home remedies for burning feet

Home Remedies For Burning Feet

Burning feet or Erythromelalgia or Grierson “Gopalan syndrome is a condition that is caused due to some circulatory disorder. It is the condition in which sudden sensations of redness and burning are there.

Most of the time, the condition is mild, but there are times when the condition becomes severe and requires immediate medical attention.

This condition is noticed mostly in older people, especially those above 50 years of age, but people of younger age groups could also be affected. If burning feet is severe, the feet will be swollen, and it will be hot to touch.

The burning sensation is limited to the sole of the feet, but it could affect the ankles and the lower legs in some cases. In sporadic cases, only the sensation of needles and pain is felt in the body’s lower extremities.

Causes of Burning Feet at Night

Some of the causes of burning feet at night are:

  • People who have diabetes also develop the condition of peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage. The presence of this condition results in burning feet at night.
  • The nerve damage condition also results in several other conditions like vitamin deficiencies and heavy metal poisoning. Excessive weight in the body also results in this condition. If an overweight person tends to stand on his feet for a long time, they could develop this condition.
  • Fungal infection could result in this condition.
  • The presence of reflex sympathetic dystrophy will also result in this condition.
  • Metatarsalgia, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and Morton’s neuroma will develop this condition.
  • Sometimes burning feet can be due to some sensitivity or allergy, which is caused due to some food. For example, wearing synthetic socks can burn feet in some people.

Symptoms of Burning Feet at Night:

Some of the symptoms of burning feet sensation include:

The feeling of burning will be felt in the feet of the patient, along with sharp pain and redness. Most of the time, the sensation of burning will occur suddenly, while other symptoms will develop gradually.

By localizing the ailment, you can determine the exact cause and nature of the problem. For example, if the burning sensation is in the forefoot, this can be due to Morton’s neuroma or metatarsalgia.

Treatment of Burning Feet at Night:

Some of the treatment methods for burning feet at night are:

The first, and foremost step for treating this condition is wearing comfortable shoes that open from all sides.
Make sure that the shoes you wear can provide adequate support to the arches of the feet.
Wear cotton socks which help treat this condition.

Feet can be soaked in cold water for nearly 15 minutes to provide relief from the burning sensation; at the same time, it is advisable to prevent your feet from exposing to heat.

A deficiency of vitamins can cause burning feet. It is advisable to include some vitamin supplements in your diet to relieve the condition. Some cooling ointments are available which can be applied to provide a cooling sensation to the feet.

The application of magnetic therapy can also be a good way of treating the condition of burning feet. Some regular activities that you can perform to get instant relief include walking on the cold floor, raising the legs in an elevated position, resting for long hours, relaxing, and applying cooling lotions, which will bring some relief from the condition of burning feet at night.

In some cases, the problem of burning feet is due to either the nervous system or the circulatory system, polyneuropathy, liver problems, higher blood pressure or blood sugar levels, or some Vitamin deficiency. It is advisable to treat the underlying cause first, which will automatically treat the condition of burning feet too.

In case the condition of burning feet is caused due to some vitamin deficiency. It is advisable to consume food rich in vitamins like whole grains, brown rice, nutritional yeast, peanuts, raw wheat germ, different green and yellow vegetables, and dairy products, including butter and milk.

To enhance the body’s circulatory system, it is advisable to take in insufficient fiber in nuts, seeds, whole grains, etc.

Supplements and Herbs For Burning Feet at Night

Some of the supplements and herbs which you may use for treating the condition of burning feet at night are:

A deficiency of Vitamin B6 or pantothenic acid can cause this condition. To prevent fulfilling the required amount, it is advisable to take Vitamin B complex supplements, which contain the entire range of B vitamins that you must take in sufficient amounts to effectiveness.

Similarly, the intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin E is also advisable. This is because the intake of Vitamin E will enhance oxygen intake in the blood, thus improving the body’s circulatory system. The intake of Vitamin C will remove toxic substances accumulated in the body. Thus, contributing to intensifying the symptoms of burning feet.

Intake of hawthorn herb regularly helps dilate the blood vessels in the body. Intake of this herb for three months will bring about relief from the condition. You can take this herb in herbal juice; 20 -25 drops can be mixed in water and taken in regularly.