Conair Foot Spa

Review of the Conair Foot Spa

In these present times, one word which seems to catch up due to our fast-paced lives of ours is stress. Relaxation in such times becomes quite essential as it is one of the best ways to distress. Many times we may feel the need for a foot spa and it would be really good if we had something of this sort in the comfort of our homes.

Well, this is possible with the Conair Foot Spa which is a decent foot spa. For all those who wish to provide their feet with great relaxation, this product is for you

In-Depth Review of the Conair Foot Spa

Pros: The Conair foot spa comes with many features, whether it be the waterfall feature or the 3 pedicure attachments it comes with. It also has very powerful bubbles, and foot rollers for each foot, and also provides light therapy. Overall, this foot spa is packed with many features and is worth it for the low price.

Cons: Now, the downside is the heating issues. The one and only major problem are that the Conair foot spa is incapable of maintaining its temperature. Other than that size, noise and comfortableness can be some minor problems depending on your personal preference

The Good Side Of The Conair Foot Spa

sn’t it true that after the hectic schedule of the day our feet may be in need of soothing? The rush of the day, routine and other activities seem to tire our feet a lot and in such situations, we need something which can put our feet to rest. 

This Conair Foot Spa has features like light, bubbles, and heat. The first thing you may notice after seeing this Foot Spa is its gorgeous appearance and you would feel like dipping your legs in this small machine right away.

If you are someone who takes regular trips to salons for spas then why not try this product to experience the feeling of a salon at home? This way you could distress yourself right at your house.


Speaking of features, the Conair Foot Spa has three touch push-buttons which are for three purposes namely switching on and off LED or bubbles, putting on and off the waterfall, and for high or low bubbles. So, one can experience all these features in a single machine.

The temperature of war water placed into the footbath would be maintained by the heat feature. This machine is sophisticated and it looks good too.

This machine comes with three pedicure attachments which comprise of brush, pumice, and massage-plug-rest along with two-foot rollers that are on each side.

For the relaxation setting, there is one blue LED light on each side of the base of the unit. So, there is no need to worry about relaxation with this machine. But the most appealing feature of Conair Foot Spa seems to be the waterfall.

This is truly amazing and innovative as it would offer the much needed relaxation for your feet and just help you to get rid of all the exhaustion. If you have to experience full bubble action to soothe your soles then this is the option for you. The tops of your feet will be taken care of with the creative waterfall massages by pampering your toes.

This foot spa would offer you great luxury with its soft touch massage attachments. With all these superb features, if you are thinking about how to operate this machine, then you will be delighted to know that this is quite simple to operate. Further, it also provides added stability due to its nonslip feature.

Now For The Bad Side

Though this machine offers great relaxation for your feet, we feel one factor that could have been improved is its size. Some may say the Conair Foot Spa is a bit small for them and this can be a real bummer.

Your feet might be too large and may not be able to make use of the foot roller attachments, which might make your feet uncomfortable due to the texture.

One major issue with this foot massager is that it is not capable of maintaining its warmth. When you insert the hot water inside, many times it will not be able to maintain its temperature. Yes, yet again there is another problem, and this time it has to do with noise.

This machine can be really loud when turned on, especially with the bubbles and the lights.

The Bottom Line

So, you might be wondering well there are so many issues with this foot spa why should I buy it? Well, depending on the type of person you are you might actually enjoy this spa. For example, if you don’t have large feet then guess what?

You could comfortably use the foot rollers. It all depends on personal preference. However, there is no doubt that if you are looking for a spa that can heat up properly this is not the one. But, on the good side, the Conair Foot Spa is pretty cheap.

Sometimes when we buy cheap items we often recall ourselves with the ”you get what you pay for” cliché. Nevertheless, this is a good option to relax your feet as it is packed with some truly amazing features. It is due to these features we feel that the Conair Foot Spa deserves to be tried.