Using a shiatsu foot massager is a unique way through which you can easily get relief from stress.

The shiatsu foot massage is known to be a technique that is adopted by Oriental medicine that focuses on certain organs and glands that can be responsible for certain diseases.

It is a therapy that concentrates on certain pressure points that help to promote proper functioning of body systems. After a long and tiring day, you probably want to have a massage, and you have to look no further than the shiatsu foot massager.

What is a Shiatsu Massage?

Believe it or not, Shiatsu originates from Japan. It has two main parts of the equation the “shi” part and the “atsu” part. Shi means finger and atsu means pressure. If you combine these two words they will form Shiatsu, in other words, “finger pressure” or sometimes referred to as “Zen Shiatsu”.

It is similar to the Chinese acupressure, however, it aims to restore energy balance by using a whole-body massage and stimulating various pressure points.

Top 5 Shiatsu Foot massagers

You will come across with different products in a market that offer the shiatsu foot massage therapy. But our top 3 shiatsu foot massagers are as follows:

  1. HoMedics FMS-200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager

The HoMedics massager FMS 200H is known to be an entry level massager that can relieve your tiredness and help to relax the muscles of toes, feet, and calves. It comes with four shiatsu massage heads that can rotate in different directions.

It moves from inner sides of feet to outer sides. Therefore, any of these four-massage heads will offer a deep soothing massage. The tired feet can be healed through a proper message.

There is the availability of easy to touch control button which can be used depending on your convenience. It is designed to activate the infrared heat therapy suitable to your needs.

The therapy focuses on soothing infrared technology that is quite a proven technique in present time to relief your pain and stress.

Within 15 minutes you will feel the difference and can have a soothing effect on your feet. This shiatsu foot massager comes with an LED illuminator which helps you to see which function is presently activated.

Overall I would say that this makes for a great foot massager, either for personal use or for a gift.

  1. Reflex Roller Shiatsu Foot Massager

The Reflex Roller is known to be a unique foot massager. It is a machine that contains a circular rolling pad that helps the user to get the relaxing kneading massage action.

The Reflex Roller not only focuses on foot pain but also gives relief from back and neck pain.

There is a flexibility to adjust the pressure of the massager just by applying additional padding on massage pads.The Reflex Roller is an impressive massager available in the market. With variable speed control features, it allows the increase of blood circulation.

However here is what it lacks. It is not a durable product as it can last only for a year if used on a regular basis.

One of the disadvantages of the product is that the unit sometimes makes a squeaking sound if the foot is placed too hard against rollers.

Other than that it serves as an awesome foot massager and it is a very affordable product.

  1. Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Shiatsu Foot Massager

This shiatsu foot massager is ergonomically designed in that it basically targets the sensitive points of the calf muscles and the soles of the feet. It gives a lot of relief to the feet and helps you to relax and enjoy an automatic massage with 4 optional modes to choose from.

These are kneading, massaging and rolling. This gives a great relaxation and as well as a wonderful therapy to the foot. The arch of the foot, tiptoe and the sole of the foot are targeted by 3 custom modes of this machine.

This is an excellent machine which improves the blood circulation. You can adjust the speed of the machine and as well as the massaging directions by the several adjusting modes.

This is surely one of the best foot massagers available in the market.


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