How to Become a CiscoCCNA Certification Holder via Practice Tests and Exam Dumps?

Cisco Ads is a crucial certification program for professionals in the field of digital marketing. It is an official recognition of their expertise in working with the basic and advanced features of Cisco Ads. Cisco CCNA Certification Nowadays, having at least one badge from this program has become a minimum or expected requirement even for the entry-level search marketing roles.

Like many other Cisco initiatives, the Cisco Ads certification program (formerly known as CiscoCCNA) has developed in the course of time. Previously, it was an independent one requiring the payment for taking the exams. The changes occurred when the Cisco Partners program was created and further transformed into the Cisco Academy for Ads in 2018, more recently rebranded to Skillshop.

New Cisco Ads operates in a very much similar way as its previous version, but not to get confused in all these modifications, we have prepared a detailed guide on what the Cisco Ads program is about and what Eva J steps you need to take to obtain its badges. Let’s check it out!

Overview of Cisco Ads certification program

To become a certified specialist, the students must pass the corresponding exams. They can confirm their knowledge of the following Cisco Ads products, such as search ads, display ads, video ads, and product ads. Below you can see the names of the certificates provided by Cisco and details of their related exams:

  • Cisco Ads Display: you will have about 3 hours to complete and get the passing score of 80% or higher;
  • Author: Henry R
  • Cisco Ads Search: you will be given about 4 hours to clear the task;
  • Cisco Ads Video: the prerequisite exam lasts for 4 hours;
  • Cisco Ads Apps: you will have about 3 hours to clear the test;
  • Cisco Ads – Measurement: the exam should be completed within about 5 hours.

The Cisco Ads exams are delivered in 22 languages, including British English, American English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Spanish, Latin America Spanish, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, German, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Brazil Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Thai, Turkish, French, Czech, and Japanese. All the tests are available online and free of charge. To get Testking VCE Files Here access to the Cisco Ads exams, you will first require a Cisco account.

Preparation for cisco Ads certification exams

If you have practical experience in this field, it will be easier for you to pass the exam. To excel in your test, you should be familiar with the concepts and methods of online advertising, as well as capable of managing various types of Cisco Ads campaigns. To get ready for the prerequisite exams, take the official Visit ExamSnap Page >>> training courses on the Skillshop platform. Each certification webpage contains a preliminary Knowledge Check Assessment, which will help you get acquainted with the real exam content.

There are also numerous resources that are available to act as supplementary preparation tools. For instance, you can opt for practice tests. They will help you evaluate your level of readiness and reveal areas where you need to focus your attention during your study. In addition to this, they will also enable Author: Gabriel E you to know the pattern and format of the actual exam. There are also other numerous prep tools offered on various online platforms that you can use. They will help you get a full grasp of the content and also equip you to perform better.


ACisco Ads certificate is a mandatory requirement for landing many top job positions. Thus, it is worth investing your time and effort in obtaining one of the badges. Moreover, note that passing the prerequisite tests can significantly enhance your knowledge and skills and serve as a stepping stone for getting other credentials. Adding the Cisco Ads badge to your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates during your job interview and will open new career perspectives for you as an expert in digital advertising.


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