One of the most common questions we receive is whether massage chairs are safe to use in pregnancy. It’s a perfectly valid question; after all it is in pregnancy that many ladies experience an increase in joint and muscle pain on account of the baby growing inside them. Massage can be an excellent way to relieve this discomfort without needing to rely on potentially-risky drugs.

That said, no caring mother would ever want to harm their unborn child, so what is the answer?

Seek Professional Advice

The first and most important consideration when it comes to massage chairs and pregnancy is to speak to your doctor. Explain the discomfort you’re experiencing and ask for their professional advice on whether a massage chair is safe to use.

Your doctor will have a better understanding of your pregnancy than anyone else, and so should be able to provide the most accurate and medically-relevant advice possible.

Broadly Speaking

Over the last few years we’ve heard from a number of potential mothers and spoken to a number of massage chair manufacturers. The general advice is that ladies shouldn’t use massage chairs when pregnant.

While your doctor may disagree with this advice (and I would advise you to follow their guidance) if in doubt it is best to avoid massage chairs before birth.

Specialist Pregnancy Massage Chairs

Before you completely write off massage chairs as a bad idea during pregnancy it is worth noting that there is actually a massage chair designed specifically for pregnant or nursing mothers. The Inada YuMe – the only massage chair we know of that has been specifically designed with pregnant or nursing ladies in mind.

inada Yu me Massage chair

If you are pregnant and are considering purchasing a massage chair to make the whole experience more enjoyable you may well want to consider this as a holistic and natural option for pain relief and easier sleep – both for you and for baby.


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