How Often Should A Runner Get A Massage

A runner should take regular massage therapy to relieve muscle soreness and prevent running injuries. But most of them fall into a dilemma in choosing the ideal massage to get the best outcome.

Moreover, they’re unaware of how often and when they should take massages as a professional athlete. How often should a runner get a massage? Do you have any consent about the schedule?

You may have less knowledge about it. However, you will find the actual answer here since we’re going to disclose everything in-detail. You have to stick with us for a while to acquire the most credible information about this topic. Let’s move on!

How often should a runner get a massage?

If you’re a runner, you may encounter several health problems. Due to long-distance running, you sometimes get stuck by inflammation and muscular damage. Even if you often face an injury that keeps you away from running for a long time. These are common to a professional runner.

You need to take massage therapy to overcome those disorders. How often should a runner get a massage? To illustrate, the frequency of taking massages altogether depends on how hard and how often you train for running. You must reach out to massage therapy considering the injury concerns of your feet.

If you get injured at every running session, you must take a deep tissue massage for 3-5 days after long-distance running. To have the quickest recovery from muscle soreness, swelling, and stiffness, you can get a massage every day.  However, you can stick to having a weekly or at least monthly massage to prevent muscular damage and pain.

When Should A Runner Get A Massage?

As a runner, you’re thoroughly different from others. You have to maintain stick rules in taking a massage. There are specific periods for having a productive massage.

The professional therapist always recommends runners to take massage either the evening after a long-distance running session or the next morning.

The exact timing massage will stimulate your nerve, increase blood circulation, and eliminate pain from the muscle. If you like to take a massage after a long-term race, you have to schedule the massage period after 3-5 days. It will give your body the most amount of time to get relaxed and retain a normal situation.

As a result, you won’t get seized by recurring problems. You can manage the best runners’ foot massager to find the utmost relief from injuries and stress that happen to your feet.

What type of massage is best for runners?

A runner should think of having some advanced massages beyond the typical sports massage. Some massage therapies are highly beneficial to an athlete and recommended by all health experts. We’re going to point out some beneficial massages for runners in this section.

● Deep tissue massage:

You may be familiar with deep tissue massage since it provides many advantages to your body. By targeting superficial and deep layers of muscles, this massage improves the strength of muscles. Moreover, it focuses on the problematic area to release pain, aches, and stress. This type of massage therapy can be your bosom friend after every running session to take care of interconnected tissues and tight spots.

●Trigger point:

The trigger point massage targets explicitly the muscle knots and eliminates pain from the muscle. By applying extreme pressure on the muscle, loosens the adhesions and softens the affected area. You will have ultimate relief from hamstring injuries, calf strains, and muscle soreness by taking regular trigger point therapy.

●Active release:

The active release is a unique technique of relieving muscle adhesions and reducing scar tissue build-up probability. It predominantly breaks the tightness of tissue and evaluates the mobility of soft tissue. You find an excellent treatment of injury concerns by applying this effective method.

● Fascia work:

Fascia work is best for runners to get relief from problem spots. It allows the athlete to experience less pain and find a significant range of motion. By applying the fascia, the elasticity of tissue can be increased noticeably. Moreover, it targets the whole body or layer of skin and connective tissues.

Benefits of massage therapy to a runner:

There are countless benefits of taking massage therapy to a runner. It seems almost impossible to stick to running without taking regular workouts. Here are some standout benefits:

●Release muscle tension:

During the running period, the muscles become stressed. The runner always feels soreness, stiffness, and swollen feet. And ultimately, it causes severe injury. All these disorders can be prevented by taking regular massages. A particular workout session can release muscle tension and provide much strength to the muscles.

● Support blood flow:

Consistent blood flow across the whole body is essential to a runner. But there always happens inconsistency of blood circulation due to several reasons to a runner. In this case, a good massage therapy session can help him by improving the blood flow efficiently.

●Relieve pain and ache:

Pain and aches are common to a runner. These often cause in several segments of the body, especially on the feet. Sometimes the intensity of pain goes higher and seems unendurable. But by taking some advanced massage therapies, it can be relieved. After completing every running session, a runner should jump into taking a massage to overcome all the possible pains and aches.


Massage therapy is compulsory for a runner. By taking regular massages with much concentration, a runner can come round from all the possible injuries and pain. Moreover, an efficient massage session helps release muscle soreness, improve blood circulation, and boost overall cardio. How often should a runner get a massage? You’ve already got the actual answer since you’ve scrolled down here.

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