can be used for other functions such as when operating in a high-temperature environment such as a smelting company when riding a bike or even in your simple kitchen.

These gloves are made with the latest technology in the market to ensure they perform as required. we will be looking at the materials used shortly.

Best Kitchen Cut Resistant Gloves

#1. NoCry Best Cut Resistant Gloves High-Performance Level 5 Protection

NoCry Best Cut Resistant Gloves High-Performance Level 5 Protection

The Nocry cut resistant glove is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and fiberglass.

It fits on your hand perfectly with the ability to stretch. It is recommended you wash it at 30 degrees.

This high-performance glove is perfect for kitchen use, garden work and any other type of work which involves sharp objects. it is 4 times stronger than leather – certified highest EN388 level 5 cut resistance rating. It is also safe to use around food.

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What we LikedWhat we didn’t like
  • Highly attractive and comfortable
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Non-slipping grip
  • Not puncture resistant


#2. Kibaron Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves With Cut Level 5 Protection

Kibaron Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves With Cut Level 5 Protection

Kibaron also offers high-quality cut resistant gloves which also protect you from sharp objects such as knives, peelers, and graters. The gloves can be found in different sizes: for home and restaurant use. It is ideal for someone constantly handling glass materials and doing cutting work.

When worn, it doesn’t feel like you are wearing heavy fabric at all. This must have glove comes with the latest technology that makes it lightweight and 4 times stronger than leather.

amazon guarantees 100% MONEY-BACK if fo any reason you are not satisfied with this product.

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What we LikedWhat we didn’t like

  • Washable, elastic and lightweight
  • Non-slipping grip
  • One glove fits both hands

  • Best for kitchen use, not tactical purposes


#3. Stark Safe Cut-Resistant Kitchen Gloves, Medium Stark Safe cut resistant glove

Stark Safe Cut-Resistant Kitchen Gloves

This glove from Start Safe offers the ultimate comfortability when being used. It’s made of light-weight material: polyethylene and proprietary silica-based fibers to be precise. This material makes it stronger compared to leather.

The glove can be used for other purposes around the house. It can be used in when repairing, changing blades, sharpening knives and when riding a motorcycle. The glove has also penetrated into the business industries especially where safety is a big issue.

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What we LikedWhat we didn’t like
  • Ideal for use when grabbing small objects
  • Easy to put on
  • Non-slipping grip
  • Not puncture resistant


#4. WISLIFE Cut Resistant Gloves Level 5 Cut Protection

WISLIFE Cut Resistant Gloves Level 5 Cut Protection

These gloves from kevlar are made from Dyneema. The material is stronger than leather and other materials used in the production of ordinary gloves. The material is resistant to scrapes and cuts.

these gloves are kitchen-safe because they come with a built-in layer of anti-bacterial protection. The gloves are also ideal for use around the house when working with sharp objects.

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What we LikedWhat we didn’t like
  • Highly attractive and comfortable
  • Washable, elastic and lightweight
  • Ultra-thin, allowing you to properly hold an object you are working with
  • Minor (and expected) loss of dexterity


#5. Dowellife Cut Resistant Gloves-Food Grade Level 5 Protection

Dowellife Cut Resistant Gloves-Food Grade Level 5 Protection

#6. The G & F 57100M CUTShield Classic level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves for Kitchen

G & F 57100M CUTShield Classic level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves for Kitchen

Kevlar gloves are well known in the work industry as well as in the kitchen for various reasons including reliability, ability to withstand extreme temperatures and durability.

The main reason why many people go for them is the fact that they are said to be impenetrable in most cases.

kevlar is also known for the production of work gloves. kevlar tactical gloves are the very first choice among the workforce because they demonstrate vigor and long-lasting strength.

These believably crafted work gloves have the Kevlar on the outside and are mainly made of cotton on the inside for bodyguarding optimum comfort.

The special Kevlar material

This special gloves are made of intensive solid lasting strands and waived in and out like for the wanted ideal phenomenal strength. Cool right? This anticipated design help the user to avoid cuts restricts wounds and even serious burns.

Kevlar work gloves stop electricity flow to the body and they do not melt or ignite even when in contact with high temperatures. as if Kevlar work gloves were not strong enough already, it is sometimes equipped or laced with Nitrile for and extra protective enforced coating for highest safety.

Can Kevlar gloves be used by motorcyclists?

It’s not hard to find motorcyclists wearing kevlar gloves. The gloves protect the hands in case the biker gets an accident.

The Kevlar leather gloves are becoming the number one choice for riders, motorcyclists and furious riders. the reason or thematic logic behind the immense popularity and craze is that Kevlar motorcycle glove has there inner shell lined Kevlar.

The lining is distinctively cut resistant and heat resistant to avoid burns that may occur in the case of an accident. The gloves are comfortable, unlike plain leather which may produce an awful smell or become too hot in the interior when it’s hot.

Because of all these safety labeled stunning features these Kevlar gloves are omnipresent and are now used for all purposes like gardening, in the kitchen, fishing, etc.

Does Your Household Need Cut Resistant Gloves?

Common household injuries include abrasion, slices, cuts, and punctures. Research shows that 30% of productivity is lost due to these injuries. It’s important to protect yourself and your family against such injuries.But where does the process of choosing an effective cut resistant glove begin?

These are some of the things you need to know before buying a Nocry Resistant Glove

Before your rush and buy a level 5 cut resistant glove, it’s pertinent to first understand what cut resistant is. Cut resistant is basically measured by the thickness of the material used to develop the material; the heavier the material used the more protection it will offer you.

Comfortability and mobility should also be considered. There is no need to purchase a resistant glove that is heavy to carry around and your not able to move in, makes sense right?

Your major goal is to protect your hands without causing any discomfort and restriction in mobility.

The major factors which determine the cut resistance of a material are hardness, lubricity, rolling action, and strengthlet’s have a look at the following table which illustrates the cut resistant levels for different materials in grams. This table should help you shop for the best cut resistant glove in the market.

Cut Resistant Gloves Levels

Level 5Greater than 3500 grams
Level 4Greater than 1500 grams
Level 3Greater than 1000 grams
Level 2Greater than 500 grams
Level 1Greater than 200 grams
Level 0Less than 200 grams

As the table clearly illustrates, the higher the level the material is ranked, the more cut resistant it becomes.

This infographic explains further to better understand the different cut resistant levels

superior glove Infographic

Top 4 Cut Resistant Materials

5Metal meshMaximum protectionHigh-risk kitchen preparation
Butcher shops
Meat and poultry applications
Environments with extremely sharp cutting tools and instruments
depending on blend
DyneemaUltra-high, superior protection to maximum protectionIntense kitchen preparation
Slicing, dicing and chopping fruits, vegetables, meats and tougher food products
High heat, chemical and moisture environments
3KevlarHigh protectionHigh heat / flame environments
Glass handling activities
Automobile applications
1SpectraBasic, light protection to ultra-high, superior protectionLight kitchen preparation
Cutting fruits and vegetables
High moisture environments


How Do I Choose the Right Cut Resistant Kitchen Glove?

Carefully examine and assess your environment

Some of the things to assess include:

  • How frequent injuries are occurring, is it daily, weekly or monthly?
  • The main causes of the injuries in your kitchen. Are they caused by machines, knives etc
  • Do you currently have any nocry cut resistant gloves in your household? if so what is is their resistant level?

Identify the remedies required

  • If injuries are more often caused by knives, then we recommend a high resistant level 5 glove?
  • If the current resistant glove does not offer suitable protection then get a better one?
  • When heat and moisture resistant is importance to you, get a better pair of gloves?


Here are some frequently asked questions about the nocry Cut Resistant Gloves

Do all the gloves come as a pair or as one glove?

This ultimately depends on the kind of glove you are purchasing. make sure you read the product details to understand how they offer the gloves.

What is en388?

EN stands for European Standard. This standard was enacted in 2003 to test the requirements required for safety gloves. The test ensures that they offer safety and protection to the users.

Are all of these gloves washable?

Most of the cut resistant gloves come with instructions on how to wash them.We recommend that you read these instructions carefully before cleaning them

Nocry Gloves in Operation [Must Watch Video]