How To Relieve Foot Pain

How To Relieve Foot Pain

The feet are the most important part of the human body and according to experts, it has some important pressure points that control different function of the human body. If the foot is not taken proper care of then there might be serious kinds of complications that may hurt the whole body.

They bear our weight when we are standing and help us to get where we have to go. In view of this, they’re often in agony. Foot agony alludes to any torment or inconvenience in the toes, heels, curves, soles, or different parts of the foot.

As per the survey, about 75 percent of Americans will experience foot torment sooner or later in their lives. The torment can go from mellow to extreme, and it may last a brief while or be a progressing issue. Luckily, numerous measures can help assuage foot torment.

Each and every people has once experienced the problem of foot pain life and knows how agonizing it can be. So, to derive a better idea about the pain in the foot here the below mentioned paragraphs have some of the most important lookouts about foot pain that every individual should not only know but understand as well.

The reason behind foot Pain

  • way of life

One of the primary drivers of foot agony is, wearing shoes that don’t fit appropriately. High-heeled shoes can frequently bring about foot torment, as they place a lot of weight on the toes. You can likewise create foot torment on the off chance that you are harmed amid high-effect practice or game exercises, for example, running or exceptional vigorous exercise.

  • The common medical issues in individuals:

Different restorative issues are firmly connected with foot torment. The feet in particular are helpless to the torment brought on by joint pain. As per the American Podiatric Medical Association (2012 edition), there are about 33 joints in the foot that can be influenced by this condition. Diabetes can likewise bring about confusion and a few issues with the feet. Individuals with diabetes are more inclined to:

  • Foot ulcers or sometimes untreated wounds.
  • Nerve harm tends to happen in the feet and is left untreated.
  • Stooped-up or solidified corridors in the legs and feet

You are additionally more in danger of encountering foot torment on the off chance that you are overweight or large, have foot harm, or are pregnant.

foot pain chart

Other potential reasons for foot agony include:

  • Corns
  • Calluses
  • Neuroma
  • Fringe neuropathy
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Bunions
  • Haglund’s disfigurement
  • Competitor’s foot
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Sled toe
  • Fringe blood vessel ailment
  • Warts
  • Prescriptions that cause swelling in the feet
  • Fallen curves

How To Relieve Foot Pain

The at-home treatment choices of the individual will differ contingent upon the torment he or she is encountering and its cause. In any case, there are a couple of general tips that can help mitigate your distress. These include:

  • Applying ice to the influenced zone.
  • Utilizing foot cushions to anticipate rubbing on the influenced zone.
  • Taking an over-the-counter agony reliever.
  • Resting your foot as much as could be expected.
  • Keeping the foot that is bringing about your agony hoisted.
  • At the point when to see your doctor.

Numerous individuals who consistently experience foot agony are mindful of what triggers it and they know how best to deal with their torment. In any case, there are a few circumstances when you ought to see a specialist as quickly as time permits.

Some regular foot exercises to help in better relief of the pain in the feet:

There are many people who would like to consider having foot exercises or massages for better relief from foot pain. The below mentioned paragraphs contain some of the best known stretches or foot exercises that can help in providing better relief to the feet. these are simple and could be done all on your own without any expert or professional help.

Toe Stretches or Doming:

Toe Stretches or Doming
  • Sit easily.
  • Place the fingers of both hands under the chunk of one foot and tenderly lift up.
  • Utilize your thumbs to tenderly press down on the highest points of the toes where they meet the foot to extend the toe joints.
  • Hold on for a span of 10 to 15 seconds and discharge.
  • Rehash the whole procedure 3 to 5 times.
  • As you’re extending check whether you can see the knuckles of the foot like you would see the knuckles of your hand in the event that you made a clenched hand.
  • In the event that you experience issues seeing the majority of your knuckles, invest somewhat additional energy in extending the toes that need to twist more to demonstrate the knuckles.

Lower leg Circles:

  • Gradually circle the whole foot from the lower leg in a full scope of movement.
  • Expressive through each of the toes as you travel through your circle.
  • Work through an in-number pointed position.
  • Work through a profound flexed position.
  • You can do either foot in the meantime or each at one in turn.
  • This should be possible situated, standing or setting it down
  • Circle the same for 5 to10 times in every heading

Toe Stretches with Pedicure Pads:

  • Buy a couple of pedicure cushions.
  • Having this between the toes serves to extend the toe and curve muscles.
  • Begin by utilizing the cushions to extend the toes separated when you’re situated.
  • Advancement to wearing them around the house while you’re strolling unshod to prompt the toes to spread and stretch.
  • Contingent upon your feet, you may do this for 2 to 3 times each week, or day by day.

Look for therapeutic help if:

  • The agony went ahead all of a sudden and is serious.
  • You can’t put any weight on your foot after harm.
  • Your foot agony is because of late harm.
  • The region bringing about your torment has an open injury.
  • You have foot agony and furthermore, have a therapeutic condition that meddles with the bloodstream.
  • You likewise have a fever.
  • The range bringing on you agony is red, aroused, or even both.

The treatment procedure at the doctor’s place:

Amid your arrangement, the specialist will most likely watch your stance and how you walk. He or she might likewise do a physical examination of your back, feet, and legs. The specialist will likewise need to know the subtle elements of your foot torment, for example, when it began, what parts of the feet are influenced, and how extreme it is. In the event that is fundamental, your specialist will arrange an X-beam. Treatment for your condition relies on the reason. For a few individuals, something as basic as shoe additions can give a lot of alleviation. Others may oblige a cast, wart evacuation, surgery, or exercise-based recuperation.

How to prevent chronic foot pain?

You can take numerous measures to help forestall continuous foot torment. For instance:

  • Pick agreeable, ample, and all around padded shoes.
  • Keep up a solid weight.
  • Dodge shoes with substantial heels and tight-toe ranges.
  • Practice great foot cleanliness.
  • Extend before captivating in incredible activity.
  • Continuously wear some kind of footwear when outside to secure your feet.

Some of the best-known foot massagers to help with foot pain:

If you are not satisfied with medicines and don’t have time for exercise then nothing can be better than a foot massager. There is a number of products available in the market but not all of them provide great relief. Here are some of the best and most appreciated foot massagers available in the market.

Homedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager

This particular foot massager provides a deep kneading technique that helps in soothing the feet with the help of 6 rotational head that is great for dual massage. The total nodes of the massager are about 18 and have soothing heat that is very useful for aching feet. Using the massager is an easy task and that too with the help of a toe-touch control.


  • It provides great relief to the feet.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is strong and sturdy.


  • According to some customers, it didn’t heat up much.

HoMedics FMS-200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager

The Homedics is one such foot massager that is available in the market which provides great support and relief to the feet.

The technology that is induced in the foot massager is a deep kneading effect that helps in exciting the foot in various ways and helps in improving the blood circulation of the body as well as the feet. The heat that is provided by the foot massager is very soothing for the feet.

The foot massager comes with a total of four massaging heads that provides greater and better coverage to the feet. The controls of the foot massager are easy because of the toe touch which is very user-friendly. The illumination of the foot massager comes with LED.


  • The heat provided by the massager is very good.
  • It comes to lightweight.
  • Using the foot massager is an easy business.
  • It provides good relief to the feet.
  • It is clamor-free.


  • Some people had experienced the sensation of tickling in their feet which they didn’t like. But accepting the sensation depends totally on the individual using the same.

Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager Personal Health Studio

The design of the foot massager is very much economical. The massager happens to target the pressure points in the calf muscles and also the soles of the feet. This whole process helps in providing relief to the nervous system of the human body which is very much complex.

The massage program of the massager comes with a total of 4 modes which are optional and does all kinds of work that are needed for a pain free foot. The actions that are performed by the massager are rolling, kneading, and providing different reflexology therapies for the betterment of the various organs of the body.

It additionally has three different modes that provide great relief to the three important portions of the feet like sole, tiptoe, and arch.

t exclusively depends on the individual to choose the mode so that the speed of the massage is adjusted accordingly. There are different kinds of pressure nodes that are situated beneath the soles of an individual’s feet and are very much important for reflexology therapy and for improving blood circulation in the body.

The massager can be operated with the help of a touch panel that comes in handy and is accompanied by a remote control. The fabric foot of the massager can be removed .he power assumption of the massager is about 40 wattages.


  • It is very easy to clean.
  • Using the massager is easy.
  • It provides good relief.


  • The instructions in the foot massager are all written in Chinese and are of no help to people who want to work on it with the help of the instructions.

The above treatment for foot pain relief may work to a certain extent and that too depends upon the extent of the pain from individual to individual if the person who is going through such pain goes through the same a lot then it is better to consult an expert without any delay.

Doctors recommend that ignoring any kind of pain in the feet can at one time turn into something very serious that might not resolve after a certain point of time. It is best on the part of the individual to take a close look at the problem or pain he or she is going through with their feet and treat the same.