zero-gravity chairZero-gravity chairs are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no wonder why.

They are similar to recliners in many ways and provide the same benefits, such as stress reduction and tension relief.

The principal manner in which zero-gravity chairs differ from recliners is in their ability to put your body in a position where your feet are higher than your head.

Zero-gravity chairs acquired their name because they imitate the NASA approved Neutral Body Posture (commonly referred to as NBP), defined as the position the human body would adopt in a situation where zero gravity was present.

This position has been proven to reduce high levels of stress, hence why it is the position assumed by astronauts while taking off. Most traditional recliners do not provide the option for this neutral body Posture, but instead can be used for basic sitting and reclined sitting positions.

As a result, many individuals are opting for zero-gravity recliners due to the added benefits. This article will outline the health benefits of zero-gravity recliners, as well as exploring some of the features they offer.

Health Benefits

The benefits of zero-gravity recliners are provided by the position which they allow your body to rest in. This seating position increases circulation, lowers stress and can reduce swelling in the lower body.

This is due to the partially inverted body position, which allows for blood to travel to your lower extremities much more rapidly than if you were standing or even seated usually. This position can also promote faster healing across the body and improves cardiovascular health as well.

Sleeping or lying with your legs resting higher than your heart is regularly recommended by doctors. Without a zero-gravity chair, this could be something along the lines of elevating your legs on a stack of pillows or similar object.

These chairs are also excellent at distributing one’s body weight in such a way that it relieves the body’s aches and pains.

Reduced headaches, muscle aches, pressure on the spine, and overall tension are also observed in those who use a zero gravity chair as their first seating option.

As a result of this relief, an individual’s posture is generally improved as well as their flexibility! This is ideal for most individuals, as working 9-5 typically entails a primarily sedentary lifestyle. 


Zero-gravity recliners come in a wide variety of styles and colors. They often are made up of a wooden frame that can happen in numerous appealing finishes, topped by seat’s body.

The body of the chair can also be made of various materials, such as vinyl or leather. Zero-gravity chairs are generally less bulky than your traditional recliner, which can help them blend seamlessly into the layout of your home.

There are also outdoor options for many zero-gravity recliners, for those who enjoy lounging on sunny days. This option looks like your standard patio chair but provides the same benefits as other zero-gravity models.

As with standard recliners, zero-gravity chairs feature several reclining positions to choose from, as well as some features such as massage technology for the ultimate relief.

Other notable features are their locking mechanisms for when you’ve found that perfect position – or in the case of outdoor models – a canopy or side tray with cup holders.

Though price will vary by style, size, and additional features, the average range for these sought-after recliners is approximately $50-$4,000.

Lower prices are generally associated with simpler, outdoor styles, and higher prices often include features such as massage. 


Overall, it’s clear that a zero-gravity chair is undoubtedly a worthwhile purchase. The benefits are abundant, from stress relief to improved circulation and everything in-between.

If you have recurring pains or aches, this seating option could just be the trick to eliminating them. Zero-gravity chairs are also stylistically appealing and can be chosen based on your preferences.

While the outdoor models can be relatively affordable, the indoor options are generally higher in price range than your average seating choice. Due to this, it’s imperative to put thorough research and thought into this purchase.

If you’re interested in purchasing after reading this article, check this descriptive buying guide, which will help with your decision:



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