Linen Towers vs. Linen CabinetsIs there a difference between the two?

Space is a precious commodity.

There are just too many people around the world crowding themselves in metropolitan areas.

People who live in big cities know exactly how it feels when space is just not enough. High-quality linen cabinets 2019.

To solve this space problem, people have designed multi-functional rooms and furniture. They serve more than one purpose but they consume the same space. They are brilliant ideas for homes which badly need additional space.

Linen cabinets and linen towers are the go-to things when it comes to organizing a bathroom. They also make great decorations for dead space.

They are aesthetically appealing but they serve their purpose. Most people prefer linen cabinets, others go for linen towers.

What is the difference between the two? Is there even any?

Yes Linen cabinets and linen tower are the same things

Most people think the two are one and the same. They are right. Linen cabinets and linen towers have become synonymous.

There is no difference between the two anymore. In fact, when you go to a store to buy a linen cabinet or a linen tower, you will be given the same thing.

If there is a difference between the two, it is so small that people do not even notice it, or people just do not care as long as they have storage space.

Linen towers are slender and taller versions of linen cabinets. They usually fit in a corner of the bathroom.

They are suitable for small families who need only minimal storage. These are mainly used for day to day towel needs.

For other bathroom necessities, other things can be used for storage like baskets or hampers. Larger families are better off using linen cabinets in order to have ample storage for linens.

How to Organize Linen Cabinets and Linen Towers

Ideal linen cabinets or linen towers should allow a person to see what he needs and get it without any trouble.

No matter how much we want our linen cabinets and towers to look great, sometimes we just do not have the time because of the busy schedule at work or at home.

However, there comes a time when our linens will cry for help and attention. When this happens it is time to get organized.

The organization is a time-consuming process so make sure that you do this when you have free time, like on a weekend perhaps.

Pull out everything from the closet and sort them into categories or groups. For example, pillows, blankets, towels, and toiletries.

Sort through the pile; throw away things which are expired and things which are completely worn out. Linens that have been outgrown and which are no longer used but still in very good condition should be donated or given away.

Cleaning a linen tower or linen cabinet

Clean the shelves and drawers of your linen cabinets and towers with the use of lint-free cloth. Add extra shelving or remove extra shelving whenever necessary.

Most cabinets and towers have wide and high shelves but be careful not to cramp things. Things should not tumble down in a pile when you pull out something.

Leave enough room. Line the shelves first with acid-free paper before putting the linens.

Things that are not often used should be placed on the topmost shelf. Things that are used frequently should be accessed easily.

Towels and other linens can be sorted according to size or usage. Seasonal items should be placed behind everyday items. Rule of thumb is those which are used frequently should be the easiest to get.


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