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The 10 Best Shower Grab Bars (2021 Reviews)

Shower Grab Bars Shower grab bars and toilet safety frames are made and designed for people that have trouble or need assistance when sitting and standing in the bathroom.

Some people use toilet safety rails because of recent hip or knee surgery and cannot put as much pressure on their legs and need help pushing off to get up from a toilet or commode.

Bathroom grab bars are very convenient and are very easy to attach to the back of the toilet frame by a bracket that holds it securely in place and keeps it from moving.

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Bathroom Grab Reviews

1. Carex Suction Shower Grab Bar

Carex Suction Shower Grab Bar – 12” Ultra Grip Shower Handle - Dual Locking Grab Bars for Bathtubs and Showers – Seniors, Disabled, Handicap, Elderly Assistance Product

2. Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 11.5″ Balance Assist Bar

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 11.5" Balance Assist Bar

3. Moen 8724 24-Inch Grab Bar, Stainless Steel

Moen 8724 Home 24-Inch Bathroom Grab Bar, Stainless

4. Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 16″ Bath & Shower Handle

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 16" Bath & Shower Handle

5. Vive Metal Grab Bar – Balance Handrail Shower Assist

Vive Metal Grab Bar - Balance Handrail Shower Assist - Bathroom and Bathtub Mounted Safety Hand Support Rail - Stainless Steel Wall Mount for Handicap, Bath Handle, Elderly, Disabled, Injury (12 Inch)

6. Moen LR2356DCH 16-Inch Grab Bar with Shelf, Chrome

Moen LR2356DCH Home Care 16-Inch Screw-in Curved Bath Safety Grab Bar with Built-in Shelf, Chrome

7. Delta Faucet DSQ5924-BN Harvard Square Decorative Bathroom Safety Grab Bar, 24″ x 1 1/4 inch, Satin Nickel

Delta Faucet DSQ5924-BN Harvard Square Decorative Bathroom Safety Grab Bar, 24" x 1 1/4 inch, Satin Nickel

8. OXO Good Grips StrongHold Suction Balance Assist Bar for Bath and Shower with Non-Slip Grip

OXO 1436280 Good Grips Suction Grip Bar,White

9. Franklin Brass 5616 1-1/2-Inch x 16-Inch Concealed Mount Safety Bath and Shower Grab Bar, Stainless

Franklin Brass 5616 1-1/2-Inch x 16-Inch Concealed Mount Safety Bath and Shower Grab Bar, Stainless

10. 12 Inch Stainless Steel Shower Grab Bar

12 Inch Stainless Steel Shower Grab Bar - ZUEXT Shower Handle, Bathroom Balance Bar - Safety Hand Rail Support - Handicap, Elderly, Injury, Senior Assist Bath Handle (w/ Self-adhesive Stick-on Hook)

Toilet Safety bars

Toilet Safety bars come in many different models but stay consistent in what they can do.

The safety rails can be adjusted for height for different size patients and also can be adjusted for width for those bathrooms with very small areas around the toilets by increasing and decreasing the width within the arms.

The toilet safety frames arms fold back for cleaning and are easily removed for patient transfers. The average weight capacity of a toilet safety frame is 250lbs and they average around 3lbs in weight.

Shower grab bars are usually associated with elderly people or individuals with a handicap who need the added support while showering. However, over 70 of accidents in the home occur in the bathroom. The installation of shower grab bars is a great way of preventing accidents in the bathroom.

The Two Types of Shower Grab Bars

There are two types of grab bars available on the market that you can choose from. They are removable and fixed shower grab bars. Let’s look at them in slightly more detail.

Removable Shower Grab Bars

The first type of grab bar is removable. These are convenient because they attach to the wall easily with a suction cup on each end of the bar.

To use this type of shower grab bar, all you do is to position the bar where you want it, press it against the wall and flip the button at each end. What this does is attach the grab bar to the wall by creating a vacuum in the suction cups.

One of the greatest advantages of this type of grab bar is that it is easy to install. You are also easily able to adjust them to any location in your shower or bathtub.

If you are going to be traveling, you can easily bring this type of grab bar with you to help you feel secure when showering or bathing in a hotel.

The main disadvantage associated with removable shower grab bars is that they are not created to support a person’s weight. Their main purpose is to act as a guide for balance while showering.

Because it is easy for the suction cups to release, a person putting their weight onto the bar can cause it to detach from the wall. This could possibly lead to injury for the person holding onto the grab bar.

Fixed Shower Grab Bars

For a more secure and better safety option, you will probably want to look into fixed shower grab bars. This type of grab bar attaches to the wooden studs in the wall behind the fiberglass or bathroom tiles.

While it will be more work to install these grab bars, they are far more secure and able to hold a person’s weight. If you purchase a set that is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant, they will be capable of holding a person up to 250 pounds.

It is important to note that most fixed shower grab bars come in lengths of 12-inch, 18-inch, and 24-inch.

While the studs that you are going to be attaching them to are usually 16 inches apart. Due to this, you will need to tilt one end of the grab bar up so it can be securely attached to the studs in the wall.

Safety in the bathroom is very important. Remember that 70 percent of accidents in the home occur in the bathroom. Investing in a set of shower grab bars is worthwhile to help you protect your loved ones. Read more on teak shower mat for added safety on the floor of the bathroom.

shower grab bar installation

The 10 Best Teak Shower Benches (2021 Reviews)

teak shower bench This is the ultimate guide to buying a teak shower bench in 2021.

So if you want to:

  • Get a sturdy and versatile bench
  • Buy a long-lasting bench
  • Get a bench that offers resistance to natures element

Then you’ll love this new guide.

Let’s get started.

Available in different styles and sizes, teak wood shower bench materials can be easily used for a variety of purposes.

It is suitable furniture for a sauna as well as personal bathrooms. This is for sitting while taking a shower as they enhance the comfort level and lets one have a relaxing and refreshing shower.

A shower chair also serves the same purpose although it is made of plastic or other material. Many benches come with folds that make them easy to use. These foldable teak shower benches are easily moved around. Get more info on corner shower benches.

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Best Teak Shower Bench Consumer Report Reviews

1. DecoTeak Serenity 18″ Eastern Style Teak Shower Bench Stool With Shelf

Teak Shower Bench Fully Assembled with Shelf- Adjustable Height Foot Pads- Serenity Eastern Style with Storage Shelf

One of the best things about this shower stool is the elegant design.

This is one of the benches that offer that exotic textile feels in your house.

it’s really beautifully made, providing great stability and comfort whenever you use it.

It provides enough storage space where you can place different items you need while in the bathroom.

The flared leg design allows the stool to achieve great stability.

If you place the stool on an uneven surface, it will still support your items. Safety and support are emphasized during the design of the stool.

The footpads can be adjusted so that the stool can stand stable on an uneven surface.

It is a heavy duty bench which can support up to 250 pounds.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Measures 18 x 13 x 18 inches
  • Comes with adjustable height foot pads
  • Available shelf for your storage
  • Extra stability is provided witrh flared legs
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Elegant modern design
  • Beautiful color for your bathroom
  • Water and mold resistant


2. Redmon Indoor Outdoor Home Garden Decor Classic Genuine Teak Wood Bench

Redmon 5323 Teak Collection Bench, 20 x 13.5 x 17.5 Height

This shower bench is made out of genuine teak wood which makes it highly durable.

It provides seating and storage space in your home so that you can enjoy your bathroom

One of the best reasons you should consider purchasing the Redmon bench is the fact that it ages very well – giving it a regal look with time.

The beauty of the stool gives your shower a similar look to that of a luxury spa.

The natural teak wood used to make the stool has great aesthetic appeal.

It features a curvy and modern design which assures you a great experience while in the bathroom.

The storage shelf allows you to store more items in your bathroom. With a design which
takes into consideration your normal bathroom dimensions, the stool comes in a
the size which perfectly fits in your bathroom.

The natural oil stain finish resists water – preventing development of mold which can
lead to damage of the stool.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Measures 21L x 18W x 14H inches
  • Naturaly resistant to mildew and water
  • Comes with a lower bench
  • Slightly curved for a comfortable seat
  • Perfect for adults and kids
  • Absolutely beautiful and sturdy!
  • Can be used in and out of the shower
  • Comes fully assembled
  • No uneven edges that can cause accidents
  • Doesn’t come with non-slip pads at the bottom of the legs


3. (Fully Assembled) AquaTeak The Original 18″ Asia Teak Shower Bench

(Fully Assembled) AquaTeak The Original 18" Asia Teak Shower Bench

This beautifully crafted shower stool is made of sturdy teak wood built with an oriental-inspired design.

It has a storage shelf and thin spaces in the seat for drainage of water.

Supplied by DecoTeak, this solidly built bench is ideal for most types and sizes of showers. It can also be used outdoors in any kind of weather.

The shower bench comes with fully assembled so that you can enjoy great convenience.

It is highly durable; it will serve you in the bathroom for several years before you
can think of a replacement.

Stainless steel teak wood used to make the shower bench makes it highly durable. It is
non-corroding with non-slip rubber and gripping feet which make it achieve
great stability.

The water-resistant finish avoids cases where the stool will end up being damaged by mold.

The shower stool can be applied in your patios, barroom among other places where you need extra space.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Measures 18L x 12W x 18H inches
  • Comes with non-slip rubber gripping feet for added stability
  • Can be used in the shower or outdoors
  • Resistant to water and mildew
  • It’s very secure and sturdy
  • Its lovely, elegant and uniquelly designed

Wall Mounted Shower Seats

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4. Bambusi Shower Bench Stool with Shelf – Bamboo Spa Bathroom Decor – Wood Seat Bench for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Bambusi Shower Bench Stool with Shelf - Bamboo Spa Bathroom Decor - Wood Seat Bench for Indoor or Outdoor Use

I know this is a bamboo-made shower stool but I just had to include it here. Bamboo is another great wood for use around the house.

Bamboo is also water-resistant and great for different applications.

You can use it in your indoor applications and outdoor use.

The Bench also features a shelf for storage.

Whether being used in the bathroom or outdoors, the shelf adds its beauty to the surroundings because of its elegant and simple design.

The material is treated to possess antibacterial as well as waterproof properties so that you can always have a durable bench in place.

if looking for an attractive Bamboo bench to use in your home, then this bench is the right choice for you.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Comes with a buil-in storage shelf
  • Measures 17.5 x 9.5 x 18.5 inches
  • Made from 100% bamboo wood
  • The Bench is simple and sturdy
  • Easily portable
  • Easy assembly instructions
  • The slatted storage shelf can be used for storage
  • Can be used for other puposes around the house
  • It is water resistant
  • Doesn’t come with non-slip pads at the bottom of the legs


5. 24 Inch Tranquility Teak Eastern Style Shower Bench with Shelf and Arms

24 Inch Tranquility Teak Eastern Style Shower Bench with Shelf and Arms- Patented Design

The shower bench comes with ergonomic arms which are carefully crafted to assure you the best look ever.

The arms make it easy for you to move it around or support yourself while in the bathroom.

The 24 Inch Tranquility teak shower bench. It can be used both indoors and outdoors due to the great constructions.

Legs can easily adjust so that the bench can comfortably seat on uneven floors.

The solid teak used to make the shower bench is highly attractive. It is sustainably harvested while taking into consideration environmental conservation practices.

The plantation is grown to support the production of the shower benches.

It comes with leg height adjustors which allow you to adjust the height so that you can have it resting comfortably on uneven spaces.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Measures 24 Lx 16W x 18H inches
  • Designed with ergonomic arms for support
  • Storage shelf is available
  • Included are foot leveling pads
  • Can be used outdoors as well as indoors
  • LiftAide arms are designed for movement or hanging a towel
  • The proprietary Deco Teak stain is included as a supplement for mold, mildew, and fungus inhibitors
  • Its hard to find mold on teak shower bench

Folding shower seats

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6. AquaTeak The Original 15.5″ Kai Corner Teak Shower Bench with Shelf

AquaTeak The Original 15.5" Kai Corner Teak Shower Bench with Shelf

The shower bench is made to fit in the corners of your bathroom(OptiAREA space-saving design).

The shower seat comes in an elegant design which will improve the look of your bathroom greatly.

The spa-like design makes it stand out in the bathroom.

This cute little bench looks great wherever you decide to place it – in your living room, shower, patios, or swimming pool.

It can also be used as a decorative piece of furniture such as a nightstand.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Comes with adjustuble rubber grip for sturdyness
  • Naturally water resistant teak wood
  • A shelf is available for storage
  • measures 15.5 x 15.5 x 18 inches
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor use
  • The bench is strong and sturdy
  • Fits perfectly on a corner
  • Does not come assembled


7. AquaTeak The Original 18″ Spa Teak Shower Bench with Shelf

AquaTeak The Original 18" Spa Teak Shower Bench with Shelf

The design of the aqua teak shower bench is remarkable.

The designers took into consideration different factors in order to come up with a strong and aesthetically appealing shower bench.

The shower bench is made out of pure teak wood. Teak wood is among highly durable materials in nature.

Buying this beautifully crafted bench will mean several years of service in your bathroom.

The wood is non-corroding stainless steel meaning that it does not get damaged by water or mold.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Measures 17 x 13 x 18 inches
  • Elegant design
  • Natural water resistant wood
  • Comes with a shelf for storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • can also be used as a decorative accent table
  • Does not rust

8. New- Oasis FULLY ASSEMBLED Teak Corner Shower Bench With Shelf

New- Oasis FULLY ASSEMBLED Teak Corner Shower Bench With Shelf- Shower Sitting, Storage, Saving Foot Rest

The shower bench comes fully assembled.

A spa-like experience is always achieved upon the introduction of the stool to your bathroom.

The feeling is achieved through the look and feel of the Oasis teak corner bench with shelf.

It is made in a compact design which allows it to fit easily in the corner of the shower or bathroom.

When looking for ideas on how to save on space, then buying this shower stool is a great option for saving space in your bathroom.

The shelf allows you to have enough space where you can store toiletries and other items you need it while in the bathroom.

The foot levelers can be adjusted for you to enjoy peace of mind while in the bathroom.

Even on sloping shower floors, the stool works quite well.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Fitted with a shelf for storage
  • Perfect height for use when shaving your feet
  • Foot levelers for adjusting on a sloppy bathroom
  • Measures 13 x 13 x 18 inches
  • Looks great and fits perfectly on a corner
  • very sturdy and comes with storage underneath
  • Waterproof teak wood used
  • very creative design and also functional in a small bathroom

9. AquaTeak Patented 36″ Sumba Teak Shower Bench with Shelf

AquaTeak Patented 36" Sumba Teak Shower Bench with Shelf

The aqua teak design has great aesthetic appeal. If your main concern when buying a shower stool is the design, then you need to consider buying the shower stool.

It has a great construction which makes it stand out as the best bench you can access in the market.

The hardware used on the stool is made out of non-corroding steel.

You do not have to worry about water corroding the parts. It is a highly durable stool which will last for years in your home.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Measures 36 x 12 x 18 inches
  • Made of 100% teak wood
  • Fitted with adjustable rubber fitting grip feet for stability
  • Naturally water resistant
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • More storage space in the shelf provided
  • Also offers more seating space compared to other bath seats
  • Not suitable for a small bathroom


10. Decoteak Oasis Fully Assembled Teak Corner Shower Bench with Shelf- Shower Sitting, Storage, Saving Foot Rest

Decoteak Oasis Fully Assembled Teak Corner Shower Bench with Shelf- Shower Sitting, Storage, Saving Foot Rest

This shower bench comes fully assembled. You need not worry about how to assemble the parts together before using the bench.

The inclusion of a storage shelf allows you to have enough storage space. This ensures you stay organized whether outdoors or indoors

The corner design is desired by many who have unused spaces in the house.

One of the main advantages of the shower bench is the inclusion of leveling pads.

The pads support the bench even in uneven surfaces making it more sturdy.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Measures 29 x 27 x 10 inches
  • Adjustable leveling pads are available for uneven surfaces
  • Made of 100% teak wood
  • Perfect fit for a small bath area
  • Very beautiful design for your bathroom
  • Naturally resistant to water

The Priceless Teak Benches

The durability of teak benches is a matter beyond contention.

Completely natural aesthetic appeal and the hardness of the wood make it the favorite furniture for outdoor purposes. It does not mean that they will not serve the purpose of indoor furniture.

The strength of this wood is unparalleled and it has become the most sought after wood to make furniture of all types. Because of all these factors, the life span of teak wood cannot be compared with other types of wood.

Most people find tremendous joy in purchasing benches made of teak for their indoor and outdoor needs.

Aesthetic appeal and durability of teak benches

Benches made of teak will add style and substance to your home. The elegance and the aesthetic appeal of these types of benches make your home gorgeous and attractive.

Most people consider it as a perfect fit for outdoor purposes because the weather cannot make any negative impact on teak.

It will remain the same even if the sun beats down heavily for a long time and it can stand the test of time with constant rain as well.

Overexposure to snow and hail cannot make a difference to this unique wood. When you purchase a teak bench for yourself you are purchasing it for your future generations as well.

What happens with other types of wood is that they may lose shape during the course of time. Teak benches will not break easily and the insects cannot do much harm as well.

It can be described as a priceless possession because of all these factors.

How to maintain Teak Benches?

The maintenance aspect deserves great appreciation as well.

All you have to do is to apply some teak oil once or twice in a year to make it last for a long period of time.

Another method of keeping it fresh is to sand the bench once in a year and such a process will keep the golden-brown color of the teak more bright and clear.

These benches do not confine themselves to any particular like garden, porch, and deck.

You can use it anywhere to increase the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a place.

Teak benches for quality living

These types of benches are available in different designs and styles to suit the varying needs of the customers.

Some of the highly decorated pieces will give a dignified appearance to the concerned space by adding more style and substance.

Having a teak bench on your garden will give the much-required relaxation for you and your family in a sophisticated manner.

These benches, with their well-crafted armrests and properly designed structure for the effective support of the body, give a totally different dimension to relaxation all together.

Different types of teak benches

types of teak benches

Various companies have come up with different types of Teak Benches to offer the customers the much-required variety.

Teak benches like pork benches, patio benches, and pool benches can be used for different purposes and prices also vary for different types of benches.

It does not matter whether you want furniture for indoor purposes or outdoor purposes because benches made of teak will go in complete harmony with both purposes in the best possible manner.

Teak Shower Bench Cost

Cost is an important factor while considering a small teak shower corner bench.

Teak furniture is costly as teak is less abundant than other types of wood. A folding teak shower bench is not easily found and most people don’t use them.

However, you can find an affordable modern teak shower bench on the market. There are different grades of teak wood and benches made of certain grades are less costly than other grades.

Heavy-duty teak shower bench offers versatility compared to floating teak shower bench or large teak shower bench.

What Teak Bench for Shower Designs are Available?

Teak bench for the shower may come in different designs that make them suitable for different purposes.

Benches with a shelf attached to their bottom are very useful for keeping things. You can use them for sitting as well as for putting small stuff like shampoos, soaps, etc.

They can also be kept outdoors to serve as small coffee tables.

Benches with beautifully carved features are also available. Teak shower bench with rich carvings can be used as a utility item as well as decorative furniture.

The cost of the bench may be a bit high but they will add to the appeal of your place.

Zen teak shower benches carry their distinctive appeal. Carved in solid wood pieces, the bench is for anyone who wants one’s place to be in harmony with Zen principles.

Elongated shower benches are just the right piece of furniture for spas and saunas. They are wide enough for three people to sit comfortably. Designed to be light and easy-to-carry, they can be moved around easily.

Many more designs in shower benches are available. The latest designs keep in mind the ergonomics of a place. They make the best use of space dynamics.

For example, a quarter teak shower bench can be easily fitted around the corners and used along with the elongated bench to make full use of space.

Online sites offer many different models of shower benches.

You can check the designs and descriptions provided and read the reviews of the customers who may have brought up a particular model. Teak shower seats.

Online Customer ratings can also help you make up your mind in choosing the right design and model. Remember a transfer bench is different compared to a teak shower benches.

Bamboo vs Teak shower bench

Teak is the ultimate winner among these two rivals. Bamboo is also great but requires a lot more care compared to teak wood.

Teak Stools For Outdoor and Indoor Space

A small teak shower bench is a perfect home improvement furniture that can be placed in either outdoor or indoor space.

It can be ideally be positioned at the following locations are garden areas, covered porches, or patios.

Teak benches are made of very stable teak hardwood timber, dense in nature, and have a wide array of colors from soft, even blonde to rich patterns of golden amber and deep brown.

They are very durable even if they are placed outdoors.

However, if the bench is placed outdoors and left uncared for, the environmental factors such as the sun and rain will eat away its original colors.

Therefore the bench should be well taken care of so as to continue enhancing the outdoor home decor. Here are some important tips on how to take care of teak benches.

folding shower bench

folding shower bench As an excellent alternative to the teak shower bench is the folding shower bench.

It allows you to easily have a shower bench in your shower, and then tuck it up and out of the way when not in use.

A folding wood shower bench is great for safety, as well as convenience in your shower.

This is because it allows you to save space when the bench is not needed.

This shower bench is perfect for smaller showers that still need a nice shower bench to work with.

They are cheap and easy to get for almost anyone who wants one in their shower.

Folding Shower Bench Vs. Normal Shower Bench

A conventional shower bench will be permanently set up, and usually will not be moved very often.

Because of this way of being built, a conventional shower bench takes up more room than a folding shower bench, so you will need to have a larger shower to accommodate the extra size.

With a folding bench, however, the shower bench can fold up against the wall, and be placed out of harm’s way when you do not need to use it.

This makes the folding bench ideal for placement in smaller, more compact shower areas where people still wanted to add the convenience of a shower bench.

This Shower Bench is Portable

Because of its awesome folding design, the folding bench can also be referred to as a portable shower bench.

You can take your folding bench with you, wherever you want to go.

So, the next time you go camping in your RV, or head to a nice hotel for a while, you can bring your folding shower bench along with you for added convenience in every shower you use.

Yet another reason why the folding bench is brilliant to have around.

Folding Bench and Safety

One of the most important things about the folding shower bench is the fact that it helps create a safer environment for people while in the shower.

The shower bench can be easily tucked up and out of harm’s way so that you will not accidentally trip over it while in the shower and inadvertently injure yourself in the process.

This works perfect for elderly people, as they will need a place to sit down while in the shower, but may need extra room at times where they can easily fold up the bench and place it in the corner.

The folding bench is an excellent addition to any shower.

if you want some extra space or just wanted the additional convenience of having a shower bench that can easily be folded up and moved out of the way.

It is portable, easy to use, and most importantly safe for the elderly. The shower bench is the greatest alternative to any other type of shower bench you may add to your shower.

Folding Bench in Action

Teak Shower Seats – Are These The Perfect Solution?

Teak Shower Seats Teak shower seats can make your bathroom and shower look absolutely wonderful.

The combination of the teak wood, with the great look of a wooden seat, makes it feel more like a spa than a bathroom.

Anyone who places teak shower seats into their bathroom now realizes the dramatic effect that they have on the overall appearance of the place.

You can buy a teak shower seat at any home improvement store, however, you will most likely have to order it from them.

For this reason, it is most advisable to purchase your teak shower seats online.

Teak Shower Seats – The Best Idea?

Teak seats are among the best things to get in regards to teak benches for showers.

The wood is excellent and highly resistant to weathering conditions, such as heat and moisture.

This makes teak wood shower seats the best way to go when you are adding a shower seat into your bathroom.

Keep in mind that teak shower seats come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles, so you will want to really plan everything out before adding your teak shower bench to your bathroom.

The Price Breakdown

Teak shower seats are not very expensive, and range from around $50 all the way to maybe $200.

Yes, you can find some other models higher than $200, but those teak shower seats are the large ones and are more on the teak shower bench side of things, rather than seats.

Teak shower seats are smaller and made to fit easily into almost every bathroom and shower available so that anyone can buy one and easily place it into their shower.

They are relatively cheap, and pretty much affordable to anyone.

Teak shower seats are a great addition to any bathroom or shower. If you are looking into making your bathroom look more spa-like, then teak shower seats are the best way to go in order to achieve that goal.

They are cheap, comfortable, and, most importantly, very resistant to the harsh environment of sitting in the shower for so long.

Teak is a wood that can handle almost any kind of weather condition, making it perfect for furniture in the shower.

Adding teak shower seats to your shower is the best thing you can do to create a nice, spa-like environment to relax in.

How to Take Care of Teak Wood Benches.


If you would like to maintain the original look of teak benches for decades then you should consider staining your teak benches.

Teak timber agrees with almost every brand of stain available in the market and if after staining the bench a sealer is applied.

It will definitely make the color of the bench look great and last for the entire life of the bench with no fades.

Staining is an irreversible process and if one later wishes to get back to the native teak tropical hardwood color, he or she will have to sand the bench several times.

Teak Bath Benches Weathering

Weathering is the easiest method of maintaining teak benches whereby the bench is left out to withstand weather conditions and as it endures, it changes its’ original golden brown teak wood color to silvery grey color.

The good thing with teak is that it is a tropical hardwood that is durable and does not split even if it undergoes weathering process what it gains is a beautiful grey look.

A weathered teak hardwood bench is an ideal addition to any harsh outdoor space since teak is resistant to rotting and insects or any other wood aging problems.

Modern Teak Bench – Colour protector

Teak protectors are liquid-based products available in the market today which are used to prevent the original lovely brown color of teak wood from fading away to light grey color when teak is exposed to extreme conditions.

For optimum results, teak color protectors should be reapplied regularly usually once per year.

A Teak color protector can be used for both outdoor and indoor benches but you may as well prefer to be keeping your bench indoors when not in use in order to avoid the original color from fading away rather than applying teak protector regularly.


This option is ideal for those who would like to preserve the original golden brown color for the longest time possible.

Sanding is cheap ideal for indoor teak benches, but in the long run, it is labor-intensive and requires to be done regularly.

Although sanding keeps the original beauty of the bench it causes wearing off since the process involves removing a small layer of wood so that the golden color shows up again.

Therefore it is not recommended to those who want their benches to last for long.


Teak oil when applied to a teak bench preserves the golden brown color but this method is not usually preferable since the oil must be applied regularly usually after every 3 to 4 months and it is recommended for indoor benches.

Best Teak oil

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Why do you need a shower stool?

Well, these benches are best for many members of the family. It is possible to carry out your cleaning regime by sitting calmly on this folding teak shower bench and reaching out to each of the body parts contently.

Best of all, for ladies, these shower seats offer added advantages as they can also shave their legs in a comfortable way while being seated on them.

This is quite safe than balancing themselves on one foot under their shower.

A teak shower seat is best for elderly members of the family as they can comfortably sit for long periods under the shower and bathe calmly.

These benches are best for physically challenged people as they can bathe easily without any assistance.

Why only teak for a shower seat?

Teak wood has many qualities that make it perfect for a shower seat. It is a strong and quality wood, that is rigid and can easily withstand wet conditions and humidity of the bathroom.

Such conditions can have a harsh effect on ordinary wood and it can even break down rapidly.

However, teak can withstand moisture due to its natural oil content and can survive for long in moist and hot conditions.

Therefore, it is the best material that can be used in the shower.

Apart from that, this wood is resistant to mold that can otherwise grow on any ordinary wood.

A natural patina is also produced by teak that adds a stunning silver colored glaze on its surface and enhances the durability of the wood. Best of all, it doesn’t need any sort of maintenance or care.

Teak Corner Shower Bench

corner shower bench Another popular teak shower seat is specially designed as a corner seat and takes minimal space in the shower as it can conveniently fit in the corner.

These seats are also equipped with a small rack underneath for holding bath supplies.

You should opt for seats with non-slip rubber footpads as they won’t scratch the shower or slip in the bathroom.

With so many benefits, a Teak corner shower seat offers you ultimate elegance and functionality in your bathroom.

You can experience safety and comfort using a teak shower seat that will continue to serve you for years.

Consider a teak shower mat for your floor. these Offers a firm grip and protects you from falling.

Wall Mounted Folding Teak Shower Bench

wall mounted shower bath seat shower benchfolding seat For most homeowners, it is always a difficult task to decorate the bathroom. This is because of the small floor area and nobody wants to make the bathrooms cramped with many pieces of furniture, accessories, and fixtures.

However, at the same time, some accessories are absolutely necessary for comforts as well as safety especially the accessories for the shower area.

Using teak folding shower seats with legs is another option.

regardless of the size of bathrooms, you ought to have shower seats, shower chairs, folding teak shower benches, or shower stools to make your shower a pleasant as well as safe experience.

These days, most people look-out for the best balance between style, elegance, and functionality even while remodeling the bathrooms.

That’s why the markets are flooded with a whole different range of shower benches and shower chairs including Wall Mounted Teak Shower Bench, with folding seats.

Thanks to the innovative bathroom furniture and accessories, it was never so easy to remodel small bathrooms without compromising the styles and at the same time, preserving the maximum comforts, safety, and functionalities in the shower areas of the bathrooms.

These are also known as a fold-down bench for the shower.

Additional Accessories from Teak

In addition, small units are also available for accessorizing the bathroom countertops or the toilet tank top like a soap dish, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, tissue box covers, towel and toilet paper holder, wastebaskets and laundry hampers, etc.

Smooth teak trays look great anywhere in a bathroom holding everything from containers of soap to vases of flowers.

All these accessories together highlight the bathroom with the ultimate grace and sophistication.

These are also known as teak folding shower seats with hardware.

Teak and Nature

Out of all woods, teak [Tectona grandis] is the best to survive the moist conditions that prevail inside a bathroom.

It is resistant to constant humidity, hot water, and wet conditions. It naturally resists mold, mildew, and bacteria and does not rust, corrode or pit.

This tropical hardwood, hence, is an ideal material for bathroom furniture and accessories.

Moreover, not only it appears sensual with its warm natural tones and smooth texture but it is quite durable and sturdy that requires minimal care.

Teak bath accessories combine well with any kind of décor and enhance the placements further.

They are wonderfully practical natural products made to add an organic look to your bathroom that will make your bathing area or shower space beautiful and updated.

Its mild, subtle tone and natural shades of dark brown, light brown, and silver are very pleasing and look stunning.

A collection of teak bathroom accessories adds a luxurious touch to any bathing space making it appear like a designer as a top-class spa.

They are functional as well as attractive and coordinate to create a fluid cohesive look that’s calming and relaxing.

Is Teak furniture Durable?

Teak outdoor furniture retains its attractiveness and beauty over the years although it requires maintenance and care if you want to preserve the original beauty and fine color.

The natural color of outdoor teak furniture may fade if constantly exposed to sun and wind. Cleaning can be done with proprietary teak oil and cleaner.

This should normally only have to be applied once each year to protect its original look and color.

If it is looked after properly teak outdoor furniture can sustain its strength and attractiveness for decades.

When buying outdoor furniture the main features to look for are the quality of the workmanship and the smoothness of the finish.

In addition, style comfort and price will also be factors to bear in mind.

Their many extensive ranges of teak outdoor furniture available at reasonable prices and it’s also possible to order custom-designed outdoor furniture made from teak.

Is Teak Furniture Good for Indoor Use?

Teak wood patio furniture has become popular because of its quality and durability.

Teak wood is hard and malleable, meaning that it can withstand a lot of work and pressure while still conforming to the necessary shapes to create such unique items as glider rocking chairs.

However, it is also a wood that is relatively difficult to find.

In fact, out of three species of teak, only one is not endangered, and this is the one from which most teak outdoor furniture is made.

Unfortunately, even this has to be imported as either raw material or completed furniture due to the fact that it is native only to Southeast Asia and the South Pacific and will only grow in tropical regions in those areas.

Still, if you can afford the cost involved with purchasing imports, teak garden furniture is excellent and long-lasting, with natural oils that help it resist weather and elements.

Unlike cedar, these oils don’t emit an aroma that overwhelms the senses and is therefore much easier to use in enclosed spaces, making it a good choice for indoor use as well.

However, Teak patio furniture is still the number one use for teak. One indoor purpose that has become extremely common for the wood is wood flooring.

Because it is so hard and cannot easily be damaged, teak is often used for wood floors as well as for the veneer finishes on other floorings.

If you wanted to create a theme, you could decorate one room containing hardwood teak floors with teak wood furniture, creating a certain motif with your efforts.

What About Cedar Wood?

Still, as with cedar, it is sometimes better to think in minimalist terms, using one piece to make a statement within a room, such as a porch rocking chairs that can be brought indoors and treated as a modern antique to be passed down as a family heirloom.

Made out of teak, it is guaranteed to withstand the test of time with minimal maintenance required.

In answer to the question of whether or not teak is good for indoor use, the answer would have to be an overwhelming yes, tempered with a thought of how much you intend to use and how you intend it to be used.

Most applications avail themselves, but there are times when you might want to think twice before spending the cash.

Proper Care of Teak Outdoor Furniture

With most outdoor wood furniture, you will have to seal it and varnish it at least every five years to maintain the integrity of the seal against rain, sleet, snow, and other harsh weather.

However, with teak, this is not a necessity.

All you need to do is make sure that during the deepest part of winter when chill and moisture combined can become quite harsh, your teak patio furniture is stored out of the weather in a garage or other sheltered space to help maintain its natural seal longer.

With other wood furniture, you may have to sand it down vigorously each spring when you bring it back out for the season, sometimes even refinishing or repainting it every year to maintain its “new” look.

However, with teak patio outdoor furniture, you will typically only need a small touch up at the first of the spring, hitting a couple of spots that may have splintered.

Otherwise, no harsh sanding will be needed for years.

How To Clean a small Teak shower stool

How Long Can teak Furniture Last?

Teak is a long-lasting wood that doesn’t deteriorate quickly without cause.

It can literally go for years on end without any major work unless you let it mold and mildew instead of properly storing it.

Teak furniture is a great investment, especially for someone who doesn’t have or doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on upkeep.

Other wood outdoor furniture may be less expensive, but it won’t last as long and will require a lot more diligence in its maintenance and care.

Weighing out the options, teak is a get it and forget it sort of product that can look great on your patio for decades to come and is well worth the extra expense.

How To Build A Teak Bathroom Bench for Shower

The first thing is to ask yourself what you want. Do you want a spa teak shower bench with a shelf or without?

Today everybody wants a bathing space that is more than just being functional, space where one can relax their mind and soul completely while carrying out daily cleaning procedures.

You must have also thought of it as a room where you can lavishly spend some of your leisure time sitting calmly under the shower.

What else can be the best besides having a shower bench teak that offers a durable and classy looking place to sit in your bathroom.

But we can also not ignore the fact; teak being an exclusive wood, the bench made out of it would be quite expensive.

So, if you find it out of your budget to buy a brand new teak shower seat then constructing it yourself can be a nice idea.

In this article, we will highlight how to build a teak shower bench on your own. Before starting let’s have some more information about why teak wood is selected for a shower bench?

Teak is considered the best for constructing bathroom furniture and accessories, especially that remain most of the time in contact with water.

This wood is known to have excellent resilience to moisture and insects.

Its ability to resist extreme temperatures and conditions like hot water, humidity, and prolonged moist temperature conditions make it ideal for crafting a teak bath bench.

Moreover, it defies the growth of mold on it while being under the shower. This is due to the presence of natural oils in teak.

The startling tone and shades of teak along with all the other characteristics of teak wood make it a great selection for crafting an elegant shower bench.

Building Stages

For building cut the teak wood board into a board of size as you want that will make your top seat.

Please note if the thickness if the board is less than 3 inches then cut out the side covers for the bench (two each for length and width measurements) to add extra strength.

Now cut out the legs depending upon the height of the bench as you decide.

Lay the top seat cutout flat and position the legs perpendicular to the four corners of the seat. Screw them carefully.

Sand down the bench with medium and then fine grade sandpaper to prevent splinters. Wipe the bench with a damp cloth before use.

This is a basic shower bench. One can vary the design of the bench as per their imagination and skill.

How to build a teak shower bench is a question whose answer is quite simple.

Now constructing one for yourself will lead you to enjoy the luxurious bathing experience without spending much of your hard-earned money!

Where Does Teak Patio Furniture Come From Anyway?

teak furniture There are three species of teak wood in the world, though only one is typically seen in teak furniture.

This is because the other two types are endangered, and only the breed known as “common teak” (Tectona grandis) is really used in making furniture.

All three species are indigenous to tropical areas of Southeast Asia, with common teak in wide use in India and Indo-China.

If the wood has been in Asia all this time, why is it suddenly so popular in the United States to have outdoor teak furniture?

First of all, let’s explore the properties of teak that make it desirable.

It is a hard, strong wood that can grow to be over 150 feet tall. What makes it so valuable is the natural oil production within the species.

This allows for it to be easily molded and shaped without breaking for the creation of beautiful and exotic teak wood furniture.

It also means that the wood is readily weather-resistant without any additional treatment from oils or varnish. This saves time and materials in the preparation of such furniture.

For this purpose, as well as other uses like wood flooring, the building of docks, and manufacture of ship decks, teak has been imported into the United States, both as raw material and as premanufactured wood furniture.

In most of the United States, it would be useless to try to grow the wood because there is not an adequate climate for its cultivation.

Therefore, it is continually imported from Asia.

Importation and Prices

Importing the goods causes teak garden furniture to become rather pricey.

Between having to fund the source and the transportation and needing to pay import taxes, the cost rises quickly.

However, if you look at the properties of teak patio outdoor furniture, you can quickly begin to take notice of the advantages that make the product worth the added expense.

Teak is a very long-lasting wood that is difficult to damage and can be left out in inclement weather with little concern (though it is always best to store it in the winter).

It requires practically no maintenance, which means you can set up your teak outdoor patio furniture and forget about it.

Ather log furniture requires more careful maintenance – regular sanding, recoating of varnish every few years, and careful cleaning each season.

However, teak patio furniture is usually be pulled out in the summer, rinsed off, and used, with sanding only required when a rare splinter should pop up.

If you are the kind of person who forgets regular maintenance or doesn’t like to work hard to maintain furniture, teak is definitely a good choice for you.

Be sure to invest your money wisely and buy a set you’ll love for years to come because it will last probably longer than you would believe!

Why Does Teak Patio Furniture Last So Long?

Teak is a hardwood that produces its own natural oils, so you don’t have to varnish or seal it against the weather in any way.

This means that teak wood furniture is naturally weather-resistant, allowing it to easily outlast other materials in harsh weather.

Teak is used to build boat docks, ship decks, wood flooring, and other items that see lots of weather and the possibility for damage from the elements.

Rain and other natural moisture and weather won’t harm teak.

Teak outdoor furniture is of high quality, durable material that is resistant to decay as well as weather, a product of the fact that it produces its own oils.

These oils also make it highly malleable so that it can be easily shaped and molded into furniture.

While it is always best to store your outdoor wood furniture during the winter months when they are not in use for greatest protection.

Teak can even stay out in the harsh cold with little or no concern for damage.

If you want to purchase some of this furniture, note that teak must be imported into the United States, as there is no natural climate conducive to cultivating the trees here.

Where it Grows

It is grown only in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia and is highly distributed in India.

The cost of garden teak furniture is prohibitive to some, covering the cost of transportation and importation.

Still, for the quality, it is worth paying the price.

The demand for teak is high and this results in more imports of raw materials as well as the already manufactured end products

That means that, despite the cost, teak is readily available to consumers for purchase. Instead of spending a fortune replacing your garden furniture several more times, you should think about investing in teak.


This material will last for decades with minimal maintenance.

Simply wash it off every once in a while, store it in the winter, and sand off any splinters or weak spots each spring – and will look amazing in your yard.

In terms of quality for the price, it is difficult to beat, and you can look forward to a long-lasting relationship with your outdoor furniture.

Some of the best teak shower seats manufacture available online include Aqua teak, EcoDEcors, Arbteak, indoteakfurniture, and Alateak.

Please feel free to leave your comments or question in the comments section below.

The 10 Best Raised Toilet Seats (2021 Reviews)

Raised Toilet Seat Part of helping seniors to be more independent includes providing them with the things they need to be able to live in their homes comfortably and without fear of injury.

Things such as a raised toilet seat help seniors to retain more of their independence for longer, while maintaining their privacy and keeping them safe from injury.

As we age our mobility decreases, things such as bending over, sitting and climbing steps can become much more difficult and increase the risk of injury from falls.

Hip, back or knee surgery can also cause problems and make it more difficult for you to perform simple tasks such as going to the bathroom or taking a shower.

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Best Raised Toiled Reviews 2021

1. Vaunn Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat and Commode Booster Seat Riser with Removable Padded Grab Bar Handles and Locking Mechanism

Vaunn Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat & Commode Booster Seat Riser with Removable Padded Grab bar Handles & Locking Mechanism


2. Vive Raised Toilet Seat – 5″ Portable, Elevated Riser with Padded Handles

Vive Raised Toilet Seat - 5" Portable, Elevated Riser with Padded Handles - Elongated and Standard Fit Commode Lifter - Bathroom Safety Extender Assists Disabled, Elderly, Seniors, Handicapped

3. HealthSmart Portable Elevated Toilet Seat Riser, White

HealthSmart Portable Elevated Raised Toilet Seat Riser that fits Most Standard Seats, White

4. Medline Elevated Heavy Duty Raised Toilet Seat, 300lb Weight Capacity

Medline Elevated Heavy Duty Raised Toilet Seat, 300lb Weight Capacity


5. Carex Hinged Toilet Seat Riser, Adds 3.5 Inches of Height to Toilet, 300 Pound Weight Capacity, Hinged for Easy Cleaning

Carex Hinged Toilet Seat Riser, Adds 3.5 Inches of Height to Toilet, 300 Pound Weight Capacity, Hinged for Easy Cleaning

How to Install a Raised Toilet Seat with Assembly

6. Maddak Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat with Extra Wide Seating Surface and Legs

Maddak Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat with Extra Wide Seating Surface and Legs (725881000)

7. Maddak Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat, Standard

Maddak Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat, Standard (725711000)

8. Maddak Tall-Ette Extra Wide Elevated Toilet Seat

Maddak Tall-Ette Extra Wide Elevated Toilet Seat (725891000)

9. Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat with Arms, Elongated

Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat with Arms, Elongated, 19.5 x 14 x 3.5 Inch


10. PCP Raised Toilet Seat, 5-Inch Elevated Height Over Commode, Increased Lift to Support Safety Stability and Comfort; Lightweight and Portable

PCP Raised Toilet Seat, 5-Inch Elevated Height Over Commode, Increased Lift to Support Safety Stability and Comfort; Lightweight and Portable

Aids For the Seniors

Thankfully more products are being made all the time to help seniors overcome these problems without the help of a full-time helper. A barrier-free shower or raised toilet seats can make all the difference in the ability of a senior to live in their own home longer.

While there are a number of products available to assist a senior with the day to day tasks there are a few that are a bit more important.

Equipping a bathroom for seniors is particularly important as these tasks are essential in daily living and tasks such as these can easily cause injury due to their nature.

Equipping a bathroom for a senior may take a bit of work but it will bring the peace of mind of avoiding injuries by doing such things as making floors non-slippery with rugs or non-skid floors, installing a sitting shower and a toilet raised seat.

Equip Your Shower For The Seniors

Your shower should include a no barrier entrance and a non-skid floor, to ensure that your senior is at no risk or falling or being stuck in the shower.

Shower controls should keep the senior from having to bend to reach them and the shower should have a heat control to prevent the senior from accidentally scalding themselves because they slip when using the faucet.

A raised toilet seats should be high enough that your senior keeps their weight above their knees and a handle should be installed near the raised toilet seat that allows them to steady themselves when they are trying to get on and off the toilet.

Equipping the bathroom for your senior does not have to cost a lot of money nor does it need to require a lot of remodeling. Most mobility improvements can be done with little effort and on a budget.

Properly Choosing a Raised Toilet Seat

Raised toilet seats are designed with the purpose of helping people that have limited mobility and need a safer way to raised and lower from the toilet.

Elevated toilet seats help those with arthritis or joint pain by decreasing the distance they must sit from a standing position to their toilet.

Raised toilet seats can fit on most toilets including elongated style toilet seats. There are several different types of designs to fit any person needs such as toilet seats with or without arms and also padded raised toilet seats.

Always be sure that the raised toilet seat is correctly and securely in place before using. Physically challenged users should be supervised or assisted whenever using an elevated toilet seat.

Toilet Seat Risers are designed for use with the most common types of commodes. It will not fit all commode types; be sure that the toilet riser is correctly installed, fits properly and is stable before use.

Raised Toilet Seats With Arms

On raised toilet seats with arms remember the arms are for the purpose of providing assistance when getting on and off the seat.

DO NOT try to use the arms to support full body weight during transfer, as this may result in failure of the raised toilet seat.

Elevated Toilet seats come in different heights from 2 inches to 6 inches. Most toilet seat risers are around 5 inches tall. Also, most raised toilet seats have a weight capacity of 250lbs unless it is specified as a bariatric (obese) raised toilet seat.

Make sure when choosing your toilet seat riser that if you require assistance with sitting and standing and are somewhat unstable on your feet the more safe option for you would be the raised toilet seat with arms.

Most toilet seats are lightweight and portable and easily attach to the toilet bowl without any tools.

Cleaning your raised toilet seat

1. Use a non-abrasive detergent or household cleaner with warm water
2. Rinse with warm water and wipe dry. Regular cleaning of the Raised Toilet Seat is recommended. Wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth and allow all surfaces to dry before use.
3. DO NOT USE AN ABRASIVE CLEANER OR CLOTH with this product, as damage may ensue.
4. Regular inspection of parts for deformation, corrosion, breakage, wear or compression is recommended.

The 10 Best Teak Shower Mats (2021 Reviews)

Teak shower mat Using a teak shower mat or a teak bath mat is cheaper and long-lasting compared to traditional methods.

Traditionally, cloth and rubber have been the materials used to make shower mats.

Not anymore…

In recent times the use of the hardwood teak is being utilized more and more.

Teak is really a better choice than the conventional materials, and if you look at the hardwood’s properties you will realize exactly why that is. Do you know how to properly use a bath mat?

This hardwood is quite a beautiful material that imparts a luxurious element to a room. Its subtle tones and visual appeal will lift the appearance of any room. When seen in place in a room, you may wonder why you did not discover it sooner.

The hardwood properties make it a nice choice for bathroom use. The presence of silica and natural oils in the teak makes it suitable to use in any exposed applications.

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Best Teak Bath Mat Reviews

1. The House of Teak Shower Mat (1)

The House of Teak Shower Mat, 19.75 inches x 19.75 inches, Golden Teak Light and Dark

The House of Teak shower mat is the ideal bath mat to protect yourself from bathroom accidents.

It’s also suitable for pool surroundings, walkways, patios, and balconies.

This mat is made from imported teak wood. The main advantage of this mat is the ability to resist water, mildew, mold, and insects due to its natural oils.

Its natural color brings a real warm elegant classy feeling to your bathroom.

The House of Teak Shower Mat is very versatile. While it was designed for the bathroom, but its design and efficiency are worth it to fit into any room in the house.

It measures 19.75 inches x 19.75 inches x 1 inch.

One downside of this mat is the luck of non-slip rubber for grip on a sloppy surface.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Measures 19.75 inches x 19.75 inches x 1 inch.
  • Handracted using 100% teak solid wood
  • Contains natural oil resistant to retract insects, mold and meldew.
  • Elegant design
  • The best use for this mat is for standing on when in the shower
  • Does not come with Rubber Stoppers

2. SeaTeak Teak Shower or Door Mat, Oiled Finish

Sea Teak Shower or Door Mat, Oiled Finish

With this bath mat, you will never have the fear of “i might fall” in your bathroom again. The bath rug consists of about 1 cm wide teak sticks, which are stably connected.

The underside of the shower rug is equipped with anti-slip rubber stoppers.

This keeps the teak bath mat stable while you dry off from the tub or after taking a shower. You can choose from the different sizes and colors available on the market here.

The decorative rectangular teak bathroom rug is made of 1.5 inches Height x 19.75-inch Width x 31.5-inch Length.

The bath rug has a non-slip underside; it effectively prevents sudden and dangerous sliding away. these leaves you enjoying a secure stand and the pleasant feeling of wood underneath your feet.

The resilience of teak and the water and moisture resistance make the bath rug the ideal companion for your home. Teak is the perfect wood for any bathroom!

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Slip-resistant and slightly heat-insulating underside
  • Ideal doormat for shower, bath and sauna
  • Natural wood in a warm look
  • Moisture-resistant material
  • Bath mat made of Teak with surrounding textile band and rubberized underside
  • Available in rectangle, square or triangle shapes.

3. Bamboo Bath Mat Shower Floor Mat Non Slip, Made of 100% Natural Bamboo, By Bambusi

Bambusi Luxury Bamboo Bath Mat - Non-Slip Shower Floor Mat for Bathroom and Spa Folds for Easy Storage - Indoor and Outdoor Use - 18 x 24 Inches

This bath mat made of bamboo offers several advantages; it not only ensures a pleasantly warm, homely atmosphere but it also brings that elegant feel in the bathroom.

Unlike traditional bath rugs, a bamboo bath mat can simply be wiped off. Whether in the bathroom or in the kitchen, the bamboo bath mat makes itself good everywhere thanks to its great hygienic properties and is also non-slip on tiles!

Not only its practical characteristics make the bamboo bath mat more and more popular. Even his simple elegance finds more and more enthusiastic followers.

A bamboo bath mat blends harmoniously into any interior, but is still an eye-catcher and gives the interior the final whistle.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • 100% bamboo, color: pure
  • special, moisture-resistant bamboo in 17 mm bridge width
  • naturally carbonized / hardened surface
  • Wear layer bamboo: approx. 2.5 mm
  • no unnatural & scratch-sensitive high gloss finish

Bamboo Bath mats

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4. Soothing Styles Luxury Teak Bath Mat with Non-Slip Feet & Natural Mildew Resistance for a Hotel Bathmat Inside The Shower or on The Bathroom Floor!

Soothing Styles Large Folding Teak Shower Mat | Mildew Resistant Natural Teak Bath Mat with Non Slip Grips | for Use on Shower Floor or Outside of Bathtub | 27.5" x19.5”

Soothing Styles Luxury is a simple but innovative design. It will bring an original touch to your bathroom.

The chenille fiber has been chosen because it not only absorbs moisture perfectly but it also pleasantly dampens the feet when leaving the bath.

In addition, chenille fiber acts as an absorbent sponge. It can hold water, however, it is able to dry very quickly.

For the safety of all family members, especially seniors and younger, this item has been equipped with a non-slip back material.

Even if your feet are full of water, the risk of slipping is really minimal. Also, this back material prevents the deterioration of the tiling or bathroom floor. This bath mat has been designed to make your daily life easier. Thanks to chenille microfiber, this product is very easy to maintain. You can wash it by hand or machine.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons


5. The Original Teak Grate Bath Shower Mat

AquaTeak The Original Grate Teak Bath Shower Mat

This mat combines all the qualities of an excellent bath mat. Its design is soft and water-resistant. This will give your bathroom a user-friendly appearance.

This mat has been designed to provide maximum comfort to users by perfectly matching the contour of the feet at the exit of the bath.

This carpet owes this feat to its viscoelastic foam permeable to air.

This carpet is of multiple-use. Of course, it remains primarily a bath mat, however, this product is able to adapt to several environments. It can serve as a decent bed, or carpets for the kitchen or bathroom.

This product is designed to last. Its coating will not tarnish even if you wash it every day. Ideally, this carpet is cold cleaned by hand.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons


6. Bare Decor 30 by 30-Inch Erika Corner Shower Spa Mat in Solid Teak Wood and Oiled Finish, X-Large

Bare Decor 30 by 30-Inch Erika Corner Shower Spa Mat in Solid Teak Wood and Oiled Finish, X-Large

Turn a boring shower space into a relishable spa experience with the help of X-large Erika teak shower mat. It has a wide range of features including:

The teak shower mat is made of solid teak wood which is harvested through responsible processes.

Thus, customers can have peace of mind that their mat is eco-friendly in nature. Teak wood material used for making this mat is naturally resistant towards mildew and mold.

This prolongs the life of the mat while requiring less attention as opposed to conventional wooden mats which need to be wiped thoroughly after every usage.

Oil finishing of the mat gives it an elegant appearance which allows it to be used in outer spaces near pools, showers, boats, etc. as well.

The teak bath mat has a large area of 30 inches by 30 inches which provides more space to adjust the body position and move legs. It can also be used by more than one person to keep their feet warm if required.

The slats have a width of 1.25 inches which emulate the feel of a spa while the ample height of 1.5 inches allows water to easily flow beneath the surface.

The slip resistant surface of the mat allows people to comfortably stand on it even when it is wet. Old people can conveniently use it due to superior grip as compared to conventional shower mats.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

7. Conair Home Solid Teak Bathroom Mat

Conair Home Solid Teak Bathroom Mat

Conair’s bathroom mat is a simple product that does the trick of turning a bathroom into an exquisite shower.

It has numerous features such as:

The wooden mat is made using durable teak wood which is 100 percent unique. It can efficiently bear rough and tough usage for years due to its sturdiness.

The teak shower mat has natural properties that make it resistant to humidity and moisture. This prevents it from weakening when used under wet environments while allowing to maintain a cleaner bathroom.

A smooth finish is given to the wooden mat with the help of mineral oil which makes it look beautiful while improving the look of the bathroom efficiently.

The design of the teak bath mat is ribbed and vented which allows for firm footing while using the mat. This slip-free footing allows people to take showers using this mat while also increasing comfort under normal use.

The mat weighs merely 5 pounds which allows it to be carried along easily on fishing trips or road trips when traveling in an RV.

Affordable pricing allows people to easily replace these mats when damaged. While the simple design allows them to be placed side by side for creating a wide wooden platform inside the bathroom with a small budget.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

8. Soothing Styles Handcrafted Folding Teak Bath Mat with Non Slip Silicone Feet Easily Rolls Up For Use In And Out Of The Shower

Soothing Styles Large Folding Teak Shower Mat | Mildew Resistant Natural Teak Bath Mat with Non Slip Grips | for Use on Shower Floor or Outside of Bathtub | 27.5" x19.5”

This is a versatile mat that delivers the same feel of a conventional wooden spa floor at any place. It comes laden with a variety of features such as:

The mat features a stylish look achieved through handcrafted design. It looks different than a conventional mat grabbing instant attention in the bathroom while making a style statement at the same time.

A sturdy design and construction allow customers to use the mat anywhere. It can be efficiently used in a wide variety of settings making it a great choice for numerous indoor and outdoor occasions.

The wood used for making this shower mat has a rating of 1000 pound-force by Janka and is extremely resistant to scratches and dents. The material used for making this mat is teak which has been further coated with protection against the mold to provide it better durability.

While teak is already a great choice in environments with moisture and water, the enhanced protection using artisanal oils further avoids the possibility of rotting, odors, and decay in this teak bath mat.

For superior stability, the teak shower mat comes with 72 silicone feet to grip the surface. This allows the mat to be used reliably in showers and bathrooms without the fear of slippage or accidents.

Featuring an extremely versatile design, this teak bath mat is made using more than 100 teak pieces while weighing merely 2.87 pounds. Its foldable and rollable design along with lightweight allows users to carry it anywhere and use it flexibly.

Customers who buy this teak shower mat get a guarantee of 100 percent satisfaction with the hassle free 30 day return policy offered by Soothing Styles.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

9. Bamboo Wood Bathroom Bath Mat – Heavy Duty

SereneLife Bamboo Wood Bathroom Bath Mat-Heavy Duty Natural or Shower Floor Foot Platform Rug with Elevated Design for Water Evaporation and Non Slip Rubber Feet for Indoor Outdoor Use

A simple yet versatile bamboo shower mat to liven up the bathroom in style. This bamboo mat comes with a variety of features including:

Natural bamboo has been used for the construction of this heavy-duty bath mat. This natural wood is obtained through eco-friendly processes and looks stylish within any setting.

While it can be paired without hassles with any type of look, it is also quite easy to maintain and clean due to its stain-resistant and waterproof properties.

Users only need to clean it with water and allow it to dry in the air.

The intelligent and ergonomic design of this bathroom mat allows for easy use while also providing enhanced durability.

The mat is elevated which allows water to flow under it easily and promotes quick natural evaporation. This provides a drier floor while eliminating the chances of clogging inside the bathroom as compared to conventional rugs and mats.

This mat doesn’t need to be assembled and can be efficiently carried anywhere as it weighs less than 5 pounds in total. The durability further allows the mat to be used under a variety of settings while it also features a 1-year warranty.

Avoiding slips and accidents with this mat is easy as it comes with rubber feet having 12 pieces. With an anti-slip design, it not only protects the user against accidents but also protects the floor against scratches and dents.

The stylish look, lightweight and sturdy design allow the mat to be used for a variety of purposes according to requirement.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

10. Bath Shower Mat Bamboo Bathroom Floor Non-sliding Square Spa Sauna Mat with 22×15-Inch by BAMBUROBA

BAMBUROBA Bath Shower Mat Bamboo Bathroom Floor Non-Sliding Square Spa Sauna Mat with 22x15-Inch

A multipurpose bamboo mat for people who crave the wooden feel.

This mat can effectively be used for a wide range of purposes due to its exclusive features such as:

Maso bamboo is an eco-friendly type of bamboo which is obtained by manufacturers through responsible processes.

The mat is made using 100 percent bamboo which is also proven to be more durable and sturdy as compared to conventional oak and wood.

It is extremely easy to maintain the mat and it only needs to be cleaned with warm water after daily usage.

The mat features an intelligent design with slotted panels which increase the comfort while providing better air circulation to the mat.

Enhanced circulation of air prevents the mat from getting mold and dries the water faster which provides increased durability to the mat.

The slip-resistant feet of this mat allows the users to use it in a carefree manner even while taking a shower. These soft feet also protect the floor against any damages over the long run.

The eco-friendly nature of the mat paired with luxurious comfort makes this mat a perfect gift for the family as well as friends. It is an affordable choice as well because it costs less than $30 per piece.

Despite having a large area of 21.25 inches by 14.17 inches, the mat weighs just 3.31 pounds and can support up to a weight of 440 pounds while not requiring any assembly at all. This makes it ideal to be carried around for convenient and multi purpose usage.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

Why Choose a Teak Bath Mat?

There are many reasons for choosing a teak bath mat over a traditional cloth or rubber bath mat.

In fact, after looking over all of the advantages teak offers over other materials, it is hard to imagine why anyone would be willing to choose another option!

A Unique Product

The bath mat Teak Wood Brown has been designed for a unique design. The wooden blocks are attached to each other with wooden connecting blocks making this bathmat of wood one part.

The blocks are laid in such a way that proportional gaps are created. This not only ensures a beautiful design but also that the water flows easily.

Besides that the product looks beautiful, it is also made of high-quality materials. The mat is made of teak. This type of wood is ideal because it absorbs little water. This makes the bath mat ideal for use in the bathroom.

What to look for when buying a bathmat

Bath mats, bath rugs, or bath rugs are important utensils for fitting a bathroom. When buying a mat you should pay attention to a few things.

High-quality bath mats, bath rugs, or bath rugs are among the most important utensils of a bathroom. They ensure a pleasant, cozy atmosphere as well as a secure hold in the domestic wet room.

In general, the bath mats are placed in front of the sink, shower, or bath, where most of the moisture accumulates.

The selection is great

In the trade, you will find a huge selection of different rugs, mats, and bath rugs. So a wide variety of designs, colors, and patterns are available. The shapes are very different and can be.

Molds and designs of bath mats
• rectangular
• square
• oval or
• round

Most bath mats are made of terrycloth or high pile, durable fabric. As an alternative to soft and fluffy mats, there are also special bath mats made of wood, which are made of teak wood or beech wood.

When buying note

Since the selection of mats, rugs, and bath rugs is very large, the right choice is sometimes difficult. Therefore, one should pay attention to some quality features when buying.

Above all, it is important that the bath mat on the bottom is equipped with a waterproof and non-slip pad. These can be either knobs or rubberized material. The mat must, therefore, ensure a secure fit in any case.

In addition, the material of the mat should be as thick and absorbent as possible. Especially recommended is a mat made of blended fabric such as cotton and bamboo viscose.

This blended fabric is able to absorb more water than other materials and also dries very quickly. Also, mats made of polyacrylic and microfiber are well suited.

Another important point is the washability of the bath mat. So that no on the mat mold forms, they should be in the washing machine at a temperature up to 95 degrees Celsius.

Color and design

Which design and which color is most suitable, must be decided individually according to personal taste. There are a variety of color combinations and patterns such as
• fish
• Seascapes
• Safari-themed
• Zebra Stripe
• Cartoon characters and even
• extravagant skull pattern
to choose from, so that the right thing should be found for every taste.

Appearance of Teak

For starters, teak is a beautiful hardwood that is pleasing to the eye and adds a touch of luxury to just about any bathroom. Teak offers a mild, subtle tone that blends and matches practically any decor.

Just adding a teak bath mat to your bathroom can greatly improve the visual appeal and overall look.

While teak is now commonly used worldwide, it still carries its root influence from the southeastern Asian countries most commonly known to use teak for buildings and furniture.

If your home or bathroom is centered around a southeast Asian design, teak is definitely the wood to go with when choosing a bath mat!

Resilience of Teak

Teak wood contains silica and natural oils that make it an obvious choice for use in exposed applications. It is naturally termite and pest proof and has a very high natural resilience to water damage.

Because of these features, teak is often seen in use as outdoor furniture or flooring.

These features are also a plus in bath mat applications. Because teak is to naturally resistant to water, you will never have to worry about the wood molding or rotting. It is also a plus not having to worry about attracting pests into your home.

Strength of Teak

Teak is a very dense hardwood that is often used in flooring applications. Since the wood itself is so dense and so resistant to natural decay, a teak bath mat has the potential to last you a lifetime.

This factor alone makes the material worth the slightly higher investment required over a cloth bath mat.

The tight, dense grain of teak also offers a smooth, comfortable feel. The comfort and solidarity offered by teak is certainly a large step up from cloth and is a comparable difference to the luxury offered by hardwood floors over carpet.

Consider the advantages, and you will clearly see that a teak bath mat is a solid, reliable choice.

Cleaning your Teak Bath Mat

Being that teak is naturally resistant to water, mildew, insects, and other natural deterioration that commonly plagues wooden products, you will not have to spend a lot of time caring for your teak bath mat.

However, with any product, you can enjoy even greater longevity and more reliability from a teak bath mat if you spend a little bit of time occasionally to care for it.

Cleaning a teak bath mat is about as easy as dusting out a rug. Every few weeks or so, it would be helpful to pick up your teak bath mat and ensure the entire piece is completely dry. Clean off any leftover water with a towel or sponge.

You should also make sure to wipe off any debris that has built upon the surface of the bath mat.

Every once in a while, it is a good idea to rub down your teak bath mat with mild wood oil to preserve its shine and water resistance.

Murphy’s wood oil, or Block wood and bamboo oil are good choices, as they are mild and made especially for wood. After the entire bath mat is covered, leave it out in the air to dry for an hour or two.

That’s it! That’s all it takes to care for a teak bath mat.

Teak Shower Mat: Nothing Better!

So you are updating your bathroom, renovating, or just looking to replace your bath mat. You are on the fence, and just not sure if you want to go with teak or something cheaper, or more traditional.

Some of the most popular brands that offer teak shower mats include Bare Decor, SeaTeak, AquaTeak, Hip-o Modern Living, Soothing Styles, HANKEY, BMNP Imports, GLS, Ollieroo, Taymor Industries, WholesaleTeak, Maximum Stores, Conair, Bambüsi, Oceanstar

Here are a few things to consider before you make your decision.

A Teak Bath Mat Will Not Mold

Let’s say you get a cloth bath mat, and use it on a standard tile or linoleum floor. After just a few days of use, enough water will have soaked in to begin fostering mildew, and the floor below will begin to dampen.

In just over a week, there can be enough moisture build-up to allow mold to begin to grow. The damp cloth provides a perfect environment for mold and bacteria to thrive.

What if you go with a rubber bath mat? Because rubber forms a seal against the flooring below, you can still experience accelerated mold growth.

Additionally, rubber does not offer nearly the absorbing power of cloth, so more water will remain on your feet, which could end up being hazardous.

With a teak bath mat, the upper level of the mat is suspended above the ground, so there is no seal trapping water against your flooring.

Water is allowed to drip-free of your feet, providing a safe shower exit, and then quickly dries. Since teak is naturally resistant to water, you do not need to worry about the mat itself molding or becoming damaged.

Consider the Cost

Think about the cost involved when making a bath mat decision. A good teak bath mat will likely cost about $70 – significantly more than a standard cloth bath mat.

At any housewares store, you could expect to pay about $20 for a normal bath mat. However, how long will it last?

A cloth bath mat will likely need to be replaced every couple of years, at best. At $20 each, you will have spent more than the cost of a teak bath mat in only 8 years or less. A teak bath mat, however, will never mold and is incredibly strong.

A teak bath mat will last a lifetime, with little to no care on your part. For that $70 initial cost, you are really making an investment that will ultimately pay for itself.

Wood Floormats Fo Ma Bathroom

How to Avoid Falling in the Shower

Preventing yourself from falling in the shower is a combination of investments and making wise choices for your bathroom.

You can always use shower chairs, grab bars, and tension poles. You can also buy non-slip items that can help you avoid tripping.

Put all these things together and you will have a safer and comforting experience whilst you are in your bathroom.

You may be familiar with pieces of advice on how to avoid falling in the shower. “Keep the floor dry at all times”. “Avoid slippery tubs”. “Clean the bathroom to prevent mold and mildew.”

These are a few good things that remind you of staying safe whilst taking a bath. But there is one new thing that can help you avoid falling in your bathroom. This is what we call a shower chair.

A shower chair had been created to provide assistance to disabled persons who want to take a bath without getting too much help from others.

This is also ideal for our oldies who always want to experience independence whilst bathing. With this said, it is alright to generalize that a shower chair can assure anybody’s safety when taking a bath.

Together with this perfect item that goes well with your safety needs whilst showering, you can also consider other tips.

First – Invest in other necessities aside from the shower chair.

A shower chair is just one of the legions of bathroom accessories that can support you whilst taking a bath.

Add to that, you can also get handrails as well as tension poles that will assist you when you are moving around the bathroom.

Not to forget that you should also have towel bars placed in an area most accessible to you. You may have to spend more buying these items but they are of great help.

Second – Use non-slip bathroom mats.[teak shower mat] 🙂

There are a variety of bathroom mats that you can make use of. When choosing from any of these varieties, you must consider materials such as foam and PVC.

These can prevent slippage whilst you are taking a bath. Bathroom mats are considered great investments since they can absorb excess water flowing on your bathroom floor.

Third – Use anti-slip tiles as well.

This is a great tip for those of you who are still planning to have your house built. It is also best suited for those of you who are undergoing house renovation at the moment.

Anti-slip tiles act the same way as those of non-slip bathroom mats in that they can lessen your risk of falling whilst taking a bath.

Teak Shower Floor

Ceramic tile and fiberglass are indeed two common materials for shower floor but if you want something different, you can choose the teak shower floor.

You might think that wood flooring is a bad choice for wet areas; however, teak is different. Teak is very watertight because it contains a large amount of oil and rubber.

The rubber and oil contents make teak rot resistant. This article will provide you with some of the benefits of using this type of shower floor, tips to maintain this shower floor, and the price.

Benefits of a teak shower floor

Although teak is an uncommon choice for the shower floor, there are many benefits that you can get from using this shower floor. The first benefit is that this shower floor will add beauty to your shower room.

It creates a natural atmosphere in your shower room. Another benefit is that it is applicable to various shower room designs. Whether you have a modern shower room design or an elegant design, this shower floor can be a perfect match.

Another benefit that you can get is that this shower floor is very durable. If you give proper treatment, it can last for more than a decade although you use it each and every day.

If you think that the wood floor is hard to clean then you are wrong. Most quality teak floors are easy to clean and the manufacturers usually provide detailed step-by-step to clean and maintain the shower floors.

Some manufacturers also provide free cleaning kits for every purchase of the shower floor.

Unlike other hardwoods, teak is resistant to rot, mildew, and mold. And the surprising fact is that it is also germ-free. This characteristic prevents bacteria to grow on your shower flooring. Lastly, this type of shower floor can dry your feet faster than the ceramic or fiberglass shower floor.

Tips to maintain teak shower floor

Maintaining a teak floor is quite simple.

No matter what climate you live in, the treatment is the same. You only need to clean it regularly with special cleaning kits. You can easily find the cleaning kits for teak at a local home improvement store.

Some manufacturers also offer cleaning kits at no cost so you can use them right away. In order to keep the shine of this wood shower floor, you only need to apply teak conditioning oil twice a year.

No need to hire professionals for the cleaning because as long as you have all the cleaning kits, you can complete the maintenance in a few minutes.

The price of the teak shower floor

Unlike ceramic and fiberglass that are affordable, the teak floor is a bit expensive. However, although it is expensive it is worth your money. This shower floor is available in several different qualities.

Size also influences the price of this shower floor. A high-quality floor with standard size can cost you up to $400.

Why Purchase a Teak Shower Mat?

Mats are important parts of a bathroom and shower area of your home. Most people like purchasing ordinary carpet mats, but those can get pretty dirty in annoying ways.

If you really want to have a better-looking shower area, you really should consider adding a nice teak shower mat to your bathrooms.

These are nice because of the fact that they can offer you a clean floor after your showers. If you’re in need of a good mat for cleaning up your feet, investing in these is much better than investing in something else.

Why purchase a teak shower mat?

First of all, it’s so much fun to take showers and clean your feet afterward through these mats. Since these have a type of wooden feeling, they don’t breakdown or have the water get stuck on it all day long.

The water does drain and go to the floor, but that’s better than drenching up your entire carpet mat in your area. These are even nice to look at the inside of a bathroom.

They give a bathroom a unique type of design, and the best part is that you can really enhance your bathrooms look when you have these mats inside. They are very easy to have, and they make drying up easier than ever.

Is teak shower mat expensive?

When you buy a Teak Shower Mat, they’re going to enhance your bathrooms look tremendously, so the price shouldn’t really be a problem.

Luckily, a Teak Shower Mat is not expensive at all. It’s actually pretty cheap compared to other mats available that show different types of quality.

There are literally dozens of different mats available, and this is one of those that won’t cost you a fortune at all to invest in. So, you won’t find them to be expensive.

Tips on finding the perfect real shower mat

To get the best mat available, you really need to start looking for one that’s not too big. Usually, it’s the bigger ones that are so unrealistic to have in the bathroom.

The big ones look bad inside of most bathrooms, especially the ones that aren’t so big. Aside from size, you should also consider looking for two layers in these mats, as the two-layered ones are always the strongest ones that withstand a heavy person.

Those are definitely more enjoyable to have in your bathroom. These are nice because they also work great for swimming pools in your backyards as well. Before walking into the house while you’re wet, you can dry up these mats and head on in after the water is poured out of your body.

These mats are definitely a great idea for your bathroom. They can really create a great place for you to get all of that water off your body. The truth is that it can be hard to dry up, but it gets so easy to do when you have this mat.

The water from your body is quickly and easily going to fall on this mat. If you’re in need of a strong mat, the teak shower mat is what you need.

The 10 Best Pedestal Sinks (2021 Reviews)

Pedestal Sinks As our homes are becoming smaller and so are the bathrooms shrinking.

We are in need of extra space to store our stuff, a great way to do this in the bathrooms that have pedestal sinks is to add Pedestal Sink Storage units underneath making use of this extra space.

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Best Pedestal Sinks











What is the buzz about Pedestal sinks?

For the average urban dweller, the concept of a comfortable dream home often faces a significant obstacle.

This comes in the form of a deficit in enough storage space in our resources including rental woes of hiring a house with bigger storage spaces.

Often in our owned houses too, a thought races in our minds: had there been a few extra cubic units of space in your bathroom so that you wouldn’t have to carry your toilet kit every morning from your living room to the bathroom to save a few extra minutes that you can utilize in perfecting your office work or reducing the commuting hassle in morning hours.

The latest thing in town is you’re your space agony will find a much-awaited relief with the help of the new generation of interior designers.

Pedestal Sink Storage solution is an innovative way to address the “short- on- storage” pain of the average urban dweller in society, that can add space to our small-sized bathrooms. The idea involves using the vacant space under your pedestrian sink and utilizing it to create space for storage.

The ways and means of creating pedestal sink storage

There are a number of innovative things that you can do to create that extra space under your pedestal sink. You can pick and choose the ones that best suit your individual needs.

Some of the possible things that you could do to create that extra space are putting a mirror over a pedestal sink. You could wall mounted cabinets between pedestal sinks, use twin pedestal sinks with a small counter.

Have a pedestal sink with a trash can underneath. Addition of a glass shelf over a pedestal sink. Addition of matching sconces or you could add a tiny side table can be set underneath the choice is yours.

How to install it?

When you do decide to install pedestrian sink storage units you need to choose the right accessories for yourself.

Decide on what type of and how much space you would like to create.

Take a market survey & exercise online options could be great at this time as it would help you decide.

Take the help of an interior decorator and once you have decided you could either have the unit installed or as is the case with some unit you may not need to install it at all or it could be done by you.


Awesome renovation delights: you can give a great makeover to your old house; matching the color and finish of the sink to that of the floor tiles, cabinets, mirror stand, counters, glass shelf, windowpane, and the trash can too!

Ample amount of options to exercise from: contemporary warehouses are studded with various sizes, designs, numbers and finish.

Tons of storage: you don’t need to carry your toilet kit every morning from your bedroom shelf to the toilet

Counter space between sinks: gives you enough breathing space

Perfect dimensions: you will love the day your bathroom takes a fairy makeover; you won’t stop admiring your old bathroom

Lovely look: eye-catchy inclusions will make you really proud of your bathroom


A lot has been said about the advantage so let’s get to the disadvantages.

There is a lot of hype about the fancy design but if you see the costs it is just too high. A bathroom is anyways a difficult place to keep clean and dry this just adds to the problem.

A wrongly renovated bathroom gives you more space and breathing woes so don’t expect that your grown-up cousin brother will appreciate the bathroom of your school going kid

A nicely crafted pedestal sink gives us the option to make our ordinary bathroom to be a special custom made one, but one has to be judicious enough to exercise the options available.

Reasons for you to purchase a pedestal sink storage

Remodeling your home initiates a different kind of perspective to your quality of living. It enables you to freshen up and bring a different ambiance to your home living.

Remodeling is a good thing especially when it has been a long time that you have not moved any furniture in your home.

It is also suggested that if you have some clutter at your home or things no longer go well with your stuff, remodeling is a must.

Remodeling does not mean that you have to change all of your furniture stuff, do some repaint, or a total makeover.

It only suggests that little by little you figure out what you actually need to make your home living better.

When thinking about remodeling your home, take note of what you actually need.

Do you need some repaint?

Do you need better furniture?

Do you have extra things all over your home that needs to be properly stored?

If you are able to answer these questions, you might as well already know the solution for these things.

The importance of proper storage to your homes

One of the most common problems in today’s homes is the need for proper storage.

Proper storage is important at home especially if you do not want to end up losing your files or other things when needed. It is not just about arranging your stuff inside your personal space or living room but you also have to consider your bathroom space.

The best way for you to save space in your bathroom is by having pedestal sink storage. This pedestal sink storage may come in handy to your home especially if you wish to arrange your bathroom materials and toiletries in just one corner.

A pedestal sink storage may vary in size, style, and design so it is actually up to you on what kind will fit your need. Here are some important things you need to consider before buying:

Tips on how to buy a bathroom pedestal sink

Where and how to buy

The idea of buying a pedestal sink storage online is very convenient for anyone who might need this as soon as possible.

You can simply work on search engines and look for websites that sell sink storage. It is important that you check whether they deliver near your area.

Check for the gallery of the items and make sure that you get the dimensions so that you can estimate how it fits your bathroom.

Checking the price tag

Price should not be a limiting factor to you as expensive items do not always mean they are the best ones. Take time to search for websites that sell such products and compare the prices.

You should also take note of the price of each type as it may differ depending on the material they are made of. Once you have already determined what pedestal sink you prefer for your home, take the necessary steps to make your purchase.

The importance of proper storage to your homes

One of the most common problems in today’s homes is the need for proper storage.

Proper storage is important at home especially if you do not want to end up losing your files or other things when needed. It is not just about arranging your stuff inside your personal space or living room but you also have to consider your bathroom space.

The best way for you to save space in your bathroom is by having pedestal sink storage.

This pedestal sink storage may come in handy to your home especially if you wish to arrange your bathroom materials and toiletries in just one corner. A pedestal sink storage may vary.

Tips before building your toilet and bath

Building a new bathroom? There are plenty of new ideas that you might want to consider. A cozy bathroom usually has some portions of wallpaper and wood furniture by the sink.

If you have little space to spare, pedestal sink storage with a wood finish for the cabinet is just marvelous.

To build a lasting impression, the countertop should be made of ceramic tile or precious stone while your fixtures must be in the finest stainless steel.


A contemporary designed bathroom looks dainty in white. There are lovely pictures of an all-white bathroom that you will truly admire.

However, maintaining an immaculately white space isn’t that simple. You have to keep it tidy and pristine every after use if you don’t want to see some obvious yellow stains and molds gathering the next time you use it.

In other words, it’s more high maintenance than you ever thought.

Bright, chic, and practical

Putting some shelves in between the sink is also a good idea aside from already built-in pedestal sink storage.

This will keep your toiletries dry and will be spared from disadvantages when the sink suddenly leaks.

For the high-end

Most bathroom shelves with enclosure come with louvers for air ventilation.

You may also opt for open shelves if you have a great space to put it away from the bathtub or the sprinkles of your showerhead.

Newly designed bathrooms are now equipped with frosted shower glass enclosures to divide between the wet and dry portions of a slightly larger bathroom.

Space-saving advantage

If your allotted space for the bathroom were cramp, wouldn’t you want to stuff it with everything else you need without sacrificing more space left?

For that, nice pedestal sink storage would be appropriate. You can even add some glass shelves on top of it to put the lotions, shaving creams, toothbrushes, and other necessities.

Some sets of this type of bathroom furnishing come with a wall mirror with a frame that matches the make of the shelf.

Bring your dreams to your door

When renovating an old bathroom, we suggest that you think of a nice place that you had visited before and its nice bathroom and try to incorporate the look.

This will save you time, effort, and cost when sourcing out materials as you already have something ideal already in mind.

Browsing through the home and architectural magazines will be supplemental as well. The internet hosts plenty of up-to-the-minute trends that are just one click away.

Pedestal sink Budget

Above all, you need to know your budget range.

Everything you put into the project will be the fruit of your hard work so being budget-wise is essential when constructing even just a small bathroom.

Consider the labor cost and materials as well as a timeframe when setting a budget. You will not only buy a tub, pedestal sink storage, and tiles but the tiny decors and fixtures will also round-up with the entire outlay.

Learn How to Install Sinks| A Step by Step Guide to Install Your Drop-in Sink

Whether you have moved to a new house or simply need to replace the old rusty kitchen sink, there’s no denying that going under the countertop always stirs up some trouble.

And if you are a newbie then you might end up loosening the wrong nut or removing the wrong water line. That is why we wanna remove all the confusion and give you an easy peasy guide on how to install sinks.

Easier Than You Might Think!

Any DIY might have second thoughts about going through the whole installing process themselves. But, not to worry.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have with plumbing or kitchen sinks, doesn’t matter if you have a ruvati sink or a Kraus sink, our step by step guide to install your drop-in kitchen sink is designed keeping the most novices of DIYs in mind.

Soo… forget spending extra dollars on getting a plumber or repair service. And save some bucks and earn a bit of experience from this article. Anyone sincere and enthusiast enough can install a kitchen sink by following our guide.

What You Will Need

  • Market
  • Drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Supporting wood
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Tightening pliers
  • Wrench and screwdriver
  • Bucket
  • Utility knife
  • Putty knife

How to Install a New Drop-In Kitchen Sink

If you are new to sink stuff then you might be unfamiliar with some parts. No need to worry if you get lost in the steps. Read more than once if you have to. Trust me. You’ll get it!

Anyways… here are the steps to follow for an easy and time-saving sink installation. The following steps are for people who do not already have an old sink installed. We’ll talk about removing your old sink later.

Step 1: Marking Sink’s Layout & Cutout Area

Luck is on your side if you received a template with your new sink. Simply place the template on the countertop while ensuring that it is parallel with the countertop’s edge on both the front side and with the backsplash. Now, use a dark black marker to make lines.

Step 2: Drilling & Cutting

Make a small hole on one corner of the marked line. Try keeping the hole around ½ inches inside the line.

The hole should be just big enough to allow the jigsaw blade to enter. Jigsaws offer excellent accuracy. You should cut slowly and make sure that the cuts don’t sway out of line.

Before cutting with the jigsaw, use blocks or hardwood to support the area you’ll cut.

Step 3: Place the Strainer

Before starting step 3, you should place the sink onto the opening to check if it fits right. You can cut out more counterparts if necessary.

Get some sticky plumber’s putty on your hand. Put some around the sink drain hole, doesn’t matter if it’s too much. Just make sure that it’s not too little. Place the strainer on top of the putty and put some pressure for a few seconds.

The strainer should attach nice and easy. Remove the extra putty around the strainer.

Go underneath the sink now and slip the gasket into place. If your sink came with a washer and housing then get them in there also. Now, you can tighten up with the locknut. Use pliers to accomplish the tightening task.

Step 4: Set the Sink

Time to put your brand new kitchen sink into place. For this step, apply plumber’s putty on the countertop around the edge of the cutout area. Then simply place the sink and hold it for a few seconds.

And don’t forget to remove all the extra putty to have that seamless look. Get a screwdriver and tighten up the mounting screws to secure the sink onto your countertop.

By the way, you should get the faucet in place before setting the sink onto the cutout area.

Step 5: Finishing up

Connect the piping and make sure you tighten up properly. Use the waste pipe to connect the strainer end and then a p-trap to extend it towards the wall pipe.

Now you can turn on the water to check for any leaks. And voila! You are done installing your new drop-in kitchen sink.

Removing the Old Sink

Well, you of course need to take out the existing sink (if you already have one installed) before putting the new one in place. So, here are the steps which will help you to take out the old kitchen sink to make room for the new one.

Step 1: Leave No Water & Take out the Faucet

Turn off the water supply. You can do that either by switching off the hot and cold water or you need to shut off the main supply line in the house.

After that, turn on the faucet to take out any water drops remaining on the tip of the tap. Turn it off again after relieving the water pressure on the lines.

With no water left in the lines, you can use a wrench to detach the water lines connected to the faucet. You can put a small bucket below while removing the lines to avoid a messy floor.

By the way, you do not have to take out the faucet because you can do that when removing the sink itself.

Step 2: Disconnect the Disposer & Dishwasher Line

If you have a garbage disposal (most people do have one) then power it off and unplug it from the circuit. Now, you can disconnect the drain pipe and the p-trap from the sink.

Again, remember to keep a bucket underneath to catch excess water.

Now, you can remove the dishwasher line with bare hands.

Step 3: Remove the Disposer

One way to remove the garbage disposal is to unscrew the discharge pipes. If you are lucky then the disposal will drop right out.

But, the safe way is to follow the instructions that come with the product.

Step 4: Unscrew the Mounting Clips

Use a screwdriver and loosen up the mounting screws. And now your old sink is all ready to get out. But, there’s one more simple step you might have to do.

Step 5: Removing the Sink

Use a utility knife to cut the caulk or plumber’s putty which glued the sink onto the countertop. With the sticky part removed, you can now slowly take out the sink.

Finally, get a putty knife in your hand and do a little clean up by removing any remaining plumber’s putty.


How to install sinks by yourself is a lot easier than you thought, isn’t it? Again, we would like to emphasize that you do not have to be an expert in installing sinks to put these steps into practice.

We hope that you found our guide useful and easy to follow. Don’t shy away from commenting below if you have any further queries. We’d be more than happy to help you out!

The 10 Best Shower Chairs (2021 Reviews)

Shower Chair One of the more daunting activities of daily life that a person with disabilities faces is that of taking a bath. This is where shower chairs or Tub chairs play an important role

For someone without disabilities, this is certainly not an area of concern.

However, for a person with mobility issues, the bathroom is a risky and dangerous place.

There are hundreds of people injured in the bathroom each year and the disabled are at a higher risk of slipping or falling and breaking a bone.

For heavy people, we recommend Bariatric shower chairs.

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Best Shower Chair Reviews 2021

1.Medical Tool-Free Assembly Spa Bathtub Adjustable Shower Chair Seat Bench with Removable Back

Medical Tool-Free Assembly Spa Bathtub Adjustable Shower Chair Seat Bench with Removable Back

This shower seat offers a solution to any disabled or senior looking forward to taking a shower. It is constructed with an ionized aluminum frame and fixed with non-skid rubber tips which help keep the chair firm on the ground.

The seat is purposely contoured to hold the sitter in place. It’s also made of polystyrene which contains anti-bacterial material which provides good hygiene for the individuals using the seat.

The drainage holes allow water to drain of eliminating any chances of sliping off the shower seat. If you purchase this seat, you dont need any tools to assemble it.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Heavy duty anodized aluminium frame, supports upto 300lbs
  • Height adjustable
  • Ergonomic handles on the seat
  • Micro drainage holes
  • Removable Back Width:15.5″
  • 19” * 12″ Large seat surface
  • The seat is corrotion proof
  • It’s wide contoured anti-bacterial polystyrene seat brings increased comfort to the user.
  • The rubber feet makes it sturdy and firm
  • Not recommended for heavier users

2. Dr. Kay’s Adjustable Height Bath and Shower Chair Top Rated Shower Bench

Dr Kay's Adjustable Height Bath and Shower Chair Top Rated Shower Bench

Dr. Kay’s shower chair is all about stability and strength. The seat weighs only 4 pounds. It’s made from heavy-duty anodized aluminum and the wide contoured area holds up to 250 pounds. The material used is water-resistant i.e rust proof.

It’s easy to assemble it, no tools required. To increase its stability, 2 braces connect the 4 legs. The seat has side handles which make it easy to move around. The anti-slip rubber grips and a wide base make it firm when on a slippery surface.

You can adjust the seat between 12.5″ and 18.5″ for a higher height if needed. If the legs stand gets wobbly, check if the screws are properly tightened.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Anti-slip rubber grips
  • Ergonomic handles for easy movement
  • Created with tough water resistant material
  • weighs ony 4 pounds
  • easily holds up to 250lbs
  • Easy to assemble and adjust
  • Sturdy when assembled correctly
  • Small and can be used in the bathtub
  • It’s not ok to stand on the stool
  • No back support

3. Ez2care Adjustable Lightweight Shower Bench, White (18 inches)

Ez2care Shower Bench Bath Seat Chair, Adjustable Height from 12.5 to 18 inch with Durable Aluminum Legs for Elderly, Senior, Handicap and Disabled, Perfect for Small Size Bathtub

This shower stool comes in a simple, smart, and safe design. The manufacturer states that this design puts users’ needs first. Its ideal users are the injured or disabled and for personal grooming or taking a bath.

The design features a broad curved design for sitting. The surface is perforated to enable water to drain off easily. Side handles on the seat are for assisting the user to stand as well as moving the seat to another location.

The aluminum frame is anodized meaning it is corrosion resistant making it durable. Stands are fitted with rubber to reduce the chances of slipping while in the shower. The adjustable legs can extend from 12.5″ to 18″

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Comes with anti-slip seat surface with drainage holes
  • Slip-resistant rubber safety tips ensure safety while in use
  • Adjustable seat height from 12.5 to 18.5 inches accommodates most users’ needs.
  • Heavy-duty anodized aluminum legs are corrosion resistant
  • Support weight up to 250 pounds.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight making it easy to move around
  • Can easily fit in the bathtub
  • Side handle s make it easy to sit and stand
  • Not suitable for standing on
  • Maximum load it can handle is 250lb

4. Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair with Back and Arms

Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair with Back and Arms

One of the main features that stand out in this shower seat is the back and armrest which makes it the ultimate shower bench in mobility self-empowerment.

We all understand the problems the seniors have while taking a shower. This chair guarantees a comfortable shower experience.

The large seat can accommodate people of different shapes and sizes. Its large stable legs are complemented by a non-slip rubber grip. height adjustment is also possible in 0.5″ increments with visual indicators making this process easy.

The maximum weight recommended is 350lbs.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Tool-Free removal of back, legs, and arms for easy storage and portability
  • Has back and arm rest for extra comfort
  • Large stable legs that can support upto 350lbs
  • Non-slip rubber grip to avoid falling
  • Easy to move around
  • The rubber feet make it firm and sturdy
  • The Drive Safety Shower Chair is strong, durable and dependable
  • Very many negative reviews on amazon

5. Plastic Tub Transfer Bench with Adjustable Backrest, Gray

Drive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer Bench with Adjustable Backrest (color may vary)


Do you need assistance in getting in and out of the tub? This transfer bench with an adjustable backrest is exactly what you need.

The reversible bench ensures that the user easily slides in and out of the bathtub or shower with minimum effort. The extended legs are fitted with extra-large suction cups that hold into place the chair.

A pinch-free lever allows the push pins to be depressed without accidentally squeezing fingers. Its dual column extension legs are adjustable in 5″ increments. Blown plastic A-frame is used in the construction of the shower transfer bench.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Reversible transfer bench for entering and exiting the bathtub
  • Extra-large non-slip suction cups for extra stability
  • Tool-free assembly of back, legs, and arms for seamless bath installation
  • Height-adjustable legs to fit most bathtubs
  • Holds upto 400lbs
  • Ideal for people who need help getting into the bathtub
  • Height cab be adjusted in 0.5″ increments


MedMobile® Bathtub Transfer Bench/Bath Chair with Back, Wide SEAT, Adjustable SEAT Height, Sure-GRIPED Legs, Lightweight, Durable, Rust-Resistant Shower Bench

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

7. Medical Tool-Free Assembly Spa Bathtub Shower Lift Chair

Vaunn Medical Tool-Free Assembly Spa Bathtub Shower Lift Chair, Portable Bath Seat, Adjustable Shower Bench, White Bathtub Lift Chair with Arms


Features & SpecificationsProsCons

8. Shower Chair with Back by Vive

Vive Shower Stool - Bariatric Bath Tub Bench - Bathroom Safety and Shaving Seat Benches - Adjustable, Heavy Duty and Lightweight for Elderly, Senior, Handicap and Disabled

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

9. Moen DN7025 Adjustable Tub and Shower Seat

Moen DN7025 Home Care Bath Safety Non-Slip Adjustable Tub and Shower Chair, White

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

10. Better Living Products 70060 Spa Seat

Better Living Products 70060 Spa Shower Seat, White

Features & SpecificationsProsCons

The Importance of a Shower Chair

For those elderly and disabled persons, taking a bath would be a very difficult task to do. But due to the fact that proper hygiene should always be taken into consideration, there are some tools or equipment that can help these kinds of people.

One very important thing that they can use is a shower chair. A shower chair is designed to assist those elder, disable, or injured people that cannot stand without any assistance.

Using this shower chair can let them take a shower by themselves with their own privacy. Usually, these shower chairs are made to fit any shower or standard tub.

These special chairs have durable bodies and legs that are made from durable materials such as aluminum.

To make it more secure, a rubber is added at the bottom of each leg to prevent it from slipping. The major consideration in choosing a shower chair is its size and its maximum weight capacity.

Types of Handicap Shower Chairs

There are many types of shower chairs and each of them has its distinct characteristics.

  • Large/Small wheeled shower chair – This type of shower chair has wheels that allow the person to push himself to the bathroom with any assistance from the other person. They are available on large and small wheels. But the problem with a small wheeled shower chair is that it is hard to maneuver especially on floors that have thick carpets. In this situation, an assistant may help bring that person into the bathroom.
  • Sani-chair – Sani chair is a different type of shower chair. It can also be used in the shower but its main purpose is to be used over a toilet. It is a mobile chair that has a hinged toilet. They are also available on large and small wheels.
  • Shower trolley – This is a type of shower chair that has larger wheels with a platform allowing the person to be pushed into the bathroom or shower area while lying down. But due to the fact that it is much longer compared to other chairs, it is seldom used in a domestic situation. Most of these chairs would not fit into a standard shower area.

Using these shower chairs would be very helpful for those people who have suffered from injuries or from any physical damage.

This can help them take care of their daily hygiene even without the help of other people in any given situation.

How to Use a Shower Chair

How to Use a Shower Chair for an Elderly Person

Whether you are buying a shower chair for your own use or are a carer or family member looking after an elderly person, it’s important to be aware of the various steps to using a shower chair with safety.

For elderly people who live alone, bath and shower time can be a difficult and worrying experience. However, by using a chair in the bath or shower cubicle, the risk of accidents and injury can be greatly reduced.

Even when there are two people present during the cleaning process, there are still various dangers related to slipping and tripping, even with the benefit of a chair.

The following advice is intended for elderly owners of shower chairs as well as those who might be on hand during the procedures and will shine a light on things to consider so as to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Preparation for a Shower

Before you even use the shower chair for elderly people, it’s vital to prepare the bathroom so as it is fit for use. This means, amongst other things, making sure the floor is dry so as no one slips over and is badly injured.

Bath towels should be placed in easy-to-reach locations as should soaps, shampoos, body scrubbers, sponges, and other bathroom accessories used in regular cleaning sessions. The shower chair itself should also be positioned close to the shower or bath, ready to use.

If you’re an elderly person living alone, it will be sensible to phone a family member or friend before showering. This will make someone aware of what you’re doing and thus able to phone you back half-an-hour to an hour later (depending on your choice of time) to make sure you completed the shower safely and without incident.

Secure the chair in place

There are a few different types of shower chairs for elderly people and these vary in regards to whether they fit in a bath, shower cubicle, or indeed, both. Place the chair in the bath or shower stall and make sure it is on a flat surface, secure, and does not wobble.

Lock any wheels if applicable. Try to slide the shower chair around. It should not move at all if the rubber-tipped legs are doing their job properly. Finally, make any final adjustments such as the height of the seat and the width of the arm span.

Entering and Exiting the Shower

The most dangerous and exhausting aspect of showering when you’re elderly and infirm is getting into and out of the shower. If you are showering alone, then it’s important to transfer into and out of the shower slowly and carefully.

One of the best items of equipment you can use to help you with this process is a transfer bench. This item is a longer form of the standard shower chair which has one end open allowing the person to gently maneuver into and out of a bathtub or stall.

When showering is complete, the primary focus should be on drying yourself off as quickly as possible and moving to a warmer and drier location. That said, it is important, once again, to not rush and thereby risk injury. In many ways, taking things slowly and carefully is the fastest way to accomplish a task.

If possible, it is generally sensible to towel dry in the shower before exiting the stall or bath. This will mean your hands and body will have a better grip for holding onto handrails and handles.

Added Safety Features

Some shower chairs for the elderly come with safety belts that can be fixed to prevent the person in the chair from falling out.

Depending on your physical condition or that of your elderly family member, this feature will be something to look out for when purchasing a shower chair for elderly people in the first place. As well as this, chairs will also come with handles and footrests, plus a whole host of possible additions depending on one’s requirements.


When the cleaning process has been completed there are a couple of things to do in order to ensure the chair is ready for the next shower. Good hygiene is a vital ingredient in bathroom furniture and this is especially important when it concerns the health of elderly people and young children.

Make sure the chair is washed thoroughly after each use. This can be done by rinsing it in the shower or bathtub and wiping it down as you would other bathroom fixtures. Leave it to dry and then store it in a storage area or alternatively leave it next to the shower ready for use again.

The material used On the Chair

The material used in the construction of shower chairs also varies but only in slight ways. As one might expect, the chairs need to be waterproof, strong and without sharp edges, thus strengthened plastic is the norm.

There are some other more eye-catching options which are differences of an aesthetic nature and these include a teak shower bench. All chair legs are metal and as mentioned previously, have rubber feet in the form of suction cups or similar.

Most shower chairs also come with handles or bars which allow for extra places to grip with the hands when getting into or out of the shower.

The vast majority of seats also have a hole or multiple holes to allow water to drain away and prevent build-up.

How Does a Shower Transfer Bench Chair Help the Elderly?

Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat

A shower transfer bench chair for the elderly is similar in many regards to a regular shower chair. It provides a safe and secure apparatus for an elderly person to sit on during showering or bathing.

The main difference between the two, however, is that the transfer bench chair is longer and is used primarily for bathtub-based showers.

The aim of this longer version is to help the older person comfortably move into the bathtub without needing to stand, strain, and risk injury.

Benefits of a Transfer Bench Chair

Shower transfer benches offer a variety of benefits that make a showering or bathing session all the easier and enjoyable. Anyone looking after a disabled older person will find this type of shower chair an invaluable part of their bathroom equipment.

Most varieties are simple to work with and involve simply maneuvering the light-weight frame and seat over the edge of the bathtub and making sure it is steady and on a level.

So how does the transfer bench chair work?

It basically involves the elderly lady or gentleman sitting on the part of the seat which is outside of the bath and then sliding across and onto the part of the seat which is inside the bathtub.

The seating area is either continuous or built on rails, and thus negates the need for the older person to stand. Whether living alone or taking showers under the guidance of a family member, the transfer bench chair will allow the elderly person a greater amount of freedom and dignity when washing.

Transfer bench chair Designs

Shower transfer bench chairs are available in various different designs. This means you will be able to find one which will suit your bathroom style, physical needs, and any other requirements.

Most come with seats that can be adjusted height-wise as well as some that can turn 180 degrees or more. These qualities make shower time even easier and lessen the need to stretch, which can cause bodily damage. Padded seats are frequently included as well.

A good quality transfer bench will last you for many years and thus it is important to find one which is strong, has good buyer reviews, and has all the particular accessories you know you’ll need.

Benefits of Folding Shower Chairs

Folding Shower Chair

Folding shower chairs for the elderly hold a variety of benefits that make them a worthy addition to one’s bathroom equipment.

When you or someone you know is physically infirm, the task of showering every day can seem like an uphill battle that results in exhaustion. However, this need not be the case.

The following points bring together the various benefits a folding shower chair will deliver to your home and highlight the ways this type of safe furniture will contribute to your family’s well-being.

Inclusion into the Bathroom

Many existing bathroom designs have been created without thought to elderly persons. Although there are a plethora of specialist bathroom fixtures, such as safety rails and floor ramps, these are not always easy to install in a manner that is ideal for your situation.

A folding shower chair, on the other hand, is a very, on the other hand, equipment that doesn’t need special fittings nor does it require reaching deep into your wallet or purse. When not in use, it can simply be folded against a wall or stored in a cupboard ready for the next shower session. This makes it perfect for small bathrooms too.

Shower Chairs Need a Vacation Too

A folding shower chair for the elderly is perfect for the older lady or gentleman to take with them when they take a vacation. Most shower chairs cannot easily be taken to new locations due to their inability to be folded up.

It’s not just at home where a shower chair is needed but also in your holiday destination. Indeed, it’s probably going to be even more vital to have a shower safety chair when in an unfamiliar environment.

Simply fold up the chair, place in the back of the car, and off you go, safe in the knowledge you can have a secure and scrumptious warm shower when your journey has finished.

No One Uses a Shower Chair in this House

Using a shower chair offers the elderly a level of dignity and safety that would otherwise not be possible if they had to continuously have a helper or carer with them during shower time. Independence is a key component in most people’s lives and being dependent on other people can drain one’s confidence and emotional well-being.

However, the thought of having friends and visiting guests know you use a shower chair can also be a source of embarrassment. With this in mind, a folding shower chair for the elderly means the seat can be folded up and hidden away during most of the day.

When people enter the bathroom, they’ll be none the wiser to what’s inside the cupboard nearby.

Infrequent Use

Many elderly people might require a shower chair only occasionally, perhaps during the wetter months of the year when arthritis can become more of a problem. Other occasions might include after surgery or hospital medical procedures.

When a shower chair is only needed sometimes, then a foldable chair is going to be the best solution. This allows the chair to be folded away when not in use for a few months and brought out for when it is required, without having it constantly taking up space in the bathroom interior.

Commode Shower Chairs with Toilet Capabilities for the Elderly

Commode Shower Chairs One of the biggest problems faced by older people when showering is the chance they may be unable to stop themselves from going to the toilet in the middle of washing.

As we get on in years, our bowel movements can begin to be irregular and there’s little that can be done to stop them sometimes.

The answer to this concern and problem is the introduction of a commode shower chair with special toilet capabilities.

With this apparatus, the elderly person can concentrate on washing the body without needing to quickly hop out of the shower and to the toilet. The time it can take very frail elderly people to dry off and walk across the bathroom can be too much and the resulting mess will result in extra cleaning and a loss of dignity.

Commode Chair For showering

Many commode chairs that are used for regular toilet trips can also be used in the shower environment depending on their specified capabilities.

Designs differ and these are made to accommodate the various different uses and needs that elderly people require. Some chairs come with wheels which make the job of a carer all the easier, as well as reducing the need for the occupant to stand or move so much

Bariatric Shower Chairs

Mobile Bariatric Shower Chairs For the heavier elderly person, a bariatric shower chair is going to be the most suitable addition to a bathroom setting.

When extra weight and gift is concerned, some shower chairs for the elderly might not be suitable due to arm width and weight restrictions.

This leaves a larger person with fewer choices and can be a frustrating endeavor to find a chair that suits their needs. The bariatric chair solves these problems in one go.

Most bariatric shower chairs can hold weights up to 550 pounds, which is a hell of a lot, and thus will suit the vast majority of people’s requirements.

The majority are created in the style of regular shower transfer chairs and this helps the heavier elderly person move in and out of a shower or bathtub in a more dignified and relaxed way. Strong suction cups make sure the bench will not move when it is in use.

The shower chairs of this type are made from a combination of strengthened plastic and stainless steel. The plastic forms the seat and back whilst the steel provides the framework and legs which give tremendous strength to the chair. Another benefit of these materials is that they are extremely easy to clean and the plastic is comfortable against the skin.

If you or someone you know is elderly, infirm, and decidedly overweight, then a bariatric shower chair is going to be a highly functional and welcome piece of equipment for shower and bath time. Many can be folded up as well and thus stored away, saving space, and also allowing the chair to be hidden away when guests visit.

It is important to have safety measures included. One of the things you could include in the bathroom is the shower grab bars and a teak shower mat.

Who needs these shower chairs?

Some families have to take good care of elderly people with bariatric problems. Others suffer from obesity and have to take care of themselves. Prior to buying, understand a person’s weight issue and condition properly. If caring for an elderly or a young person with this condition, pay a visit to his or her doctor.

Request the doctor to recommend the best bathroom chair. Maybe a friend, relative, or even a neighbor uses this item and seems to have a similar condition. Approach them and request referrals.

What are the best height and weight limits?

A shower bench chair that allows a high weight limit is indeed appropriate. A hardwearing seat with a limit of five hundred pounds as a minimum is the most excellent.

Do not trust anything below this limit to offer maximum security. If a family has more than one overweight person, they can all share a common seat. However, it has to have an adjustable height option.

Should one consider quality more than price?

Most people will obviously recommend going for the quality of the chairs and not their prices. A suitable bariatric shower chair must-have features such as side handles, a wide sitting area, matchless construction materials, and workmanship.

Shower Chairs for Elderly

As we grow older tasks that once were easy and sometimes seen as mundane become more difficult and even dangerous. Bathing is one of those tasks that not only becomes more difficult as we age but also becomes more jeopardous. The reason for the danger in bathing on wet surfaces.

Wet surfaces create a slipping and falling hazard even for the most sure-footed of folks; but when you combine a wet surface with age-induced instability, you have a potential disaster. One way of reducing the danger associated with elderly bathing is by having them use a shower chair. A shower chair can add three things to an elderly person’s bathing experience.

1) Safety

The most important aspect of a shower chair for the elderly is the increase in safety. By adding a shower chair in the shower a person no longer has to stand up for the entirety of the bath. A person can sit down thereby lowering their center of gravity and reducing the chances of a fall into the hard tile or porcelain.

The majority of shower chairs are built and customized to add even more safety to the shower. For instance, some chairs are designed to keep their edges outside of the shower. This not only removes potential hazards if there was a fall but also makes it much easier to get in and out of the shower easier.

2) Peace of Mind

Having a shower chair for the elderly lets them feel more comfortable during a bathing experience. It helps to preserve their dignity by increasing their independence. For some elderly folks, a shower chair is all they will need in order to bathe properly without any assistance at all. This is the optimal solution for most elderly people.

No one likes having someone help them to remove their clothes and clean off. It can be humiliating for most. With a shower chair, an elderly person can actually look forward to a relaxing shower or bath once again.

3) Comfort

As we grow older we lose the energy level we once had. We can grow tired simply brushing our teeth. Taking a shower or bath is not any different. An elderly person can get very tired of having to stand for the entire time it takes to get clean. Or, if lying in a tub, it can be tiring to hold oneself upright in the awkward position that a bathtub demands. Adding a shower chair for the elderly gives them a comfortable place to rest as they are bathing.

A shower chair for elderly people is something that will not only make their lives safer but will also make their lives more comfortable. It is highly recommended that if you are or someone you love is elderly and having difficulty bathing, that you add a shower chair, tub bench, or any of the like to the bathroom. It is an item that will create a better life for the user.

The most trusted manufacturers of these shower seats include Drive medical, DR Kays’s, Carex, Medline, Vaunn, BetterLiving, and Oasis space.

The Advantages of a Tilt-in-Space Shower Commode Chair

When caring for a patient that is immobilized there are many difficulties in bathing that can create dangerous situations, not only for the patient but also for the caregiver. Shower chairs are known to help reduce such situations, and in some cases eliminate them completely.

A specialized shower chair referred to as the “Tilt-in-Space” shower chair has many dangers reducing advantages that should be considered when caring for an immobilized patient.

To begin with, the tilt-in-space shower chair provides a more secure position for the patient. The reclined position is much more secure than a sitting-up position as the caregiver does not have to hold the immobilized patient upright while attempting to bathe them.

The patient simply lounges back comfortably without any assistance or effort from the caregiver. Also, with immobilized patients, it is often times necessary to use a hoist to move the patient. The angled or reclined position of the tilt-in-space shower chair makes it much easier to move the patient from hoist to chair.

Even more …

The patient isn’t the only one who benefits from a tilt-in-space shower chair. The caregiver will appreciate this product as well. The recline of the tilt-in-space shower chair allows the caregiver to have much better access to the patient, which benefits in two ways:

1)It allows for better posture for the caregiver, reducing the risk of back pain.
2)It allows for better contact with the patient. Better contact between patient and caregiver has untold benefits, ranging from improved morale for the patient to less physical exertion by the caregiver.

If you are a caregiver and working with an immobilized patient, a tilt-in-space shower commode chair should be something to consider in order to give you and your patient a safer and more pleasant bathing experience.

The Convenience Of Shower Commode Chairs

A shower commode chair is a convenient piece of furniture for those who find it difficult to stand for the period of time required when taking a shower, or for those who need to be wheeled in. This can be for many reasons such as recent hospitalization, being elderly, handicapped, or other things.

An extended water hose and faucet make it very easy to control the water temperature and shut it on and off as needed. It can be used by the individual or by an aide who is assisting. This works very well with a wheelchair-type shower commode.

Over the past few years, the construction of these chairs has improved remarkably. In the past one size fit all but that is no longer the case. They are now available in a number of sizes and can fit people with sizes from small to very large.

These chairs are designed to allow easy removal of bedpans for cleaning. In addition, some models have removable arms and detachable or adjustable footrests. The push handles are conveniently placed for moving the chair.

With the many different styles and types of chairs available it’s possible for one to find exactly what is needed for special situations. Adjustable chairs are very good for people who have difficulty sitting up straight or in other positions. They are easily movable with their large, well-oiled, wheels and can be securely stopped with an excellent brake mechanism.

Chairs available with wheels, similar to a wheelchair, are very popular. They are comfortable and can be maneuvered easily. It is easy to find a suitable chair today to fit anyone’s needs.


What is the maximum weight capacity for most handicapped shower chairs?

Most handicap shower chairs have the ability to hold anyone from 250-300 lbs. There are, however, heavy-duty models that will hold a person up to 400lbs.

What are some of the features/accessories available in a bath and shower chair?

There are many features and accessories available in today’s shower chairs. Options such as shower seat handles, bench extenders, cushions, and heavy-duty aluminum legs are available.