raised toilet seatPart of helping seniors to be more independent includes providing them with the things they need to be able to live in their homes comfortably and without fear of injury.

Things such as a raised toilet seat help seniors to retain more of their independence for longer, while maintaining their privacy and keeping them safe from injury.

As we age our mobility decreases, things such as bending over, sitting and climbing steps can become much more difficult and increase the risk of injury from falls.

Hip, back or knee surgery can also cause problems and make it more difficult for you to perform simple tasks such as going to the bathroom or taking a shower.

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Aids For the Seniors

Thankfully more products are being made all the time to help seniors overcome these problems without the help of a full-time helper. A barrier-free shower or raised toilet seats can make all the difference in the ability of a senior to live in their own home longer.

While there are a number of products available to assist a senior with the day to day tasks there are a few that are a bit more important.

Equipping a bathroom for seniors is particularly important as these tasks are essential in daily living and tasks such as these can easily cause injury due to their nature.

Equipping a bathroom for a senior may take a bit of work but it will bring the peace of mind of avoiding injuries by doing such things as making floors non-slippery with rugs or non-skid floors, installing a sitting shower and a toilet raised seat.

Equip Your Shower For The Seniors

Your shower should include a no barrier entrance and a non-skid floor, to ensure that your senior is at no risk or falling or being stuck in the shower.

Shower controls should keep the senior from having to bend to reach them and the shower should have a heat control to prevent the senior from accidentally scalding themselves because they slip when using the faucet.

A raised toilet seats should be high enough that your senior keeps their weight above their knees and a handle should be installed near the raised toilet seat that allows them to steady themselves when they are trying to get on and off the toilet.

Equipping the bathroom for your senior does not have to cost a lot of money nor does it need to require a lot of remodeling. Most mobility improvements can be done with little effort and on a budget.

Properly Choosing a Raised Toilet Seat

Raised toilet seats are designed with the purpose of helping people that have limited mobility and need a safer way to raised and lower from the toilet.

Elevated toilet seats help those with arthritis or joint pain by decreasing the distance they must sit from a standing position to their toilet.

Raised toilet seats can fit on most toilets including elongated style toilet seats. There are several different types of designs to fit any persons needs such as toilet seats with or without arms and also padded raised toilet seats.

Always be sure that the raised toilet seat is correctly and securely in place before using. Physically challenged users should be supervised or assisted whenever using an elevated toilet seat.

Toilet Seat Risers are designed for use with the most common types of commodes. It will not fit all commode types; be sure that the toilet riser is correctly installed, fits properly and is stable before use.

Raised Toilet Seats With Arms

On raised toilet seats with arms remember the arms are for the purpose of providing assistance when getting on and off the seat.

DO NOT try to use the arms to support full body weight during transfer, as this may result in failure of the raised toilet seat.

Elevated Toilet seats come in different heights from 2 inches to 6 inches. Most toilet seat risers are around 5 inches tall. Also, most raised toilet seats have a weight capacity of 250lbs unless it is specified as a bariatric (obese) raised toilet seat.

Make sure when choosing your toilet seat riser that if you require assistance with sitting and standing and are somewhat unstable on your feet the more safe option for you would be the raised toilet seat with arms.

Most toilet seats are lightweight and portable and easily attach to the toilet bowl without any tools.

Cleaning your raised toilet seat

1. Use a non-abrasive detergent or household cleaner with warm water
2. Rinse with warm water and wipe dry. Regular cleaning of the Raised Toilet Seat is recommended. Wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth and allow all surfaces to dry before use.
3. DO NOT USE AN ABRASIVE CLEANER OR CLOTH with this product, as damage may ensue.
4. Regular inspection of parts for deformation, corrosion, breakage, wear or compression is recommended.


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