Care of Your Foot Tattoo

Tattoos can not be the same on all parts of the body. The skin on the back or hips is different from the hands, face, and feet. Therefore, tattoos on the ankles look very unusual, but they require special and careful care because the skin is very tender and sensitive there.

The tattoo on the feet requires special care, which is not very difficult. You need to follow simple guidelines, and your skin will look amazing and bright.

If you have done a tattoo, you need to take care of the skin because it is stressful for your body. Watch for the health of your feet, and your tattoo will remain beautiful and bright for long.

Limit the Wearing of Shoes

Tattoos irritate your skin after application, so you need to limit the wearing of shoes. It is necessary to protect the skin in the tattoo area so that shoes and socks do not rub and irritate it.

It is not recommended to do a tattoo in the winter, do it in the summer when you can wear open shoes and not rub irritated skin. The tattoo should heal, so do not cover it with a band-aid, cloth, or a bandage.

There is another reason why you should limit wearing shoes. Shoes and socks accumulate sweat, and the skin can not breathe. This can lead to irritation, itching, and the appearance of germs. If you need to walk in shoes every day, it is better not to do a tattoo.

It is very beautiful, but it requires attentive care to avoid unpleasant consequences. Make a tattoo on vacation, give it time to heal for about 2 weeks, and then you can enjoy a cool and beautiful look.

The Process and Time of Healing Depends on the Size of Your Tattoo

You may feel pain after applying for a tattoo; this pain can be severe if your tattoo is big. If the tattoo is smaller than a coin, it heals very quickly and does not cause pain or discomfort.

Such a tattoo needs to be dry and clean, and it will look wonderful. If the tattoo is large, the healing process will be longer, and the skin needs special care. Have patience because beauty requires sacrifice.

Tattoo on One or Two Feet

If you want to do a tattoo on both legs, you do not need to do them immediately. Do one tattoo and give it time to heal, and then do the second on the second leg. This will help ease the pain, and it will be easier for you to take care of the tattoo.

What to Do with Swelling and Bruising

Swelling or bruising may appear after applying a tattoo. In the first few days, you can feel discomfort or pain. If this happens, you need to go home and put a packet of ice in the swollen place.

Please do not use the ointment because it closes the skin’s pores, and the tattoo can not breathe. Let the irritated skin calm down. It can take a couple of days.

Keep the Tattoo Clean

The tattoo should be washed to keep the skin dry and clean. Take a simple soft soap and gentle circular motions to wash the tattoo’s placement. Rinse the soap with cold water to relieve swelling and pain. If you feel that the tattoo is slippery, you do not need to panic – this is plasma.

Plasma needs to be washed away completely; otherwise, you risk getting scabs and infection. It can lead to terrible pain and a lot of different problems.

The tattoo needs to be moistened because soap dries the skin and can make it rough and peel off. Use an ointment or lotion, but they should not contain chemicals or bad, harmful ingredients.

Experts advise using the product without petroleum jelly because this component can remove the ink from your tattoo.

Drink More Water

Many people have problems with foot swelling due to insufficient water intake. If you are overweight or go in for sports, your body spends more fluids, and you need to restore it. Your tattoo and irritated skin also need to be moistened from the outside and the inside.

Drink clean water, which will be eliminated from the body, restoring your water balance. Raise your feet above your waist and put a packet of ice on the tattoo. If you drink a lot of water and apply ice, your tattoo will heal quickly and painlessly.

The healing of your tattoo depends on the blood circulation level, so you need to maintain it in a normal state. You can do mild exercises to improve blood circulation. This will allow you to knead your body and improve the heart work.

When to go to the Doctor

The first few days are particularly difficult for tattoos. Redness, swelling, bruising, or pain is a common phenomenon. No need to panic or be afraid. If these symptoms occur on the 4th or 5th day, you need to visit a doctor.

A tattoo is very irritating to the skin and damages its cover, so an infection or infestation may appear. Feet are located near the ground, so the tattoo always gets dust and dirt.

What is the Healing Period of an Ankle Tattoo?

The skin can fully recover in 2-3 months, so you need patience. The skin creates a new cover on the implanted paint during healing. You can wear shoes after two weeks because the swelling has disappeared. Wash your tattoo and treat it with the right tool after wearing shoes.

If you need to be in the sun, you should protect the tattoo on your skin. Use special sunscreen with a high protection factor. Do not close your tattoo with a cloth or band-aid because the skin needs free circulation of oxygen.

There are many factors for a safe and beautiful tattoo, so follow the recommendations of specialists. With a few simple tips, you will have healthy skin and a beautiful tattoo for a long time.