OSIM UPhoria foot massager

OSIM uPhoria Foot Massager Review

Whenever we come back from a hard day’s work, it is our legs and our calves that trouble us the most. Sometimes due to extreme soreness and tiredness, it feels that these legs should be replaced by new and energetic ones.

You must have tried quite a few massagers but those massagers do not work up to match your expectations and even if there is some relief from pain, the soreness does not go by. However, the new OSIM uPhoria Foot and Calf massager will take care of every worry of yours and you will have a great experience using it.

A Look at The OSIM uPhoria Foot Massager

Pros: Unlike other machines, this foot massager is a very powerful one. It will give you a premium-quality massage, and you feel like using it over and over again. It comes with various features, like the 5 programmable massages which aid in delivering a personalized massage!

Cons: Since this beast is so powerful, you might experience some bruises after using it. It just goes ham when it delivers its massage and it can cause some injuries, so be careful. Other than that, the price is the only concern. It is not a cheap option, however, it is worth every penny.

Features of the OSIM uPhoria

To begin with, this massager is not just for your feet but for your calves also. It allows your calves to be at rest and most importantly makes them relaxed. The massage experience will be akin to that of a premium spa’s foot and calf massage service.

This massager works on the Chinese martial arts philosophy of Tui-Na in which this massager massages through your deep tissues. The effect of the massage can be felt well within the body which is unlike the other massagers, where the massage or the relief happens only at the superficial level.

Due to the massage being tissue deep, the massage really soothes along all the meridian points of the leg. This really creates a wave like effect in your leg. A soothing wave or ripple like effect is thus produced.

In fact, the massager has a wraparound squeeze massage, in which, your legs will be totally engulfed by the massager and then they will be massaged by pressing or squeezing. There are rollers that provide the traditional massages on your feet. These rollers are of great help in making the soreness go away. There are vibrators that shake the whole fundamentals of your legs and calves. These vibrators also affect your thighs and make the overall tiredness vanish. This OSIM uPhoria Foot and Calf massager also provides warmth to your feet so that you feel snug and dry in your legs.


The OSIM uPhoria has a five program schedule that gives the user the added benefit of choosing various pain relieving programs. One is the program of relax which allows the users to feel relaxed.

Another of those five programs is the reflexology program where a certain calf gliding technique is used so that the blood circulation of your legs gets going. Another program is that of sleep mode. Manual Glide and knead are the rest of the two programs.

It does not matter which program you choose, the special Tui-Na technique really gives that special deep tissue massaging effect and it makes your leg become fresher and stronger for the coming days’ hard work. The only small disadvantage of this machine can be that this machine is quite brusque on your legs and is not that gentle.

However, with the passage of time, you tend to enjoy that roughness, as it helps in making your legs and claves become more

The Verdict

Ultimately the OSIM uPhoria is a beast. It is not like the other foot massagers, in that the OSIM uPhoria is basically like a hardcore massager. In other words, you can call this machine to be the most powerful foot massager on today’s market. If you want the most out of your massages than this machine will definitely massage you till your feet are relaxed completely.

Now, for some people the price of this foot massager might be an issue. It goes for $600 and for a foot massager it is not cheap at all, in fact it is quite expensive. Think about it like this, are you willing to spend $600 to have more healthy feet?

After a long day of walking, running and long hours of driving don’t your feet deserve some rest? Of course they do! Therefore spending that much money is more of a long-term investment. All the other decent foot massagers a couple of hundred dollars.

Most likely after a few years, they will wear out, however, the OSIM uPhoria is a machine that will last you years if not generations!

So, if you want a powerful machine that can also serve as a perfect gift than the OSIM uPhoria is for you!