Steve Madden Sandals

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Summer’s in high gear, and the easiest way to update your look is to grab a pair of trendy Steve Madden sandals. Coming in at under $100 a pair, you can afford to add a few of these sandals to your wardrobe without worrying if they’ll be “in” next year.

Have some fun in the sun in sky-high cork wedges, funky flatforms, and everything in between.

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1. Steve Madden Women’s Travel Flat Sandal

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2. Women’s Lilah Heeled Sandal

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3. Steve Madden Women’s Donddi Sandal

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4. Tessi Flat Sandal

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5. Steve Madden Women’s Kimmie Espadrille Wedge Sandal

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6. Women’s Grace Slide Sandal By Steve Madden

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7. Steve Madden Women’s Irenee Heeled Sandal

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8. Steve Madden Women’s Newbie Flat Sandal

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9. Women’s Kenley Heeled Sandal

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10. Steve Madden Women’s Feliz Dress Sandal

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11. Women’s Carrson Heeled Sandal by Steve Madden

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12. Steve Madden Women’s Clearer Dress Sandal

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Why Choose Steve Madden Sandals?

The comfort provided by sandals makes them the favorite footwear for most people. Another factor that adds to the popularity of this footwear is its versatile character and availability in an extensive range of designs to suit an individual’s style and taste.

Because of their versatility and comfort level, people often overlook many no-nos of wearing sandals. Like any other shoe, sandals need to be used, considering certain social conventions.

If you are also among people who love to wear sandals, ensure that you follow these no-nos while wearing your favorite footwear. Observing these precautions makes you and also this footwear more acceptable socially.

Types of Sandals

Here’s a selection of sandals for you, comprised after spending a lot of time searching stores, physical and online. Lest you get confused, the hottest styles have been grouped into six tempting categories. So, rush to get your choicest ones before anybody else can:

1. Platforms

You’ll find many variations of platform sandals, but can you recall the style you patronized while at high school during the 70s? Yes, these are back in fashion and still look very cute.

Platform sandals are distinguished by their thick sole with a comparatively more consistent height from toe to heel. These are quite like a combination of a flat and a wedge.

Platform sandals enable you to gain height without involving the risks associated with shaky sandals. These are often preferred due to their comfortable style and stability while making you look taller.

Platform sandals never remain unnoticed. On using these stout sandals with a skirt or pants going up to just the ankles, you would hate to keep them covered.

You’ll find these tips helpful in your search for a pair of comfortable sandals:

Various materials like wood, cork, or hard plastics may be used to make soles of platform sandals. Cork with shock-absorbing properties will keep your feet cushioned. If your job demands a lot of walking or extended hours of standing, you will do well by going for a sole made with rubber, cork, or flexible plastic.

The height of the heel is not an issue when buying platform sandals. Though some are designed with a bit of slant from arch to heel, it is rarely more than half an inch.

If you are already used to wearing exceptionally high heels, you won’t have any problems with these sandals, but if you are used to flats, it will take you some time before you get accustomed to them.

Take your time to check the comfort level of the platform sandals you get inclined to buy or order online. Walk around for a while on a non-carpeted floor with sandals on. The slightest discomfort should move you away to try a different pair that fits you perfectly well at any point in your soles.

2. Wedges

Wedge sandals are close to their platform cousins, except their height differs dramatically and may go up to six inches!

It’s enjoyable wearing and searching for an appropriate pair of wedge sandals from an endless variety. You can use them for any part of the day and even at night with stylish or casual designs at work or while socializing. Their availability in countless designs may prove challenging to get the perfect design for any occasion.

It would help if you had a prolonged thought before you decided to wear wedge sandals at your workplace. It’s best to avoid very high heels at work. Look for something made from traditional materials in single conformist colors.

Depending on the environs at your office, you may take a few liberties. It is recommended to check with your HR department if they have any dress code.

Casual and poolside parties offer the best opportunities for showing off your wedge sandals. They go well with a floral dress in summer colors and walking shorts or ruffled tanks. They look equally good with a pareo wrap or sexy-looking swimsuit. It’s fun to wear your wedge sandals in teasing designs for outdoor gatherings.

A night out necessarily needs striking pair of wedge sandals. Those in snakeskin or metallic colors are sure to raise your LBD. Pair these with a mini romper in printed silk and skin-tight pants.

3. Flats

Unarguably, platform and wedge sandals are much in vogue, but you can’t overlook the modest flat sandal. Many people love using these.

If you don’t like to show up in a crowd, you’ll feel happy and contented with flat sandals. They may not be flamboyant like their cousins due to a lack of heels, but it will be wrong to conclude that people with taste and style do not patronize them.

Being lightweight, flat sandals give the feeling of walking barefoot. Perhaps, that’s why it is good to avoid using these for formal occasions. Nevertheless, you get decorated and embroidered flats that may go well with some of your evening wear.

Flat sandals with fragile straps are a favorite of many. Being lightweight, they make an ideal combination with skirts, summer dresses, Capris, crop pants, and shorts. You’ll find them going exceedingly well with almost everything connected with summers. They are not ideal at the office, but you could certainly have them as a part of your summer wardrobe.

4. Flip Flops

You’ll hardly find anything else as affordable as the flip-flops. These are most frequently used at the beach or poolside. You can also have a stylish variety made from leather in vivid colors.

Even their most common forms are available in rainbow shades, decorated with crystals, ribbons, and beadings. They are suitable for nearly any setting, though many fashionable restaurants and offices don’t welcome visitors wearing flip flops.

The only downside, if one may call it so, is the noise they produce, especially when you are walking on any uncovered surface like wood or tiles.
On the whole, flip-flops have more pluses than the one negative, and people love using them for most of the summer.

5. Strappy Heels

No style of sandals on its own can beat the looks of a sandal with strappy heels. Strappy heel sandals add to your dressing up. If you are using a sexy cocktail dress, they certainly draw attention to your legs, as they add an element of grace to your wedding gown and look stunning with a mini skirt. High heel strappy sandals pair well with harem pants and a silk blazer. They’re remarkably adaptable.

It would help if you were watchful when buying strappy heel sandals as their flimsy part often fails to provide the necessary support, making it difficult for you to wear them when you have to remain standing for long intervals or while dancing.

Ensure to buy the correct length. With such sandals, your complete foot must get a solid foundation. The straps should prevent your foot from sliding and hold it firmly in place without rubbing or cutting your toes or feet.

Rubbing straps of strappy sandals, howsoever well-fitting, can pose problems. It’ll be a good idea to procure strap cushions while buying sandals. They prove comfortable as they stick on the underside of the strap to reduce irritation caused by rubbing.

6. Low Heels

Those who cannot manage sandals with strappy heels will most often settle for sandals with low heels. These can be as stylish and smart without being so painful. These multifaceted sandals are equally suitable for your office or an informal weekend getaway.

Low-heel sandals provide maximum comfort and come with stylish, feminine looks. The heel in their case is less than two inches, making them great for women who are not keen to look taller.

You’ll find low-heel sandals in numerous styles and designs. You can have these with wide-toe, ankle straps, heel straps, and too thin. The types of their heels are equally varied, allowing you to opt for cone-shaped, kitten, block and wedge heels, and many more.

What to Avoid When Wearing Sandals

1: Wearing sandals that are too small for your feet

Wearing tiny sandals makes your feet uncomfortable, making you feel like your feet were packed like a pack of sardines. They overwhelm your feet.

2: Wearing slack sandals

It’s not good to wear too long or big sandals that loosely fit your feet. They are misfits for your feet. Moreover, wearing loose sandals adversely affects your poise and how you walk. Indeed, you have more chances of slipping or tripping.

3: Using open-toe sandals with unclean nails

You shouldn’t ever wear open sandals with dirty or unkempt nails. That doesn’t imply that you have to go for a pedicure every time you want to wear open-toe sandals. You can make your nails clean and presentable by simply cleaning and trimming them.

4: Not removing cracked polish

Ensure there are no traces of cracked nail polish on your nails before you decide to wear open-toe sandals. Even with stylishly executed nail art, you are taking a chance! Again, it doesn’t mean you have to rush for a pedicure. You may be lacking time or money for such a treatment.

The best option in such a situation is to remove leftover nail polish with a cotton ball soaked in acetone. Finally, brush your nails using soap solution and pat them dry.

5: Sporting tight-fitting toe rings

No doubt that toe rings look attractive as long as they don’t become too tight on your toes and pinch your flesh. On becoming too tight, they restrict the blood flow to the toe they are hugging and make it look like a tiny sausage.

6: Sporting loosely fitting toe rings

Likewise, one should avoid using pretty loose rings. You may lose those while walking. Moreover, with a loosely fitting toe ring, you are inclined to stumble for fear of their coming off the toes.

It’s no fun having them on when they spoil your poise and adversely affect your liveliness.

7: Choosing the wrong variety of sandals

It would help if you considered a couple of factors while selecting your pair of sandals. Mind the material employed for making these and the place you intend to visit or the function you may be attending.

When talking of materials, you should know that certain materials like rubber, plastic, and faux leather induce sweating. You should avoid using these materials if there is excessive perspiring around your feet. Instead, it would help if you opted to use sandals made from cotton or have an absorbent lining.

You also get antiperspirant products that help keep sweat to a minimum level. The other option for you will be to use absorbent insoles.

You can’t afford to overlook the occasion or place you intend to visit. For instance, it’s good to avoid using rubber sandals in informal or semi-formal places like churches, offices, and schools.

Avoid wearing flip-flops with any clubwear. Likewise, sandals with open toes are better suited for areas that don’t demand so much formality.

8: Ignoring the correct heel height

As you would know, the heel forms one of the essential features of any sandal, making it imperative for you to be careful to choose one with the appropriate height.

If you will use sandals rather frequently or if your job demands you to keep standing or walking for long hours, you should prefer using sandals with heels of low to moderate height. It will be a brilliant idea to buy a few pairs of varying sizes and wear one that best suits the occasion.

9: Rocking worn-out or spoiled sandals

Don’t ever use a worn-out pair. If you want to use damaged sandals, make sure they are suitably repaired. If a pair is beyond repair, it’s best to discard it and get a new one.

It is a good habit to check your sandals before putting them on, as it saves you from the embarrassment due to their breaking down on the way if they had a slight flaw initially.

10: Using Scotch tape or band-aid to fix

Like the No-no #9, don’t ever try fixing your broken sandals with a band or tape. However, in case of an extreme emergency when your sandals give way suddenly, perhaps you have no other option but to employ this trick or walk barefoot.

Otherwise, could you take it as forbidden? When it’s not possible to repair your sandals, use an alternate pair or buy a new one.

Why Opt for Arch Support Sandals?

The primary function of arc support is to provide support to the arches of your feet. Though regular shoes can incorporate arch supports, it is better to have shoes with built-in arch supports. Orthopedics especially recommends arch support sandals for people having issues with a higher arch or flat feet.

It is healthy to patronize these even if you have no such issues. High or low arch usually causes stressed joints that one can avoid by patronizing footwear with arch support.

There is no shortage of stylish orthopedic shoes in today’s market. Sandals that provide arc support are far better than ill-fitting sandals known to cause leg injuries. Arc support sandals for men and women are lightweight.

They keep foot muscles relaxed. Besides the basic configuration of arch support footwear, it’s also the design of their outer sole and footbed that adds to your comfort level. The design of regular footwear usually doesn’t consider the aspect of heel contour, soft footbed, and good outer sole to give maximum comfort.


Sandals are casual, comfortable, and versatile. Nevertheless, like any other footwear, you need to consider a few things while buying or wearing this footwear. Most of us are passing through difficult economic times, and money is hard to come by these days.

Therefore, one should carefully choose comfortable and appropriate sandals that last long. It’s worth spending time looking for suitable material.

Though well-crafted sandals made from durable materials are costlier, they are generally cost-effective. They are worth investing in rather than buying a cheaper variety that wears off soon after being used a couple of times.