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The 10 Best Bunion Splints (2021 Reviews)

bunion splint and correctors Do you have bunions on feet? Using a bunion splint or a bunion corrector will ease your pain fast.

You’re in luck, we have compiled a list of the best bunion splints and protectors in the market.

We also have a comparison table of the best bunion splints in the market.

Other similar products in the market include Toe Separators.

They reduce the pain found between the toes. Toe Caps, on the other hand, reduce pain caused by blisters, toe rubbing, or toe irritation.

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Bunion Splint Consumer Reviews

1. Vive Bunion Brace (Pair)

Vive Bunion Brace (Pair) - Big Toe Corrector Straightener with Splint - Hallux Valgus Pad, Joint Pain Relief, Alignment Treatment - Orthopedic Sleeve Foot Wrap Support for Men and Women (Black)

Do you have a painful bunion on your toe? Are you contemplating on how to correct or support it?

Vive designers have come to your rescue. Grab this bunion brace and relieve your toe in style.


Comfortability: The amazing supporter is fitted with an aluminum brace that gives the affected toe optimal protection and support. The brace’s realignment then moderates the bullion formation and growth. With this, it relieves bunion pain, giving you a chance to wear your favorite shoes.

Design material: Vive designed the nonslip fit brace using terry fabric due to its softness and absorbency properties. The breathable material protects your ailing toe from friction and pressure while absorbing sweat. Its lightweight nature enables you to wear the brace under your socks.

Flexibility: The stylish bunion brace has a strap that adjusts its size through the latch; this makes the bunion brace fit most individuals without compromising its looks.

Pros Cons
  • Individuals with crooked toes and those experiencing hallux valgus can benefit from it.
  • The bunion fits most shoe designs.
  • Terry cloth is easy to wash.
  • Might increase the toe pain, if fitted incorrectly.



2. Bunion Corrector and Bunion Relief Orthopedic Bunion Splint Pads for Men and Women

Bunion Corrector and Bunion Relief Orthopedic Bunion Splint Pads for Men and Women Hammer Toe Straightener and Bunion Protector Cushions- Relieve Hallux Valgus Foot Pain and Soothe Sore Bunions

Bunions can be painful to the extent of limiting you from wearing some shoe styles. This can be resolved by finding a comfortable brace or splint pad. Are you looking for one?

Alayna has introduced a stylish corrector that soothes your toes throughout the day. Also, it’s helpful to individuals with crooked toes or those treating hallux valgus.


Flexibility: The splint pad is designed with a flexible hinge that bends and aligns your toes according to your footballs. Also, it has an adjustable strap that alters the foot space without affecting its nonslip style; this enhances your comfort while executing daily activities; therefore, perfect when worn anytime, anywhere.

Design material: The incredible corrector is made from unique medical-grade clothing for their softness, breathability, and absorbency. It’s reinforced with a flexible hinge that aligns the toes depending on your ball movement.

Effectiveness: These splint pads stabilize arches, correct bunions, and straightens toes naturally. Their quality is undoubtful; that’s why doctors and podiatrists recommend it to patients avoiding correction surgery.

Pros Cons
  • Recommendable for most toe issues.
  • It can be worn with shoes.
  • Uncomfortable when fitted wrongly.


3. Alayna Bunion Corrector and Bunion Relief Sleeve with Gel Cushion Pads

Are you avoiding the bunion surgery or experiencing hallux valgus that is making you abandon your designer shoes?

Alayna has introduced a stylish corrector that restores your foot condition naturally.


Design material: The simple sleeve is made from lycra fabric due to its elasticity and heat resistance properties that protect the toe from friction. Also, it has excellent absorbency properties that dry your sweaty feet. Lycra has a slim and smooth nature that allows you to move around with your shoes.

Comfortability: The amazing corrector is fitted with a Euro-natural gel cushion that nests the affected area. This protects the affected area from pressure and inflammation, relieving the bunion pain, and mitigating its growth. With this, you can comfortably wear shoes or socks without worrying about friction or direct pressure.

Insertion: This is among the user-friendly bunion correctors I have seen. You will only slide your foot through the banded hole and fit the big toe through the small hole. This ensures that the cushioned part covers the bunion area.

Pros Cons
  • Its slim nature allows you to put on with shoes and socks.
  • May curl or strain when larger or small than your foot-size. Confirm your size before ordering.


4. Bunion Corrector & Bunion Relief Protector Sleeves Kit

Bunion Corrector & Bunion Relief Protector Sleeves Kit - Treat Pain in Hallux Valgus, Big Toe Joint, Hammer Toe, Toe Separators Spacers Straighteners Splint Aid Surgery Treatment

Do you have toes bunions, hallux valgus, or crooked toes that is limiting you from enjoying your stylish footwear?

Are you contemplating on how to correct the condition? Flyen designers have introduced a unique splint that will correct your condition naturally.


Design material: The amazing bunion corrector is made from FDA approved medical silicone. This material is preferred for its elasticity and soft properties that make your toe area fit perfectly in the corrector. Additionally, the corrector is cleanable. With this, you can save more through re-using.

Cushion: Flyen designed the toe-side of the collector with soft padding that encloses the bunion. This protects the affected part from the pressure that causes pain whenever you wear your shoes.

Details: The slim sleeve kit has three openings- for insertion of your foot, big toe, and the remaining four fingers. This ensures that the target foot area fits into their intended space tightly, aligning the toes and reducing friction. Spacers are fitted between the toes to reduce friction and straighten your toes, making walking enjoyable.

Flexibility: The stretchy material of the 7-set bunion reliever can fit almost all foot-sizes. Similarly, all toe-spacers are modifiable. This means that your foot size cannot limit you from enjoying the sleeves kit.

Pros Cons
  • It’s a fit snug for almost everybody.
  • You can wear your shoes with them.
  • New users may incur challenges when wearing bunion collectors.



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5. Dr. Scholl’s BUNION CUSHION with Duragel Technology

Dr. Scholl's BUNION CUSHION with Duragel Technology, 5ct // Cushioning Protection against Shoe Pressure and Friction that Fits Easily In Any Shoe for Immediate and All-Day Pain Relief Relieve your bunion pain and pressure with Hi-tech cushions from Dr. Scholl. If you only have bunions or blisters, no need for acquiring a complex corrector. This design is perfect for it shields the affected part only.


Duragel technology: The cushions are thin and flexible. This reduces direct pressure when on your shoes that may retrogress the condition. Similarly, the softness of the cushion protects the area from shoe friction. With this, you can snugly fit them 24/7 without experiencing any discomfort.

Invisible cushions: One major cause of a bunion is wearing squeezy shoes, and that’s why given an option, nobody would flaunt theirs. With the Duragel cushion, bunion and blisters go unnoticed.

Economic: This package comes with five invisible cushions that reduce friction and eases pain the entire day and night. However, to enjoy its benefit, your skin must be clean and dry. Also, it should be free from oils.

How To Use Bunion Cushions With Duragel® Technology


Pros Cons
  • Comes with the sticking procedure.
  • Well-packaged.
  • Guarantees immediate pain alleviation.
  • Comfortable with any shoe design.
  • Its only ideal for bunion and blister treatment.
  • They are not preferred for large problematic bunions.
  • Failure to wipe the cream layer in the area may make it come off.


6. NatraCure Gel Big Toe Bunion Splint / Guards & Toe Spreaders (2 Pieces)

NatraCure Gel Big Toe Bunion Guards & Toe Spreaders (2 Pieces) - Pain Relief for Crooked, Overlapping Toes, Pressure, Protector, Corrector, Shield, Spacer, Pad, Separator, Cushion - 1315-M CAT 2PK

Usually, bunions occur on the big toe. Also, their pain is unbearable to the extent of finding walking impossible. Are you suffering from these problematic bunions?

NatraCure gel has produced a bunion reliever and corrector that you may try. Also, you can use the amazing corrector for hallux, overlapping toes, and even crooked toes.


Toe spreader: This corrector comes with two toes spreaders that relieve pain and align the crooked or overlapping toes. It’s fitted between the first and the second toes to reduce the friction that causes discomfort.

Smartgel technology: NatraCure designed the bunion protector using mineral oils for its excellent skincare properties. The medical-grade oils used in this corrector include aloe vera that moisturizes and regenerates the skin, vitamin E to strengthen and smoothen the bunion area, shea butter for skin protection, and vitamin F for water retention. With this, your bunion may heal without going through a surgical procedure.

Comfortability: You will only slide the big toe and fit spreaders to reduce the rubbing friction. Its design gives you the desired comfort when still in your adorable sneakers. The corrector is hypoallergenic, cleanable, odorless, and can snugly fit all foot-sizes.

Pros Cons
  • Th bunion guard is versatile.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Offers all-day pain relief and comfort.



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What are The Alternatives for Bunion Relief?

Toe separators and stretchers are some of the best ways to provide instant relief for bunions. These two toe spacers are the best rated in the market.

7. YogaToes GEMS: Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator

YogaToes GEMS: Gel Toe Stretcher & Toe Separator - America’s Choice for Fighting Bunions, Hammer Toes, More!

Are you suffering from intense foot pain, plantar fasciitis, or even bent toes? Are you confused about the type of toe stretcher/separator to buy?

Yoga Toes has introduced a GEMS fixer for home use.


Natural relief: GEMS are artistically crafted crystal devices fitted between your toe spaces to enhance their balance and mobility. You enjoy its benefits by fixing it with the open design facing upward and the toes resting on the flatter stretch. With this, you will have a natural procedure of straightening your toes at your home comfort.

Effectiveness: Consistent use of the Yoga Toes GEM will separate your toes and make them active. However, beginners may experience soreness after stretching, and that’s why they are encouraged to start with a 15-minute session. Gradually, you can graduate to 60 minutes and above, as you get used to the procedure. Showering it with water may simplify the fixing procedure.

Safety: Yoga toes designed the amazing foot fixer from non-toxic and hypoallergenic substances to protect your skin from hazardous effects.

Pros Cons
  • Easy to use.
  • Perfect for toe relieving.
  • You can go to bed with them.
  • Limits foot-sizes. For instance, men of between foot-size 7 and 10 and women of foot-sizes 6 and 10.
  • You cannot wear them with your shoes on.



8. Original ToePal, Toe Separators and Toe Straightener for bunion relief

DR JK Original ToePal, Toe Separators and Toe Streightener for Relaxing Toes, Bunion Relief, Hammer Toe and More for Women and Men

Do you need a toe separator and straightener to correct your painful bunions, hammer fingers, or overlapping fingers? Check out whether this toepal design from DR JK will impress you. Both men and women can comfortably use the toe separator.


Versatility: When you order this toepal they come in two pairs- toe separators and yoga gel stretchers. This is to ensure that your toes get optimal relief for the day. Similarly, they can be helpful for a pedicure, ballet dancers, athletes, yoga, throbbing feet, and toe alignment.

Effectiveness: The amazing yoga gel is gently slipped into your toe joint to hug your toes tightly. With this, you will receive perfect toe realignment and optimal relief from other toe conditions. However, it’s advisable to take regular breaks while having them since prolonged use may interrupt blood circulation and cause irritation.

Flexibility: They made these great toe stretchers and relaxers from stretchy materials and medical-grade gel, therefore, one size fits almost all foot-sizes. With this, no discomfort issues that arise from using incorrect sizes.

Pros Cons
  • They are easy to slip on.
  • Flexible and versatile.
  • durable.


Bunion Night Splint

Bunion Night Splint helps the toes and joints align while sleeping. This is often recommended for adolescents with bunions because their bone development may still be adaptable.

9. PediFix Nighttime Bunion Regulator, Right Foot, Medium

PediFix Nighttime Bunion Regulator, Right Foot, Medium


Are you looking for a comfortable bunion regulator that you can use instead of undergoing a surgery process?

Pedifix has introduced a product that soothes your painful bunions, giving you the value of your money.


Durability: The stylish bunion splint is made from synthetic fabrics due to their strength, stain resistance, and waterproof properties that make you enjoy your splint for long.

The firmness of these materials enhances the bunion splint to provide proper toe alignment and instant pain relief.

Flexibility: Pedifix fitted the amazing bunion reliever with a Velcro strap that allows you to adjust the fitting space depending on your foot size.

Their unisex design makes them perfect for all genders. However, it’s advisable to consider your foot size for optimal comfort.

Time saver: This toe aligner and reliever works wonders when sleeping, therefore, better than yoga gels that require you to monitor the progress.

With this, you will fix the regulator when getting to bed and wake up relaxed like a baby.

Pros Cons
  • It’s unisex.
  • No monitoring required.
  • Doctor recommended.
  • Only effective if you use it while sleeping or resting.
  • Non-fitting size may cause some discomfort.


10. Bunion Corrector Toe Straightener and Gel Bunion Sleeve Set

Bunion Corrector Toe Straightener and Gel Bunion Sleeve Set, Orthopedic Bunion Splint Brace with Anti-Slip Strap for Hallux Valgus, Overlapping Toe and Tailors Bunion for Day and Night Use

A significant number of people fear to undergo the bunion surgery procedure since it’s a 50-50 bet. Bunion pain is one thing you cannot persevere, and that’s where there are a variety of pain relievers in the market whose effectiveness depends on the bunion.

Yosoo Healthy Gear has introduced a sleeve set that can soothe your bunion pain, giving you a chance to enjoy walking again.


Design material: The sleeve kit is made from doubled terry fabric for its softness and absorbency properties that keep the bunion area dry and protected. Terry is also strong and durable, assuring the corrector user optimal pain relief for long. Moreover, the weight and breathability of the fabric keeps the affected area pressure-free and aerated.

Nonslip design: Yosoo fitted the amazing corrector with an aluminum bar that supports and realigns your toe, slowing the formation and growth of the bunion. Also, it features an anti-slip strap that holds your foot intact while moving. In this, you can adjust the strap depending on your foot circumference. This design makes the sleeve set effective for correcting overlapping toes, crooked toes, hammer toe, and hallux.

In-built gel pad: This protects the big toe from friction that causes blisters and retrogresses the bunion pain. The pad can be placed on the big toe space to protect it from rubbing and pressure. With this feature, you can correct overlapping and drift toes.

Pros Cons
  • One corrector can fit almost all foots-sizes.
  • It’s unisex.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Effective even when sleeping.
  • Kept intact by an external elastic band.
  • No use of washing machines and dryers.

Bunionette Splint

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As we had stated at the beginning of this article, bunionette is similar to bunions only that they occur on the small toe. These bunionette pads will help in Tailors Bunion Pain Relief

11. Povihome 10 Pack Pinky Toe Separator & Protectors, Triple Gel Toe Separators for Overlapping Toe, Curled Pinky Toes Separate and Protect

Do you have a pinky toe or overlapping toe that limits you from wearing your favorite shoes? Is it causing unbearable pain in your foot?

Povihome has introduced a product that will protect and separate your toes, relieving the pain naturally.


Material: This toe spacer is made from super-soft silicone for its human-like feel that soothes your toes, relieving pain and protecting them from the pressure that may retrogress the condition.

Design: Povihome designed the gel flag with three spacious holes that prevent your toes from squeezing, rubbing, or even overlapping. These holes are creatively crafted to keep your toes intact throughout the day. Also, it has in-between separators that protect your toes from squeezing. Besides that, it has a thick layer that protects the affected toes from touching the shoe surface. This design makes the device perfect for blister treatment and prevention.

Pros Cons
  • It’s tender and intact.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Pressure-free.
  • Does not shield the bunionette.
  • Not appropriate for straightening.
  • Confirm your foot-size for comfort.


12. Bunionette Corrector Pads

Bunionette Corrector Pads - 4-Pack of 2 Small Pinky Toe Tailors Bunion Pain Relief Protectors with Premium Gel Cushions Plus 2 Toe Separators - Best Foot Orthotics and Toe Straightener Sleeve. Unisex

Looking for a simple bunion corrector that doubles as a toe corrector and protector?

Lemon Hero has introduced a unisex product that will relieve your toe issues. These alignment checkers have promised a satisfactory service. Check them out!


Design material: The amazing corrector pads are made from medical graded silicone. This material is preferred for its softness that cuddles your toe like a professional therapist. Silicone is also lightweight, therefore; protecting your toe from the pressure that may worsen the condition. This makes the device a perfect reliever for hallux, toe joint, and hammertoe. It comes with two protectors and spacers.

Soft gel: The low-profile corrector pad is fitted with a soft gel that offers the ailing toe ultimate comfort. It also straightens the toe, protecting it from rubbing the adjacent ones directly.

Convenience: A combination of a comprehensive design and lightweight makes the pads comfortable for any shoe style. With this, you can wear the corrector when sleeping and everywhere you go. It’s also cleanable hence, reusable.

Pros Cons
  • It’s latex-free.
  • Cleanable and washable.
  • The low-profile design makes it comfortable while on shoes.
  • Might cause some discomfort when used for the first time.


Exercise more to maintain joint mobility and prevent stiffness or arthritis. We found the following tools to be helpful when performing bunion exercises.

13. Bunion Corrector Relief Splint Brace Straightener

Bunion Corrector Relief Splint Brace Straightener - Toe Stretcher & Separator - Bunions and Hammer Toes Relief - Toe Exerciser Originates From The Pilates Method - Orthopedic Bunion Corrector

Consider natural remedies for pain relief and protection. Alayna is among the trusted designers for bunion braces and bunion splints. Check out for this brace straightener.


Design materials: Alayna made this splint brace using a medical graded fabric due to its stretchy nature that provides the toe with instant therapeutic relief. The material is also soft, tender, and breathable to aerate the affected area during the exercise. At the splint’s center is a rhombus-enclosed spring that responds while stretched apart.

Simplicity: The amazing brace corrector features a simple design that does not require any user instructions. You will only place your two big toes at the edge of the band and maximumly stretch the toes towards opposite sides. Besides using it to eases the bunion pain, its also perfect for toning workouts, Pilates, and toe straightening.

Effectiveness: Besides its simplicity, Alayna’s brace can be washed with soapy water and re-used. Choosing this may save you money. The stretchy band gives it a flexible size fit for all foot sizes.

Pros Cons
  • Simple to use.


Toe Separating Socks

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Consider the following bunion socks or toe alignment socks if you want to get relief from bunion splints. Bunion splint reviews

14. OrthoSleeve BR4 Bunion Relief Socks

Are you experiencing unbearable bunion pain or have bent toes that are limiting you from putting on your favorite sneakers?

OrthoSleeve has designed stylish relief socks that you cannot resist. Their therapy and comfort are on another level. Check them out.


Overall Design: The attractive protectors mimic the ankle socks design that shields the foot structure, giving all-round relief. They are made from a moisture-wicking fabric, assuring dryness to the entire foot and calf.

Besides that, it has a split-toe design that separates your big toe from the rest, protecting the affected area from rubbing and friction that may intensify your bunion pain. This makes the socks ideal for hallux valgus treatment.

Materials: OrthoSleeve designed the socks using a combination of lycra spandex and micro-nylon fabrics. The dual is preferred for its softness and breathable properties that absorb sweat, revoking possibilities of sharp odor from your shoes.

“Relief zone”: The seamless socks are reinforced with extra-paddings at specified areas. These protect the entire foot from shoe friction, causing blisters that may retrogress the bunion pain. With this, you are assured of pain alleviation and a comfortable foot throughout the day.


Pros Cons
  • It assures you six months of relief.
  • Supports the entire foot structure.


15. Yoga Sports GYM Five Toe Separator Socks Alignment Pain Health Massage Socks, Prevent Foot Cramps, One Pair

Yoga Sports GYM Five Toe Separator Socks Alignment Pain Health Massage Socks, Prevent Foot Cramps, One Pair

Check out these ankle-designed therapy socks from NachVorn for bullion relief, cramp prevention, toe separation, and toe alignment.


Design material: The alignment socks are made from a combination of acrylic, polyester, and spandex, making it warm and stretchy. The fluffy fabric also hugs your foot tightly, absorbing moisture. This means that wearing them keeps your foot structure fresh, cool, and rejuvenated.

Toe dividers: The amazing ankle-separator socks feature a split-toe design that increases the in-between space, relieving your bullion pain. This makes the socks a pain-relieving device for foot cramps, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, and ball pain.

Comfortability: The socks fabric keeps the entire foot structure dry and odorless. Also, it cushions the skin, improving blood circulation throughout the foot. Extra-paddings are fitted on specific parts to protect the bullion area from direct pressure. Besides that, the poking out toes grabs fresh air that keeps them active. However, you cannot wear them with your shoes.

Pros Cons
  • The sock takes care of your entire foot.
  • Treats several foot conditions.


What is a bunion?

bunion A bunion is a bone deformity caused by an enlargement of the joint at the base and side of the big toe (metatarsophalangeal joint).

Additionally, when a bunion is present, the big toe often angles inwards, pointing towards the other toes.

Three different abnormalities can cause the bump of a bunion. First, when the big toe presses into the other toes, the bones of the big toe and foot can angle at the joint between the toe and foot, causing a protrusion.

Second, new bone can grow out from the side of the foot, forming a lump on at the base of the big toe.

Finally, inflammation at the joint can cause bursitis, with swelling likely to occur. An individual with a bunion may have one, two, or three of these abnormalities contributing to the formation of the bunion.

There are two types of bunions;

  • The normal bunion which affects the big toe &
  • A tailor’s bunion also called a bunionette which affects the small toe

Bunionettes Bunions form when the toe moves out of place. The enlargement and its protuberance cause friction and pressure as they rub against footwear.

Over time, the movement of the big toe angles in toward the other toes, sometimes overlapping a third toe (known as Hallux Valgus).

How do we get rid of bunions?

For bunion correction, use a bunion splint or a bunion pad during the night and while walking, respectively.

They help in bunion relief by stabilizing the foot, fixing the alignment of the toe, and improving the flexibility of the toe.

The bunion splint also decreases the strain on the other toes and lets them extend comfortably inside the shoe.

It is fabricated from lightweight material and straps that mold it to the contour of your foot.

What Causes Bunions?

The primary cause of bunions is wearing footwear that squeezes the toes together, such as pointy-toed shoes and, in particular, fashionable footwear and high heels.

Because narrow toe boxes are more common in women’s footwear, women have a much higher incidence of bunions than men. Additionally, wearing high-heeled shoes places an extra strain on the balls of the foot, further contributing to the formation of bunions.

Although the majority of bunions are caused by improper footwear, there is some evidence to suggest a genetic link or predisposition to bunions.

If your mother or father has them, you are likely to be more at risk and need to take preventative measures to ensure that you do not get them too.

Proper footwear and orthotic insoles are usually all that it is required to correct abnormal foot function.

Rheumatoid arthritis has also been shown to be a possible factor in bunion formation. You can learn more about that over at

Causes of Bunion Pain

A glance at the causes of the emergence of Bunion chronic pain can help people to take care of their foot and avoid such occurrences.

There are no precise causes stated by the orthopedic specialists that can lead to the Bunion misalignment. However, there are some probable reasons for the development of such realignments.

  • The abnormal foot functioning like overpronation can arise due to genetic factors inherited from the parents can be a major cause of Bunion emergence. Bunion complications due to hereditary factors generally form at a younger age.

  • More often, wearing extremely high and pointed heel shoes has been blamed for Bunion pains. Shoes do not directly cause the misalignment but may worsen the conditions and lead to swelling, redness, and severe pains.

  • Bunion deformities can emerge due to the unequal length of the two legs, where the leg with the greater height experiences more pressure and may develop a bunion.

  • Bunion symptoms can also result due to the presence of neuromuscular disorders or nerve inflammation near the big toe. If there has been a fracture or broken bone in the adjacent area, then the misalignment can lead to bunions.

Night Time Bunion Splint

Bunion splints that are used when sleeping are usually a bit more rigid than the day time ones, but still being somewhat flexible.

As expected, they help relieve the pain and discomfort from the bunion at night, helping you sleep easier. They can also help with the realignment of the toe joints.

A Bunion splint can also be employed after a bunionectomy to protect the area, reduce swelling, and aid toe joint alignment and healing after the bunion surgery.

What is the symptom of a bunion?

The most obvious symptom of a bunion is the bump on the inner foot and the angling of the big toe towards the other toes.

The angling of the toe tends to take longer to develop than the bony lump on the side of the foot. Diagnosing bunions rarely requires anything further than a visual examination of the area.

Bunion symptoms also include swelling at the base of the big toe, sometimes severe inflammation and soreness, and the bunion can be hot to the touch, and cause intense pain when placed under pressure.

Calloused or broken skin on the surface of the bunion is not a symptom but is abrasion caused by rubbing on shoes.

Bunion pads can prevent the rubbing and also cushion the bunion. Without the external pressure and rubbing of shoes on the bunion, this condition rarely has symptoms other than the protuberance.

Best Shoes for Bunions

The finest bunion shoes are those that help to relieve suffering and the pain for the affected person. These shoes supply good freedom for your feet and ankles while walking and exercising and are greatly flexible.

They’re not really bad for barefoot walking and additionally easily get realigned in the natural locations.

Therefore, by using right bunion shoes, you can considerably reduce the pain and swelling of your bony bulge and gradually cure your condition after regular usage of these types of shoes.

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Advantages of Using Appropriate Bunion Shoes

As mentioned above, the right sized and barefoot design shoes for bunions can help an affected person in a number of ways.

  • They are great for relieving the pressure that can be brought on by wearing tight and narrow-width shoes.
  • Ideal size, great quality leather material, and wide-width are few of the features of the finest shoes for bunions. These barefoot-style shoes are amazing to dispose of your pain and discomfort caused by the bunion.
  • Poorly fitting shoes can worsen the scenario of the bunion and can further escalate the condition. By using the right shoes, you help enhance the state and can prevent this escalation.
  • They help reduce your bunion symptoms.

Having covered the points listed at the beginning of this article, I will now give out some factors that should be considered while choosing the right bunion shoes. These factors will serve as a guide to you as you storm the market and stores in search of the right bunion shoes.

Factors to Consider when Buying Bunion Shoes

Quality of Material:

The quality of the material on which your Bunion splint and bunion shoes are designed should not be overlooked. The soft leather fabric supplies safety and protection for your swollen feet. It provides softness for your bone tissues and does not damage your bony bump. In a nutshell, go for shoes designed with soft leather fabric.


In the aspect of weight, light shoes are a perfect fit. You do not feel tired and fatigued due to your light shoes. By wearing shoes that are lightweight, the pains of your bunions will be reduced. The pressure decreases and helps in early recovery of the bunions.


Eventually, the most durable shoes are what you should be searching for while shopping for bunion shoes. It is easier for you to shield your feet for a longer duration if your shoes don’t get damaged easily.

You can make sure that your feet stay safe and protected for a long period of time by buying high-quality and durable shoes.

Size of the Width:

The best bunion shoes are those with very wide widths. This is important in order to provide enough space for the movement of your big toe.

Furthermore, it supplies sufficient space for the bony lump on your feet and will not create unnecessary pressure caused by the narrow-width shoes.


If your shoes are not comfortable, then it can give your feet more pain and weariness. The problem can further increase and worsen the state. Comfortable shoes are a must for folks suffering from bunions.

Great Traction and Grip:

This is a clearly essential characteristic in every shoe you purchase to get rid of your bunions. Without appropriate traction and grip, you cannot run or walk properly.

You cannot protect or safeguard bones and your joints of the feet. Your grip and traction are quite essential to avoid further harms or any accidental pressure on your already affected foot.

Bunion shoes with great traction and grip are able to help you prevent any harms and can expedite the process of healing for sure.


Most folks are suffering from bunion problems while walking and exercising. You certainly can avoid an unintentional slip or fall on the slippery grounds if you use barefoot-style footwear.

Ankles and your toes can stay safe by being flexible while jogging and walking. Barefoot design shoes provide maximum flexibility to your feet. You can prevent additional accidents and internal injuries to your feet by selecting such shoes.

Having compiled these factors, I believe finding the right bunion shoes to suit your needs shouldn’t be a difficult task anymore. Let me know what you think via the comment section.

How To Use a Bunion Splint

Hallux Valgus Deformity Symptoms

Many people with bunions suffer from discomfort and pain from the constant irritation, rubbing, and friction of the enlargement against shoes.

The skin over the toe becomes red and tender. Because this joint flexes with every step, the bigger the bunion gets, the more it hurts to walk.

Over time, bursitis or arthritis may set in, the skin on the bottom of the foot may become thicker, and everyday walking may become difficult—all contributing to chronic pain.

Other symptoms of bunions include:

  • Restricted mobility of the big toe
  • Corns and calluses
  • Soreness and Stiffness
  • Experiencing sharp pain in the big toe

Surgical Treatment

Depending on the size of the enlargement, misalignment of the toe, and pain experienced, conservative treatments may not be adequate to prevent progressive damage from bunions. In these cases, bunion surgery, known as a bunionectomy, may be advised to remove the bunion and realign the toe.


Bunions can be corrected easily, especially if detected early. If you purchase a bunion pad or bootie, make sure you use it correctly.

The 10 Best Foot Scrubbers for Shower (2021 Reviews)

foot scrubber, best foot scrubber Cleaning your feet doesn’t have to be back-breaking anymore!

With the vast amount of bending, stretching, and reaching required to properly clean your feet, it can be a difficult and tiring process.

But if you’re determined to keep your feet looking young and clean, there may be a solution for you.

A foot scrubber makes this process less tedious.

According to bathroom scrubber manufacturers, this product allows you to clean your feet with comfort and ease. But what exactly is a foot scrubber or a foot cleaner?

Recommended Brush Scrubbers

[amazon box= “B00VPVEVSK,B06XG7YXJ1,B000XE1ZI4″ grid=”3”]

Best Shower Foot Scrubber Reviews 2021

1. The FootMate System Foot Massager & Scrubber w/ Rejuvenating Gel, Blue

The FootMate System Foot Massager & Scrubber w/ Rejuvenating Gel, Blue


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

2. Shower Foot Massager Scrubber & Cleaner

Shower Foot Massager Scrubber & Cleaner - Improves Foot Circulation & Reduces Foot Pain - Soothes Tired Achy Feet - Non Slip with Suction Cups

Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

3. Senma Electronics Shower Foot Massager Scrubber Cleaner for Shower

Senma Electronics Shower Foot Massager Scrubber Cleaner for Shower Floor Improves Foot Circulation Remove Foot Dead Skin and Reduces Foot Pain


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .


4. Easy Feet Foot Cleaner

Easy Feet Foot Cleaner


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

5. Simple Feet Cleaner, Evermarket Magic Foot Scrubber

Simple Feet Cleaner,Evermarket Magic Foot Scrubber,Exfoliating Easy Cleaning Brush,Feet Washer Shower Spa Massager Slippers


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

6. AST Drying Non-Slip Grip Bathroom Bathtub Massage and Shower Mats, Size: 27.56Inch x 15.74Inch.

AST Drying Non-Slip Grip Bathroom Bathtub Massage and Shower Mats,Size: 27.56Inch x 15.74Inch.


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .


7. Shower Foot Scrubber – Feet Cleaner with Non-Slip Suction Cups Massage Mat Improve Circulation Relieve Tired and Pain Blue

Shower Foot Scrubber - Feet Cleaner with Non Slip Suction Cups Massage Mat Improve Circulation Relieve Tired and Pain Blue


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .


8. Medline Momentum Stand Steady Bath and Shower Mat with Exfoliating Foot Scrubber

Medline Momentum Stand Steady Bath and Shower Mat with Exfoliating Foot Scrubber, Non Slip Bath Mat for Tub, Microban Antimicrobial Protection, Gray, (Model: MDSMOMMATG)


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .


9. PIXNOR Foot File Pedicure Rasp Double-Sided Callus Remover Foot Rasp Pack of 3

PIXNOR Foot File Pedicure Rasp Double-Sided Callus Remover Foot Rasp Pack of 3


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

10. “Sole Scrubber” Foot Wash Mat

"Sole Scrubber" Foot Wash Mat


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

What is a Shower Foot Scrubber?

This is a cleansing device that is shaped like a slipper. You simply slide your feet into it and stick it on the bathtub or shower floor.

Not only is it designed to clean your feet, but it is also designed to help you maintain your balance in the shower.

The built-in suction pads attach to the surface of your tub or shower floor and prevent it from moving. You can also check an interesting article on bathtubs on the best flushing toilet.

How Does The Shower scrubber Work?

The foot scrubber cleans exfoliates and conditions your feet. Its bristles, which number about a thousand per foot shoe, clean between your toes as well.

You simply affix or attach the scrubber on your shower or tub floor where it will not move. Then you slide your feet into the device and move them around.

At the back of the device is a built-in pumice stone to exfoliate your feet and removes dead skin.

The built-in bristles also help athletes when their feet perspire and begin to have a sordid foul odor. It also serves as a foot massage and causes your feet to feel comfortable.

This scrubber also lets you clean your feet from a standing position, helping you maintain your balance and protect yourself.

When you bend over to clean your feet, you could easily slip and fall on a very wet surface. If you try and lift your leg up to you to wash, you have to balance yourself on one leg.

That is also problematic if your balancing ability is not very good. Another one of its great features is that one size fits all so it can be shared.

Maintain healthier, cleaner, and younger-looking feet

An additional feature of the scrubbers which is particularly neat is a pumice stone that can help to remove dead skin and repair your rough and cracked heels.

If walking or standing for long periods of time makes your feet look tired and dirty, this product could be what you need to greatly improve the look and feel of your feet.

Easy Feet foot scrubber is a revolutionary product in personal hygiene, and it is not hard to see how.

Design and Use of Easy Feet Foot Scrubber

The Easy Feet foot scrubber comes with an astonishing 1,000 bristles that help clean your feet when you rub them over it. Apart from cleaning the top, bottom, and back of your feet, these bristles also clean in between your toes.

The Easy Feet cleaner also comes with a pumice stone installed at its heel, which allows you to scrub your heels and clean them well.

The Easy Feet Scrubber can be fixed or installed on a flat surface or on a wall by the bathtub. When you wish to clean your feet, you just have to slide your feet in it, and gently move them in and out so that the bristles can exfoliate and clean your skin.

Easy Feet Gently massages your tired feet

Easy Feet is also one of the most used feet cleaners. With an impressive amount of soft and comfortable bristles, Easy Feet feels just like getting a foot massage.

The rejuvenating bristles make the process comfortable and enjoyable, while the product’s one size fits all nature ensures that you can easily clean and massage your feet no matter how big, or small they might be.

Through the gentle process of exfoliation and dirt removal, your feet will look and feel better than they ever have before.

According to the manufacturer, using the product is like getting “a pedicure every day.” While this bold claim may not necessarily be exactly the case, you can still be sure that cleaning your feet every day will become an extremely comfortable and relaxing process.

Falling In The Shower? No More With Easy Foot Scrubber

If you are tired of falling over in the shower as you bend down to clean your feet, Easy Feet could be a great solution.

Its built-in suction cups ensure that the cleaning shoe will stick to almost any surface, making it perfect for use in any bath or shower with a smooth surface area.

Your feet stay totally planted while you clean and massage them, allowing you to feel safe and comfortable in the shower or bathroom.

Clean without any difficulty

Cleaning in between your toes and on the bottom of your feet can be next to impossible. And it can be extremely uncomfortable to remain bent over or hold your feet up for extended periods of time while you are scrubbing those hard to reach spots.

Luckily, these shower foot scrubbers’ unique design allows you to clean, massage, and exfoliate even the most difficult to reach spots on your feet.

This makes it great for a wide variety of people, including athletes, kids, and anyone who has trouble reaching their feet in the bath or shower.

Who Should Use The scrubber?

In a word, everyone. Anyone who uses their feet, which is pretty much everyone.

People who stand for a good part of the day will particularly appreciate the massage action of the product.

When you stand most of the day, your feet and legs become tired faster, especially if you are moving around. If you are standing still, you open yourself up to foot cramps. Easy Feet can help provide relief.

People who show their feet for a living, like foot models or models in general, are also prime targets for Easy Feet. The built-in pumice stone helps to eradicate any dead, unsightly skin and enhances the appearance of even the most unsightly feet.

Any woman who wears strappy shoes or open-toed shoes will feel much more comfortable about their feet’s appearance.

What customers are saying about Foot Scrubber

On Amazon, Customer reviews for Easy Feet, reviewers are extremely enthusiastic and ecstatic about the product.

Many reviewers praise the ingenuity of the product, and how comfortable and effective it has been for them. One customer said that “her feet have never felt better” after using the product for just one week.

Several reviewers who have arthritis or similar conditions also report that the product’s ease of use and comfort has proved to be absolutely perfect for them.

According to one reviewer, the product also works great as a foot massager when outside of the bath or the shower as well.

Several customers with larger feet allegedly banged their feet on the sides of the cleaning shoe on occasion, but aside from this, customer opinions were almost unanimously positive.

If you’re looking for a high-quality yet inexpensive product that will help you clean and massage your feet with comfort and ease, Easy Feet could be right up your alley.

Alternatives to the scrubber

listed here are other alternatives to using the foot scrubber. be warned, these require bending over or even sitting down in order to remove the tough dead skin on your feet.

Pumice Stone for Feet

[amazon box= “B07HHS38T9, B07R6JZRS1, B010GVEOT0″ grid=”3”]

Electric foot files

One of the best electric foot files in the market is the Amope Pedi Perfect. The Amope comes in three categories; wet and dry, regular coarse and extra coarse.

[amazon box= “B079JVZHSQ, B07WH6W3SC, B07TNHNLV2″ grid=”3”]

Shower Foot Scrubber in Action

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The 10 Best Spa Slippers and Flip Flops (2021 Reviews)

spa slippers Looking for spa slippers to pair up with your robe, or indoor /outdoor slippers for your home or hotel?

Then you’re in luck…

We’ve done all the research for you and comprised a list of some of the best spa and thong slippers available in the market.

After a careful analysis, we decided to categorize them into three groups;

  • Spa thong slippers / fuzzy flip flop slippers
  • Disposable slippers
  • Indoor/Outdoor Non-Slip Sole Slippers
[amazon box= “B07K38FGJX,B00KYPSBCA,B079D96KLX,B00STXA2OY” grid=”4″]

Best Spa thong slippers 2021

Spa thong slippers are fluffy and comfortable compared to other slippers. here are the two best slippers we recommend for you. #1 is recommended for women and #2 for men.

1. Acorn Women’s Spa Thong Slipper

Acorn Women's Spa Thong with Premium Memory Foam

This is one of the most popular brands in the spa footwear market. The best thing about these slippers is that they can be used indoors and outdoors. Comfort was definitely in their minds when designing the slipper.

The Premium, multi-layer Cloud Cushion delivers cloud-like comfort with every step. These will continue to be soft and comfy for you to wear during the warm months for at least a few years even after washing.

2. ACORN Men’s Spa Slide

Acorn Men's Spa Slide

Who said are not allowed to pamper their feet. This comfortable spa shoe does just that. Its made with super soft spa terry uppers and skid-resistant weatherproof sole. The thickly padded foot bed offers great cushioning and lightweight support.

3. Laura Ashley Ladies Open Toe Spa Slippers with Bow and Memory Foam Insole

Laura Ashley Ladies Open Toe Spa Slippers with Bow and Memory Foam Insole


4. Turkish Luxury Spa Slippers for Men and Women, 100% Cotton Terry House Slippers Indoor/Outdoor

Turkish Luxury Spa Slippers for Men and Women, 100% Cotton Terry House Slippers Indoor/Outdoor, Made in Turkey (Large, Black)

5. CrystalsRus Varsany The Bride Party Spa Slippers Bridal Shower Wedding Rhinestone Honeymoon Slippers

CrystalsRus Varsany The Bride Party Spa Slippers Bridal Shower Wedding Rhinestone Honeymoon Slippers

6. Arus Women’s Organic Turkish Terry Cotton Memory Foam Spa Slippers

Arus Women's Organic Turkish Terry Cotton Memory Foam Spa Slippers

Disposable slippers

[amazon box= “B07PSHFNCC,B073PVJPBV,B0797N83RN” grid=”3″] [amazon box= “B07Q12L5WR,B06XXZNMV1,B00NT953V0″ grid=”3”]

7. LUXEHOME Spa Slippers in Bulk

LUXEHOME Spa Slippers in Bulk; 20 Pairs Disposable White Hotel Slippers for Guests; 2 Size Closed Toe Slippers Fit for Women and Men


8. RockDove Two-Tone Memory Foam Warm House Slippers for Men w/ Indoor Outdoor Sole

RockDove Men's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper



9. ULTRAIDEAS Men’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers with Fuzzy Plush Wool-Like Lining

ULTRAIDEAS Men's Cozy Memory Foam Slippers with Fuzzy Plush Wool-Like Lining, Slip on Clog House Shoes with Indoor Outdoor Anti-Skid Rubber Sole


10. HomeIdeas Men’s Woolen Fabric Memory Foam Anti-Slip House Slippers, Autumn Winter Breathable Indoor Shoes

HomeIdeas Men's Woolen Fabric Memory Foam Anti-Slip House Slippers, Autumn Winter Breathable Indoor Shoes


What are Spa Slippers?

Spa slippers are small but elegantly designed shoes for your comfort and safety in the spa, hotel or at home.

They are available in many designs and materials. Some of the materials used include foam, cotton and crotchet slippers.

Why do People buy Spa slippers?

for Comfort

Few will call into question the importance of comfortable, luxurious bathrobes in a spa setting. That’s a given, naturally, but think of spa slippers as an extension of the robe’s restorative powers. Spa slippers add that luxury on your feet.

for Safety

No spa owner wants to be sued for injuries that occur in their premises, neither does the customer want to incur expenses and spend time in hospital for such injuries. Spa slippers reduce the chances for injuries occurrence for up to 90%.

Features to look for When Purchasing slippers for spa and indoor/outdoor use

In order to avoid foot pain, selecting the right spa shoes is a very important step. Two of the main reasons we wear shoes is to provide protection and support.

Here are the most important aspects you should look for when buying any shoe;

  • The slipper should only bend where your foot bends
  • It should offer protection on slippery surfaces
  • Should be comfortable and doesn’t slip off as you walk
  • It should resist being twisted
  • The mid-sole of the shoe should be firm


One quick point before I sign off, we don’t recommend driving using any flip flops unless they have straps that tighten the slipper on your feet. I hope we have answered the question” which is the best spa slippers ” for you. Check out this post regularly for more updates.

The 10 Best Toe Separators (2021 Reviews)

Toe Separators

Toe separators or toe spacers are the ultimate relief for your foot pain.

… and yes, it’s the easiest workout ever for your toes.

I know you will agree with me when I say foot cramping is the most annoying experience after a long day.

You’re probably wondering what toe separators are and how they work. Wonder no more. In this review, I will list and explain the features of different gel toe separators. I will also explain in detail what to look for when looking for the best yoga toes. Foot massagers are also a great way of relaxing your feet

[amazon box=”B076C2CQ2R,B01CRNF6FG,B00UM4XY7K,B004HE94SE” grid=”4″]

Did You Know?

Feet have more nerve endings per square inch than any other part of the body; therefore the feet are a powerful portal to the entire nervous system.

Best Toe Spacers For Runners

1. Toe Separators, Soft Two-Tone Toe Spacers

Toe Separators, Soft Two Tone Toe Spacers, Great Toe Cushions, Apply Nail Polish During Pedicure and Other Uses, 12 Pack

2. Original YogaToes – Small Purple: Toe Stretcher & Toe Separators.

Original YogaToes - Small Purple: Toe Stretcher & Toe Separators. Fight Bunions, Hammer Toes, Foot Pain & More!

Made from 100% premium medical-grade gel, these toe separators provide revolutionary care for your entire feet. It works by stretching your toes and strengthening the weak muscles thus improving your posture and toe alignment.

The ergonomic design ensures an easy slip, a comfortable fit, and a most exhilarating barefoot experience. These gel toe separators will offer incredible results in foot pain relief and rectifying injuries. They also help eliminate various foot problems such as claw toes, hammertoes, and bunions.

The separators are originally made and sold by YogaPro, a company with over fourteen years of experience in foot relief. They come in purple, sapphire blue, and clear color tones. They are available for both men and women.

The medical-grade gel used to manufacture these toe correctors is non-toxic and latex-free. It is great for those with sensitive skin. It is easy to clean with just soap and water.

You should consider your doctor’s advice if you have severe foot conditions before using this product. The toe separators are not meant to be worn with shoes. For personal safety, avoid walking around in them.

3. Original Yoga Toes For Men (Fits US Shoe Sizes 10 & Up)

Original Yoga Toes for Men: Gel Toe Separators and Toe Stretchers in Metallic Blue. Stop Foot Pain and Boost Athletic Performance! Fits Men's US Shoe Sizes 11 and Up (Large)

These particular toe correctors are recommended for men with wide feet and only fit US shoe size 10 and above. It is made in the USA using 100% medical-grade gel that is free of toxins. These toe separators are meant for men who spend most days in shoes and have no time or place to walk bare feet.

They can be worn at work or at home while you relax to give your feet a much-needed shoe break.

Regular use of the toe correctors treats and prevents bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and a host of other foot conditions. Slipping into these correctors for just 10 minutes a day can eliminate feet pain, improve blood circulation, and provide you with better agility and overall balance.

The unique design offers maximum stretch for your toes and arches to give them more strength. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but with time, your feet get used to it. Suggested you spray the gel separators with warm water to make them easier to get them on.

Best Toe Separators For Overlapping Toes

Editors note: Overlapping toes are a result of different factors but the main one is wearing shoes that are tight on the front of the shoe.

[amazon box=”B07BMSRN8W,B07SHKGHDY,B07CYQLFZP” grid=”3″]

4. Foots Love – Broken Toe Splints. Crooked Toe Separator Hammer Toe Straightener Wraps.

Foots Love - Broken Toe Splints. Crooked Toe Separator Hammer Toe Straightener Wraps. The Only Copper Align, Protect & Heal Brace. Even Better Now With No Slip !

5. Dr. Frederick’s Original 4 Piece Hammer Toe Treatment Set – Soft Gel Splints to Prevent Overlap

Dr. Frederick's Original 4 Piece Hammer Toe Treatment Set - Soft Gel Splints to Prevent Overlap

Best Toe Separators For Bunions

Editors note: Bunions can be painful if not treated early enough. These are some of the best get pads in the market for bunion relief.

[amazon box=”B01MTY7IA5,B07RL6LPLL,B01BMY4VX4″ grid=”3″]

6. ZenToes Gel Toe Separators for Overlapping Toes, Bunions, Big Toe Alignment, Corrector and Spacer – 4 Pack (White)

ZenToes Gel Toe Separators for Overlapping Toes, Bunions, Big Toe Alignment, Corrector and Spacer - 4 Pack (White)

These toe separators are a natural remedy for unsightly feet problems like bunions. The ring-like design is made to be worn on the second toe. The flexible silicone pad grips comfortably against the big toe instantly correcting your toe overlap problem.

They also relieve drift pain caused by wearing tight-fitting footwear over time. By gently aligning your big toe, the toe separator ensures you comfortably walk and stand for longer.

The spreaders are made from medical grade gel that is latex-free. The soft material used to make these spreaders is soft and does not cause blisters or calluses on the sensitive skin between the toes. This material also makes it easy to clean, allergy-free, and can be used repeatedly without losing its shape.

The toe spreader stays in place properly aligning the big toe and preventing the sides of your shoes from rubbing against it. It stretches the big toe thereby reducing muscle strain and aches.

Available in a set containing four, one size fits all pieces that come in either white or beige. They can be worn discreetly under almost all types of shoes.

7.Bunion Corrector & Bunion Relief Protector Sleeves Kit

Bunion Corrector & Bunion Relief Protector Sleeves Kit - Treat Pain in Hallux Valgus, Big Toe Joint, Hammer Toe, Toe Separators Spacers Straighteners Splint Aid Surgery Treatment

Carefully purchasing an outstanding Bunion corrector is highly indispensable for those who are suffering from bunions or looking for relief. This modern-day Bunion corrector comes with the excellent cushioning and padding ability.

Yet there are slim enough toes separators made their way to market with compatibility to wear it under regular footwear. One Size fits all: the package of 7 carefully selected piece set is highly useful for bunion relief.

It’s a unique solution towards the many foot problems like Hallux Valgus, pain in the big toe joint, and much more. No doubt, this toe spacer made up of 100% medical grade premium quality silicone. The material is washable and reusable.

Toe Alignment Socks

[amazon box=”B07MCRZ17B,B0711QSBX9,B002XNM79Y” grid=”3″]

8. Happy Feet Women’s7-9/Men’s5-7 Original Foot Alignment Socks, WHITE, MEDIUM

Happy Feet Women's7-9/Men's5-7 Original Foot Alignment Socks, WHITE, MEDIUM

These toe alignment socks reverse the damaging effect of wearing narrow shoes by providing cushioned toe dividers. The plush toe dividers offer relief from overlapping, crowded and crooked toes, bunions, toe cramps, and more for pain-free comfort.

This acrylic sock is designed for both men and women. They do take some time to get used to it. The socks should only be worn at night time. It’s not advisable to walk in them because these tend to stretch the material. Do not wear them with your shoes.

Enjoy improved foot health and warmth when you slip on these comfortable socks.

9.1 Pair Pink Yoga Gym Massage Five Toe Separator Socks

1 Pair Pink Yoga Gym Massage Five Toe Separator Socks Foot Alignment Pain Relief Half Toe Socks Toe Spacer Stretcher Sports Socks by SamGreatWorld

The Yoga gym massage sock is available in different colors but comes as a pair. Some of the main functions of the sock are to prevent beriberi infection and big toe hallux from exstrophy.

The sock also prevents plantar fasciitis, foot pain, diabetic feet, deep vein thrombosis, bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs, claw toes, bunionettes, poor circulation, and mallet toes.

It made up of Acrylic and Cotton. It’s advisable to wear the sock for a few hours on each foot.

Bunionette Toe Spacer

[amazon box=”” grid=”3″] [amazon box=”” grid=”3″]

My Story: The Dancer with Squished Toes

I found myself having feet pain every day after wearing my heels and taking dance lessons 5 times a week.

Just like i was, you’re probably wondering what they have to do with yoga and if really work…

…so I decided to head to the far east for some answers. I landed at Waterbury at One Studios. You didn’t really think I was headed overseas, did you? While there I met Indie Ewell a yoga trainer. She’s been training yoga for over 20 years. So I was sure she would be able to explain the mystery of yoga toes.

I asked if she’s ever heard of this yoga toes and she said she’s heard of them but doesn’t use them in her yoga classes because she believes in inner healing from deep relaxation…. I almost gave up at that point.

My next visit was to a podiatrist. To my amusement, he had a sample of the toe spacers and even went ahead to illustrate how they are worn and what they do.

This is what he said:

“What it does is stretch out our feet making up for the position your feet should be all day. Many physical activities may end up depriving your feet of enough blood circulation such as wearing high heels or walking for long distances which may be harmful in the long run.”

Trying them on (My very first Experience)

At the end of all that I decided to try them on at least thrice a week while reading, watching Tv, and even taking a nap.

Guess what… they work great and they are absolutely incredible. I used to have terrible foot pain from wearing high heels and taking dancing lessons but that’s no more.

Gel Toe Separators

Thanks to modern technology and the advancement of science and manufacturing, we can now enjoy the benefits of wearing Gel Toe Separators. It is so easy to use. Just take a piece of the gel that is meant for that gap (an example is between the big toe and the second toe) and that is it. Instant comfort!

Gel Toe Separators will help reach the different areas of the toes during the pedicure treatment. This is especially beneficial during the trimming or filing of the nails.

Those who decide to have a french tip pedicure will be glad to know that it will be easier to do this with the Gel Toe Separators as they separate each toe from one another. Thus, making the application of the nail polish easier and faster. No more worries. Just apply it and let it dry.

Another benefit of the Gel Toe Separators is the drying process. It can be faster and less messy as the toes do not touch each other. Proper air circulation is distributed between toes ensuring the faster drying of nails.

Painting nails can be a tiring thing to do and redoing it is a nightmare. These Gel Toe Separators relieves friction between toes and prevents rubbing. Thereby, relieving the toes from irritation and pain.

Gel Toe Packaging

Gel toe separators come in a pack and can be reused. It comes in different sizes and even colors. Some manufacturers added unique features such as making their gels vitamin-enriched which releases mineral oil that soothes and moisturizes the skin. These items can be purchased in your local health or beauty stores and even online.

Gel Toe Separators are a great alternative to paper or plastic that is inserted between your toes. It provides comfort and style. Say goodbye to toes scrapping one another. Bid farewell to ruined pedicures and styled nail polishes. Say hello to a healthier and happier set of toes.

How to Use Toe Spreaders

The tightening of muscles and ligaments leads to discomfort and stiffness. This makes mobility a problem. If this persists, the problem is transferred to the calf and all the way to the back eventually affecting your posture.

The stretchers are carefully placed between your toes to exercise the muscles on the toes. This also helps in increasing flexibility and blood circulation to all parts of the feet.

Toe Separators for Bunions

Toe Separators for Bunions are beneficial in reducing pain in the foot due to bunions. A bunion is the growth of bone or tissue at the base of the big toe roughly around the joint area. Thus, the toe turns inward and towards in the second toe. This generates pain when walking or when weight is shifted towards the big toe and second toe.

Aside from putting ice on the foot and taking prescribed medication, one way to provide comfort to a person who has bunions is to put a toe spacer in between the affected toes. This is called Orthotics or putting padding or shielding between two toes.

In the old days, they use either paper or tissue. But this can be more of a pain than a pleasure. That is why there are now products such as Toe Separators for people with bunions that available in the market.

These specially crafted and shaped gels are inserted in between the big toe and the adjacent second toe. Since they are made of the finest gel possible, special care and comfort are aimed at anyone who will use it.

In fact, you will be able to notice already a big relief once these Toe Separators for bunions are placed. They are reusable and washable without any worries of corrosion.

What Other Conditions Can They Be Used For?

Toe spreaders are used for preventing and correcting many conditions such as:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Bone Spurs
  • Hammer
  • Varicose Veins
  • toe stiffness
  • Mallet & Claw Toe
  • Morton’s Neuroma
  • Corns & Calluses
  • Achilles problems
  • foot cramps
  • overlapping toes
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Arthritis

Apart from using the gel toes for medical treatments, they can also be used for relaxation or improving the overall appearance of tour feet. Everybody wants to show off their beautiful toes and feet especially on this sandal season.


The 10 Best Heated Slippers (2021 Reviews)

heated lippers

I know you agree with me when I say nobody wants to get sick this winter.

Protect your feet by using the best-heated slippers.

We’ve done all the research and found a range of warmers and slippers that will keep you warm when performing different activities.

We categorized the warmers into:

Foot warmers for outdoor activities
For indoor activities; these include foot Warmers Booties and electric foot warmers.

Heated sock also comes in many varieties. They can be worn outdoors with your shoes. Read more on the best-heated socks here.

[amazon box= “B016VESK7S,B07XYQRJH7, B07HS3D14B,B07B8V28YM” grid=”4″]

Best Electric Footwarmers Reviews 2021

1. Smoko Adorable Narwhal Slippers, Unicorn of The Sea, Plush Squishy Moccasins

Smoko Adorable Narwhal Slippers, Unicorn of The Sea, Plush Squishy Moccasins

These heated slippers are made of soft cotton and polyester, additionally stuffed to give you lots of comfort to your feet. The slippers are designed such that you can choose from two heated slippers, one wireless and one USB powered, a light-up version of each to express your unique persona.

The light-up slippers come with LED lighting installed in the horn, giving a powdery blue color. The gray-headed versions of this product come powered by an internal and rechargeable battery pack or with longer USB plugs, offering the user good value for their money.

One great benefit of these slippers is that they heat up really quickly and are ideal for people working at a desk or on laptops and also people with problematic blood circulation. In addition, you can also wear them at any other time and place since they keep warm naturally.

Pros Cons
  • One size fits most feet (up to size 12).
  • Very comfortable to walk in.
  • Ability to walk around in them.
  • Different styles to choose from.
  • Heat is not distributed around the foot but only on the top.




Pros Cons
  • Very easy to set up
  • It is multifunctional and can be used for other body heating necessities
  • Has a milder temperature than most normal heating pads
  • It has 3 different settings to help you determine the right temperature.
  • .


Pros Cons
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  • .

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Pros Cons
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5. Serta | Ultra Soft Plush Electric Heated Warming Pad for Feet, Back, Waist, and Abdomen (Natural)

Serta | Ultra Soft Plush Electric Heated Warming Pad for Feet, Back, Waist, and Abdomen (Natural)


This is a 35 – inch wide and 20 – inch deep heated foot warmer made from ultra-plush fleece fabric, large enough to fit two pairs of feet. It comes with a lighted, easy to operate warming controller that has 4 different settings to assist you to adjust the level of your desired heat levels.

A soft fiberfill center adds an additional level of comfort to give additional relaxation on your tired feet. Installed LED lights show the level of heat being released and allows for easy alterations during the night, without necessarily turning on the lights.

This product is ideal for home and office use for all your relaxation purposes especially for people looking to improve their blood circulation, soothing body illnesses such as arthritis or for therapeutic warmth.

Pros Cons
  • .
  • .



6. Cozy Products CT Cozy Toes Carpeted Foot Warming Heater for Under Desks

Cozy Products CT Cozy Toes Carpeted Foot Warming Heater for Under Desks

Standing at number 6 on this review of the best foot warmers is a product from Cozy Products. It’s one of the likable items not just from the brand but also in the market. One thing we love about it is the decent size that fits nicely in most places.

The space-efficient design allows a user to place it under the desk without causing too much attention. It has a slim profile that ensures your feet aren’t raised too high such that they cause inconvenience.

The unit is made of a heavy-duty rubber material that can handle regular use. The non-slip base prevents unnecessary movement and this prevents the unit from being plugged from the power outlet accidentally.

It’s among the energy-efficient pieces on the market and only draws 135 watts of power. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about soaring power bills. And thanks to operating at a temperature of 130 Deg F, the mat delivers decent warmth whether wearing shoes, stockings, leg warmers, or shoes.

Reasons that consumers rank this mat as one of the best/top heated foot warmers include the ergonomic design that improves handling, good design, and energy efficiency, and it is also easy to operate.

It comes with simple step-by-step instructions and is very basic. Unfortunately, the unit isn’t fit for use on carpet, wood, and other sensitive floors. It is best used while wearing shoes or socks and not on the bare skin.


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .


7. Cozy Products TT Toasty Toes Ergonomic Heated Foot Warmer

Cozy Products TT Toasty Toes Ergonomic Heated Foot Warmer,BLACK

Finding the perfect foot warmer slippers shouldn’t be complex. You also don’t have to pay a fortune to own them. With this item from Cozy Products, you will stay warm in different places without undermining your comfort.

They come in a nice size and design to match different users and are made of a durable material to keep up with everyday use, mishandling, and the heat and regular cleaning.

The accessory features a money-saving and energy-efficient 105-watt heater that evenly distributes the heat to the right locations. The normal room heater consumes as much as 1200 watts and in comparison to this heated slippers, you will make a huge saving.

Since it doesn’t have any hotspots, you will stay warm and comfortable and the chances of getting burnt or discomfort are minimal.

The 3 adjustable positions allow you to pick the best temperature to suit the need at hand. You can use the heated warming booties while sitting down other standing up. And since they are lightweight, you won’t be weighed down by the weight.

The main positives include the ergonomic design that makes wearing and removal easy, the smooth interior that feels good to the user. It also improves comfort, and their space-saving design and energy efficiency.

The slippers are also reliable, durable, and require minimal maintenance. Unfortunately, this product doesn’t have an Auto-Off feature which would have come handy in switching off the unit after a long period of non-operation.

Pros Cons
  • .
  • .


8. Snookiz Microwaveable Heated Booties Slipper for Women

Snookiz Microwaveable Heated Booties Slipper for Women

Viewed by many as among the best-heated warming booties, these slippers from Snookiz are ideal for women. They are available in different sizes to fit users of different ages and sizes and are also among the easiest o use. You simply place than in a microwave and they will heat up fairly fast.

The booties retain the heat for a decent period of up to 30 minutes and this is quite okay for daily use. What’s more, they don’t require plugging into a power outlet and this helps to keep the bills on a low.

The microwave heated slippers are made of tough material to endure occasional use and have a smooth finish for extra convenience and comfort. They also have a lightweight for better handling and to minimize fatigue while wiring.

The one-of-its-kind inner sole is made of an energy-efficient material that not only conserves the heat but also distributes it evenly. This ensures that the entire foot is warm at all times. They slip on easily and are also simple to take off. And with proper use and maintenance, they should serve you for a long time.

Consumers love the simple design that makes wearing and/ or taking off effortless, good warmth and comfort courtesy of the high-grade material, ergonomic design that enhances wearability, and their lightweight and compact nature. They also use minimal energy and are cost-effective. Many, however, say that the healing period isn’t very long and that they don’t have any scent.


Pros Cons
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  • .

9. ObboMed MF-2305M Far Infrared Carbon Fiber Heated Foot Warmer/Boots/Slippers

ObboMed MF-2305M Far Infrared Carbon Fiber Heated Foot Warmer/Boots/Slippers, USB 5V 10W – Far Infrared Wavelength 8-15 μm (Health Range: 4-14 μm), Auto Off, Size M: (fits Foot up to 41)

If you want the best top heated slippers, then you will consider these warming booties. They use superior carbon fiber technology that provides reliable heating, warmth, and coziness. Consumers who have had this product say it works exceptionally well and lasts for a long period.

The unit runs via a 110-230V AC power and features an adapter that scales the power done to 5V DC. You can also power it via a 5V DC source meaning it will operate from most devices around. It connects to an external charger, wall charger, portable charger or power bank, laptop, computers, and more. All you need is connecting the plug into a USB point.

It heats up fairly fast and won’t produce any funny smells during the process. And considering it is a 10-watt unit, it won’t consume too much power. Operating the unit is straightforward and a complete novice simply needs to follow the instructions. It is ideal for indoor use and will suit different users without problems. It gets warm within 10-15 minutes and maintains the temperature to keep you or any other user warm and cozy particularly in a cold environment.

Consumers love the nice and ergonomic design which improves comfort; it is very versatile to fit different feet, the strong and durable construction and warms up fairly fast. Operating the unit is convenient and it looks and works great. Unfortunately, it isn’t meant for outdoor use and machine washing is warned against.


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .



10. Comfier 2-in-1 Foot Warmer and Heating Pad, 12V Safety Voltage Washable Large Size

Comfier 2-in-1 Foot Warmer and Heating Pad, 12V Safety Voltage Washable Large Size, 60 Minutes Auto Shut Off, Feet Warmer for Women Men Pad and Heating Blanket for Back Pain and Cramps Relief

Pros Cons
  • .
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What are Heated Slippers?

Just as the name suggests, these are heated footwear that uses advanced technology to produce heat. This heat keeps us warm during the freezing periods.

There are various technologies that are used in heating up the warmers such as battery charged slippers, while others are activated to produce heat when in contact with air, cool right!

How Can Electric Foot Warmers Help?

These heated foot warmers are a quite simple yet ingenious product that comes in the form of either radiating panels or heated mats. They are small in size and therefore can be placed conveniently and discreetly under your office desk or anywhere else that you usually spend a considerable length of time standing or sitting down.

The most common types of electric foot warmers are the following:

1. Electric Heated Floor Mat Warmers

This is a simple electrical heated floor mat designed to radiate heat through your body and ultimately keeping you warm even at cold temperatures. As you placed your cold feet on the heated mat warmer it quickly does the job of containing the heat at your feet first and then radiates to other parts of your body.

The device consumes very little electricity equivalent to a small lightbulb and it usually heats itself up to 130 degrees within 5 minutes to do the job.

2. Leg and Foot Electric Heating Panel

These are becoming very popular electric foot warmers that come in a compact heating panel that can be easily mounted under your work desk. This heating panel is designed for leg and foot heating comfort as it radiates warmth for your legs and feet on chilly days of the harsh winters.

This leg and foot heating panel can serve equally well for the busy executive in the office or at home.

Bed Foot Warmer – Why You May Need One

For most people who frequently get leg or foot cramps often in the middle of the night, this electric bed foot warmer is probably a perfect solution to this annoying problem. It ends this problem once and for all and for you, this means no more getting out of bed to do those stretching of the legs and feet just to make the cramps stop.

Gone are the days too for those who have had to put on socks or use a heating pad which really is too small to be effective. Check out these 2 models: Battle Creek Bed Warmer and Sunbeam Foot Cuddler Heated Mattress Pad

You can check online to find a good variety of any type of bed foot warmers in different sizes and even one that can fit a twin size bed too.

Bed Foot Warmer – How You Should Use It

The foot of the bed warmer is best used by setting it on timer control as it is not recommended to be switched on for the entire night. How long you set it is much left to your personal preference but it’s recommended to be set for an hour before bedtime and to go off about an hour after bedtime.

This bed foot warmer does the job of keeping the bed covers warm so that your cold feet will feel the warmth when you tuck them in. You can also adjust the thermostat of the foot of the bed warmer to low as that also helps to keep the electricity bill in check.

Why Do You Need An Electric Foot Massager

1. Giving a foot massage will improve your blood circulation and this helps to remove the unwanted toxins in your body cells resulting in improved nutrients flow to these cells. Your feet will not have any danger of poor circulation which often leads to your feet swelling.

2. A good and relaxing foot massage helps to bring down your stress levels caused by your ever demanding job in the office. If you have a heart condition, you should know just how important it is to bring your stress level to an acceptable level.

3. It helps to prevent the problems of early varicose veins and oedema, commonly known as fluid retention, all of which are usually old age problems.

4. The Chinese believe in acupressure reveals that specific locations on your foot can help to treat certain ailments, and aches throughout your body. Giving a relaxing foot massage can only be good for your overall health, so they claimed.

Before You Buy Your Massaging Foot Warmer

1. Before you buy the foot warmer for bed, ascertain a budget you are prepared to spend on this electric foot massager such as the foot warmer and massager fwm40. This will ensure that you only look at those models that fall within this price range.

2. Read up to understand some of the main features as well as other testimonials of both satisfied customers as well as those who encountered bad experiences on the product.

3. Always compare prices of electric foot warmers from different stores both offline as well as online ones. However, it is very important that you look for one that is suitable for your needs and at the right price.

Precautions When Using Electric Foot Warmer and Massager

If you have a medical condition like diabetes, thrombosis or just had surgery and may have some mechanical inserts in any parts of your body, or if you are pregnant, you should first consult your doctor before starting to use the massaging foot warmer.

Final Words

There you go- the best foot warmers slippers you will find in the market. To compare and rank them, we looked at the main features which include warmth, comfort, and ease of wearing, portability, energy efficiency, reliability, affordability, and convenience.

We also took into consideration their popularity in the market, consumer reviews, and the reputation of the brand. Finding the finest heated slippers is easier if you rely on this review.

The 10 Best Foot Cream Picks (2021 Reviews)

foot cream picks Caused by a fungus infection, athlete’s foot can give you a lot of worst life scenarios. That’s why using foot cream is important.

The so-called dermatophytes, the fungus that causes athlete’s foot, is recognized as those that appear on dead skin cells and they are increasing in the damp and dark areas which your foot can simply free up.

The sweat that collects by wearing socks and shoes continually can make your feet a perfect setting for the fungus to flourish in.

[amazon box= “B0002QB9NE,B01N7ULJSD,B01M2AAHJA,B0164M70PA” grid=”4″]

Best Foot Cream Reviews

1. O’Keeffe’s for Healthy Feet Foot Cream, 3.2 oz., Jar

O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet Foot Cream, 3.2 ounce Jar


2. Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask, Exfoliating Callus Remover (2 Pairs Per Box)

Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask, Exfoliating Callus Remover (2 Pairs Per Box) Cracked Heels, Dead Skin Treatment for Baby Soft Feet



3. Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream with Shea Butter

Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream with Shea Butter, 4 Ounce, Leaves Rough, Dry, Calloused Feet, Heels, and Soles Feeling Smoother and Softer. Includes Vitamins A, C, E, and Silk Amino Acids.



4. Nu Skin Sole Solution Foot Treatment 4.2 fl oz by Nuskin Epoch

Nu Skin Sole Solution Foot Treatment 4.2 fl oz by Nuskin Epoch

5. AmLactin Foot Repair Foot Cream Therapy

AmLactin Foot Repair Foot Cream Therapy | Smooths Rough, Dry Feet | Powerful Alpha-Hydroxy Therapy Gently Exfoliates | Lactic Acid (AHA) | Softens Tough, Dry Skin


6. PurSources Urea 40% Foot Cream 4 oz

PurSources Urea 40% Foot Cream 4 oz - Best Callus Remover - Moisturizes & Rehydrates Thick, Cracked, Rough, Dead & Dry Skin - For Feet, Elbows and Hands + Free Pumice Stone - 100%


7. Eucerin Advanced Repair Cream

Eucerin Advanced Repair Cream - Fragrance Free, Full Body Lotion for Very Dry Skin - Use After Washing With Hand Soap - 16 oz. Jar


8. Organic Foot Cream, Dry Feet Moisturizer, Cracked Heel Treatment

Organic Foot Cream, Dry Feet Moisturizer, Cracked Heel Treatment, Soft Feet Balm, Rough Foot Care Kit, Athletes Foot Lotion, Foot Peel Soften and Eliminator Mask, Callus Remover for Itchy Feet Repair


9. Curél Foot Therapy Cream, Soothing Cream for Dry & Cracked Feet, 3.5 Ounces

Curél Foot Therapy Cream, Soothing Cream for Dry & Cracked Feet, 3.5 Ounces


10. Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Cream Extra Strength

Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Cream Extra Strength, Athletes Foot Balm Dry Skin Cracked Feet & Heel Jock Itch Relief Toenail Fungus Treatment Callus Ringworm For Humans, Best Natural Anti Fungal Foot Care


Cracked Heels

The first sign of getting cracked heels is the development of dry, hard, thickened skin around the rim of the heel. This is called a callus and may be yellow or dark brown discoloured area of skin. Initially small cracks over the callus are visible.

If left untreated and as more pressure is placed on the heel, these cracks become deeper and eventually walking and standing will be painful.

The cracks may be so deep that they begin to bleed – in severe cases, it can be infected. Appearances of cracked heels also indicate zinc and omega-3 fatty acid deficiency.

What causes cracked heels?

  • Excessive feet activity can cause cracks on the skin around the heel area, especially if the skin is thick or dry.
  • Prolonged standing at work or home on hard surfaces can cause cracks in the feet.
  • Obesity will also cause extra pressure on the fat pad under the heel, causing it to expand, leading to cracked heels.
  • Back-open sandals or shoes increase the possibility of cracks on the heels.
  • Disease and Disorders like Athlete’s foot, Psoriasis, Eczema, Thyroid disease, Diabetes and some other skin conditions may also cause cracked heels.
  • Cracked heels also occur with age – Thick dry scaly skin lose elasticity with age and thus cracks have higher incidence with age.
  • Ill fitting shoes, standing for a long time or change in walking posture.
  • Unhygienic circumstances or conditions
  • Unhealthy, dry scaly skin due to climate or diseases
  • Deficiency of vitamins, minerals and zinc

Pamper Your Feet, Don’t Torture Them

Cracked heels treatments that scrape away the dead skin like pumice stones and razors can do more harm than good. It’s easy to scrape too much skin and leave your foot raw and sore. These wounds can become infected and make your foot pain even worse. Here are the top 3 cracked heel treatments to avoid:

3 Cracked Heels Treatments to Avoid

  • Do not use harsh stones or heaven forbid, a razor blade. Scraping away the dry skin and calluses doesn’t help the underlying causes of cracked heels, and it may cause more wounds that could become infected.
  • Do not use harsh soaps. It’s important to keep your cracked heels clean, but harsh soap can dry out your feet even more. Try using a gentle soap that won’t dry your feet out.
  • Do not just use regular moisturizers and lotions. Normal moisturizers and lotions will help, but to get rid of dry cracked feet for good, you need a cracked heels treatment that will permeate the thick top layers of skin and treat the condition at its root.

Preventing Cracked Heels

Some people are naturally prone to getting cracked heels, especially those with dry skin. Here are some tips to help you prevent cracked heels:

3 Tips for Preventing Cracked Heels

  • Do not wear flip flops. Part of the problem is any backless shoe. When your foot slides from side to side as you walk, it pulls on your skin and creates cracks.
  • Wear socks. Wearing socks is a great cracked heels treatment for two reasons. 1) Socks prevent your feet from drying out by keeping in moisture. 2) Socks create padding for your feet when you walk. This reduces the amount of force being placed on your heels.
  • Drink plenty of water. When you don’t drink enough water your entire body becomes dried out, including your skin. Drinking water rehydrates your skin and prevents it from drying out.

Leaving cracked heels untreated can cause more serious problems. Fissures and cracks can get infected if you ignore them. If you experience signs of infection like swelling, tenderness, and redness, you should make an appointment to see a healthcare professional.

Best Cracked Heel Treatment

Treating your cracked heels with regular moisturizers and lotions is like brushing your teeth using your finger. Your feet require a treatment that will permeate the thick top layers, and treat the deeper layers of skin where the condition starts.

3 Cracked Heels Treatment Tips

  • Invest in a high quality foot cream. Look for a moisturizing cream or oil specially made for cracked heels. If your cracked heels are caused by a fungus, look for a cream that also contains anti-fungal ingredients as well.
  • Apply the moisturizing cream after each shower. Using the cream right after you shower will help seal the moisture into your feet.
  • Wear socks after applying foot cream. Wearing socks is a great cracked heels treatment because it will keep in the moisture from the moisturizing cream.

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot can be put on the air by straight contact with an infected individual. The fungus can also be attained through using the socks or shoes of a person suffering from the said fungus.

Barefoot walking in warm and damp areas like the familiar bath rooms or lockers can furthermore be a reason of fungus spread. Not enough foot cleanliness such as not frequently washing feet with water and soap can help get a move on whichever promising disease.

Some of the symptoms of this kind of disease are having scaly and dry skin from which swelling and blister may build up. You can also feel itchiness in addition to the burning feeling brought about by flouting blisters which can picture raw skin that can bring out some soreness.

Dealing with athlete’s foot comprises the use of a diversity of topical medicines over and above oral medicines. Athlete’s foot cream is also an efficient healing to make use of for athlete’s foot.

You can always select from a lot of athlete’s foot cream reachable for you to choose from. There are creams that can be extremely useful in treating athlete’s foot. They can also be used to take care of a multiplicity of more fungal infections like tinea versicolor, ring worm, and more. Others assist in clearing the skin from cracking itching, and burning feeling which is frequently linked with such viruses.

There are also a lot of athlete’s foot cream offline and online. These creams can also help eradicate other kinds of fungus infection. Athlete’s foot creams can also help alleviate the painful indications that athlete’s foot comes with like scaling skin cracking and itching.

There are other useful athlete’s foot creams existing in the market for you to select from. But the most excellent cures are those that you think work finest for you.

The 10 Best Toe Caps and Protectors (2021 Reviews)

Toe Caps and Protectors Are you suffering from toe blister, irritation, rubbing, or toenail loss? A toe cap will protect you against all these problems.

So how exactly do they work?

Toe caps and protectors serve as a cushion preventing the toe from having direct contact with the inside of the shoe and other toes.

Runners experience bruising constantly because of friction which occurs as a result of toes rubbing against each other and wearing uncomfortable shoes.

[amazon box= “B01N0C1QIA,B075TGVKC6,B0748B6VG5,B0002RFO2A” grid=”4″]

Best Toe Caps and Protectors Reviews 2021

1. Pro-Tec Athletics Toe Caps (4 Toe caps)

Pro-Tec Athletics Toe Caps (4 Toe caps)

2. Sumifun Toe Protector, Gel Toe Caps, Little Toe Sleeves Pinky Toe Blister Pads for Bunions

Sumifun Toe Protectors, Gel Toe Caps for ingrown toenails, Corns, Blisters, Comfortable and Soft Silicone Toe Covers for Big Toe (5 Pairs, S)


3. ZenToes Open Toe Tubes Fabric Gel Lined Sleeve Protectors

ZenToes Open Toe Tubes Fabric Gel Lined Sleeve Protectors for Corns, Blisters, Hammertoes - 5 Pack - 29” of Tubing (Small)


4. Makhry 4pcs Adjustable Cuttable Gel Toe and Finger Cap

Makhry 4pcs Adjustable Cuttable Gel Toe and Finger Cap Lined Gel Toe Covers Sleeves Ribbed Knit Toe Caps Silopad Digital Caps (L)


5. Dr. Frederick’s Original Gel Toe Caps

Dr. Frederick's Original Gel Toe Caps - 6 Pieces - Big Toe Guards for Protection of Ingrown Toenails, Corns, Calluses, Blisters, and More - Medium


6. Gel Toe Caps Toe Protectors Breathable Toe Sleeves, New Material

Gel Toe Caps Toe Protectors Breathable Toe Sleeves, New Material,for Blisters, Corns, Hammer Toes, Toenails Loss, Friction Pain Relief and More (10 PCS for Big Toe)

7. 26 Pieces Toe Cushion Tube 0.98 Inches Toe Tubes Sleeves

26 Pieces Toe Cushion Tube 0.98 Inches Toe Tubes Sleeves 3 Different Size Soft Gel Corn Pad Protectors for Cushions Corns,Blisters, Calluses, Toes and Fingers.


Toe Covers

[amazon box= “B01MRV5U4H,B002HJ3G0S,B07CKPSZGQ” grid=”3″]

8. Dr. Frederick’s Original Toe Protectors with Metatarsal Pads

Dr. Frederick's Original Toe Protectors with Metatarsal Pads - 2 Pieces - Soft Toe Sleeves - Gel Toe Caps - Toe Guards & Toe Covers for Women & Men



9. Pembrook Cast Sock Toe Cover – Great for Leg, Foot and Ankle Casts.

Pembrook Cast Sock Toe Cover - Great for Leg, Foot and Ankle Casts.



10. Povihome Toe Protectors, Toe Sleeves Silicone Small Gel Corn Protectors for Runners

Povihome Toe Protectors, Toe Sleeves Silicone Small Gel Corn Protectors for Runners,Blisters,Shoes,Heels,Sandal Purple Pinky Toe Pain Relief 5 Pairs


Blister Care Products

People often use tape on their feet to prevent blisters while walking or running. This is a good enough protection mechanism.

You could use duct tape for this purpose or specifically designed tape too. Blister plaster is one such product.

This is used in the treatment and prevention of blisters. They are commonly applied over hot spots and areas that are more prone to blisters like heel, instep, or toes. These are made such that once applied they feel like a second skin and stay intact for even in a wet environment.

These can also be applied over existing blisters that have been burst and drained of their fluid. This lets an athlete or walker continue with their walk or run with the blister but without the discomfort.

Blister Plasters

Blister plasters make sure that a blister heals quickly, without scab and with the least amount of pain.

Blister plasters are more effective then the only tape if applied properly. A tip to use these blisters is that they can be warmed up using your hands before taping it on to your skin. This will make them stick better.

Blister Taping 101

As mentioned, taping can be done using duct tape or blister plasters, however, there are certain Taping 101s that need to be understood before embarking upon taping. These are

– Cut the forward edges of the tape when taping the ball of your foot. This will prevent the tape from coming into contact and cutting into the crease at the base of the toes.

– Tips should be covered with a longitudinal strip while taping toes if your toes are a problem area. It is not advisable to extend the circumferential layer so that it irritates the skin between toes.

– Tape toes and your forefoot when walking or running downhill to prevent “Downhill blisters”.

– Tape heels and over Achilles tendon when walking or running uphill to prevent “Uphill blisters”.

There are a variety of other products that can be used to prevent or treat blisters. Some of them are listed below

– Moleskin: This is a soft cotton pad like dressing that protects against friction.

– Adhesive felt: Also padding it is available in 1/8 and 1/4 inches.

– Blister Relief: These are designed to work as a second layer of skin, which cushions and protects.

– Mueller’s More Skin: These are pads designed to decrease friction.

– Spyroflex: This is a sterile wound dressing that protects skin, speeds up healing, and protects from bacteria and external moisture.

It should be noted here that applying moleskin, gauze or other bandages will change the way your foot fits inside a shoe.

Home Remedies for Toe Blisters

Blisters usually appear as small boils that can happen to any part of your body, especially the hands, feet, and face in some cases. They have a high concentration of a fluid-like substance which is often mistaken as water.

There are many reasons leading to blisters include over stress on your body, sweating, wearing new shoes, and constant friction during physical activity that you might not notice.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

The worst thing that can happen is that ACV might sting, however, it’s worth a try, though. Apple cider vinegar has powerful antibacterial properties, which is effective to help prevent a popped blister from becoming infected.

The best way to make use of ACV is to make it your wash solution to wash every day until you find a satisfying result. Alternatively, to treat the problem internally, you can drink diluted ACV to get the best result. Either way only works if you follow strictly regular application.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been regarded as a natural healer and therefore, it can give a helping hand in treating foot blisters. Thanks to its high concentration of anti-inflammatory properties, it works wonders in reducing redness and swelling.

Along with that, it keeps the skin hydrated to fasten the healing process. Once you apply the gel, you no longer have to worry about the risk of infection.

How to use:

Gently spread a thick coat of fresh aloe vera gel over the blisters.
Allow it some time to dry on its own.
Rinse it off with warm water after 30 minutes.

Additionally, this has been made as one of the best ways on How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes Fast Naturally

3. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt has been regarded as an easy and safe way to treat foot blisters. The salt can efficiently dry out an un-popped blister and encourage it to drain.

As it has a high concentration of magnesium, it helps reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling as well as keeping infection at bay effectively without leaving side effects.

4. Castor Oil

Another very effective inexpensive remedy to treat foot blisters is castor oil that you can always go for at home. It is the thick oil that keeps the affected area moisturized. In this way, it reduces itchiness and helps the healing process in just a short period of time.

The trick with castor oil is to simply smear some castor oil on the blister and leave it on overnight. You need to repeat this action for 3 nights in a row before going to bed and then once a week until it nearly healed.

5. Warm Water

You are suggested to soak your feet in lukewarm water once a day. This way is to enable the upper layer on the blister to become soft, as well as removing the fluid inside the blister and helping to cure it faster.

6. Antibiotic Ointment

Similar to the above, one can also take advantage of the antibiotic ointment in lukewarm water and soak the feet in it for couple of minutes. This will also help cure blisters in the long term.

The 10 Best Heated Socks (2021 Reviews)

heated socks Looking for heated socks for this winter?

you’re in luck.

Winter is often associated with celebrations of Christmas such as making snow angels, building snowmen, riding the snowmobile, skiing and hiking.

You have to worry about having cold feet and that is why you need battery heated socks to help you keep warm.

When you constantly have to deal with cold feet during the winter months, it may result in you developing fevers, colds, and coughs, particularly in the younger children who enjoy spending most of their time outdoors.

[amazon box= “B001UQXAT6, B0007ZF4PE, B07MVTH3M3″ grid=”3”]

Best Heated Foot Warmers Consumer Reviews

1. HeatMax Toasti

HeatMax Toasti

2. HotHands Insole Foot Warmers With Adhesive Value Pack (5-Pairs)

HotHands Insole Foot Warmers With Adhesive Value Pack (5-Pairs)

3. GLOBAL VASION Heated Socks Winter Electric Rechargeable 3 Heating Settings Thermal Sock for Men and Women

GLOBAL VASION Heated Scoks Winter Electric Rechargeable 3 Heating Settings Thermal Sock for Men and Women

4. 2 Pairs of Mens Thick Heat Trapping Insulated Boot Thermal Socks Pack Warm Winter Crew For Cold Weather

2 Pairs of Mens Thick Heat Trapping Insulated Boot Thermal Socks Pack Warm Winter Crew For Cold Weather


5. Hot Feet Cozy, Heated Thermal Socks for Men, Warm, Patterned 2 Pack Crew Socks, USA Men’s Shoe Sizes 6 – 12.5 – Hot Feet

Hot Feet Cozy, Heated Thermal Socks for Men, Warm, Patterned 2 Pack Crew Socks, USA Men’s Shoe Sizes 6 – 12.5 - Hot Feet


6. Pvendor Thermal Socks for Men, 2 Pairs of Heated Socks for Women

Pvendor Thermal Socks for Men, 2 Pairs of Heated Socks for Women, Boys Socks Extreme Cold Insulated Fuzzy Winter Socks

7. DEBRA WEITZNER Mens Thermal Socks – Insulated Heated Socks – Boot Socks For Extreme Temperatures

DEBRA WEITZNER Mens Thermal Socks – Insulated Heated Socks – Boot Socks For Extreme Temperatures

8. XBUTY Heated Socks for Men/Women – Upgraded Rechargeable Electric Socks with 4800mAh Large Capacity Battery

XBUTY Heated Socks for Men/Women - Upgraded Rechargeable Electric Socks with 4800mAh Large Capacity Battery- Up to 16 Hours of Heat, Upgrade Heating Element up to 160℉, 3 Heat Settings

9. Electric Battery Heated Socks for Women Men, Winter Rechargeable Thermal Heat Socks Kit

Electric Battery Heated Socks for Women Men,Winter Rechargeable Thermal Heat Socks Kit,Battery Powered Electric Heated Ski Bike Motorcycle Warm Socks Foot Warmer,Winter Sports Outdoor Thermo Socks,M/L

10. Heated Electric Warm Thermal Socks – Battery Operated Winter Foot Warmers For Adults Men & Women

Heated Electric Warm Thermal Socks – Battery Operated Winter Foot Warmers For Adults Men & Women, Warming Socks Get Toes Warm In Cold Weather Outdoors Or Indoors - Patterns and Colors Will Vary

Why use Battery Heated Socks?

Heated socks are your best solution to keeping your feet cozy and warm, in addition to helping to prevent you from developing a cough or catching a cold.

Heated socks are worn and loved by everyone, from children and older folks who enjoy staying indoors to those persons who engage in various winter sports.
The socks are battery-operated, and are capable of producing heat for approximately six hours; furthermore, they are much more effective than the standard woolen socks.

What Are They Made of?

Battery heated socks are made from a blend of fabrics like Lycra or cotton or polyester. These fabrics are of high quality, and they are also thick enough to keep the heat trapped inside. The toes and the heels of the socks are reinforced using additional fabric, in order to prevent them from wearing out easily.

The cuffs of the battery heated socks are fitted with a battery pack, and this battery pack is the source of power that generates the heat for the socks. Generally, ‘D-cell’ batteries are used for the socks.

However, there are some brands that require other types of batteries. The battery is equipped with wires that run into the toe area, which are the generators of the heats. The heat is then evenly spread throughout the remainder of the socks.

How DoElectric Socks Work?

The heat that is generated in the electric socks is a gentle and steady heat; however, after some time it may become stifling. If the heat becomes unbearable, you should remove the batteries from the socks, since most of them are not equipped with heat regulators.

There are a number of persons who prefer to use heated socks rather than regular socks because these special socks are warmer and last a lot longer.

Different Types

Some of the designs of the rechargeable electric socks operate by Lithium battery packs that you can recharge, and that also can be worn on your belt or in your pocket. Therefore, you will not have to worry about wearing socks that sag because of the battery’s weight.

The power that is produced by the Lithium battery pack lasts a lot longer, and because they are rechargeable there is no expense of having to constantly replace the batteries. This is another reason many persons prefer wearing electric socks.

There are also other types of electric socks that are specifically designed only to be worn indoors, and they are plugged into the wall outlet.

Even though they do not allow you the freedom associated with other types of heated socks, they come in very handy when you are working around your desk, watching television, reading, or engaging in any other type of indoor activity that does not require you to move around a lot.

Used For Every Occasion

Battery-powered heated socks are also a great accessory for winter sports; furthermore, they are available in various lengths, therefore you will be able to find a pair that is suitable for the sport that you will be participating in.

For instance, if you play ski hockey, you will need socks that do not get in the way of you wearing your ski boots; on the other hand, you will need shorter socks if you will be wearing them on a hike. You can use heated slippers with these socks to provide extra warmth.

Heated electric socks are also very easy to take care of, as all that you need to do to make them look new and fresh again is to hand wash them and allow them to air dry. If you would rather have ordinary wool socks don’t miss alpaca wool socks.

How do foot warmers keep your feet warm?

Foot warmers are pouches containing iron and other chemicals. When opened and combined with oxygen and other chemicals they create and maintain heat up to four hours. These provide heat almost immediately and can be transported easily.

Foot warmers can be kept in your car, purse or backpack, are easy to use, safe, natural and environmentally friendly.

Heat in heated foot warmers is created by a chemical effect between iron and oxygen. There is iron in each pouch. The iron oxidizes and produces warmth when exposed to oxygen. Heat is retained in the pouch when other ingredients like salt, cellulose, and carbon are dispersed.

When to use them?

They are ideal to use in various situations such as winter sports, camping trips, and any type of activity done outdoors. Many hunters and skiers, construction workers, and athletes use this convenient product.

Cold feet can be as a result of one not being dressed properly, exposure to cold weather for a long period, or because of illness. Cold feet can make you feel extremely uncomfortable. Whip up some homemade foot warmers and cure yours or someone else’s cold feet. They serve as very practical gift items too.

What are foot warmers made of?

Select the best fabric to use when making foot warmers. Cotton is a natural fiber which allows air to get into the skin. Cotton flannel works best as flannel induces a feeling of comfort and is soft and cozy. It is ideal for use in foot warmers that are homemade.

The amount of material to be purchased depends on the amount and size of the foot warmers you want to make. You can make it large enough and enjoy it while lying in your bed or reclining in front of the TV. They may also be small enough to put inside your winter boots.

One full-sized foot warmer or four to six mini foot warmers can be made from a half yard of material. Think about which size you want, use a towel as a guide to measuring the size, and then decide accurately how much fabric you will need. Foot warmers can also be made from towels instead of fabric.

How are they made?

Homemade foot warmers may be stitched by hand or a sewing machine. Ensure that the stitches are very close together and are small so that the filling will not fall out between them.

Just like any other thing that is sewed, the fabric should be turned inside out when being stitched, then turned back on the right side to put in the filling and then sew up the last few inches on the right side. Foot warmers are basically small pillows.

You should decide if you want the stitches to be visible or not. Decide on a thread of good quality and a color that will either compliment or is distinct from the fabric chosen.

Instant white rice is inexpensive and is quite easy to warm in a microwave oven and is ideal to be used as the filling for your homemade foot warmers. Each of your foot warmers is to be filled with uncooked rice and the remaining opening stitched closed.

The foot warmers should then be placed in the microwave to be warmed. Two minutes of heating in the microwave is required for large warmers and the only one minute for the small ones.

If your microwave is in exceptional working order, the heat will be retained in the rice for up to one hour. Warm it in the microwave and relax in bed with your feet under it if you are using a large one at home.

Microwave, flatten and put the small ones inside your slippers once you come inside from the cold. They can also be worn inside your shoes or boots if you decide to go outside. They take up no more room than an extra pair of thick socks.

Four Benefits Of Alpaca Wool

Alpaca wool is considered one of the best materials used for clothing. Fibers are gathered from Alpaca animal which resembles sheep and lives in the high Andes in Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. Alpaca has to survive the extremely cold winters.

The material is used for simple inexpensive clothing as well as for luxurious clothing like suits. Alpaca properties are much better than any other materials.

Alpaca Fibers Will Keep You Warm

Want to be warm in winter and cool in summer? Alpaca certainly does the job. Alpaca fibers absorb air into air pockets which serve as insulation and keep you warm in cold winter.

In the summertime, air pockets do the opposite task. They keep you cool. You could say it is all-weather material and the ideal choice for winter and summer.

Extremely Lightweight

Alpaca wool wouldn’t be so popular if it wasn’t extremely light. Because of its lightweight fibers are used almost everywhere.

You will find this material used in sports clothing as well as ordinary day clothing. They are also ideals for any kind of sports because you wouldn’t want to carry too much right?

Odour Free

Alpaca has anti-microbial properties, so your clothes won’t have an odor. Your clothes will remain fresh. Alpaca fibers won’t absorb moisture, so your clothes won’t be soaking wet when you are done with your sports activities.

Texture And Durability

Alpaca has a special feel to it. Alpaca fibers are one of the best fibers used for clothing. If you think for a moment Alpaca lives in the high Andes, where winters can be harsh and summer sun can be very dangerous because of the high altitude.

The material offers the best protection in both extremes. Alpaca fibers are also seven times stronger than any other fibers.

Products Made from Alpaca Wool

There are a variety of items you can choose which are made from alpaca. You can choose from different products made from alpaca material like alpaca wool socks, alpaca wool blankets, alpaca wool sweaters.

If you are still cold don’t forget to check out the heated jacket to keep your upper body warm.