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The 10 Best Electric Blankets (2021 Reviews)

electric blanket The electric blanket has been around for years.

They provide comfort when the temperature starts to drop outside.

They have several benefits that make them a popular item, especially during cold winter months.

However, when there are some advantages and disadvantages of using an electric blanket which should be considered.

The pros and cons of electric blanket use are numerous. Most people say that electric blankets are the only way to keep them warm.

Others say that this is very dangerous. Hence, they opt to wear snow clothing instead.

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Best Electric Blanket Reviews 2021

1. SoftHeat by Perfect Fit | Luxury Fleece Electric Heated Blanket

SoftHeat by Perfect Fit | Luxury Fleece Electric Heated Blanket with Safe & Warm Low-Voltage Technology (Twin, Beige)


Pros Cons
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  • .

2. Sunbeam Heated Blanket | Microplush, 10 Heat Settings, Walnut, Twin – BSM9KTS-R470-16A00

Sunbeam Heated Blanket | Microplush, 10 Heat Settings, Walnut, Twin - BSM9KTS-R470-16A00



Pros Cons
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  • .


3. Serta | Reversible Sherpa/Fleece Heated Electric Throw Blanket, 50″x60″ With 5 Setting Controller, Cobalt

Serta | Reversible Sherpa/Fleece Heated Electric Throw Blanket, 50"x60" With 5 Setting Controller, Cobalt



Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

4. MaxKare Electric Blanket Heated Throw 72″ x 84″ Oversized Flannel Heated Blanket

MaxKare Electric Blanket Heated Throw 72" x 84" Oversized Flannel Heated Blanket, ETL Certification Fast Heating with 3 Heating Levels & 8 Hours Auto Off, Machine Washable



Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

5. Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Heated Blanket, Full, Cloud Blue

Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Heated Blanket, Full, Cloud Blue


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .


6. Sunbeam Heated Electric Throw Blanket Fleece Extra Soft, Acorn, 50 in. x 60 in.

Sunbeam Heated Electric Throw Blanket Fleece Extra Soft, Acorn, 50 in. x 60 in.


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .


7. Vremi Electric Blanket – 50 x 60 inches Throw Heated Blanket with 6 Heat and 8 Time Settings

Vremi Electric Blanket - 50 x 60 inches Throw Heated Blanket with 6 Heat and 8 Time Settings - Flannel Fleece Heating Pad with 10 feet Cord, LCD Display Controller, Auto Shut Off, Washable Cover


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

8. Tefici Electric Heated Blanket Throw with 3 Heating Levels

Tefici Electric Heated Blanket Throw with 3 Heating Levels & 8 Hours Auto Off,Super Cozy Soft Heated Throw with Fast Heating and Machine Washable,Home Office Use,62" x 84" Blue


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .


9. MP2 Heated Electric Blanket with 20 Heating Levels

MP2 Heated Electric Blanket with 20 Heating Levels 10 Hours Auto Shutoff Dual Controllers | UL Certified EMF Radiation Safe, Machine Washable, Queen 84" x 90", Grey


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

10. Beautyrest – Soft Sherpa Heated Blanket Wrap – Plaid Pattern – 50″ x 64″ – Aqua – with 3-Setting Heat Controller

Beautyrest - Soft Sherpa Heated Blanket Wrap - Plaid Pattern - 50" x 64" - Aqua - with 3-Setting Heat Controller


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

Pros and Cons of Using Electric Blanket

Before buying an electric blanket, it is essential to know the pros and cons of using it. Here are the following pros and cons:


  • Provide warmth and ease muscle tension

On the pro side, sleeping underneath an electric or heated blanket can help you avoid the shock of jumping under cold covers when getting into bed.

In addition, the heat of the blanket can help soothe sore muscles and even help soothe arthritis due to the constant heat helping to increase blood flow.

Likewise, sleeping with an electric blanket has been linked to increased flexibility and less tension.

  • Accessible Heat Settings

Another benefit of the electric blanket is the ability to change heat settings on larger blankets. Larger blankets for king, queen, and full-size beds now offer remotes for both sides of the blankets.

This means a couple with different temperature needs can comfortably sleep underneath the same blanket.

  • Reduction of Dust Mites

One of the most interesting pros is that the use of an electric blanket has actually been discovered to reduce dust mites by 50%.

Dust mites collect in moist areas like mattresses. The heat of an electric blanket decreases the moisture and helps to reduce the total number of dust mites by up to half of the original population.


  • Faulty wirings can cause a fire

On the con side of things, there is still a level of uncertainty about the safety of any electric blanket.

Though the wiring mechanisms are different than they used to be, there is still the chance an electric fire could break out.

In addition, as the blanket is used more and more, it will eventually malfunction causing a need for a new blanket.

  • Bad effects of Electromagnetic Field

Another drawback to electric blankets is the speculation surrounding electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields are created around items that use electricity, such as electric blankets.

Though there is disagreement scientifically about whether or not the electromagnetic field associated with electric blankets is dangerous, there is still a risk that the blanket could contribute to negative health effects like an increased risk of cancer.

  • Unsafe for children and pregnant women usage

In addition to those health risks, electric blankets are not safe for children, pregnant women, and those with certain health conditions.

Children can use the blankets when under the proper supervision, but if left unattended there is the risk that a child could turn a set up too high and overheat.

Likewise, pregnant women can overheat and cause damage to their unborn babies. The heat of the electric blanket can raise the core temperature of pregnant women causing damage.

Furthermore, people with other health conditions such as diabetes or mobility-related conditions might have a sensitivity to the heat resulting in burns or overheating.

How to Choose the Best Electric Blanket –Buying Guide

With energy costs quickly rising, many individuals are searching for alternative methods of staying warm when the cold weather strikes.
Although there are many different options, electric blankets are fairly inexpensive to purchase and use.
However, deciding which blanket to buy can be a little tricky. Here are some important factors that you should consider before making your purchase.


When looking at different brands and styles of electric blankets, the first thing you should consider is safety. Check to make sure that the blanket has a UL or ETL mark to show that it meets safety regulations. Typically, all of the models made by any of the top brands will meet the UL standards.

It is also important to remember that even if it does meet safety standards, you still need to properly care for your blanket to keep it working properly and safely. For example, check the cords for damage on a regular basis, have your blanket inspected every two to three years, and always follow the instructions that are listed in the user’s manual.


Buy with quality in mind. Although there are many brands that manufacture electric blankets, try to stick with a brand that you can trust, like Sunbeam or SoftHeat whenever possible. If you buy one of the less expensive electric blankets on the market, you’ll probably discover that the quality simply isn’t up to par. It’s better to spend a little more money on a blanket that you will be able to safely use for many years.


Ten years ago, electric blankets did not come equipped with the numerous features that are available today. Over the past several years, these blankets have been redesigned, safety features have been improved and they are a great option for individuals who want to stay warm at night without turning up the heat. Here are some of the most popular features that potential buyers are looking for in an electric blanket.

1. Dual controllers. In the past, most blankets could only be heated to one temperature. The dual control option allows each side of the bed to be heated differently for individualized comfort.

2. Automatic shut off. Most blankets made today come equipped with this feature and automatically shut off after 10-12 hours. This feature is extremely convenient for people who forget to turn off their electric blanket in the morning, and it makes today’s blankets much safer than blankets that were manufactured 10 years ago.

3. Cordless. Wireless electric blankets are quickly becoming one of the most popular blankets on the market today. One of the biggest complaints customers have regarding their electric blanket is having an unsightly cord hanging off the bed. It can also be a safety hazard when getting out of bed in the middle of the night. With the wireless blanket, you no longer have to worry about bothersome cords.

4. Machine washable. Most blankets made today are machine washable. However, you still need to be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Following the instructions is the best way to prevent damage to your blanket.

5. Warranty. A warranty is one of the most important things to consider when choosing an electric blanket. Even if you have to spend a little more money, it is probably worth the extra cost. Then, if your blanket isn’t working properly, you simply call the service center to figure out the problem. If the problem can’t be fixed, the company will provide you with a replacement. One thing to remember if you’re planning to use the warranty is to keep your receipt.

Over the past several years, the quality and safety of electric blankets have dramatically improved. Regardless of the type, style or brand of blanket you decide to purchase, you will save energy and still sleep comfortably regardless of the outdoor temperature.

History of the Electric Blanket

The first electric blanket prototype was designed in 1912 by Sidney I. Russell. This physician invented a type of electrically-heated mattress pad or under-blanket that heated the bed area from below.

Further down the line in 1937, blankets that were used in the top position were introduced in America.

As time progressed, the standard electric blanket has undergone a wide number of changes, enhancements, and developments.

Modern heated blankets are much more reliable than their older counterparts and are less likely to be deemed fire risks.

Different Types of Electric Blankets

There are two basic types of electrically-heated blankets currently available on the market. These include over-position electric blankets and mattress pad-type blankets.

The difference between these two models lies mainly in the way they are designed. Electric blankets designed for top position heat from above while mattress pad blankets heat from below.

Both types of blankets typically feature a wide range of configurations, controls and adjustment capabilities.

You will usually be able to adjust the temperature that the blanket is able to produce with a hand-held remote control that is connected to the blanket’s system via an electrical cord. Both types of blankets are offered in various styles, designs, and colors.

Like many other bedding items, an electric throw blanket, lap blanket or bed blanket is available in all common sizes such as queen, king, and twin.

There are a few different colors, designs and styles that electric blankets are commonly available in (such as the popular fleece material), but not to the extent of other bedding like comforters.

A perfect fit electric blanket will go a long way to improving the comfort of your bed, but like anything you should be looking for the best value for money when choosing.

The Benefits of Electrical Blankets

Electrical blankets can be used to produce an ideal heating level within your bed.

This is especially useful during the winter season where temperature regulation is important to help you get a good night of rest.

However, electric blankets offer plenty of other advantages and benefits that are unrelated to seasonal heating.

1. Therapeutic benefits

Many people swear by the therapeutic benefits provided by electric blankets.

One defining feature of the electric blanket is its ability to produce direct warmth while in contact with the human body.

As such, the heat produced by these blankets can help to increase blood flow to different muscles in the body, helping to relieve soreness and tension often caused by fibromyalgia and arthritis.

In general, people who suffer from back pain or have poor circulation often find that the use of a heated blanket can help to relieve painful symptoms and sleep more comfortably.

2. Indirect health benefits

Aside from the obvious therapeutic benefits that can be enjoyed through the use of an electric blanket, there are other health conditions that can be affected positively as well.

Certain sinus conditions and allergies can be produced as a result of hot, dry air and high temperatures.

The use of an electrical blanket instead of the regular household heating system can help to lower the chances that these conditions could develop, as they allow you to sleep with the overall environment at a lower temperature during cold weather.

Additionally, the electric blankets can kill off a large slice of dust mite populations that tend to grow in these conditions.

The heat produced eliminates moisture within the bedding, helping to keep your sheets and mattress safe and dry for extended use.

Electric throw blankets

Electric throw blankets work pretty much in the same way as bed electric blankets but they are more like an afghan that can be wrapped around you when you’re cold. Just like a lot of bedding items, these blankets are available in a number of different styles and colors so they can match almost any decor.

The electric throw blankets measure up at around 50″ by 60″ so they’re more than big enough to wrap up in during those cold nights. They are usually made from brushed fleece, acrylic fiber, and even denim.

Some Features

For safety reasons, most electric throws have an automatic shut-off feature after a number of hours of being in use (usually 10). They are also convenient because if you use them outdoors or indoors and they become dirty, then it’s no trouble to put them in the wash. Some of the best electric blankets shouldn’t shrink or pill in the wash either.

Despite their relatively large size, an electric throw blanket is pretty lightweight, making it easier to carry around and use wherever you need to. Many models can even be used with remote control and have temperature settings so that you can have the heated electric throw blanket as warm as you like.

Like the electric blankets though, electric throw blankets do have safety precautions you should also be aware of. Obviously, you should always read the manufacturer’s guidelines first, but also ensure that the cord is not twisted, and never use the blanket if it has burn marks or exposed elements.

There are some really warm and cozy plush electric throw blankets on the market worth looking at. A couple of names you will more than likely come across are Sunbeam and Biddeford (who have some really stylish plaid patterned blankets). It’s well worth looking at these two brands in particular online, although there are a few other brands that also sell some rather impressive electric throw blankets

Notable Safety Concerns

The best electric blankets should not only perform well and provide warmth and comfort but also be safe. Several decades ago, the electric blanket was considered to be a notable fire risk.

This is because older blankets relied primarily on a 110/240 volt system that was risky and sometimes caused fires. This was especially the case with blankets that were getting older or had developed cracks and creases within their surfaces.

Modern blankets, on the other hand, characteristically feature a 24-volt system that is much safer. The lower voltage helps to ensure that the blanket remains relatively unlikely to catch fire.

In conclusion, there are plenty of reasons to consider purchasing an electric blanket. Take some time to browse through a number of different online stores and read reviews before making any decisions, as this will help to ensure that you make a well-informed choice.

This website will feature some of the best blankets available to buy in our extensive electric blanket reviews, and also discuss the effectiveness of cheap blankets that are for sale and whether they’re worth the price.

Brands such as Sunbeam, Biddeford, Sealy, Martex, Beautyrest and many more are covered, in addition to information on the types and sizes of electric blankets on the market.

Our reviews and ratings will guide you on many electric blanket models and also where to buy online.

The 10 Best Calf Massagers (2021 Reviews)

calf massager If you’re serious about getting a foot and calf massage daily, then consider getting a calf massager for home use.

Here’s the brutal truth about getting a calf massage in a spa:

It’s expensive.

Are you experiencing pain or stiffness in your foot and calf?

….. then a calf massager is the perfect solution for you.

Foot and leg massagers work on the feet, calves, and ankles. These work perfectly while sitting down on a chair. You can also check out the best foot massagers that don’t have the calf massage feature.

There are a few different shapes and styles, but the most popular look is the double massager where both your legs are placed into the machine (Boot Style). They surround the feet and the back of the legs to halfway up the calf.

Let’s dive in and have a look at some of the best foot massager reviews. if you’re looking for leg massagers, then these leg compression machines are the best.

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Best Calf Massager Consumer Report Reviews

1. Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Do you have a foot condition that forces you to make countless trips to a spa?

The cloud Massage has introduced an incredible massager that may save you the hustle.


An adjustable bar: The bar enables you to set the foot massager to your preferred angle for comfortability. This will knead your legs intensively soothing them and relieving the body’s stress.

Multiple settings: Shiatsu massager features various settings that make it a dual massager. For instance, the heat setting facilitates adequate blood circulation throughout your legs. It also has a vibration and pressure setting that allows overall relief to the toes, calves and other parts of the legs.

Flexibility: The massager has deflated pressure calves (5-inch-wide calf and 11-inch toes) spacious for most foot-sizes (both males and females.)

Pros Cons
  • The device is perfect for domestic and commercial use.
  • During operation, the massager is more silent than other designs.
  • Diabetic patients can also use it.
  • New users may experience some soreness after using it on high settings.



2. Human Touch Reflex5s Foot and Calf Massager

Human Touch Reflex5s Foot and Calf Massager - Perfect for Relaxation and Stress Relief- Patented Technology - Extended Height, Adjustable Tilt Base Tutors, doctors, farmers, and engineers, among other professions, spend a better part of their day standing.

If you are wondering on how to rejuvenate your leg muscles, you can acquire a reflexology massager from Human Touch designers for natural healing.


Figure-eight technology: This technology allows improved blood circulation from the feet to the heart. With this, refreshing nutrients enter your feet and calves, enhancing relief and comfort.

Intensity setting: Human Touch reprogrammed the stress-relieving machine with two pressure settings for the perfect massage. With this, the user can adjust the intensity to suit their needs. Also, reflex5 is fitted with under-foot rollers that rejuvenate your heel and sore.

Adjustable base: The reflexology massager is fitted with a tilting base that allows the user to set it to a perfect angle during use.

Removable sleeves: The powerful massager has removable sleeves cleanable after every use. With this, your personal hygiene is well observed, making it perfect for commercial use.

Pros Cons
  • The massager uses patented technology that allows improved circulation throughout the body.
  • It massages the sores and heels.
  • Portable
  • Comes with a base that can be tilted
  • Delivers deeply-penetrating vibrating massage on foot and calf
  • Adjustable two intensity settings.
  • It lacks an adjustable swing arm for additional comfort.


3. Human Touch Reflex SOL Foot and Calf Relaxation Shiatsu Massager with Heat and Vibration

Human Touch Reflex SOL Foot and Calf Relaxation Shiatsu Massager with Heat and Vibration- Patented Technology - Extended Height, Adjustable Tilt Base with Under Foot Massage Rollers, Black and White Improve your blood circulation by acquiring a shiatsu massager that uses patented technology for stress relief.

The technology pushes blood back to the heart for improved circulation.


Improved circulation: The powerful massager is engineered with patented technology that forces blood back to the heart, refreshing your entire body. With this, you will heal all your body pains and relieve stress.

Vibrating foot massage: Human touch also installed the rejuvenating machine with a vibration feel that relaxes your stressed feet, healing the body naturally.

Adjustable intensity: The relieving machine has two intensity pressure settings to enable the user to adjust their massage pressure according to their needs. Moreover, it is fitted with under-foot rollers to relax your foot sole and heel.

Tilt base: The shiatsu relaxer features a movable base that allows the user to choose their perfect massage angle from two options. This provides you with the desired comfort as the intensity penetrates your feet deeply, assuring full-body healing.

Pros Cons
  • The massager has removable and cleanable sleeves, maintaining body hygiene.
  • Suitable for plus-size individuals.
  • The massager can be adjusted on the base to tilt according to your liking.
  • Beginners may experience some pain when using it under high intensity. This can be resolved by graduating from low intensity after getting used to this massager.


Air Compression Leg Massagers

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4. Amzdeal Leg Massager for Circulation Thigh and Calf Massager


Amzdeal Leg Massager for Circulation Thigh and Calf Massager with Knee Heating, Leg Compression Machine, Home & Office Use Do you need a powerful massager for thigh and calf massaging? Amzeal has introduced an incredible machine that uses heating and compression.

With this, you will relieve your muscle pain at your lounge’s comfort.


Air compression and knee heating function: The powerful machine provides adjustable pressure levels that deliver penetrative intensity to your calves and thighs, leaving them relaxed. Besides the knee heating relieving stress and pain, it also improves blood circulation and protects the knee from cold.

Modes and intensities: The amazing machine has two massage modes with three intensities that allow you to set the massage pressure depending on the need.

Adjustable wraps: Amzeal designed the massager with adequate allowances of the thighs and calves. In this, the calf width is adjusted through the Velcro. This means that it can comfortably fit individuals of different thigh widths.

Heating control: Knee heating has two temperature settings whereby 113 degrees represent low temperature (green) and 131 degrees high temperature (red.) The high temperature warms the knees for up to 8 minutes. However, new users are encouraged to use the machine in low-temperature mode to avoid issues of soreness.

Pros Cons
  • The amazing machine has adjustable features that enhance the perfect massage.
  • You can use the leg massager while sleeping. This is because it automatically stops after 15 minutes of use.
  • It’s easy to operate through a remote control.
  • Adjusting the wraps may be challenging, when done in a hurry.



5. Naipo Foot and Calf Massager Foldable Machine

Naipo Foot and Calf Massager Foldable Machine Shiatsu Rolling Tapping and Air Compression Feet Massage with Heat, Leg Beautician Massager Are you looking for a stylish and portable foot and calf massager for home and office?

Naipo has an incredible design that you can carry along and keep yourself energized throughout the day.


Air compression function: The amazing foot relaxer features three intensity settings whereby pink represents high-pressure massage, blue low, and purple medium strength (also a default setting.)

They coded the compression to function in two modes; the leg mode focuses on the calves and feet while the scrapping mode cuddles the leg part without air compression. With this, you can comfortably choose the desired massage pressure that relieves your feet like a queen.

Rolling function: The hi-tech massager also has rolling, kneading, and vibration functions that treat your entire foot (sole, heel, and toes) and improves your blood circulation.

Interestingly, the vibration function operates in three frequency levels displayed by the massager signals. With this, you can set your desired level, depending on your muscle needs.

Heat therapy: This function rejuvenates your foot using instep heat that penetrates the muscles, melting away any stress within 3 minutes.

Controls: The foldable machine is installed with two sensitive touch panels for easy operation.

Pros Cons
  • The massager has removable and cleanable covers.
  • Its foldable design promotes its portability.
  • It automatically switches off after 15 minutes to avoid overheating.
  • Can only fit individuals with up to foot-size 11.



6. Miko Foot Massager Reflexology Machine with Shiatsu Massage Settings

Miko Foot Massager Reflexology Machine with Shiatsu Massage Settings, Vibration, Kneading, Heat and Adjustable Bar for Feet, Ankles, Calf, for Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy, Tired Muscles Do you have a foot condition and wondering about the design of the foot massager to purchase for home treatment?

Check out this reflexology massager from Miko. It has a modish design that converts your restroom to a luxurious spa.


Pressure target: Miko designed this massager with a pressure-point accuracy that enables you to place it in an angle depending on your foot needs. With this, you can massage the fatigued areas separately.

Adjustable pressure: The amazing machine has five pressure levels with three operation modes. This means that you can customize the intensity level and soothe the fatigued area like a professional therapist. Therefore, no complaints about receiving mild massage or soreness around the healed area.

Vibration function: This penetrates the over-stressed muscles deeply, improving blood flow in the affected part and the entire body. Also, it has 40 massage nodes that knead your foot intensely, giving all-round relief.

Heat massage: The stylish relaxer is equipped with a heat therapy function controlled by the rotating arm. This ensures that the insulated heat strikes the ailing muscles directly, soothing them in style.

Pros Cons
  • It can heal the fatigued areas separately.
  • The massager rejuvenates your feet physically and mentally.
  • You can clean the removable covers for personal hygiene.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • New users may experience foot sores after using the high intensity setting.



7. FIT KING Leg Air Massager for Circulation and Relaxation Foot and Calf Massage


FIT KING Leg Air Massager for Circulation and Relaxation Foot and Calf Massage with Handheld Controller 3 Intensities 2 Modes(with 2 Extensions) Are you looking for an affordable and long-lasting massager for your family? Fit King has introduced a design that you may check.

It comprises of handheld controllers and adjustable intensity settings, making it user-friendly.


Airbags: Each massager’s foot has a 2*2 airbag that presses your leg muscles, improving blood circulation from the calf upwards.

This also relieves leg pain to individuals experiencing leg syndromes and improves their blood circulation throughout the body.

Device control: The great massager comes with adjustable intensities and auto modes enhanced by the power adapter.

This gives you the freedom to select your preferred massage intensity from the three options.

It also automatically switches off after 15 minutes of use. With this, you restore your relaxed nature without assumptions.

Size adjustable: Fit King designed the massager with allowances for adjustments, and that’s why it’s perfect for family use.

The calves can be adjusted up to 28.5 inches while you can comfortably change the size and massage intensity of the leg wraps, depending on the user.

Pros Cons
  • The air massager is portable.
  • Its control and adjustability properties make it user-friendly.
  • Does not come with heating option.



8. Human Touch Reflex4 Targeted Relief Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

Human Touch Reflex4 Targeted Relief Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

Are you the type that visits the spa regularly for leg massage? Consider buying this reflex-4 massager from Human Touch.

Besides its powerful service, it is affordable and effective for individuals experiencing fibromyalgia, ankle pain, heel pain, and other stressed feet conditions.


Figure-eight technology: The design presses your feet and calves in all directions, forcing the blood back to the heart for improved circulation. This means that shiatsu massager relaxes the entire body, enhancing body health.

Reflexology rollers: The designer fitted stimulating rollers beneath the feet to facilitate the robust relief of your soles and heel. With this, the robotic actuators give a human-like-all-round treatment on your feet, leaving you relaxed and healthy.

Non-skid protectors: These keep the massager intact and silent. With this, you can relax your legs while reading since the operational noise is minimal.

Ergonomic design: Human Touch designed the massager with a tilt for optimum comfort. With this, you can set the machine to your desired angle and relax like a king.

Calf massager space: The powerful relaxer is spacious for individuals of almost all foot-sizes. It has a 4.5-inch width and 12-inch height, translating to foot-size 14.


Pros Cons
  • Washable sleeves enhance body hygiene.
  • It offers four massage modes for flexibility and comfortability.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The powerful machine does not come with the remote control.



9. Human Touch” Reflex-6″ Foot & Calf Heating Massager with Patented Figure-8® Technology and Vibration

Human Touch"Reflex-6" Foot & Calf Heating Massager with Patented Figure-8® Technology and Vibration If you are looking for home-based massage therapy, the human touch “reflex-6” foot & is the best option.

It has a whole dimension of 18 by 20 by 15 inches and compact but substantial weight of about 21 lbs.


This massage machine is a multipurpose system, not only massaging your foot but also offers an extra advantage to your feet, providing you an exceptional relaxing feeling.

Design: The 6′ foot calf and foot massager comes with a design that features a roller on the massager’s plate bellow offering perfect massage. Every roller play is steadily and speedily and complemented with the harder foot portion and efficiency of the heel offering maximum foot muscle relaxation.

Roller technology: What’s more, human touch “reflex-6” foot & calf massager comes with an upward eight rolling wave that aids in circulation, not to mention its exclusive Figure 8 technology provision that boosts its effectiveness to top-level status.

Control system: Finally, it has a control system on its upper side, allowing easy running and relief of tense and stress.

Pros Cons
  • Simple to control
  • Reasonable price
  • Features patented-8 technology
  • Appealing look
  • Durable.
  • Heavy
  • The machine does not include personalization modes.



10. Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat

Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat - Electric Feet Massage with Adjustable Deep Kneading, Rolling and Air Compression for Foot Massage and Stress Relief - Home & Office Use - Panel Control Enjoy your feet massage by purchasing this Shiatsu foot massager from Triducna. Its design, size, intensity, relieving power, and functionality is incredible.


Customizable intensities: The modish massager has three intensity levels that facilitate changing of the kneading pressure to suit your needs. New users are advised to use the lower intensity setting until they get used to its service.

Heat function: The machine’s temperature automatically escalates from 104 to 122 degrees within 3 minutes. This hits the fatigued muscles, relieving the pain and enhancing body circulation. However, you can switch off the heat manually or automatically.

Massager design: The reprogrammed machine is installed with various mini-ergometric nodes that relieve your feet and sore through kneading, spinning, shiatsu, and application of air pressure. This leaves your over-stressed muscles relieved and soothed.

Control: The comfy machine operates through touching the sensitive panel. Also, it automatically switches off after 15-30 minutes to improve its lifespan. This makes the massager simple and safe during operation.

Pros Cons
  • It offers all-round treatment.
  • The washable foot sleeves enhance cleanliness.
  • The foot area can only fit individuals of up to size 11.


11. Foot Massager Calve Leg Massage

Foot Massager Calve Leg Massage [3 Years Warranty] Airbag Shiatsu Heating Kneading Rolling Vibration Deep Tissue Kneading Massage Relief for Tired Muscles and Plantar Fasciitis (Black)

Is your tight schedule affecting your visits to the spa? Looking for a multifunctional foot and calve massager? Check out this digitalized device from the Adako USA designers. It is also perfect for individuals experiencing plantar fasciitis and over-stressed foot muscles.


Massager’s service: The device is designed to relieve your muscle fatigue like a professional therapist. It scrapes, rolls, and kneads your feet with tactics and expertise, causing addiction. Moreover, the powerful relaxer air-presses and heats your feet robustly, relaxing the muscles, improving metabolism, and improving blood circulation in minutes.

Massage modes: The powerful device is reinforced with three massage modes, each comprising of three intensity levels. This means that you can adjust the massage intensity to your needs.

Special features: Adako designed the contemporary massager with an air pressing massager for your foot ankle. The feature gives you the value of your money by leaving the whole foot relaxed.

Pros Cons
  • Its small-sizes enhances portability.
  • Buyers are assured of a three-year warranty.
  • The massager is perfect for individuals with relatively small-sized feet.



12. Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager Machine with Kneading Rolling Vibration Function for Tired Feet, Legs, Calf(White)

Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massage Machine with Kneading Rolling Vibration Function for Tired Feet, Legs, Calf(White) Are you looking for a foot massager with a robotic service? Try the new shiatsu kneading machine from HmRelax designers.

It’s available in matching colors that rejuvenates your emotions while relieving the fatigued muscles.


Multifunction design: The stylish massager has automatic features that facilitate all-round treatment through rolling, kneading, and shiatsu. Also, it has heat and vibration options that enhance the massage, leaving the tired muscles rejuvenated. Regular usage of the machine may beautify your legs. This is because the massager holds the leg magnetically, allowing improved blood circulation in your legs.

Ergonomic design: The shiatsu kneading machine emulates an infrared physical therapy that targets the complex nerve system on the foot calf and sore. This improves your body circulation and metabolism for healthy leaving.

Modes and intensity: The reflexology massager has three modes, each comprising of three pressure intensities. With this, you have the freedom to choose the desired setting, depending on the muscle need.

Control: HmRelax installs the machine with a sensitive touch screen or include a packaged remote for simple operation. With this, you can enjoy your feet massage by choosing the correct setting.

Pros Cons
  • The foot cover is removable and washable, enhancing your personal hygiene.
  • Its intensity modes allow the user to massage only the sensitive areas.
  • The remote-control functions well while you are within 2 feet.



13. Podiatrist by Medical Breakthrough | Calf & Foot Massager with Heat Therapy | Shiatsu, Kneading & Pushing, Kneading & Rolling

Podiatrist by Medical Breakthrough | Calf & Foot Massager with Heat Therapy | Shiatsu, Kneading & Pushing, Kneading & Rolling, Twist & Air Pressure | Adjustable Angles (Feet Size 5.5 to 12) (Black)

Are you contemplating the best massager to buy for patients experiencing pain in the hip, ankle, back, or calf?

Are you looking for a domestic muscle reliever for home treatment? This podiatrist from Medical breakthrough may be a sure bet.


3D rollers: The under-the foot rollers knead the sensitive areas robotically, relieving any discomfort on your foot sole and toes. This improves blood circulation in your foot and body.

Tilt angle: It advisable to sit when massaging your feet for entire body relief. The foot doctors designed the machine with adjustable angles to suit your seating needs. This is because the trigger point focus allows the body to heal from the feet to the core.

Heat and compression therapy: The amazing podiatrist use the heat function to relieve and cuddle your foot pain. This penetrates the targeted points deeply, energizing your entire body.

Comfortable padding: This allows the user to customize the massage strength. Individuals requiring soft massage can reduce machine intensity by inserting the packaged padding.

Pros Cons
  • It offers three intensity levels.
  • It can be used at home and in medical offices.
  • The incredible massager is designed by foot doctors.
  • Well constructed with polished black/grey plastic and a carbon fiber looking finish
  • Offers a soothing workout through every inch of your foot and calf
  • It comes with shiatsu massage, foot reflexology technology, and heat and compression therapy.
  • Fits users with up to size 12 feet only.


14. ZENY Foot Leg Calf Shiatsu Massager Massage Machine Kneading Rolling Healthcare Air Compression Massage Therapy Powerful Roller w/ 3 Settings


ZENY Foot Leg Calf Shiatsu Massager Massage Machine Kneading Rolling Healthcare Air Compression Massage Therapy Powerful Roller w/ 3 Settings

This massager looks like the HmRelax model, but it is much more affordable and offers fewer functions. It comes with only three massage modes, i.e., shiatsu, kneading, and rolling.

As you would expect, the massager does pretty good in the fields of pain relief and muscle relaxation. Like the previous model, you could focus on your calves and feet separately. Just choose one of the three included intensity modes.

ZENY leg massager also has pressure nodes placed under your feet for better stimulation of the sensitive areas.

Despite being so similar to the HmRelax calf massager, this one doesn’t come with remote controls, so you will have to reach for the inbuilt panel every time you need to make some adjustments.

The manufacturer states that the machine may be inconvenient for calves with more than 4 inches in diameter. Additionally, the Amazon description says that the model supports 9.5 shoe size at most. However, the customer reviews show that people with 11-14 shoe size
should not have any problems with the massager.

Pros Cons
  • The massager delivers pain relief, relaxation, and improved blood circulation.
  • Three massage modes.
  • The machine offers separate treatment of calves and feet.
  • The massager comes with underfoot pressure nodes.
  • The cover is washable.
  • Has no remote control
  • Its quite Heavy.



15. Giantex Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Vibration Heating Foot Calf Leg Massager

Giantex Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Vibration Heating Foot Calf Leg Massager

Giantex leg massager comes with five massage modes – shiatsu, kneading, vibration, rolling, and heating. Additionally, it offers three custom modes for feet, three intensity modes for calves,
and three heating levels.

The foot and leg massager ergonomic design paired with 8 feet and four calves massage discs allow for a 360-degree massage. All in all, it will deliver pretty much the same level of pain relief as the previous models we examined.

An interesting feature is the massager’s 15-minute auto-shutoff, which will add some more safety to the device’s use.


Pros Cons
  • 5 massage modes plus 3 heating modes.
  • It is designed with three custom modes for feet and 3 for calves.
  • Ergonomic design combined with eight discs for feet and 4 for calves delivers all-around relief.
  • Automatic 15-minute shutoff.
  • Washable cover.
  • Heats only the front area of the foot.


Cheap alternatives: Manual calf massagers [less than $20]

If you are in a tight budget, then consider the following massagers for blood circulation. They work just like the electric massagers only that you have to manually do all the work.

16. Top Rated Muscle Roller Stick (18.3″)

Top Rated Muscle Roller Massage Stick: A Sports Body Massager Tool-Release Myofascial Trigger Points, Reduce Muscle Soreness, Tightness, Leg Cramps & Back Pain, Rub Muscle for Relief & Recovery

Our bodies are fragile, and at times if we do not adequately take care of them, they become susceptible to injuries-some life-threatening.

Nonetheless, one way to get rid of this problem and maintain a flexible and robust body that can escape common and preventable injuries is to go through with massages.

Top Rated 18.3″ muscle roller stick is a convenient tool that you can use to massage yourself at any particular moment. It belongs to the class of exclusive muscle roller stick brands that boost flexibility, enhances blood circulation, and also help you minimize pain.

For anyone that is in the world of fitness or just in need of therapy, this 18.3-inch Top-rated muscle roller stick is precisely the ideal option for you. It can also be an excellent aid for trainers, doctors, and athletes, among other individuals.

Top-rated muscle roller stick has a compact design and is such a breeze to carry around and move around with and works well to relieve any injuries, pains, or soreness of any particular kind.

The muscle roller stick relieves muscle tension and subsequently stimulates the muscle to allow better circulation of blood enabling enhanced mobility and of course overall body flexibility. You should use it during the pre-exercise period to prevent getting injuries and during post-workout to allow fast recovery.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Compact Size allowing easy mobility
  • Measurements: 18.3-inches
  • Used during the pre-exercise period to prevent getting injuries
  • Used during the post-workout to enable fast recovery.
  • Compact design
  • Portable


19. Idson Muscle Roller Stick for Athletes-18 Inches

IDSON Muscle Roller Stick for Athletes- Body Massage Sticks Tools-Muscle Roller Massager for Relief Muscle Soreness,Cramping and Tightness,Help Legs and Back Recovery,Black Green

The IDSON roller stick is a small and well-made tool that helps in easing and relieving any muscle soreness in addition to facilitating fast recovery and minimizing pain and stiffness prior to and after exercises, workouts, and training.

With constant use, it allows you to improve your blood circulation, strength while simultaneously minimizing your overall risk of injury.

It features a high design that is made using premium grade robust materials and complemented by polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber handles that give it a sturdy ergonomic grip. Moreover, Idson muscle roller stick for athletes also includes nine independent ABS rollers embedded in a rod core (steel-made).

As aforementioned, it has a compact design with dimensions of 18 by 1.5 inches, not to mention a lightweight of about 9 oz. This makes it convenient to carry around and easily packable and portable for various activities. Also, it is also water-resistant and robust and, with its effectiveness, is recommended for numerous roles such as enhancing physical exercise and workout experience while even hastening recovery.

Finally, Idson Muscle calf massager is accompanied by an exclusive 100 % money guarantee wherein case you are not fully satisfied; you are eligible for a full refund courtesy of the manufacturer policy provision and also comes with an amazingly affordable price making it accessible for a wide array of individuals.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Great design
  • Robust: made using premium grade robust materials
  • Features polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber handles
  • Features nine independent ABS rollers embedded in a rod core (steel-made).
  • Durable and resilient courtesy of its underlying thermoplastic rubber material
  • Dimensions: 18 x 1.5 inches
  • Affordable price
  • Portable
  • 100 % money back guarantee
  • Great design


20. Elite Massage Muscle Roller Stick for Runners – Fast Muscle Relief from Sore and Tight Leg Muscles and Cramping. Five Bright Colors to Choose from


Elite Massage Muscle Roller Stick for Runners - Fast Muscle Relief from Sore and Tight Leg Muscles and Cramping. Five Bright Colors to Choose from

Enhance your everyday workout experience by purchasing this fantastic massage stick courtesy of Elite Sportz Equipment.

Ideally crafted to suit runners, the Elite Sportz massage roller stick improves the circulation of blood aside from boosting flexibility while also simultaneously minimizing your overall risk of camps.

It comes with comfortable handles that assist you in maintaining a firm grip to have an enjoyable massaging experience.

This roller targets tight and sore muscles, and prevent the development of cramp. This is made possible by the roller’s smooth rolling action implemented by its characteristic 2mm gap, which is between every roller, therefore, preventing them from pulling the hair on your legs.

You can rest assured that you can quickly take this accessory with you anywhere
since it measures just 16 inches long. What’s more, this roller stick is accompanied by a lifetime
warranty in case of defects.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Targets tight and sore muscles while preventing cramps
  • 2mm gap between rollers to allow a Sturdy, comfortable, and smooth-rolling action
  • Compact and stunning design for convenience
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Compact and conveniently small
  • Easily portable.
  • Ideal for individuals with lesser muscles
  • Beautiful design.

Calf Massager Comparison Table

[table id=3 /]

Common Causes Of Calf Pain

Usually, when we suffer calf pain, it’s the result of running, or some other physical activity, where the muscle has become stressed or strained. Sometimes the pain comes in the form of a cramp, which can be very uncomfortable indeed.

Cramps often result from dehydration or a deficiency of potassium, but in the case of the calf, prior physical activity is almost always the underlying cause.

The pain can be due to a fast game of tennis, a long run or jog, or simply going up and down a ladder several times, especially when they use of a ladder is a seldom event. Percussion Massagers are great too.

Too Much Blood, Too Little Blood

Calf muscles often become sore when they don’t get enough blood, or in some rare instances, too much. Muscles usually hurt because of a buildup of lactic acid, a normal condition we at times experience when exercising.

When the blood supply to the muscle is out of whack, though, this can be a much more serious problem.

If the calf muscles start to hurt during the normal course of events, say when one is simply walking along, a general deficiency in the supply of blood to the calf muscles may be the problem.

If the heart and arteries are not supplying the calf muscles with the blood they need, calf pain can be the result.

The underlying cause is quite often atherosclerosis, more commonly known as hardening of the arteries. At other times, the calf muscles may be getting too much blood, and calf pain will result from that condition as well.

When too much blood is the issue, it is usually a result of a problem in the veins, where the blood, while circulating, is not being moved away from the calf muscles fast enough, and backs up into the muscle.


An insufficient supply of blood is the far more common of the two and is called claudation, which we experience as cramping, and which is for all practical purposes a heart attack, but in the calf.

Unlike a true heart attack, this condition usually goes away shortly with no damage done, though the pain may be severe for a few minutes. Immediate resting of the calf muscle is the best treatment.

If claudation occurs at rest and occurs frequently, then something more serious is in the works. A condition called thrombophlebitis—an inflammation and clotting in the veins may have developed and is potentially quite serious, as clots can break free form the area of the legs or calf, and travel elsewhere in the body.

Calf Strains

Athletic injuries are fortunately more common than the aforementioned causes of calf pain, though still can hurt. There are three defined levels of a calf strain. A level one strain involves the microscopic tearing of muscle tissue.

Some calf pain or soreness will be experienced at this level, with rest and ice being the prescribed course of treatment.

A level two strain is a more serious tear, much more painful, and often takes a month or two to completely heal.

A level three calf strain is one we don’t even want to think about. There is a general tearing of muscle or tendon, and the associated calf pain can be almost unbearable at first.

Whatever the level, rest and ice make up the usual treatment, though, at level 3, surgery may be necessary.

How Does A Calf and foot massager Work?

These leg massager machines work on two levels:

leg massager The first level is that they massage the feet and calves using a vibrating action. This action is both soothing and tension-reducing on the legs and feet.

If you are on your feet all day in your job, then sinking them into a foot calf massager is a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

The other level that most foot calf massagers work on is by stimulating pressure points in the bottom of the feet to reduce stress and improve general well being. The principle behind this form of therapy is known as reflexology.

Reflexology is defined as a natural healing art that is usually down by a skilled person. The foot calf massager is the equivalent of such a natural healer in machine form.

The basis of reflexology is that parts of the bottom of the feet or pressure points correspond to every part, gland, and organ of the body.

When a massaging action is applied to these pressure points, it is thought that it can relieve tension, improve circulation, and helps promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.

Why You Should Have A Foot Calf Massager

These days, life has just become so darn hectic. So after a long day’s work, it is great to just kick off your shoes and get a good old foot rub.

But let’s look deeper into that with these advantages of actually having your very own foot calf massager.

Certification is another important issue to be considered. All these machines should have a certificate from (FDA) Food and Drug Administration.

More than just a foot rub

As mentioned earlier, when the day is over, it is pretty much ideal to go home, put up your feet, and get a foot rub.

So can you imagine if you could have even more than that? Having your very own private masseuse is out of the question, but you can always have your very own foot and calf massager.

Sure, the features are different for different brands and models, but you can expect to have one heck of a massage.

With various functions, such as different massage modes through the use of vibration, you can experience kneading, shiatsu for your soles, etc.

Plus, most of these are even heated, which just adds to the whole comfort level. Also, it is called foot and calf massager for a reason- not only will your feet get pampered, but so will your calves.

So you get all of this without having to do any work at all. Just sit back, slip your feet in, push a button, and the rest is up to your massager. How great is that?

Money matters

It is true that human touch will always be better. But think about how expensive going to a massage clinic or making an appointment at a spa is. With the tough economy nowadays, people want to save.

So even if the initial shell out maybe more pricey (since if you are getting a foot and calf massager, it is wise to choose the more expensive ones and think of it as a worthy investment), in the long run, it is much cheaper than going to see a pro.

That is just thinking of the cost of the masseuse or the spa. You also have to factor in how much you spend to get there and get back home too.

Anytime! Anywhere!

Another great thing about owning a foot and calf massager is that unlike having an entire massage chair, these are much smaller, which makes them much more portable.

That means that you can even take one to your office if you want and let it do its magic while you are sitting behind a desk doing some paperwork. You won’t even have to wait till clock out.

Another benefit regarding the size of virtually all foot leg calf massagers is that stage will not be a problem. You can easily make some space for it in your closet, or you can even just slide it under your bed.

Considering the style, you could probably even just leave it in the corner of a room or something like that.

Beneficial Effects of Massage on Human Body

The human body undergoes a lot of strain due to our daily movements and actions. Just like any other thing, it needs proper maintenance for optimum functionality.

A massage is the best way to keep the body stress free. It also provides much-needed relaxation by relieving it from any kind of pain.

1) Relaxation

Any massage has the primary objective to relax the user. It tried to replicate the relief obtained in a clinical massage. Due to high movements, the muscles contract and expand a lot during the day.

This may cause sprain or muscle contraction. Other side effects include stiffness in muscles caused by performing the same action again and again. Thus a relaxation is the much needed for any human body.

2) Relief from stress

Stress is caused due to the pressure of delivering things on time or an overload of work. This forces the brain to work more and deliver at the same time.

To alleviate the body of stress, certain actions performed by the massage are required. Stress can be reduced by relaxing and proper blood circulation and breathing.

3) Better blood circulation and sleep

Lack of blood circulation may cause anemia or may cause disability of certain organs. Blood circulation is highly necessary for proper body functioning and can be best done by breathing.

Circulation is greatly increased on your legs and calves by using a leg and calf massager as opposed to having a foot massager only.

4) Relief from back pain

This is one of the most common problems faced by people across the globe. Due to rigidity or excess strain to the spinal cord, it results in pain.

Often, the spinal cord bones undergo rigorous strain and result in distortion or depletion. They need to relieve from the stress by proper exercising.

5) Improvement in posture

Due to a lack of training and education, people often follow the wrong posture, which results in adverse effects on the human body.

This has to be improved for longer life and maintenance of the body. This can be done by undergoing repeated actions of correction under controlled pressure and movement.

The Top Medical Benefits Of A Foot Massage

We all know that nothing beats putting your feet up and giving them a good old rub after a long day’s work. But there is much more to getting a foot massage than just easing away the pain.

So take a look at the top medical benefits of a foot massage. If done properly, you, too, can take full advantage of these.

Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Foot massage and reflexology can actually be used on patients who suffer from diabetic foot ulcers.

Studies have shown that this paired with the proper medication, this kind of therapy can actually be used to speed up the healing process.

Basically, what this does is that it improves the overall circulation and may very well be used as a supplement for other diabetic foot ulcer treatment.

Artery Disease

Acupressure has been shown to have positive effects on people who suffer from the peripheral arterial occlusive disease.

Peripheral artery disease put simply, is pretty much when the arteries get harder and narrower. This then causes problems with blood flow by decreasing it all together.

When dealing with the occlusive kind, this basically means that there is decreased blood flow in the lower legs reaching down to the feet depending on how serious the case is.

As mentioned earlier, acupressure is actually used to improve circulation; hence, increase the blood flow once again.


Believe it or not, but acupressure, massage, and reflexology actually help cancer patients. Now, this is obviously no cure, but it does make dealing with the symptoms and side effects much more manageable.

Studies have shown that patients who use these methods have lower anxiety levels, lower pain intensity, and even less nausea than those who do not opt for this kind of therapy.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is actually quite common among Americans as they get older.

Based on research done by the American Heart Association, one out of three adults has high blood pressure.

Now, reflexology is no cure either; however, studies have shown that some of the advantages of having this treatment are that although it does not lower the diastolic number, it does lower the systolic blood pressure significantly.


Reflexology and acupressure are great for people who have come out of the operation of sorts.

This kind of therapy is supposed to help the patients deal with the pain that they may experience after surgery.

Paired with proper medication, aside from decreasing the physical pain, studies show that it also leads to a decreased heart and respiratory rate.

And So…

These are the top medical benefits of a foot massage. You must remember, though this kind of therapy is not a cure. So do not expect a miracle. You cannot rub your disease away.

However, acupressure and reflexology do help the people who suffer from these terrible diseases listed above by making the pain, nausea, and other side effects and symptoms much more bearable.

This actually even increases their overall life satisfaction to some degree.

A foot and calf massager is a great way to get a foot massage in your own home as often as you like. In fact, many people use these machines to get circulation back into their lower legs and feet.

They are great for diabetics who also have poor circulation to the extremities. A popular massaging machine at the moment is the life power foot ankle leg knee Massager with Heat Therapy. Check it out if you want to enjoy a foot and lower leg massage.

Popular Brands of Leg and Foot Massager

Human Touch makes quite a few varieties of foot calf leg massagers. They seem to specialize in Ottoman style massagers.

I think the basic idea behind the Ottoman style is to massage the feet and legs but also look good so that you can have them in your living room as a piece of furniture.

They come in different colors and even fabrics and can look quite stylish.

Other popular brands include Qlive, 3Q, Emson U-Comfy, OSIM, Brookstone massager, and Prospera. Most seem to go for the more practical looking machine that completely covers the feet and lower legs.

They might not look as good as a piece of furniture but do a good job of massaging the feet and calves and applying reflexology to the healing of the body.

The best foot massagers have more features and include various speeds of vibration or types of actualization. They look like two ski boots joined together and, in fact, are a great way to relax after a busy day of skiing.

Before You Purchase The Leg Massager

Determine your needs for the leg calf massager. Is the purchase due to sports, health reasons, walking, and standing or for mere relaxation?

The purpose behind the purchase will help contribute to the type of leg massager or calf massager you decide on buying.

The size of the calf massager machine will play a big role in the deciding factor. The final size of the leg and calf massager will decide whether you can travel with the massager or have a deluxe chair in the living/family room.

Final Thoughts

These massagers can provide relief from strains you have endured or to just relax your tired legs, feeling re-energized.

With a wide selection of sizes, there is an option for everyone available on the market!

The 10 Best Home Foot Spas with Heat (2021 Reviews)

foot spa

We often hear about home foot spas, foot bath, or foot spa machines… Common questions that arise in everyone’s mind is…

Do these devices really do the job?

…and do the devices have any side effects?”

These home spas work and don’t have any side effects.

People use foot bath devices to get rid of their sore joints, relax their foot muscles as well as to increase blood circulation on the feet.

The results of using these spa massagers are proven – it is a safe, effective, and healthy process.

Let’s look at some of the best foot spas in the market as well as some additives that can help you experience top-notch relaxation.

[amazon box= “B079HTHF3V,B07YTFRRVG,B07T4665BN” grid=”3″]

Our Top 10 List of Foot Spas in 2021

Let’s take a look at some of the best-rated foot spas. We keep this post updated regularly {every month} to include any latest home foot spa that has great features. Have a look at the best electric foot massager.

1. Conair Foot Spa/ Pedicure Spa with Soothing Vibration Massage

Conair Foot Spa/ Pedicure Spa with Soothing Vibration Massage

Soaking your feet in warm water relieves tension and soothes sore feet.

This highly-rated spa tub is one of the best in the market. If you decide to use warm, cold, or hot water, the bathtub will maintain the temperature for you.

Water jets are also available to propel water over and around your feet leaving your muscles relaxed.

The “waterfall” feature soothes the top part of the feet.

The foot and pedicure spa comes with a textured bottom to give you that deep massage feeling. This feeling becomes more intense by using the vibration feature. The vibrating nodes offer deep penetration bath spa massage.

A 6-foot electric cord makes it easy to connect to your power source while relaxing on your favorite chair. The Conair foot and pedicure spa with vibration and heat comes highly recommended.

Features & Specifications

  • 7.5 x 14.6 x 16.6 inches ; 1.8 pounds
  • Toe-touch feature which makes it easy to operate the spa bath
  • Splash guard nodes included
  • Vibration for soothing your feet
  • Maintains water temperature in the bowl.
Pros Cons

  • Soothes your feet after a long day
  • Has vibration for deep tissue penetration; not intense
  • Toe-touch makes it easy to operate
  • Maintains the temperature of water you put in.

  • .

2. Ivation Foot Spa Massager – Heated Bath, Automatic Massage Rollers, Vibration, Bubbles, Digital Adjustable Temperature Control, 3 Pedicure Attachments


Ivation Foot Spa Massager - Heated Bath, Automatic Massage Rollers, Vibration, Bubbles, Digital Adjustable Temperature Control, 3 Pedicure Attachments

Ivation foot spa massager comes with multi functional features for relieving achy feet, sore heels, toes, and arches.

In other words, this is the perfect water massager for people who spend most of the day on their feet.

The water spa comes with two intense motorized rollers for weary and tired feet. The intense vibration increases blood circulation on your feet.

Another cool feature is the oxygenating bubbles which relieve pressure and pain on your lower side of the foot. The bubbles are created when the water jets come into action.

The spa also features a customization area where you can set the timer, control the water temperature as well as the massage intensity.

Ivation spa in Action

Features & Specifications

  • Footbath Massager With Heat, Vibration and Bubble Massage
  • Comes with handle for easy portability
  • LCD display and temperature control
  • Auto-reflexology rollers for a comfortable foot massage
  • Deep tub for more water capacity.


Pros Cons

  • Very easy to use/ portable
  • You control the water temperature to your liking
  • The automatic massage rollers offer deep tissue massage
  • The bubbles are created to soothe your feet.
  • Fits large size feet: size 11/12.

  • .

3. Foot Spa/Bath Massager with Heat Bubbles Vibration 3 in 1 Function, 4 Massaging Rollers Pedicure for Tired Feet Stress Relief Help Sleep Home Use

Foot Spa/Bath Massager with Heat Bubbles Vibration 3 in 1 Function, 4 Massaging Rollers Pedicure for Tired Feet Stress Relief Help Sleep Home Use

MaxKare comes with three essential features. The heating function enables you to heat water up to the desired temperature.

The bubbles soothe your feet for that much-needed relaxation after a long day while the removable rollers offer deep tissue massage.

You cans set the temperature anywhere between 35℃-48℃. The intelligent temperature control ensures a stable controlled temperature throughout the foot spa massage process.

This spa has 4 removable rollers that are designed to trigger the most important parts of the foot. The motors are not motorized and as so you will need to move the rollers with your feet.

Features & Specifications

  • LCD displays the water temperature as well as active massage modes
  • Massage rollers are detachable
  • power cable is 150 cm
  • Professional design
Pros Cons

  • The bubbles target acupunture points
  • The rollers mimic the chinese massage techniques on the feet
  • relieves dicomfort on your feet
  • promotes better sleep
  • increases blood flow to the rest of the body.

  • The rollers are not motorized.

4. Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights and Bubbles

Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights and Bubbles, Blue

Conair has been in the market for some time now. This ergonomically designed spa massager gives the users the much-needed rejuvenation of the feet after a long day of work.

The massager comes with three attachments for extra cleansing of the feet; a pumice stone, a scrub brush as well as a soft foot massager. All these products are designed to help relax the muscles.

An LCD screen display is available for customization. The three touch buttons are well placed at the top of the spa making it easy to operate with your toes.

Features & Specifications

  • Comes with 2 detachable pumice stones
  • 7.6 x 13.5 x 16.5 inches ; 2 pounds
  • 3 toe-touch buttons; heat, active bubbles and water flow
  • Foot rollers for deep tissue massage
  • 3 attachments; soft massager, pumice stone and scrub brush
  • Exfoliating loofah discs
  • LED lights.
Pros Cons

  • Rejuvinates the whole feet; top and bottom side
  • Reduces tension on the soles
  • use cold water to reduce swelling and inflamation
  • Helps remove dead skin by using the pumice stone
  • You can use the srub brush for extra cleaning of the feet.
  • .

  • .

5. HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa, Toe-Touch Control, Removable Pumice Stone, Fb-55

HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa, Toe-Touch Control, Removable Pumice Stone, Fb-55

The Homedics bubble mate foot spa is another top-rated foot spa. It produces bubbles which as you already know soothes and relaxes your feet.

A pumice stone is available to help you remove the dead skin.

The spa also comes with heat maintenance features that keep the water at a steady temperature from start to finish. To prevent water from spilling over, it is fitted with a splash guard.

One of the most praised features on this spa machine is the toe-touch technology which enables you to control the spa using your feet instead of your hands.

Features & Specifications

  • Toe-touch technology for turning the spa on and off
  • Detachable pumice stone
  • Invigorating bubble massage relaxes and soothes tired feet
  • Heat maintenance technology
  • Raised nodes on the floor for a soothing massage
Pros Cons

  • Perfect for when your feet needs a soak
  • Soothes your feet after a long day at work
  • The pumice stone eliminates dead skin
  • .

  • .

6. LiveFine Foot Spa Massager – Heated Bath, Automatic Massage Rollers, Rain Shower, Pumice Stone

LiveFine Foot Spa Massager - Heated Bath, Automatic Massage Rollers, Rain Shower, Pumice Stone

Do you have worn-out feet? LiveFine foot spa massager has the solution for you. The massager soothes ankles, toes, arches, and soles making it the ideal spa for athletes and people who spend long hours on their feet.

It bath massager has intense vibration which encourages blood circulation on your feet to the rest of the body. Rollers are also fitted to soothe tired soles.

Multiple waterjets are also available to produce bubbles which relieve pain and pressure on your feet. It also heats water up to 108 degrees F.

A Brush and a pumice stone are available for that extra cleaning.

Features & Specifications

  • Comes with a brush
  • A pumice stone is available
  • The water can be heated upto 108 degrees F
  • Intense vibration for deep massage
  • Rollers for accupressure massage
  • Multifunctional control for different massage techniques
  • oxygeneting bubble action
Pros Cons

  • The intense vibration is perfect for athletes
  • Different water temperatures can be set
  • The waterjets relieve pressure and pain on your feet
  • The pumice stone removes dead skin.
  • .

  • .

7. All in One Foot Spa Massage With Motorized Rolling Massage & 4 Pro-set Program – Water Spray, Heating, Rolling Massage, Temperature Setting


All in One Foot Spa Massage With Motorized Rolling Massage & 4 Pro-set Program - Heating, Rolling Massage, Temperature Setting

This spa massager comes with a remote control but also has an LED controller.

The main massage techniques available on the control include bubble and auto-heating maintenance, red light sterilization, time Setting, and frequency conversion(energy save).

Comes with 4 large Taji rollers for a motorized massage. These massage rollers are perfect for those who want deep tissue massage.

Water can be regulated between 95℉ to 120℉ which makes it suitable if you want hot water. Plug into an electric source after you pour water into the barrel.

Features & Specifications

  • Lightweight
  • Multiple features (heats up hot and fast, removable rollers, easy to clean, drainer tube, jets, waterfall, remote control)
  • extra set of massage rollers
  • An automatic timer
  • on/off functions for preferences.
Pros Cons

  • Great for diabetics and disabled people
  • Self drainage makes it easy to pour out water after use
  • Does not produce any noise
  • .

  • .

8. All in one Large Safest foot spa bath massager w/heat, HF vibration, O2 bubbles, red light FB09

All in one Large Safest foot spa bath massager w/heat, HF vibration, O2 bubbles, red light FB09

This spa massager with heat is big enough for both men and women. The main features which make this spa distinct are intensive massage, heating therapy, and the healing therapy feature.

The plastic body is made of high temperature and aging resistant. It is also fitted with drain hose and hose holder for easy disposal of water after use.

4 casters are available for easy movement. while in use two of the casters can be locked to avoid movement.

The main advantages include increasing blood circulation and relieves fatigue especially for those suffering from foot diseases such as diabetes.

Features & Specifications

  • 3 pre-set programs; heating, oxygenating bubbles, and high-frequency vibration massage.
  • Made of high-quality plastic resistant to hot water and aging
  • A splash cover prevents water spilling
  • PTC heating semiconductor helps maintain water temperature as well as heat water at a faster rate.
  • A drain hose enable easy drainage of water
  • Red light, massage rollers and nodes promotes blood circulation
Pros Cons

  • Perfect for people who want to relax sore feet
  • Easy to use
  • Massage rollers and nodes offer deep tissue massage
  • .

  • The electric cable is short.

9. Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager, 20 Pound

Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager, 20 Pound

This Carepeutic Ozone waterfall foot and leg spa bath massager offers more than a normal spa bath. The manufacturers claim to have integrated the ozone healing properties into the spa.

The lightweight machine is equipped with a water temperature automatic balancing system. Once connected to an electricity source, the thermal control device is automatically activated.

Simply select the temperature you want and turn on the water jets and your good to go.

Carepeutic Ozone In Action

Features & Specifications

  • Motorized rolling massage
  • Double insulation and protection
  • Water jet surfing system and infrared heat therapy
  • Smart LED thermal control
  • Motorized smart water drainage system.
Pros Cons

  • Infrared heat and water jets help stimulate foot reflex zones
  • Integrating ozone helps relieve sore feet and refresh meridians
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Perfect for a customized spa massage
  • Additives are easily added.

  • .

10. PowMax WW-51 Multifunction Heat Infrared Vibrating Air bubble Electric Foot Massager Foot, SPA Bath Massager Foot Shiatsu for Foot, Ankle, Leg, Calf

PowMax WW-51 Multifunction Heat Infrared Vibrating Air Bubble Electric Foot Massager Foot SPA Bath Massager Foot Shiatsu for Foot Ankle Leg Calf

PowMax reaches a maximum of 50 degrees. Its automatic heating soothes the feet relieving off stress. The ergonomic design ensures that infrared heating does not affect the plastic design.

It comes with three features; high-frequency vibration, heating therapy, and oxygen bubble massage. The bucket comes with an LED control center for customization. It also has a handle and casters for easy movement.

The 4 rollers promote blood circulation, improves metabolism, and relieve fatigue.

Features & Specifications

  • Automatic infrared heating and insulation
  • The electric foot spa/bath massager has 4 rollers for an intensive massage
  • Universal caster for easy moving
  • Basket handle design for easy carrying
  • Overheating protection system, sealing cover
Pros Cons

  • The bubble and vibration can be set accordingly
  • relieves sore feet
  • Easy to use.

  • .


Medical Benefits of a Foot Spa Bath

This foot massager is of a great benefit and some of those benefits are:

  • Relaxation: Because of the busy and stressful schedule we often want a great foot massage. This foot massage gives us great relaxation to the feet which are stressed due to tension and too much work.
  • Rejuvenation: A good foot massage using the footbath massager helps to generate a great flow of energy by making the feet happy. Generally when your feet are happy you are also happy.
  • Exfoliate: This foot massager also works great to exfoliate the feet with the strong jet bubbles that are formed. This helps you to relax as well as make your feet soft and smooth.
  • Improves the blood circulation: After a stressful day the circulation of the blood in the feet become low and that is why a great massage in the foot can improve the blood circulation and make the feet happy
  • Reflexology: When you put your feet into this foot massager there are certain pressure points on your feet that are connected directly with different parts of the body. So, it helps to relax the whole body and you feel a lot better.

An Ionic Detox Foot Spa can give your body just the right balance of positive and negative ions, absorbed through the feet. The cells will be working at optimum efficiency when the body moves into the equilibrium condition.

These rebalances free your body from unwanted toxins and revitalizes the necessary nutrients within your body. This causes renewed vitality and increased physical and mental energy levels.

Foot Soaker Additives – Three Ways to Make Your Foot Bath More Effective

There are natural, essential, and aromatic oils you can add to a foot bath. Some people add these because they enjoy the aroma produced. Other people believe essential oils can treat a wide range of human maladies. Some of the reported benefits of essential oils in foot baths are as follows.

    • Anesthetic – Cinnamon, cloves, and oil of peppermint produce a relaxing, calming, and pain-relieving feeling.
    • Anti-allergenic – Oil from chamomile and Melissa can relieve signs of an allergic reaction on the feet when added to a warm foot bath.
    • Anti-biotic – Garlic, tea tree oil, and oil of thyme are proven to help clear the feet of bacteria and fungus. This is one of the most popular uses of essential oils with a foot bath.
    • Anti-rheumatic – Eucalyptus, juniper, lavender, and oil of pine are reported as helpful for people with rheumatism pains in their ankles and feet.
    • Astringent – Cedarwood, cypress, frankincense, lemon, and oil of yarrow are helpful in treating minor cuts and wounds of the feet.
    • Excessively Sweaty Feet – Oil of cypress, Clary sage, geranium, and peppermint help cleanse and stop the propensity of some feet to sweat excessively.

Other Additives for Feet

Some people love to put small stones or marbles in the bottom of the footbath container. Placing slight pressure on the stones or playing with the toes provides a relaxing sensation.

A mixture of Vinegar and Apple Cider help treat plantar type foot warts.

Studies by American universities have shown that repeated weekly footbaths with vinegar and apple cider eventually cause plantar warts to lose their grip on the soles of the feet.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide with a foot bath is the best way to disinfect cuts on the feet.

The use of this substance also does a great job of overall disinfecting all parts of the feet.

Types of Foot Bath Equipment and Machines

Non-Electric Pan or Bowl

The general type of foot bath is just a pan or large bowl that will allow placement of the feet, or foot, into the water, without causing water to spill over the edge and onto the floor.

Epsom salt is usually added to the bowl to make the process even better.

Ionic Foot Bath Machines

There are Ion generators that can be placed in the water with the feet. These are said to do an excellent job of taking heavy metals from the feet and legs.

There is a lot of debate about the ability of an ionic foot bath to do anything at all.

One thing that cannot be debated is that after a fifteen-minute session with an ion generator, there will be a disgusting amount of coagulant in what was, previously, clear water.

Continued treatments will not result in as much material, which makes sense if the heavy and toxic metals were taken out of the system at the initial treatment.

Commercial Style Foot Baths

There are also water pulse foot baths that are like a mini-jacuzzi for your feet. These are gentle, soothing, and relaxing and many people swear by their use.

The Best Foot Bath bath is simple and easy to prepare, it relaxes and treats the feet, body, and mind.

If you never had a simple foot bath, give one a try soon. See our recommended additives below

Shopping For a Home Foot Spa – A How-To Guide

Do you want to pamper yourself without spending much on foot spas?

Do you want to massage your feet on the weekend using your very own ingredients?

If you work really hard and would want to feel relaxed even on the weekends, you won’t have to spend money on expensive salons or spas to have a foot spa.

Especially if your feet are too tired and would want to have some massage, then shopping for your own foot machine can help. Foot and calf massagers are more complex compared to foot spas.

However, there are some important factors to consider when choosing your spa machine. Below are tips to choose it wisely.

Make an informed decision by taking a look at these considerations.

Where will you store your spa massager?

If you want a space-saving foot spa machine to massage your feet, then you may opt for a smaller unit.

How much is your budget for this foot spa massager and relaxer?

In order to make it easier for you, narrow down your choices based on your budget. If you won’t want to spend much on this investment, then you may opt for foot spas that range at least $20.

What features are important for you?

Decide on the type of features you would want your foot massager to have. This has to be something that has to do with convenience features.

You can opt for spas with warmer bubbles. Perhaps, you can also opt for those models with detoxifying features like an ion spa.

What are the recommended foot bath models?

Check out online and find brands and models that are used by many people. As you’ll notice, these products are patronized because they’re good.

However, never forget to narrow down your choices based on your budget.

What characteristics of the spa should you look for?

This is one of the main factors to consider when shopping for foot spas. You may want to buy a durable unit.

You may also want to look for the heating time required by the unit. Plus, you may want to check for the depth of water needed to use it.

In addition, there are models that have their massaging characteristics which you may also look into. Others have remote controls and a number of jets.

What do reviews say?

Check out what customers are saying about the product. Look for various websites such as eBay and Amazon.

Read customer testimonials to help you decide on which foot spas to choose. Look for the product that receives high consumer satisfaction ratings.

This may help you decide on which product is reliable and worth buying.

What about suppliers?

Who supplies the product? Check out various websites offering foot spas to their customers. Look for reputable sellers online by visiting their website.

In choosing a supplier, be able to know their years in the business and their reputation when it comes to the quality products they sell.

Ask yourself these questions when shopping for a foot bath. These can make your life easier by finding the right product for you.

Take time to study your options to be sure that you get the most of your money.


Many people ask what kind of foot bath they should take. There is a wide range of availability from the simple foot baths, the ultra-deluxe foot bath with massaging rollers and heated water.

After all, the important thing is that it gives your feet the chance to relax and let the stress wipe out!

Giving your feet the chance to detoxify themselves will help you maintain overall healthy feet.

The next question that arises is how long one should have a foot bath. Of course, you need to take time in order for your feet to become truly relaxed. 20 to 30 minutes should get the job done.

Also, it is not good to fall asleep with your feet in a foot bath you need to take extra cautions when your foot bath has any electrical appliance, such as a massaging appliance.

The 10 Best Foot Rollers (2021 Reviews)

foot roller

Why use a Foot Roller?

Your feet are special and are the foundation of your body and thus you should spoil them with a nice and comfy foot roller.

A roller will ease out the foot arch pain and will make your feet more supple and fresh.

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Best Foot Roller Reviews 2021

1.TheraFlow Dual Foot Wooden Acupressure Massager – Acupressure Reflexology Tool for Overall Relaxation & Stress Relief

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller (Large). Relieve Plantar Fasciitis, Stress, Heel, Arch Pain - The Original - Shiatsu Acupressure Relaxation. Full Instructions/Reflexology Chart.

You may be asking yourself what this massager is doing on this list. It is evidently outdated by most of the other modern massagers.

So why did we include it? It’s simply due to its price.

For around $$, the TheraFlow Dual Foot Roller will get the job done.

At this price point, it is definitely one of the best manual foot massagers and it serves as a good entry-level massager if you are looking to test the waters before upgrading.

Although it does not come with all the cool features, it is a great source of temporary relief from tired feet.

It is used most commonly by people with plantar fasciitis and with its ridged design this foot roller will enhance your foot massage experience!

Features & Specifications

This foot massager works on a fairly simple rolling design
Made of durable high-quality Theaceae wood
10 independent rollers for maximum relief
Won’t constantly slide out of position unlike lower-quality products
Accommodates both feet at once
Light enough to travel anywhere you go (1.6 pounds only!)
Suitable for feet of all sizes.

Pros Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Treats ailments such as planta fascia
  • soothes the arch.

  • .

2. Foot Massager Therapy Roller – Massage Tool for Muscle Pain Relief from Plantar Fasciitis

Foot Massager Therapy Roller - Massage Tool for Muscle Pain Relief from Plantar Fasciitis | Best for Trigger Point Release, Acupressure Reflexology with eBook Guide

Foot Massage Roller for Plantar Fasciitis, Heel & Foot Arch Pain Relief can be great for relieving the pain in the muscles; thanks to its unique design.

The product is made from superior quality PVC material. The TPE protect and durable PU prevents the roller from slipping away.

This device is a gift for health. This foot roller can be used to reduce pain caused by heel and foot pain relief and plantar fasciitis.

Our foot massager roller is specially designed with a spiked surface which is quite effective for foot arch pain relief. This is a high-quality device with effective pricing that is quite helpful.

Features & Specifications

  • Superior quality PVC material
  • Portable as well as light-weighted which makes it easier to carry
  • Dimensions- 6.7 inches in length and 2.7 inches in diameter
  • Pressure points, as well as arc design that provides, relieves from muscle pain
Pros Cons

  • Provide great relief from plantar fasciitis
  • Effective design that offers firm grip for the foot
  • Right size and curves to perform the massaging
  • Perfect amount of pressure
  • .

  • .

3. Thera-Band foot roller

Theraband Foot Roller for Foot Pain Relief, Massage Ball Roller for Arch Pain, Plantar Fasciitis Treatment, Heel Spurs Reliever, Tired Feet, Best Foot Massager with Ridges for Self Myofascial Release

The Thera-Band roller is one of the best in these modern times. The ease of its use and its portability factor really make this product a wonderful one.

This roller is made of supple natural rubber and is thus really smooth on your feet.

Like some of the other top-notch rollers, the Thera-Band roller is slip-resistant and does not even leave a scratch on the floors.

The ridged design that we often see in some of the top class footwear also suits the need of a person who is suffering from the soreness of feet.

The ridged design increases the number of pressure points on the roller and thus creates a better relaxation session for your feet.

Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

Cold Massage Ball roller

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4. Foot Massager Roller + Ball for plantar fasciitis

Foot Roller Massage Ball for Relief Plantar Fasciitis and Reflexology Massager for Deep Tissue Acupresssure Recovery for PLA Relax Foot Back Leg Hand Tight Muscle, 1 roller and 2 Spiky Balls


This product is again one of the best in its class. This roller provides a lot of relief and soothes the pain of the patient or of the individual.

Be it the tired feet or you have some soreness in it, the Foot Roller is one of the better options to provide relief to both these problems.

Not only does the massage of this roller give relief to your feet but it will make your whole body release tension.

Even if some coagulation of sorts is done inside your legs, this roller heals everything and paves the way for proper blood circulation.

Although it has a bit more ridged design than the Thera-Band roller, this roller still packs a punch when it comes to making the foot come alive and soothing it.

Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

5. TriggerPoint Performance Collection for Total Body Deep Tissue Self-Massage (6 Piece)

TriggerPoint Performance Collection for Total Body Deep Tissue Self-Massage (6 Piece)

This roller is one of the best in the present times and is pretty innovative in the way it works.

The roller is absolutely spot on when it comes to the deep tissue massage of the foot. Also, this roller is apt for self-applied Myofascial release.

Another important feature of this roller that is absent in any of the above-mentioned rollers is that this roller is apt not only for the foot but also for lower back, hamstrings, and neck.

Thus, this roller can really ease out the pain after a day of really hard work.

Unlike foam rollers, this roller has got an unbelievably solid grip and rolls over pretty nicely over every organ that includes massage.

Thus, the precision factor, the control factor, and the stability factory increase by a dozen when it comes to this roller.

The material which is used for the fabrication of this product has the same texture as that of a human’s thumb. So the feel of the roller is perfectly human.

However, one doubt that immediately springs to mind after hearing that the texture of the roller is like that of a human’s thumb is that whether the material will get compressed after a couple of uses.

The answer is a big no and there are no compressions formed even after repeated uses. Last but certainly not least, this roller like the aforementioned ones is easy to use and easy to carry.

Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

Other alternatives for trigger point therapy, heel and foot arch pain relief include the following:

6. Posture Magic Massage Ball Set for Myofascial Trigger Point Release & Deep Tissue Massage

Posture Magic Massage Ball Set for Myofascial Trigger Point Release & Deep Tissue Massage - Set of 6 - Large Foam/Small Foam/Lacrosse/Peanut/Spiky/Hand Exercise Ball (Blue)


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

7. Massage Ball – Spiky for Deep Tissue Back Massage, Foot Massager

Massage Ball - Spiky for Deep Tissue Back Massage, Foot Massager, Plantar Fasciitis & All Over Body Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy - Your Compact Muscle Roller

Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

8. TriggerPoint NANO Foot Roller Massager

TriggerPoint NANO Foot Roller Massager

9. Foot Massager Roller Ball & Arch Support

Foot Massager Roller Ball & Arch Support - Relieve Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Arch Pain, Heel, Muscles, Stress, Flat Feet, High Arches - via Relaxation Reflexology Acupressure & Copper Compression Braces

10. Massage Ball Manual Roller Massager 2-Pack Self Massage Therapy Tool

Massage Ball Manual Roller Massager 2-Pack Self Massage Therapy Tool for Sore Muscles, Shoulders, Neck, Back, Foot, Body, Deep Tissue, Stiffness, Joint Pain Relief (Blue&Green)

What Does a foot Roller Do?

A foot roller provides instant or temporary relief to one’s feet from tired feet as well as heel spurs. it also offers muscle and deep tissue massage for Arch Pain, Plantar Fasciitis Treatment, Heel Spurs Reliever, and Tired Feet.

There are other massaging machines available in the market but they are more of a jack of all trades.

A foot roller massager, on the other hand, is purposely designed for your feet and it instantly relieves you from the soreness or the tiredness. In many of the cases, foot rollers, unlike other massagers, can be frozen so that the inflammation caused on the feet can be reduced. Thus, rollers are a huge advantage over the ordinary body massagers. Learn more about electric foot massagers.

What are the Advantages of Using a Foot Roller?

Now when we know something about the rollers, it is imperative only to talk of their advantages. Let us have a glance at their advantages.

  • Portability– The rollers are pretty small in size and can be easily carried from one place to another. This makes foot rollers really handy objects and apart from giving rest to your feet, they help you in backpacking too, as these rollers are very lightweight and also do not take up a lot of space.
  • Design– One of the most important features of a roller is it’s extremely foot-friendly design. These rollers are resistant to slippery surfaces and do not scratch the floors of your house. The design of the foot roller goes pretty nicely with the shape of the foot and thus there are no side effects to using it.
  • Easy to use– The design and the shape of the rollers make it pretty easy to use and thus one can easily relax his/her feet without providing any headaches of the user. A user manual is also provided in order to make all the uses of the foot roller clear. Also, the roller can be easily cleaned, which is always beneficial.

Muscle Roller – Solution for Tight and Sore Muscles

People do exercise or workouts to eliminate those unwanted fats or bulges. They also want to tone down their muscles.

They venture into healthy routines like bodybuilding, aerobics, ballroom or belly dancing. In the end, they feel exhausted and worn out. Sometimes, their muscles are tight or sore.

In other instances, muscle soreness is triggered by ailments and injuries. A good massage from therapists can alleviate the pain. Sometimes, helpful massage tools are necessary like muscle rollers.

These come in two forms, which can prove useful to ease out tight or sore muscles.

Muscle Roller – Foam Roller

A foam roller usually comes in a long cylinder made of foam. Apply pressure through your body weight whenever you lay or sit on the foam roller.

You surely feel like you just had a great massage every time you use this tool. As you roll your muscles with this tool, adhesions formed on your muscles are torn apart.

This tool is best on hard to reach areas. It soothes your body by providing the required benefits that ordinary static stretching cannot.

Many people may learn to benefit from using the foam roller. But there are others too who use the tool like physical therapy patients. The massage tool can further enhance their progress many times a week.

The foam roller breaks down scar tissue, which may have triggered the injury.

Excessive workouts can cause muscle breakups, which make the muscle fibers shortened and scar tissue formed. This is the cause for soft tissue injury, which if continued, will result to more serious injuries and chronic pain. Foam rolling alleviates the pain from the injury and might even prevent it in the future.

For these types of patients, they will need to perform foam rolling programs appropriate for their injury. They will need to be really attentive to incorporate the practice to the affected muscle areas. As a rule of thumb, it is suggested to roll using the massage tool at least five to ten minutes.

When rolling before a workout, you improve warm up and minimize muscle density. Rolling after a workout will minimize soreness. So you there is really good reasons to do foam rolling most of the time.

Stick vs Foam Rollers

The muscle roller stick comes in different lengths. It uses the hands to push the stick into the muscle and is great for general muscle massage.

It ‘s best for the neck and back. The massage tool is perfect for rolling across the muscles. And you can take it when you travel or for portable use.

The foam roller applies body weight for pressure. The foam roller works better for the hips. It is great for holding muscles over trigger points.

The firmness of the massage tool varies. It is perfect for home or gym uses.

Foot Roller – Buying Tips

How to choose foam rollers and sticks?

Obtaining these massage tools are simple and easy. In fact, foam rollers and sticks come in many different styles. Having these rollers will provide you good reasons to use it every day.

1) Check a fitness store to see various styles of rollers. Check the item first if you buy through online sites, so you know this is the right product you want.

2) Determine the purpose of why you have to buy the rollers. Determine the number of times you use the rollers. This may be suited for core training and balance exercises, or tissue massage.

3) Determine the firmness of your muscle rollers. Foam rollers, for instance, have color codes based on firmness. Choose white rollers if you want the softest. Green and blue rollers come in medium density. Black rollers are the firmest.

4) Determine the roller’s size. Foam rollers have lengths varying from 12 to 36 inches, and its diameter is usually 6-inches. The roller sticks come in different sizes depending on your needs.

5) Determine your budget. Choose the muscle roller that suits your needs by visiting a preferred store. Once purchased, these massage tools allow you to perform your desired routine.

The 10 Best Massage Chairs (2021 Reviews)

massage chair The decision to purchase a massage chair is a big one, probably one of the larger investments you will make for home-care items.

But is it worth it?

With a little research, owning the right massage chair can bring many health benefits to you.

A massage chair is designed and created to simulate both the touch and pressure of a massage therapist and to achieve the health benefits of massage therapy.

Massage therapy can work miracles for relieving tension, back pain, neck pain, muscle strain, and speed up recovery time.

While getting a massage from a licensed massage therapist is always the best route to take, a mechanical substitute is now available called the massage chair. While a full body massage chair may not be necessary for everyday life, for some, the benefits of ownership far outweigh the expense of owning one.

[amazon box=”” grid=”3″]

The Best High-End Massage Chair Reviews

This section will cover a few of the more expensive and efficient massage chairs. If you’re interested to see what a stretched budget could get you, you’ll be interested to read below.

1. Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with yoga & heating therapy

Space-Saving Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with yoga & heating therapy


This massage chair is all in all a great machine with a lot of new and advanced features. This chair is being manufactured by Kahuna Company which has great core customer values and services. It has received commendable reviews from the customers as well as critics and has been listed as one of the best-selling massage chairs.


It has great features like Zero Gravity Positioning, Shiatsu, Yoga, L-Track System, Dual Foot Rollers, Space-saving, and Heat therapy.

Zero gravity is a negative effect on gravity and allows the body to spread out all its weight. Thus, relieving stress and allowing more intense massage. The weightlessness adds to the effect of the massage and relieves the body of any kind of pain or stress. You can also incline the body beyond your heart, enabling blood flow all over.

Shiatsu is a Japanese way of massage meaning finger pressure. It uses three parts of the hand for a massage which are fingers, thumbs, and palms. It is focused on manipulating joints, stretching muscles, and increasing mobility for the body. Kneading and tapping are additional options.

The YOGA mode in the Kahuna massager allows stretching the body, relieving stress and eliminating unwanted toxins from the body.

L Track System is L track roller; it supports the entire body from neck to buttocks. It is the lengthiest available track with positioning specialized for decompressing the spine and increasing the massage experience. Dual Foot Rollers: It has an innovative dual foot roller rather than foot massagers. They perform Acupressure by accessing the pressure points of the feet. Read more on Zero gravity chairs.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • 3 Stages of zero gravity
  • Computerized body scan technology
  • Heating Therapy on lower back and legs
  • L-track, 4 roller massage system
  • Air-cell massage technology
  • Dual foot rollers on the feet area
  • 6 Auto Programs
  • Space-saving technology
  • Wattage 230.00 Watts
  • The full body massage is one of the best in the class of Zero gravity recliners
  • Its L track rollers are highly effective which helps reducing joint and muscle pains.
  • Its overall focus with the neck to buttocks with additional quad rollers is great.
  • It lives up to its promise of Zero Gravity massage
  • High styling and excellent functionality.
  • Designed to fit well anywhere in any place
  • Offers special stretching program, Sh-Chiro therapy program and full body shiatsu therapy
  • Assembly Required: The assembly is really a heavy task to do and requires a specialized person and might require a couple of hours to do the same.
  • Does not come with a lighted Remote controll for use in the dark

2. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Brown Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06C

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06


BestMassage EC-06C is highly popular. The low price combined with the features it offers makes it a great bargain. It has also made it to the bestselling massage chair list for the same reason.

This chair unlike any other provides a 49-inch long massage stroke roller. Although it is an expensive feature, it comes at a reasonable price with the Bestmassage Ec-06c. It also comes with zero gravity massage that can provide a much more invigorating and relaxing massage experience. It nullifies the gravity to zero at 2 points and provides a great experience. It is a great feature for a low price variant massage model.

The Best massage Ec-06c also comes with waist heating module which can be used additionally with the massage session. This provides a great user experience. The heat therapy in this chair is specifically designed to alleviate stiff waist, backaches and stomach cold.

Foot massage or reflexology has also been proven to improve blood circulation, immunity, and better sleep. Bestmassage Ec-06c comes with great foot rollers providing instant relaxation. A quick massage with the help of this roller can help immediately help revive energy within the body.

It is the ability to automatically arrange it according to the shape and size of different people. This is a highly appreciated feature as it personalizes the massage experience.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Product Dimensions: 55 x 35 x 42 inches; 185 pounds
  • 3 pre-set programs Recovery, Relax and Refresh.
  • Dimensions when reclined: 1920mm(l) x 680mm(h)
  • 80˚ leg recline, 125˚-170˚ back recline
  • Cheap but feature-studded chair
  • L-track roller system for better massage experience
  • Zero Gravity feature
  • Foot rollers to relieve muscle strain
  • Automatic shoulder adjust option
  • Improved Heat therapy
  • It has a easily Extendable footrest
  • Roller coaster are fitted in the chair for easy mobility

3. Ideal Massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built in Heat Zero Gravity Positioning Deep Tissue Massage

ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built in Heat Zero Gravity Positioning Deep Tissue Massage - Beige

Ideal massage Shiatsu Chair has high customer satisfaction. According to statistics, their customer satisfaction is almost 90%. This makes Ideal Massage Chair a peoples favorite chair. The company, which currently delivers its products through BH and iDeal products, have worked hard to gain consumer praise.


The Ideal Massage Chair has Four Program options. They are Shiatsu, Kneading, Spinal Rolling, and Vibrating. These automatic programs can also be customized according to your needs and can be alternatively used according to our needs. This combination of auto program massage option is frequently seen and is a favorite feature.

They are specially designed to individual’s body posture and shape and automatically adjusts itself with the help of 3D technology. This enables you to have a specialized feeling of massage made for you body. The Ideal Massage Chair uses Body scan technology to understand the body posture and realigns itself after the scan is complete. Ergonomically designed to support the body scan technology and fit the body properly into its structure.

The Zero Gravity position number is the maximum offered by any massage chair of its kind. 3 points enable you to have a unique weightless experience. Weightlessness enables the massager to give a one of its kind experience and relieves stress and pain.

Heat therapy to revive and rejuvenate energy among the spinal cord. This is very essential for people who suffer from back pain and have a spinal cord problem. The Ideal Massage Chair has a special buttocks massager in the form of a seat vibrator.

The Ideal Massage Chair operating system mimics muted massage hands and is extremely quiet in its actions. The quietness is highly favored by users and gives a unique and serene experience.

6 roller balls are very rare to find in a massager but The Ideal Massage Chair has its own drawbacks as it doesn’t have rollers for the foot.

Features & SpecificationsProsCons
  • Product Dimensions: 33 x 55 x 49 inches
  • Shipping Dimensions: 55 x 35 x 33 inches
  • Upright dimensions: 33 x 49 x 53 inches
  • Reclined dimensions: 33 x 31 x 68 inches
  • Weight Capacity is 325 pounds
  • Covered in faux leather.
  • It comes in black, dark brown, beige, or red.
  • 14 types of massage combination and 4 automatic programs
  • Value for Money in Massage Quality & Length
  • Easy to Assemble
  • 3 Modes of Zero Gravity
  • Comes with 6 kneading balls for your feet.
  • It has a variety of modes like rolling, spinal focus and vibration.
  • Limited Features restrict the user

4. Osaki OS4000TA Model OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki OS4000TA Model OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair, Black, Computer Body Scan, Zero Gravity Design, Unique Foot roller, Next Generation Air Massage Technology, Arm Air Massagers, Auto Recline and Leg Extension, Wireless Controller

The OS-4000T is the advanced version of OS-4000. In this improved version, it flaunts the much-needed Foot Roller. It also includes zero gravity recline in a single touch which was not present in the previous version. Osaki OS-4000T is fairly priced and the new model also has a mere difference of a few hundred bucks.


The S track intelligent robot specializes in giving a customized body massage according to the type and needs of the specific body. It takes rearranges according to the body to support it. The intelligent S track robot automatically detects the contour and shape of the body and adjusts accordingly.

It comes with a body scan feature, enabling it to scan the stressed areas and relieve stress from affected areas. This is done with the help of pressure points available throughout the body and can be found in the nerves of the body. Though they are tough to find, Osaki OS-4000T has great capabilities to identify them.

Osaki OS-4000T has the capability to give a feeling of weightlessness. This is a unique method only obtained by scientists. It reduces strain on the body and essential organs making it stress-free. Osaki OS-4000T had to be released with an upgraded version to add these foot rollers because of the great demand and high efficiency in relieving pain. These individual programs are designed to cater special needs of the body. It has Manual massage capabilities

Osaki OS-4000T is equipped with heating modules which concentrate on the lumbar spinal stenosis. It increases the flow of oxygen in the blood vessels around the lumbar spine which is an important area for healing damaged tissues.

The Osaki OS-4000T has been highly successful with the quad rollers because of their ability to match real life experience.

Specifications include:

  • Body Dimensions are 52L x 31W x 34H (inch)
  • Vertical Side dimensions are 38L x 25W x 15H (inch)
  • Net Weight of the product is 213lbs
  • Operational Voltage: 110/120
  • Controller wire length is 1.2m while for Power supply wire is 2.1m
  • It has a Max Weight Capacity 256 lbs


  • Equipped with Quad Rollers
  • Foot Rollers for improved foot massage
  • Loaded with 48 Airbags for best experience
  • Music for better massage experience
  • In built S-track Intelligent Robot System
  • Dual Lumbar Heat Modules
  • Variable speed and intensity
  • Vibrations on the seat for increased advantage.
  • Comes with a Zero Gravity function
  • Added feature air massage to shoulders
  • It has a 3 years warranty cover.



5. Titan TI-7700R L-track, Hip & Seat Vibration Massage Chair

Titan TI-7700R L-track, Hip and Seat Vibration Massage Chair

The Titan Ti-7700r is the most recent product off the line from Titan. Equipped with zero gravity positioning and outer shoulder massage, it has a lucid remote control to operate at ease. Though it comes at a heavy price, it satisfies you with its high features and quality.


The advanced L track rollers are promising enough to reach the very end of tailbone to provide the best massage experience. It can reach the lumbar areas and are better with the lower body airbags.

The weightlessness increases the massage experience by many folds; because when the body is weightless, it is easy to alleviate the stress of the body and provides immediate relief to recurring pain.

It comes with a row of foot rollers stationed near the foot. This increases reflexology of our foot added with a spinning motion. The spinning motions are designed to target the acupuncture points in the body. The airbags working on the bottom of the feet further add to improve the effectiveness of foot rollers. To improve blood circulation in the body, calf massagers are used in Titan Ti-7700r. The ottoman is well integrated and compliments the body by adjusting according to it. It can also be used for a couple other functions like reclining and adjusting.

There are two lumbar modules in Titan Ti-7700r, which focus on the back and spinal cord. They relieve the stress created in the spinal cord and improve movement.

The airbags are specially programmed in a way that while one inflates the other comes down. Thus providing a squeeze twist alternate massage is a Titan Ti-7700r are programmed with 6 Different Massage Types. Namely kneading, kneading and tapping, tapping, shiatsu, palm and punching.


Weight: 280lbs

Dimensions are 51L x 29.5W x 32H

Power Consumption: 110-120V

Warranty: 3 years



  • Ottoman for smartness and autonomy
  • L-track Roller System for longer reach to lower parts of the body
  • Zero Gravity Massage for weightlessness
  • Improved Lumbar Heating Modules
  • 6 Preset Massage Programs
  • It is compact
  • Full body scan is possible
  • Foot Rollers and Calf Massager
  • Shoulder and Hip Squeeze
  • Arm and Hand Massager


  • It costs way more than other massagers
  • It is not equipped with 3D massage.

6. Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair – Back in Black (Black & White) by Infinite Therapeutics

Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair - Back in Black (Black & White) by Infinite Therapeutics


It operates from your neck to the bottom of the body including your gluteus muscles. IYASHI relives and revives 35% more than any other massager. It is rich with many distinctive technologies. It also has a newly developed space saving track system for reduced space consumption


Infinity Iyashi changed the trend by making the rollers 49 inches long and taking them beyond the seat. This new trend was quickly taken into consideration by others and introduced into their line. It understands the structure of the body but additionally provides massage to the lower part of the body also.

As this feature is a favorite among the people, it found its way into Infinity Iyashi. This feature allows you to change the posture while relaxing on the chair and improves the muscle movement in the correct manner.

This increasingly favorite feature Zero Gravity was also introduced in the Infinity Iyashi and came with 2 Zero gravity points in the massager. The zero gravity feature is a great addition and improves the experience of your massage.

Each of these modes can be controlled according to their intensity and can also be used with a combination of two or more features.

Infinity Iyashi specialized its chairs in being as desirable as possible. Big chairs often make a sound when their airbags inflate and deflate causing some discomfort. But this chair makes almost no sound during such actions and promises you a serene experience.


  • Max User Weight allowed is 258 lbs
  • The advisable user height is1 inch — 6.6 inches
  • It is available in Red, Brown, Caramel
  • It has a warranty promise of 3 years.
  • Equipped with 8 motors.


  • 49-inch long massage stroke
  • Allows Posture Correction
  • Foot Rollers for a foot
  • Heat Therapy to alleviate back pain
  • Waist Twist
  • Chromotherapy


  • No head massage
  • No neck massage
  • Price is too high

7. Osaki OS 7200H Executive ZERO GRAVITY Thai Body Stretching & Heating Massage

Osaki OS 7200H Executive ZERO GRAVITY Thai Body Stretching & Heating Massage

Osaki’s OS-7200H model is one of their newest massage chairs. There are many high-tech features available with this one. Learn more about its features below.


Scanning System

Prior to starting a massage while using this chair, your body is put through a quick scan. The outcome of this scan is to determine the exact way that your back curves into the chair. Therefore, you are given a completely personalised massage based on the shape of your body.
This scan gets carried out from head to toe. The process ensures that your body is aligned and comfortable for fantastic massages on your feet, calves, and back.

Head Massage

You’re able to experience a head massage with the quad rollers. They work to feel like the hands of a human and can be easily turned on and off with a single button.
There are five different intensities to choose from to ensure you get the best massage for your preferences.

Air Massage

The air massage tech is very unique. This chair is equipped with 51 airbags which work to provide air massages to your entire body. They work to create a compression style of massaging which has been found to improve your circulation.
Heat Therapy

There are two pads behind the shoulders that release heat. As a result, your shoulders and neck experience a wave of relaxing heat that gets rid of built up tension.

We liked how this chair comes with an excellent recliner setting. You can put yourself in the most comfortable position to experience your massages.
With the Zero Gravity tech, you almost feel completely weightless, which helps you to relax and enjoy the massage more.


  • Scanning system for personalized massage
  • Human hand-like head massage with quad rollers
  • Air system for compression massages
  • Heat pads for more relaxed muscles
  • Zero Gravity recliner tech for complete relaxation


  • Very heavy
  • Manual for set-up could be better

8. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-in Heat and Air Massage System – Charcoal (White Glove Delivery)

RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-in Heat and Air Massage System - Charcoal (White Glove Delivery)

We liked how this massage chair is more affordable, yet still provides you with some amazing features. In fact, when you consider the more affordable price, the benefits on offer here are quite remarkable. Learn more about this Zero Gravity Chair below.


Full Body Massage

You’ll love how you can put yourself into a completely reclined position with this chair. It’s superbly relaxing and will have you snoozing in no time. This is what provides you with the light, zero-gravity feeling. There are built-in airbags that work by inflating and deflating different areas of the chair.

This works to alleviate muscle tension in the neck, back, legs, and shoulders. In addition to this, there are also heating pads that work to soothe and relax tight muscles.

Scanning Tech

Similarly, to the high-end massage chairs, this one also offers a personalized massage experience.

With a touch of a button, your body is put through a scan to determine your exact body shape and measurements. The system then uses this information to provide you with a massage that is completely tailored to your body.
Those smaller areas of knotted muscles are located with precision and the chair works to release them effectively.


The control panel is impressive. It’s computerized and is located on a stand that’s attached to the left hand side of the chair. We found this control panel to be very easy to use, so don’t let its technical appearance put you off.
You’re able to adjust everything from the incline, heat settings, scan system, massage type, and intensities. Therefore, you can select massages that are as intense or relaxing as you like, with no hassle.


  • Zero Gravity feature provides complete relaxation
  • Airbags for compression massages
  • Scanning tech for personalised massages
  • Heated pads for soothing tight muscles
  • Easy-to-use controls


  • Sometimes produces a sound while in use
  • Beeping sound from using remote cannot be muted

9. 2018 Newest Real Relax Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

2018 Newest Real Relax Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair with 3 years warranty, Foot Roller,Heat and Audio Music Player, Black



You can experience zero-gravity relaxation, along with rollers and heated settings for deep and soothing massages. People are loving how this chair also doesn’t neglect the feet too.


Zero Gravity

You’re able to recline this massage chair all the way back into a superbly comfortable position. As a result, you end up feeling like you weigh a lot less. This is what provides you with the feeling of “zero gravity”.

Rollers & Heat Massage

There are rollers used to provide with deep and relaxing massages. Instead of simply going up and down in a general motion, you can program them to target specific areas to release tight muscles.

In addition to the back rollers, there are also ones that can massage your neck too.
A heating system is equipped with this massage chair and we found it to be vey impressive. It works to provide your muscles with heat, which is great for releasing tension, while also improving your circulation.

Airbag Massage

We like how this chair comes with a total of 35 airbags built-in. They are located everywhere to target your hips, legs, arms, shoulders, neck, and back. These airbags create compression force to massage your muscles in a different way to the rollers.

Furthermore, these airbags have a 360-degree ability to provide pulses of airflow to alleviate tension in your muscles.

Feet Massage

Many massage chairs end up neglecting the feet. However, that is not the case with this Real Relax chair.

There are special rollers that are built-into the lower parts of the chair. They work to massage your feet and relieve tension.

Taller people will appreciate how you can easily extend the footrest to be more comfortable too.


  • Zero Gravity for ultimate relaxation
  • Rollers for targeted massages
  • Heat system to soothe tight muscles
  • Airbags for compression massages
  • Rollers to massage your feet


  • Remote control functions could be improved
  • Massage intensity cannot be adjusted

10. HOMCOM Heating Vibrating PU Leather Massage Recliner Chair

HOMCOM Heating Vibrating PU Leather Massage Recliner Chair

HOMCOM is equipped with enough massage settings to satisfy most people’s needs. You can experience heat and vibrational massages on a pretty comfortable chair.


Recline Settings & Comfort

The PU leather materials used cause you to feel extremely comfortable. HOMCOM Massage Chairs have reclining facility. You can set it to the most comfortable angle for yourself.

Heat Feature

The equipped heat feature works to soothe painful and tight muscles. You are able to experience these heated benefits on your hips and back the most.

Vibration Tech

You can choose between four different vibration modes. Each one of them focuses in on a specific area of your body. This includes the calves, thighs, lower, and upper back.


There is a total of five modes . You can choose between two different levels of intensity. The control that comes with the chair is very easy to use and lets you adjust the chair to your preferences.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Reclining feature for comfort
  • Heat setting for relaxation
  • Vibrational massage to relieve tension
  • 2 intensity levels and 5 modes to choose from


  • Putting footrest back into position can be tough
  • No rollers, just vibrational and heat massages

11. Relaxzen 8-Motor Massage Recliner with Lumbar Heat and Ottoman, Mocha Brown

Relaxzen 8-Motor Massage Recliner with Lumbar Heat and Ottoman, Mocha Brown

Typically, you wouldn’t expect much from a chair at such a low price. Relaxzen massage chair comes with many features that make it a fantastic bargain.


Massage & Heat

There are eight motors within this chair. They are all incredibly powerful and work to provide the five pre-programmed massage modes with the ability to massage your body. The massage nodes knead your tight muscles.

The massage uses Ottoman vibration tech that works across your entire body. There is also a heat setting available too. You can use the heat in combination with the massage features for an incredibly relaxing experience.


You can use the controller provided to change the position of this massage chair. You can have it reclined all the way back for complete relaxation.

We also found that you can have it angled to the exact position that feels best for you, with no hassle.


The material used over the top of this massage chair is incredibly comfortable and strong.

The construction quality extremely durable. They’ve used tubular steel for the backrest and base which increases the strength and durability of the chair. Relaxzen manages to stay lightweight and easy to move.


  • Various massage modes
  • Vibrational & heat modes available
  • Recline setting for comfort
  • Strong & durable construction


  • Little noisy
  • Heat feature could be warmer

12. Human Touch 100-AC20-002 iJoy Active Massage Chair, Bone

Human Touch 100-AC20-002 iJoy Active Massage Chair, Bone

The smaller size of this chair is appealing for people with more compact spaces and pocket-friendly price tag.


Massage Tech

The quad rollers built-in to this chair provide incredible massages. They work to make massages feel very similar to the human hand.

iJoy Active 2.0 operates on an S-track. This means the rollers are able to move along the curvature of your spine for improved massages.

The FlexGlide mechanism provides you with therapeutic massages – in addition to the orbital technology, you can be sure to feel completely relaxed.


There are three pre-set programs available. The first one being “Think”. This tells the iJoy Active 2.0 to massage your entire back.

The “Perform” mode targets your neck and shoulders to relieve tension. The “Recharge” mode works solely on your lower back.

Space Saving Design

iJoy Active 2.0 is 32 x 27 x 30” in size and can be easily kept at home without occupying big space. We recommend this one highly for those who have smaller spaces.


  • Quad rollers and S-track for deep massages
  • Various massage modes available
  • Space saving design
  • Fantastic price


  • Could be more comfortable
  • Doesn’t recline enough


Final Thoughts

Be sure to use our Massage chair reviews guide above as a way of narrowing down your search for the best massage chair.

To speed up the process, look at the sections that are relevant to you in terms of budget. That way, you can focus on the select few in the appropriate sections. Hopefully, all the information provided helps you to make the best decision possible!

Do Massage chairs really work?

Massage is an age-old therapy that has been used for thousands of years. The many benefits of massage have been well documented throughout the centuries.

If you suffer from back or neck pain, muscle aches or stiffness, all around stress or ‘knots’ in your muscles, then a massage chair may be just what the doctor ordered. While going to a massage therapist may be optimal, it is time-consuming and can be expensive. Investing in a good quality massage chair that will last for years may be a better option.

Benefits of owning a massage chair

The main benefit of owning a massage chair will be the obvious reduction of stress in your body. Massage chairs work to increase the blood flow through your body, reducing muscle stiffness and increasing the movement of oxygen and other vital nutrients to your muscles and vital organs.

Included in the many benefits of a massage chair are a reduction in back pain, neck pain, sore, stiff muscles, muscle repair, and general pain relief.

It will also help to keep your lymph drainage moving when you are unable to exercise. Athletes, and people who workout use a massage chair to reduce the lactic acid that is built up in their muscles during a workout.

This helps to reduce muscle stiffness and pain that is caused by the cool down after any workout.

Anyone Can Benefit from using a massage chair

Almost anyone can benefit from using a massage chair, especially those with demanding jobs or professions that require a lot of traveling. You will feel your stress and tension melt away as your massage chair touches specific trigger points that cause your body to release endorphins.

With so many options on the market, it may be difficult to find the massage chair that is just right for you. Besides traditional retail shops, you can find a large selection of massage chairs through online retailers.

If you want the comfort of a massage without the expense and inconvenience of a massage therapist, you need to have a massage chair. Leading manufacturers of quality massage chairs include iJoy, Human Touch, Premier, and Sanyo.

The chairs can be programmed to provide several different types of massage, including Shiatsu and Swedish. The hallmarks of a Shiatsu massage are thumping, flouncing, and pushing accompanied by revolving movements.

Cheap Massage Chairs

Stress and hard work are quickly turning us into a nation of people with chronically sore bodies. Back problems are especially prevalent and people are turning to any, and every resource they can to get some much-needed relief.

Of course, massage therapy has long been the best way to get relief from sore muscles, but many of us simply can’t afford to get regular massages.

There are alternatives, though, as some cheap massage chairs are now available that can help to provide some soothing massage sessions right in your own home. A back massager offers similar options but is not for the whole body.

What About Quality?

Anytime you talk about cheap products, there’s always a question about the quality of what you are getting. Cheap massage chairs, obviously, won’t have the features and functions of the top-of-the-line massage chairs, but they can provide some much-needed relaxation and relief from sore, stiff muscles.

The real key is to find the highest quality, best rated cheap massage chairs. Don’t always go for the lowest price, but try to find a chair that suits your needs while staying within your budget.

Massage Cushions as an Alternative To Cheap Massage Chairs

If you simply can’t find a cheap massage chair that will work for you, you should try comparing some of the massage cushions available today. These cushions fit in most standard chairs or couches and can provide some pretty intense, and relaxing massages. They’re not as comprehensive as the more expensive massage chairs, but many of the best ones do a pretty admirable job and can be just what the doctor ordered for back pain and muscle stress treatments.

With a massage cushion, you essentially turn any chair in your home into your own massage chair. Most of the massage cushions have a variety of massage options, and heat options for a warm, relaxing massage. They may not cover your entire body as a true massage chair would, and they lack options, like arm massagers, but they are still an affordable alternative to massage chairs.

Whether you buy a cheap massage chair or a massage cushion, be sure to only buy from reputable companies, that are known for the quality of their products. You don’t want to compromise your massage sessions by settling for an off-brand.

Take time and read some massage chair reviews and massage cushion reviews to see what options the different models offer and to see what real life customers have to say. That way, you’ll be equipped to make the best purchase for your home massage needs.

Main Components Of a Massage Chair

Massage chairs typically include three main components: motors, knobs and breakers, and computerized adjustability. The motor provides control over the knobs and enables the user to make any adjustments to the seat back.

The knobs and rollers of the chairs have been specially designed and placed to imitate the movements of hands giving a particular massage. The various knobs and rollers can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of the user. Adjustments can also be made to compensate for the size and weight of the user.

Features To Look For In Massage Chair Reviews

  1. Massage Techniques

While different models and brands will have their own unique style of physical therapy, it’s important to check which ones you’re comfortable with. For instance, detoxification can come from Deep Tissue and Shiatsu massage, as well as from a Swedish massage.

Check the benefits that you can get in order to maximize your wellness. Each chair should have its own speciality, or a combination of techniques.

Also, be aware of the intensity of the massage. Normally, the more motors a chair has, the more intense its massage techniques are. It’s best to have an option to apply more pressure to your body or to soften it, depending on the adjustment buttons on the chair.

  1. Massage Stroke And Heat

Heat is important in order to loosen your stiff muscles and assist in circulation. As for the massage stroke, make sure it has a minimum of about 20 inches. This pertains to the area of your body that is massaged, which means that the longer the stroke is, the more points in your body are massaged. A typical 30-inch stroke can reach your neck down to your lower back.

  1. Massage Rollers And Programs

To simulate an actual massage therapist’s fingers, massage chairs have about 2 to 4 rollers that can knead or tap your muscles. Even stationary rollers can contribute to creating the most lifelike massage experience for you.

Aside from this, chairs have pre-programmed sets of massage cycles that you can combine or set a timer for. Some chairs will even let you save and customize cycle settings for repetitive use. If you opt for more expensive chairs, these will most likely have automatic detection technology that will determine the perfect program that will best ease the tense areas in your body.

  1. Chair Recline

The way your body is positioned on the chair is crucial to maximizing the benefits of your massage. Some good massage chairs have a “Zero Gravity” function, effectively removing any pressure from your spine as if to simulate weightlessness. A recline of about 170 degrees is good enough to allow your body to be completely at rest.

  1. Size And Material

A question that most first-time buyers often forget is this, “Where will I put my massage chair?” A bulky chair takes up a lot of room, especially when it fully reclines or has an ottoman.

Should you buy a chair that has wheels, then? It might be handy to be able to move the chair from room to room, depending on your preference. Also, who will be using this chair? Is the size of the chair big enough for a taller person? Does the chair have a particular weight limit?

An approximate 5’10” height is normal for the average massage chair. If this height is not for you, you can choose a massage chair that has controls for adjusting the rollers, nodes, and seat heights.

Make sure that the material of the chair is leather or synthetic leather. These are made to withstand the heat of the moving parts, and they are more resilient to cracks and fading.

Types Of Massage Chair You Should Know

Air Compression Massage

In order to loosen stiffness and improve blood circulation, massage chairs are now equipped with airbags that compress limbs, shoulders, hips, thighs, and the neck. This type of massage detoxifies the body as the lymphatic system is stimulated.

Deep Tissue Massage

As its name suggests, this targets the deeper areas of the muscles and applies pressure with methodical strokes. It focuses on particular health issues such as injuries, immobility, chronic pain, and other ailments.

Kneading Massage

This massage chair type kneads one’s back by stretching and moving in circular motions on the spinal area to promote nutrient distribution. It also addresses the common knots on the neck and shoulder region.


If the massage chair has an ottoman, it can use reflexology to apply pressure on vital points in the human foot. Every area of the foot has a specific effect on organs and various other parts of the body, so reflexology is the perfect method of attaining full-body balance.

Shiatsu Massage

Stretching and acupressure are the main techniques that a Shiatsu massage applies. Aptly translated as “finger pressure”, it relieves stress by helping to regulate one’s “chi” or energy properly. It unblocks one’s energy channels and invigorates all senses.

Swedish Massage

Using long massage strokes, the common Swedish Massage alleviates joint stiffness by sliding, tapping, vibrating, and kneading the muscles.

Tapping Massage

This unique massage uses tapping techniques (sort of like a percussion massage) with rhythms that invigorate the spine and the nerves. It can also tone muscles and encourage scar tissue breakdown.

Vibration Massage

Easily calming to any type of discomfort, vibration massages have various pulsating options that one can set depending on the intensity. It also gets rid of soreness with its cyclic rhythms.

Are all massage chairs built that way?

The answer is no. If you have a masseur or therapist, chances are you (or him) have one of those portable massage chairs that can be folded up and transported around, thanks to their lightweight aluminum frame. No electronic circuitry is involved, just some levers or knobs to adjust the height of the chair.

The proliferation of massage chairs in the market these days is enough to make you dizzy. Just go into cyberspace and see how many stores sell these.

This is not counting those entrepreneurs who prefer not to advertise on the web. Talk about market share. It’s almost like not knowing what to buy any more, because massage chairs, like bread, come in a huge variety.

Massage Chairs offer Relief from Arthritis

For people who suffer from arthritis or any other type of muscular illness’s whether you are an elderly person or not a good massage chair can be an invaluable tool for your daily health and comfort.

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years. Massage is known around the world for its benefits to health and well being.

There are many health benefits for people afflicted with arthritis. Working on the areas that are painful and arthritic can decrease pain, increase the range of motion and leave arthritic patients feeling more relaxed, less stressed and more capable of managing.

Massage Chairs and Stress

Did you know that massage is one of the best antidotes to relieving stress? Falling back to increased blood flow, lower heart rate and blood pressure, fewer toxins and waste in your system, stress can more easily flow out of your body instead of holding on in your musculature.

Massage is known to increase the level of endorphins that your body produces. Endorphins are largely responsible for your mood, higher endorphin levels are found in happier, more relaxed people.

Among other benefits, increasing endorphin levels have been correlated with quicker recovery, reduced pain, and reduced anxiety.

Reduction of stress

The main benefit of owning a massage chair will be the obvious reduction of stress in your body. Massage chairs work to increase the blood flow through your body, reducing muscle stiffness and increasing the movement of oxygen and other vital nutrients to your muscles and vital organs.

Included in the many benefits of a massage chair are a reduction in back pain, neck pain, sore, stiff muscles, muscle repair, and general pain relief. It will also help to keep your lymph drainage moving when you are unable to exercise.

Athletes, and people who work out use a massage chair to reduce the lactic acid that is built up in their muscles during a workout. This helps to reduce muscle stiffness and pain that is caused by the cool down after any workout.

Massage is one of the best antidotes for stress. Massage chairs will help reduce your heart rate while increasing blood flow, boost your immune system function leaving you healthier and happier than ever.

Using a massage chair will increase the removal of metabolic waste from your system, leaving your muscles healthier and more capable of doing their daily job support your body framework.

Features To Look For When Buying A Massage Chair

Well, you can begin by narrowing the list of available products, by checking if they contain these important massage chair features.

  1. Body Scan

Many of the better robotic massage chairs out in the market offer what they call a body scanning technology. The idea here is that the chair has sensors which are able to detect some of the main physical characteristics of the person sitting.

If the chair does a good job of scanning you, then it can make appropriate adjustments to the position of its massage parts. This way, it can maximize your relaxation by going after your body parts which tend to be the most stressed.

That said, there are manufacturers who will claim to offer something like this, even when they don’t have the technology to back it up. So be sure to ask the right questions. Find out how the scanning is supposed to work.

Also, once the scanning is done, how does the chair modify its position or configuration in order to adapt to the person sitting? If the chair doesn’t really change much, then the scanning might not be of much use.

  1. Heat

You know how sometimes masseuses will apply heat to your body, while they’re kneading your muscles? Massage chairs can offer something like this too. Of course, the heat won’t be applied via warm oils or candles.

Instead, the chair itself contains a heating element which can then raise the temperature in those parts of your body which need further pampering. The warmth is supposed to help loosen the muscles in your body, as well as provide some relief for pain.

This particular feature will actually have an effect on what chair material might be best for you. You see, some massage chairs come in leather and this material does convey a certain level of elegance and luxury.

However, it’s not really the best surface when it comes to dealing with the heat that a chair can generate. You might end up with cracks or other imperfections in the material after the heat has had a chance to really work on it.

This is why other chairs use a synthetic material for their surfaces. It might not have the appeal of real leather. However, it’s better suited to handle the heat as well as general wear and tear, which are a massage chair’s life.

  1. Massage Styles

You’re going to hear claims that a particular chair can do shiatsu or some other well-known form of massage. If you’re a fan of a particular massage type, then this information might appeal to you.

However, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You need to actually spend some quality time in a demonstration chair, to see if these claims of offering certain styles are true.

In the end, it may be best to just focus on the overall experience. There will be a lot going on while the chair is in operation. You’ll feel muscles in different parts of your body being kneaded. Airbags might compress or otherwise manipulate your limbs.

Just be sure that the overall experience is a pleasant one, instead of wondering whether a chair supports this style of massage or that one.

  1. Intensity

This characteristic of a chair will be very important, so you need to make sure right off the bat, that the product’s intensity works for you. The best way to do this is again, to sit in it for a while. Is the massage action too strong for you?

Make sure that the settings allow you to turn down the pressure to something more comfortable. Don’t settle for a product which massages you too hard, thinking that you’ll get used to it.

What’s more likely is that you’ll find the too-strong massage action annoying, and before long the chair will be banished to an unused corner of the room.

Perhaps you find the massage too weak, even at the hardest setting? Well then, that really is a problem and is a sign that you’d be best served by moving on to a different machine.

Each chair comes with a certain number of motors and actuators. It’s usually possible to adjust these in order to lessen their intensity. However, once you hit their ceiling for intensity, there’s really nothing more that can be done.

Stand Alone Massage Chair

A stand-alone massage chair can give you the ultimate in at-home relaxation. These massage chairs generally give an all over massage that includes the legs and arms. These massage chairs usually use a combination of heat and massage to provide the best possible massage you can get without a visit from a professional masseuse.

The biggest con to a stand-alone massage chair is the price. A good one will cost you thousands of dollars. While the price is certainly worth it because of the health and relaxation benefits, this just makes it financially out of reach for many people.

The other downfall of a stand-alone massage chair is the inability to move it easily from room to room. You will need to coordinate the look of the massage chair with other furniture pieces in your home since it is not easily hidden away when some company is expected.

Massage Chair Cushion

Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager - Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat for Shoulders, Lower Back, Calf, Legs, Foot - Use at Home, Office, and Car, ZMA-13-BK

A massage chair cushion is an economical alternative to an actual massage chair, but it does have benefits that extend beyond its lower price tag.

Most importantly, you can move it from room to room, giving you more versatility in use. You won’t need to worry as much about if it goes with your decor; you can simply remove it from the room when you are entertaining.

The downside to a massage chair cushion is the lack of features coupled with a smaller massage area. Some high-end massage chair cushions do offer a wide range of features, while others are very basic. However, no cushion insert can give you the all over full-body massage provided by a top-notch massage chair.

Adjustable for Size

Most massage chairs and massage chair cushions are made for an average sized person, about 5′ 10″. The massage nodes will not be optimally placed for anyone who is significantly taller or shorter than this.

Some massage chairs and massage chair cushions are adjustable for size. Look for this feature if the massage chair will be used by someone who is not close to an average size.

Benefits of Massage Chairs

It is little wonder that massage chairs have become so popular in recent years. With continuing improvements in technology, plus ever-lowering prices, massage chairs are becoming more affordable all the time while offering unparalleled levels of luxury and pain relief all from the comfort of your own home.

But let’s try to be a little more specific for a moment; what really are the benefits of massage chairs? If you’re considering investing in a massage chair just what can you look forward to when that giant box finally arrives on your doorstep?

Massage On a Click of a Button

The first, and arguably most obvious, the benefit of massage chairs is quite simply that you can now enjoy a massage whenever you desire. There is no more needing to book an appointment at the massage parlor or to convince your busy partner to put some time aside.

Instead, as the owner of a massage chair, you can simply sink into the plush cushions at any time of the day or night and enjoy a relaxing massage. Massage chairs for pregnant women are also widely available.

As a result of this, we have spoken to a number of people for whom owning a massage has taken the pleasure and restorative benefits of massage from an occasional treat to a regular occurrence.

Just imagine the luxury of arriving home from a hard day in the office only to relax into your massaging recliner and let it ease away all the stresses and tensions of the day, preparing you for greater comfort and relaxation.

Massage In Your Home

Massage may be enjoyable, but having to go out to the massage parlor can be a major inconvenience for many people, especially those who live in more rural areas where a fair amount of travel may be required.

Then, of course, there are the practicalities of an in-person massage. One of the major sticking points that many of us have is a slight feeling of discomfort having to be partially naked in front of a complete stranger. Especially for those of us that consider ourselves overweight or suchlike, wandering around in just a towel can be a thoroughly embarrassing situation.

Massage chairs, of course, dispense with these impracticalities. You can simply wander over to your massage chair at the drop of the hat, and enjoy a full body massage without having to travel halfway across town or reveal yourself to a total stranger.

A Low-Cost Massage Experience

Let’s be brutally honest here; massage chairs can be expensive pieces of kit. Even a cheaper model will set you back several hundred dollars and it’s possible to spend $5,000 or more on the top-end models. But stop for a moment and consider the costs of getting an in-person massage.

A good masseur can easily charge $50-100 per session so suddenly investing in your own massage chair can start to look like something of a bargain. Consider the premium massage chairs for example; $5000 may not be cheap, but at $100 per massage the chair would pay for itself within a year taking a weekly massage.

After that, you’d be essentially getting “free” massages for years to come. The “payback period” on a cheaper chair may be measured in months or even weeks.

So don’t balk at the price of a massage chair; if you’re planning to take regular massages then even the top-end massage chairs can work out surprisingly good value for money. Think of it as a long term investment and you’ll see just how reasonably-priced massage chairs really can be.

Extreme Levels of Customization

Arguably the biggest benefit of all when it comes to massage chairs is the level of customization possible. This is especially so for the full body massage chairs. The mid- to top-end chairs typically come with a sizeable remote control allowing you vast levels of control over the type, duration and firmness of the massage provided, not to mention the ability to target specific body parts.

Some chairs will even make modifications to their program based on your unique stature and body shape, ensuring an enjoyable massage experience every time.

In many ways, therefore, it is possible to “custom design” your own perfect massage and ensures that your body receives all the care and support that it needs. Over time you will be able to “tweak” the programs so they perfectly suit you, and so benefit from a reliably restorative massage every time.

Pain Relief Whenever You Need It

Of course, massage chairs don’t just offer luxurious enjoyment; many people find them tremendously beneficial for removing muscle tension and joint pain. Backaches, neck pain and tight shoulders are just a few examples of the problems that massage can help to resolve.

If you are someone who regularly suffers from discomfort thanks to long hours sitting at a desk, sports injuries or other unfortunate medical conditions then investing in a massage chair can help to ease away pain – without having to rely on expensive and sometimes dangerous drugs.

Better Sleep – Without The Drugs

One final benefit of massage chairs is their ability to encourage the onset of sleep. The gentle kneading of the major muscle groups can, for many people, provide a blissful experience where the stresses of the day fade away.

For those individuals who suffer from insomnia – either due to physical pain or an over-active mind – massage chairs can help to relax the mind and body, thus helping us fall asleep (and stay asleep) much easier than the alternative.

The best features to look for in any massage chair would be:

L- Track Roller System / S-Track Roller System.
These different type of roller systems accommodate the body for a better experience. L Track offers end to end massage while S Track accommodates the body in a better way.

Foot Rollers
Specially designed to alleviate the stress from the lower part of the body

Zero Gravity – Max zero gravity points
The consumer should always look for maximum zero gravity points. Weightlessness makes a huge difference in the massage capability of the massager.

Body Scan – automatic posture correction
Many people have a natural posture distortion leading to increased pain while constant movement. This can correct with the help of complete body scan and posture correction

Airbags – a Large number of airbags
Air bags give the appeal of massage with hands. They are highly helpful in providing blood flow and muscle movement.

Space Saver Chairs – Compact and effective
While the majority of the chairs require a large space while they recline and contract, it is difficult to accommodate or move them from one place to another.

Heat pads – Highly useful but for specific usage
These features make the most out of any chair and are at the core of any massage chair.


As you can see there are a number of benefits that massage chairs offer. Quite which apply to you will depend on your own unique set of circumstances, but what cannot be denied is just how many people swear by their massage chair.

For many people, it’s not just a piece of furniture, but an important source of pleasure and enjoyment that can be experienced at any time and from the comfort of your own home.

The Winner

All these chairs are the best in class and come with loads of features. These are undoubtedly the best chairs available in the market to look out for and have some amazing high tech features. Choosing the best out of them will be a tough job, but these can be split on the basis of costing and number of features.

The best chair is undoubtedly Infinity Iyashi. It is rich in features and adds a lot of value to the product by its unique experience. One more chair in this list would be Osaki OS-4000T which is also rich in features and almost has no cons. Osaki on the other side has added features and pros. The best budget massage chair is Kahuna Lm6800.

Other options are available too. A massage chair pad is used in your car or office.

Cheap massage chairs [Less than $1000] [amazon box=”B0761M2M17, B078SQFQL6, B07G8VNCCM, B01JTVMSEG, B00B7FIGD0″ template=”list”]


The 10 Best Leg Compression Machines 2021 (Updated for June)

leg compression machine Are you experiencing pain in your legs? A leg compression machine might be the solution to your pain.

There are many different causes for having pain in legs as I found out when I went to my doctor after having the pain for a couple of months.

Don’t despair; there is hope in getting rid of the pain. In this post, I plan to tell you about the best compression massagers in the market.

I created this article about pain in legs so that I could list some of the common causes, common symptoms, and how you can get rid of the pain, mainly using a leg massager or air compression leg massagers.

Let’s start by looking at some of the best-rated leg compression machines in the market.

[amazon box=”B07P3JJ2YK,B07R9Z94CL,B07LG4JJ8M,B07MQPNXK3″ grid=”4″]

Best Air Compression pumps 2021 Reviews

1. FIT KING Leg Air Massager for Foot and Calf Circulation Massage

FIT KING Leg Air Massager for Circulation and Relaxation Foot and Calf Massage with Handheld Controller 3 Intensities 2 Modes(with 2 Extensions)

Do you experience persistent leg pains? Has your doctor proposed some physical therapy?

Fit King has introduced a fantastic lymphedema pump that you can use to massage your legs at home.


2*2 airbags: These airbags press your leg robotically, relieving fatigue, and pain in minutes.

Its soothing effect is relatable to the magical hands of your trusted therapist, thus improving blood circulation in your calves, leaving you rejuvenated.

Adjustable settings: The machine comes fitted with two auto-modes and three intensities that allow the user to select the massaging pressure using a handheld controller. With this, you can rule out a possibility of leg soreness after a massage. Also, it automatically switches off after
15 minutes of use. This meaning that you can entrust it with your legs even when sleepy.

Adjustable size and extensions: This compression machine has flexible wraps that can fit
calves of up to 28.5 inches. With this, no need to worry about your thin or wide calves. A combination of flexible wraps and adjustable massage intensity makes the massager fit for the entire family.

Pros Cons
  • It comes with a 24-month warranty.
  • Convenient for people of different ages and professions.
  • Comes with a user manual.
  • Not suitable for pregnant women and individuals with extreme health conditions.

2. Compression Leg and Foot Massager with Heat – Calf Air Massager for Circulation


Compression Leg and Foot Massager with Heat - Calf Air Massager for Circulation - Massage for Arm, Leg, Calf - Support Calves Foot Pain, Pregnancy - Relax Gifts for Women,Men,Mom,Dad

Most individuals whose profession involves standing and moving around make uncountable visits to a spa for a foot massage. Foot spas consume the remaining part of their day to the extent of getting home late. Why strain while this massager from MagicMakers has simplified everything for you?


3*3 airbags: These presses your legs, giving them a magical relief enabled by the optional heat function. With this, you experience improved circulation at any time of the day, no matter the season. People with swollen legs can highly enjoy the device since it supplies fresh blood to the aching parts.

Engineered relaxation: The incredible massager is programmed with three massage modes and intensity that gives its user the power to choose, depending on their pain. The 7-massage techniques offer you all-round leg massage and improve body health.

Comfort: Besides the airbags and the heat function, MagicMakers programmed the compression machine to stop after 20 minutes of service. With this, no need to rush to the off button. However, you can restart the massager if your needs are not met.

Pros Cons
  • Medics use the compression machine to prevent blood clotting after a medical procedure.
  • The remote control makes it easy to operate.
  • Can only serve individuals of up to calf-size 24 inches.


3. QUINEAR Leg Massager with Heat Air Compression Massage

QUINEAR Leg Massager with Heat Air Compression Massage for Foot & Calf Helpful for Circulation and Muscles Relaxation

Save time and money you spend in the spa by acquiring this modern, stylish, and comfortable leg massager from Quinear designers. The wrap-around compressor relief pain and stresses from your entire leg at the comfort of your sofa.


2*2 airbags: These presses your over-stressed muscles gently, relieving pain in minutes. Their massage prowess is enhanced by its peculiar settings that knead painful tissues, reducing fatigue, and improving blood circulation.

Heat function: Quinear designed the modish massager with a 2-level heating function that soothes your legs like a royal prince. Also, it can warm your legs on a chilly day and improve body health.

Selectable settings: The compressor is programmed with three massage modes and intensities that enable the user to customize their massage pressure. In this, you will only need to weigh your needs and set the handheld controller.

Adjustable wraps: The compressor wraps borrow the Velcro design that simplifies size adjustability without compromising its style. Also, it comes with two extra-extenders that make it fit individuals of calf-size 28.5 inches.

Pros Cons
  • It comes with a travel or storage bag.
  • The sleeve cloth is removable and cleanable.
  • You can customize all its settings for your comfort.
  • Beginners may experience after-massage soreness, if they use the maximum heat.


4. Polar Products Active Ice 3.0 Knee & Joint Cold Therapy System with Digital Timer Includes Knee Bladder, 9 Quart Cooler

Polar Products Active Ice 3.0 Knee & Joint Cold Therapy System with Digital Timer Includes Knee Bladder, 9 Quart Cooler

Do you visit your therapist regularly for your knee? Are you confused about the lymphedema pump to acquire for home treatment? Polar products have introduced a compressor machine that transforms your restroom into a cozy spa.


Programmable timer: The digital timer helps the user control the machine operation, depending on your physician’s recommendation. With this, you cannot miss the consistency of your treatment or worry about switching on and off. You will only set the intensity combination and rest while the compressor does its magic.

Versatility: The compressor is fitted with a rectangular bladder that can fit in any body-part. This is enhanced by its Velcro straps that stretch to reach the ailing part.

Pump durability: Polar designers installed the system with a strong brushless pump that simultaneously supplies iced water to both bladders. The pump operates silently, allowing the user to sleep or read while administering their treatment; this assures the buyer quality service for long.

Portable: The 5.5 pounds machine is relatively light for any user. Also, it’s fitted with a comfortable top handle for lifting. With this, you can enjoy your massage in your compound, office, at the park, and everywhere you go.

Easy to use: You will only need to add iced water in its reservoir (2-3 times) and enjoy its refreshment throughout the day.

Pros Cons
  • Its reservoir can hold enough iced water, therefore, no hustles of adding more after minutes.
  • It comes with quart 9 and 15 digital timers..


5.Rapid Reboot Recovery System: Compression Boots, Pump, and Case.

Rapid Reboot Recovery System: Compression Boots, Pump, and Case. Sequential, Dynamic air Compression for Massage Therapy, Improved Circulation and Faster Recovery for Every Athlete (X-Short)

Are you an athlete looking for a perfect leg compressor? Rapid Reboot has introduced amazing compression boots that may relieve your muscles, leaving you energized.


Adjustable settings: The incredible massagers are reinforced with ten customizable settings whereby the two compression modes allow the user to select their massage pressure depending on their needs. It also features three session options, an indicator, and a specialized deactivate button that allows you to control your desired intensity. With this, you can restore your relaxed body in minutes.

Universal: Compared to other massagers that treat specific muscles, compression boots come with attachments that can be used on your shoulders, legs, back, torso, and arms. This releases muscle tension and rejuvenates your lymphatic functions, enhancing performance each day.

Rib-stop fabric: This is fitted on each attachment for inward compression and comfort. With this, the treatment penetrates robustly and deeply, offering the athlete instant relief.

Pros Cons
  • You can use it in a single, double, or complete attachment package.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty.
  • Comes with a travel case.
  • Putting on the leg attachments may be challenging, if you didn’t go through the manual.


6. Leg Massager for Circulation – Foot and Calf Massager Air Compression Leg and Thigh Wraps

Leg Massager for Circulation - Foot and Calf Massager Air Compression Leg and Thigh Wraps Massage Boots Machine for Home Use Relaxation with Controller

If you are looking for a perfect compression machine that covers your foot, calf, and thigh? Check out for this comfortable massager from InvoSpa. Its design, operation, and satisfaction will save you the time and resources you may spend in the spa.


Versatility: The prestigious massager has adjustable straps with extensions that can fit individuals with a calf-size of up to 26 inches. Interestingly, its leg wraps are also adjustable for any leg-size and intensity.

Massage settings: InvoSpa designed the compressor with three modes, each with three massage plans and intensity levels. This gives the user the freedom to select their preferred pressure setting depending on their muscle needs.

Operation: The amazing machine is controlled by a handheld remote powered from a 12V/1A supply. With this, you can easily navigate through the settings for the best massage Service. Also, it’s automated to switch off instantly after 15 minutes of continuous use, enhancing safety. On the other hand, it uses cyclical air compression for all-round foot, calf, and thigh treatment. This relieves fatigue, slims legs, and improves body circulation.

Pros Cons
  • It comes with a carrying bag.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Does not have a heat function.


7. Amzdeal Leg Massager for Circulation Calf Massager with Heating Function

Amzdeal Leg Massager for Circulation Calf Massager with Heating Function, Suitable for Legs, Arms, Feet, Home & Office Use

Are you contemplating on the best gift to give your mom, dad, or even your partner? Amzdeal heat-enabled leg massager is a sure bet. Its service emulates that of your favorite therapist-tender, soothing, and all-round.


Heat function: Amzdeal installed the machine with two heating modes whereby 131 degrees is the high-temperature mode (red)and 113 degrees low mode (green.) This ensures that you select the perfect heat mode, depending on your muscle needs.

Intensity setting: The soft fabric compressor has three intensity levels (minimum, medium, and maximum) that ensure that you enjoy the massage experience. Beginners are encouraged to start with the low intensity and graduate to higher levels as they get used to it.

Automatic shutdown: Leg massage has a soothing effect that makes one fall asleep. Interestingly, the automatic stop design of this massager erases these worries by switching off after 15 minutes. This protects your legs and improves the life expectancy of the wonderful machine. However, you can restart it if not satisfied.

Adjustable wraps: This compression machine features a Velcro design that enables the adjustment of the leg wraps to up to 26.3 inches. When operating, it relieves the pain tenderly, enhancing improved blood circulation to the arm, legs, and feet.

Pros Cons
  • Wrap adjustment makes the massager flexible for family use.
  • The handheld remote enables the smooth operation of the compression machine.
  • The heat function guarantees instant healing..
  • First-time users may feel some soreness after massage.


8. RENPHO Rechargeable Leg Massager for Circulation

RENPHO Rechargeable Leg Massager for Circulation, Calf Massager Machine with PU Leather, Over Size Wrap Boots for Leg, Foot, Calf, Thigh, Muscles Pain Relief, Home Use, Gift for Dad

Grab this portable leg massager and keep your legs refreshed throughout the day. You can use it on your calves, thigh, and feet. Its simple design makes it easy to operate.


Rechargeable: Renpho designed the compression massager with an inbuilt battery that can last for hours when fully charged. With this, no need to charge while using.

Portable: The rechargeable massager comes with a storage/carrying bag that allows you to use it at home or even travel with it. With this, your thighs and feet will remain energized the entire day.

Versatility: The 15-minutes relaxer is fitted with Velcro straps that allow the adjustment of leg-size to up to 29.1 inches and the calves to any size. These wraps are made from PU leather for its strength and comfort. However, it’s advisable to leave a four-finger gap while wearing to make it less tight.

Massage settings: Renpho programmed this compression massager with three massage modes and intensities. This allows the user to customize their desired massage intensity with the use of a handheld controller.

Pros Cons
  • PU leather wrap is cleanable.
  • It’s easy to navigate the massage setting using the remote control.
  • Thirty minutes of massage is enough for the day. With this, no need to carry along the charger as the machine can go for days without charging.
  • Expectant women and people with medical conditions should consult their doctors before using it.
  • Its tight-leave a four-finger gap.


9. FIT KING Leg Massager for Circulation Calf Massager with Heat 3 Modes 3 Intensities

FIT KING Leg Massager for Circulation Calf Massager with Heat 3 Modes 3 Intensities

Are you looking for a lymphedema pump that will offer optimum massage experience to your calves, arm, and feet? Check whether this leg massager from Fit King will impress you. Despite it being simple, it offers vigorous intensities that deeply penetrate the muscles, relieving pain.


2*2 airbags: These are programmed with unique settings that replicate muscle kneading and stroking for instant relief. The airbags press the fatigued parts gently, mimicking the robotic hands of your therapist.

Heat function: This relaxer has two heat settings that serve you according to your muscle needs. The heat therapy can be felt on your calves and legs, promoting blood circulation and imposing instant healing in the targeted areas.

Massage settings: The Fit King design is programmed with three modes and intensities that allow you to customize your desired massage pressure. This is simplified by the use of a portable handheld controller that comes with the calf massager. Similarly, it automatically stops after 20 minutes of continuous use. This means that you can comfortably sleep during the session. Also, you can restart it in case your calves need more.

Flexibility: The beautiful massager has Velcro straps that allow size adjustment. This means that almost all family members can enjoy their relaxation magic.

Pros Cons
  • It comes with a carrying mesh bag.
  • The cover wraps are removable and cleanable.


10. ComfySure Arm and Leg Massager with Calf Compression Wrap

ComfySure Arm and Leg Massager with Calf Compression Wrap - FDA Cleared, Boosts Circulation, 2 Modes, 3 Intensities - Muscle Relaxer in Legs, Forearm for DVT Blood Clots, Edema & Diabetes

Is your office schedule affecting the precious time you spent in the spa? Are you contemplating about the compression massager to purchase for home treatment? ComfySure have introduced a product you may love. It delivers optimal massage on your arms, legs, and calves.


Two airbags: These knead the muscle robotically, simulating a magnetic feel that you live to enjoy. With this, the massaged areas will experience improved blood circulation, and that’s why it’s recommendable to patients of diabetes, DVT, varicose veins, and other leg conditions.

Massage settings: The FDA cleared relaxer has two selectable modes and three intensity settings, giving you the freedom to choose the best combination depending on your muscle needs. This can be achieved with the use of a handheld controller packaged alongside it.

Rechargeable battery: ComfySure designed the compression massager with a rechargeable battery regardless of its competitors installing power plugs. The battery is small-sized and lightweight, therefore; perfect for outdoor use. Moreover, it has a charge time of around 3 hours and lasts up to 2 hours. This means that you can carry along your massager everywhere and charge when at home.

Versatility: The circulation leg massager can be used both for mild pain and extreme ones. It has Velcro straps that alter the wrap depending on the part shape and size. Also, experts can use it like a sequential compressor, DVT, intermittent pneumatic compressor, or a lymphedema pump, depending on the patient’s needs.

Pros Cons
  • It’s portable.
  • PU leather is cleanable.
  • Boosts blood circulation.
  • Not perfect for expectant women and people experiencing some health conditions. Therefore, consult your doctor before using.


Rapid Reboot Recovery System Reviewed

Rapid Reboot Recovery System: Compression Boots, Pump, and Case. Sequential, Dynamic air Compression for Massage Therapy, Improved Circulation and Faster Recovery for Every Athlete (Short)


symptoms of leg pain

Physical pain can occur due to a lot of several reasons. We experience pain at every moment in life. These could range from the pain the joints or pain due to injury. Pain could also be caused due to certain medical conditions.

It is an indication sent to you by your brains, telling you that a particular place in your body needs urgent medical attention before it is late. Therefore, when you experience pain, you know that you need to take great care of it.

Pain could be mild or severe. There are some body parts where the pain comes and goes in intervals while certain body parts experience pain throughout, depending on what the source of pain actually is.

Here, we shall tell you all you need to know about leg pain and leg pain symptoms.

You would also get to know what causes this pain and how you could treat it well. So sit back and read through the articles to find out things you never probably knew.

What is leg pain?

When we refer to leg pain, it would obviously mean pain in the leg. But this pain in the leg can vary from mild pain to severe pain.

The pain could occur in several forms as well, such as simple aching sensation or numbness of the leg or even throbbing or searing as if someone is piercing needles into your calves, knees, or thighs.

These sensations together constitute what is known as leg pain. It can be caused due to a lot of different factors which we would tell you in detail later on.

In most of the cases, your back is examined to find out the source of your leg pain symptoms. Untreated leg pain could prove to be very risky; therefore, doctors do not take any such risk.

Leg pain symptoms

Leg pain symptoms are of several kinds. These are indications that tell you whether you could have leg pain or not. These usually include burning pain, numbness of the leg, the heaviness of the foot, constant pain as well as positional leg pain.

Leg pain symptoms of pregnancy and leg pain symptoms of children would not be the same. It varies from person to person or rather from one situation to another. Leg pain blood clot symptoms would also be different depending on the injury.

Most commonly, you would experience a tingling sensation or growing pain, which would certainly mean you are suffering from leg pain. This can also be cured using a foot massager.

The causes:

These leg pains occur in various places of your feet, ranging from the calf, toes, ankles, groins, etc. But to be honest, to establish a particular reason why it occurs is rather difficult. It is du rot various causes.

Some of them are as follows:

Spondylolisthesis- it occurs when the vertebra in the spinal portions of the body slides forward, lapsing the next lower vertebra comprising the structure of the spinal segment and also the flexible and stable nature.

This instability causes a tinge or pinches in the nerve, and this, as a result, is what causes leg pain as well as what causes leg pain at night.

Lumbar degenerative disc disorder– with time as we age, our intervertebral discs sort of lose water and become dry. This makes it lose its flexibility and allowance of small movements. As a result, it is what causes leg cramps.

Some of the prime symptoms of the lumbar degenerative disc are leg ache, foot ache, lower backache, etc. This is what causes leg pain in both legs, what causes leg cramps, what causes leg pain and weakness, and especially what causes leg pain at night.

Apart from these, there are certainly other reasons for what causes leg pain. They are:

Neurological reasons:

  • Neuropathy
  • Restless leg syndrome is what causes leg pain in children.
  • Trapped Nerves
  • Sciatic nerve ache or disorder.

Musculoskeletal reasons:

  • Arthritis is one of the prime reasons for what causes leg cramps, what causes leg cramps, and also what causes leg pain in both legs, etc.
  • Muscle ligament or tendon strains, usually associated with sportspersons.
  • Stress fractures.
  • Medial tibial stress oriented syndrome.
  • Night muscle tightening or cramps.

Vascular reasons:

Blood clotting or deep vein thrombosis. Peripheral arterial disorders. PAD is one of the chief reasons what causes leg pain in diabetics! This occurs when then the arteries in the extremities (hands and legs) are damaged and plagued.

The blood cannot circulate properly through the artery, and this, as a result, is what leads to the numbness, cramping sensation in the feet and arms, and also causing intermittent claudication. Thus this is what causes leg pain in diabetics!

Menstrual pain reasons:

Apart from all the above-mentioned reasons and causes, there is one more, which is equally important, and that is the menstrual pain. In fact, what causes leg pain during menstruation? This is another question which many ladies ask their doctors. To know just read the following:

According to research, women who get periods at a very early age are prone to such cramps. Also, a woman who is obese or overweight is also what causes leg pain before the period.

Another reason what causes leg pain during menstruation is over smoking and consumption of alcohol. Yes, folks, this is another reason for leg cramps!

An Overview About Poor Circulation In Legs

We all are aware that our body circulatory system is responsible for circulating blood, nutrients, and oxygen all over the body. This circulation enables the proper functioning of our body organs, but if that circulation is somewhat lessened to a particular portion of the body.

The functionality of that body part is reduced, and as a result, poor circulation in legs and arms is visible. Another thing, it takes place mainly in organs such as the legs and the arms.

Poor Circulation in Legs

An interesting fact is that this poor circulation is not a condition in itself; it, in other words, results from various other health hazards.

Some of the hazards in which poor circulation are diabetes, obesity, arterial problems, and heart issues, etc. The poor circulation in leg causes are mainly:


The general feeling or observation that diabetes affects only sugar is completely a misconception. It can adversely affect other portions of the body too.

Poor circulation in legs and arms, resulting due to diabetes can cause strain in the legs and cramping up of the calves, thighs, and buttocks.

People who are cursed with advanced diabetes have a difficult time finding out the signs of poor circulation because the diabetic neuropathy enables a reduction in the sensations of the extremities (legs and arms).


Having excess weight is also another cause of poor circulation in legs and arms. The overweight puts lots of load on the body, and also standing and sitting for hours can result in poor circulation.

This can also increase the chances of varicose veins and problems in the blood vessels.

Peripheral Artery Disease:

Peripheral artery disease also can cause poor circulation in legs and arms as it is a circulatory issue that causes a reduction of the arteries and blood vessels.

Over a span, this reduced blood flow will lead to sensations such as numbness, tingling, etc. PAD is most common in people over 50, but it can also happen to young people, especially smokers who are prone to this.

Signs of poor circulation in the legs are:

  • Tingling
  • Muscle cramps.
  • Pain in the entire legs or arms.
  • Stinging and needle-like pain in the limbs.
  • Lack of stamina
  • A headache


To improve the flow of poor circulation in legs and feet and also arms, one needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Poor circulation in leg treatment includes regular exercise, jogging, stretching, giving up smoking habits, or for that matter, any other forms of addiction such as over-consumption of tea and coffee and also alcohol.

Have a proper dose of sleep and try and eat healthy and diet-friendly food, which assists in maintaining body weight. Hydrotherapy is another poor circulation in legs remedy, which assists in improving bold circulation.

Apart from all this, some other poor circulation in leg treatment or poor circulation in legs remedy includes usages of herbs such as garlic, ginkgo, ginger, Biloba, cayenne, etc. these herbs are very good in improving poor circulation in legs and feet and also arms.

Also, try and take warm baths or apply ointments, which provide cold and warm sensation, especially in improving poor circulation in legs at night.

What Causes Restless Leg Syndrome And How To Treat It?

The restless leg syndrome is an uncomfortable sensation in the legs, which causes an urge to move the leg to relieve the leg from the sensation.

This sensation varies in different types and also often gets serious. This sensation is stronger during the night and in the evening while you are relaxing or sleeping. So, you may think about what causes restless leg syndrome? There are a few factors that are involved.

What causes restless leg syndrome

Restless Legs Syndrome

Causes for the restless leg syndrome
Some of the major causes of the restless legs syndrome are –

Deficiency in iron. It is very much important to intake good quantity iron every day. It is one of the important minerals needed by our body. Often due to the lack of that, this restless legs syndrome or RLS occurs.

Often high dose medications like anti-nausea, antidepressants, and allergy and cold medications can worsen the symptoms.

So, it is highly recommendable that before any kind of medication, consult the doctor. This is one of the major reasons what causes restless leg syndrome in adults. During pregnancy, women often face this RLS problem. This remains unless and until the delivery is done.

After delivery, usually, the symptoms go away within a month or so. So if you are thinking about what causes restless leg syndrome during pregnancy, it is quite common for them and doesn’t have to panic regarding these things.

The nervous system can also lead to RLS. Often the problem in nerves can make people feel all these sensations. Sleeping pattern problems or even intake of alcohol and smoking can be a major problem for this.

If you don’t correct your sleeping pattern or don’t maintain a fixed pattern, it can get worse. Sleeping pattern is one of the main reasons what causes restless leg syndrome in children.

There is no usual method to diagnosis this RLS problem, but a physician or doctor may recommend you for a blood test in order to know further details about this.

Who gets this?

This restless leg syndrome is quite common in everyone. Both men and women are affected by this.

Mainly the middle-aged persons or the older ones face this. You can consult the doctor if you are going through the symptoms. He or she can definitely help you, and once diagnosed, it can be treated successfully as well.

This generally varies in different situations, and often it is mild or even can be intolerable. At night it gets worse, and in the morning, it is not so severe.

Some weird sensations like itchy, needles, and pins are poked can be felt. This causes a strong urge to move the legs. The doctors can answer well to the question – what causes restless leg syndrome.

Tips to cure

Here are some tips for you, which can help you to cure this RLS, which causes a lot of pain in your legs.

A proper sleeping pattern is very much essential and makes sure that your entire body is getting the relaxation. If you are a smoker or an alcoholic, then it is better to quit them.

They never do any good to a human being. Include some food which is rich in iron in your regular diet. This is essential for what causes restless leg syndrome home remedies.

Proper eating and sleeping, along with proper and regular exercises, are very much necessary. Leading a healthy lifestyle is always better, and thus, you have to make sure that you are doing all these to cure the restless leg syndrome naturally.

First, you to know what causes restless leg syndrome in you to know how to stop restless leg syndrome and then work on that particular thing.

The 10 Best Handheld massagers (2021 Reviews)

handheld massager No matter what level of physical activity you participate in, just about everybody can benefit from the use of a handheld massager.

Handheld massagers work by delivering the proper amount of pressure and vibration to the tense, tight or sore muscles in your body.

The most common areas that need to be massaged are generally the back, neck, and shoulders.

What I would like to discuss today is a few of the benefits and reasons to think about buying a handheld massager for personal use.

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Best handheld massager consumer reports

1. Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager - Handheld Therapy with Variable Intensity to Relieve Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulders, Muscles & Legs for Arthritis, Sports, Plantar Fasciitis & Tendinitis


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

2. LuLu 7+ Upgraded Personal Wand Massager with Memory

LuLu 7+ Upgraded Personal Wand Massager with Memory - Premium with 5 Speeds 20 Patterns - Cordless Powerful and Handheld - USB Rechargeable for Back and Neck Relief - Black


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .


3. MIGHTY BLISS™ Deep Tissue Back and Body Massager {Cordless} Electric Handheld Percussion Muscle Hand Massager

MIGHTY BLISS™ Deep Tissue Back and Body Massager {Cordless} Electric Handheld Percussion Muscle Hand Massager - Full Body Pain Relief Vibrating Therapy Massage Machine, Neck, Shoulder, Leg, Foot


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .


4. Upgraded Powerful Viberate Massager with 20 Magic Vibration Modes

Upgraded Powerful Viberate Massager with 20 Magic Vibration Modes, Whisper Quiet, Waterproof, Handheld, Cordless for Neck Shoulder Back Body Massage, Sports Recovery & Muscle Aches - Purple Mini


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

Top Rated Massage Guns

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5. Massage Gun, Handheld Deep Muscle Massager

Massage Gun,Handheld Deep Muscle Massager,Cordless Vibration Massage Device Helps Relieve Muscle Soreness and Stiffness (Silver)


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .


6. HoMedics Quatro Mini Hand-Held Massager with Hand Grip, Battery Operated

HoMedics Quatro Mini Hand-Held Massager with Hand Grip, Battery Operated (Color May Vary)


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

Handheld Back Massagers

[amazon box=”B01MQ0Y25Z, B07G84P94Q, B07GJY3J5B” grid=”3″]

7. Massage Gun, RENPHO Deep Tissue Muscle Massager

Massage Gun, RENPHO Deep Tissue Muscle Massager, Powerful Percussion Massager Handheld with Portable Case for Home Gym Workouts Equipment, Back Neck Shoulder Soreness Stiffness Knots Tension Relief


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

8. Wand Massager for Women, 8 Powerful Speeds 20 Vibration Modes

Wand Massager for Women, 8 Powerful Speeds 20 Vibration Modes, Portable Personal Rechargeable Massager, Handheld Cordless Waterproof Massager Therapy Back Neck Muscle Aches Sports Recovery, Quiet


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

9. HoMedics Ribbit Handheld Mini Massager

HoMedics Ribbit Handheld Mini Massager | Vibration Massage, Illuminated Feet, Battery Operated, Assorted Colors | Lightweight, Muscle Kneading for Back, Shoulders, Feet, Legs, & Neck


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

10. Pulse Fx Powerful Rotating Percussion Massage Gun

Pulse Fx Powerful Rotating Percussion Massage Gun - Deep Tissue Muscle Massager for Percussive Therapy, Pain Relief & Enhanced Recovery for Athletes - Charging Dock, 4 Attachments & 3 Speeds (Black)


Pros Cons
  • .
  • .

The Benefits of a Handheld Massager

Reason One: Natural Reduction of Aches and Pains

One of the things that can (and will) cause an increase in pain is engaging in repetitive activities throughout your day. Something as simple as sitting and working in front of a computer at work or home can really put a lot of strain on your neck, shoulders, and back.

If you have a more physically demanding job, standing and being physically active throughout your day will also cause a lot of strain… which leads to pain in your upper body and legs.

A hand-held back massager will assist you in fighting the various strains, aches, and pains naturally, which is quite an advantage over taking pain medications. The problem with taking painkillers is that they fight the symptoms, but not the cause.

A massager helps to relieve the pain by working right into your sore muscles and relaxing them.

Reason Two: Stress Reduction

We all know how a good massage helps relieve the stress of our daily lives. Although most people are unaware of it, stress affects all of our lives. Stress can make it hard to concentrate.

This difficulty concentrating can lead to making you less productive at work and home and can also drain your energy.

One of the other main problems with having high-stress levels is that it causes your body to release a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol has been said to increase your level of body fat.

Reason Three: Helping You Make Exercise More Effective

If you work out on a regular basis, then taking advantage of a handheld back massager is a great idea. When working out, flexibility is just about as important to your fitness as stamina and strength. Using a personal massager on your muscles helps them become more flexible and loose.

Increasing your flexibility increases your range of motion. This increased range of motion can help you work out more effectively. When you add regular massage to your routine of stretching, you can improve your physical performance.

Another added benefit of massage when exercising is that having your muscles lose will greatly reduce the chances of physical injury.

Reason Four: Hand Held Back Massager Portability

Let’s not forget what is probably the best reason for purchasing a hand-held back massager… you can bring it just about anywhere! Due to their portable size, personal massagers can easily be used while watching television in your bedroom, packed for vacations or even brought to work with you. This will allow you to relax no matter where you are.

Importance and Accuracy of Back Massagers Hand Held Reviews

Advertisements, product campaigns, and product demonstrations are important for customers to be able to see if the product is up to their standards.

However, this information dissemination and marketing strategies are often limited to a city or country, especially if the product is not like the high-tech products that are circulating in the international market.

This is why back massagers hand-held reviews are important in promoting the product and keeping long distance customers well-informed about it.

For a lot of cross-border customers, reviews are the only means that they can get as close to a product, as being able to actually hold it and see it with their own eyes.

Importance of Back Massagers Reviews

Reviews for the “best back massagers handheld” serve as a basis for potential customers when they decide on what brand and/or model to purchase. There are essential components in reviews that customers take into consideration:

1. Product Rating – this is often delivered in star points, often at a five out of five maximum rating.

This visual representation of the competence and quality of the product is very effective and memorable to most people. Often, people will simply look at the star grades on the products and narrow down their choices based on these summarized reviews.

2. Customer Reaction – there is no better gauge of how good a product is than determining the overall tone of customers’ reactions and comments about it.

People who provide this information have the first-hand experience on the product and are therefore in the best position to say exactly how the item fares.

As paying customers who know that what they say can possibly influence other customers as well, their comments are largely unbiased and many are driven to give genuine and sound advice to others.

Back massagers are no different from all the other products that are being reviewed day in and day out.

The accuracy of Back Massagers Reviews

There are well-known sites that are purely dedicated to reviewing home and wellness devices, including hand-held massagers. You can easily tell if a reviewer and website are both credible in their judgments.

– These websites should have reviewed a ton of other products already.
– Pictures or diagrams accompany the detailed descriptions of each massager reviewed.
– The tone of voice is in the first person (this also implies that the reviewer has held the massager in his/her hands and has tried it out)
– It invites other readers to post their agreements and/or disagreements regarding the reviews.

It is natural to find contradictory points among reviews since not everyone will have exactly the same reactions about any product. However, the most important thing is that the back massagers handheld reviews you refer to are generally similar in their overall tone and that they are provided by credible reviewers and real customers.

Safety Tips for Electric Hand Held Back Massagers

Any gadget run by electricity requires careful handling and proper usage. Even the simplest electric devices may cause physical harm.

No matter how small or large that potential for harm may be, it is always best not to take chances and practice the recommended safety precautions for such devices.

Such is the case of electric hand-held back massagers. These portable devices for self-massage are generally safe and are manufactured with the highest safety precautions, but nothing is foolproof.

Whether by design flaws or careless handling, there are still many possibilities for accidents. However, you can avoid them all with the right preventive measures.

How to Prevent Accidents

  • It is SOP for any electrical device, appliance or gadget to be stored in dry places. They must be kept away from moisture. Place them in a separate drawer or any dry storage space.
  • If you are planning to store the massager together with other wired electrical appliances, be sure to loop the wires and tie them neatly. A lot of accidents, some leading to fires, occur when wires short circuit because of breaks in the wires. This can happen when we tug around wires and untangle them from other objects.
  • Never leave the massager plugged when not in use.
  • Be alert and watch out for burning smells when using the electric massager, especially if you amp up the massage settings.
  • Read the instruction manual of the massager carefully. A high-quality massager should come with an informative manual that will also direct you about how to operate, clean and properly store the device.
  • Once there are signs of wire damage, have it replaced immediately; and if there are already signs of deterioration, dispose of the device properly.

Safe and Proper Use of Electric Massagers

  • Do not immediately use the highest massage settings of your electric massager. Let your body acclimate to it properly, especially if it is a new model. Start with the lowest settings first, then slowly upgrade if you like.
  • It is safest to consult a doctor first if you intend to use the massager on recurring pains in the body, like migraines and neck pains. If there is an underlying complication, using the electric massager could worsen the situation instead of remedying it.
  • Be very careful in massaging areas near the carotid artery and lateral neck area. To be safe, do not use electric massagers on your neck at all.
  • Pregnant women in their first trimester should not use electric back massagers. Shallow massages should suffice to ease their back pains. According to medical advice, only women who are well past their 36thweek of pregnancy can be subject to any form of professional massages.
  • Using a massager more than twice a day for more than 20 minutes can cause more pain and muscle injury.

These are simple tips that let you enjoy the pleasures of an electric hand-held back massager without any worry.

A Rundown of the Best Back Massagers

As inevitable as it is to experience back pains once, in a while, the demand for portable devices that can provide the needy public with immediate, satisfying and affordable option is also pretty high.

Back pains are not only limited to people who spend their days on their feet or bent over due to labor-intensive work.

Employees in the corporate world also have their fair share of back pains; and in this oneness of need, we are lucky that there are many kinds of physical therapy devices to choose from.

Here is a list of some of the “best back massagers handheld” available in the market:

Jeanie Rub Massager

This is an electric back massager that is designed to deeply penetrate the skin and ease out the kinks in the underlying tissues and muscles.

It boasts of cushioned vinyl pads with an oscillating mechanism that naturally massages the muscles.

Having started back in 1966, it is now known as one of the most practical and economical back massagers in the market.

Homedics Back Massager

Another well-known brand for portable, personal physical therapy devices, the Homedics back massager is one of the most widely patronized in the market.

It is already established as a high-quality massager: durable and effective in giving users a deep and satisfying massage that relieves pain and relaxes the body.

Orbit Massager

Yet another popular brand for back massage devices, the Orbit massager is very portable and travel-friendly; it can be brought along on trips and tucked in a suitcase full of clothes.

This device uses electric power to run its multi-rotational rollers for an excellent massage.

It also features an unlimited range of motion that enables the user to perform deep reaching personal massages to ease out the tensions in the muscles.

Thumper Back Massager

These massage devices are very economical, although the quality of the product is assured to be uncompromised.

There are five different series to choose from, all catering to different degrees and intensity of massages that are ideal for different persons and situations.

This handheld back massager(known to be a great back massager UK too) is great for personal use.

Maxi Rub Back Massager

This is a mid-range back massager that delivers intense massages brought about by electricity-generated vibrations. There are only two high-intensity speeds to choose from. Users will experience a deep-reaching massage that can definitely reach deep muscle pains. It is very easy to use and requires minimum upkeep.

TheraCane Massager

This portable back massager is known to be very portable and light. This makes it easy to access the areas that are generally far from one’s reach. Its structure allows the user to achieve satisfying massages by applying more pressure on the back massager.

Make your choice among the best handheld back massagers and get a relaxing massage at any time of the day.

Hand Held Back Massagers – Useful Remedy for Back Pains

There is one thing that all working adults will appreciate after spending a hard day at work: a back massage.

Even if they aren’t literally bending and breaking their backs doing manual labor; even if they spend most of the day sitting down on their office chairs while making reports and making headway on their papers, they will all be feeling sore on the back once all the mental and physical stress of the job kicks in.

Back pains are in themselves another source of stress. They are extremely uncomfortable and can diminish a person’s fine mood. Whoever can enjoy a night out with tired muscles and aching shoulders must be very determined for a break indeed.

However, instead of tiring yourself further by getting out of the house and looking for something fun to do, just stay at home and treat yourself with one of those back massagers handheld.

These tools are very useful for keeping the tired and sore muscles at bay. They may not be able to totally cure you of them the same way a very rigorous massage and sufficient rest can, but the relief they provide is often enough to get you through another day.

Back pains

Back pains are caused by overstressed muscles and spinal columns. This is a usual problem for blue-collar laborers because of the physical nature of their work.

Still, corporate workers get them as well, because they spend most of the day stiffly sitting up and not moving around much.

This places a lot of pressure on the base of the spine, which results in soreness that slowly climbs up to the waist and shoulder blades.

…..The solution

This can be countered by electric hand held back massagers. This is a portable physical therapy device that can alleviate back pains. The vibrations, mild electric currents, or massage wheels relieve the tension in the muscles and allows these tissues to relax.

Since you have control over where to direct the device, you can put it directly on the area where you are most sore. Depending on the kind of massager you have, you can increase the intensity of the “massage” by using adjustable controls or by simply pressing down harder on your back muscles. Plus, because these are very portable devices, you can also use them on other areas of the body, such as the arms and legs.

A handy back massager may be electronic or a simple mechanical one that simply assists your hand as you press the sore spots on your back. Whatever kind of massager it is, any working adult can benefit greatly from it. Especially for single people who are living alone, a portable back massager is a perfect solution for your back aches.

How To Give The Best Back Massage

Do you want to help your partner, friend or relative to relax more or help them overcome back pain?

Maybe you yourself are suffering from a knotted back or muscular back pain, and looking to show someone how you wish for your back to be massaged.

It’s very important to understand how to massage the back correctly and learn useful massage techniques and tips to avoid injuring the spine or neck tissues.

These back massage tutorials will show you exactly how to perform the best therapeutic back massage for beginners with no training, as well as those more advanced.

Expert guidance from established professionals will show you exactly how to apply their techniques for you to use at home in a safe manner.

Massager Terminologies

  • Shiatsu massage – is provided by heads that move in a circular, kneading movement as they oscillate back & forth, up & down the back. This eases tension & reduces stiffness.
  • Rolling massage – the head travel up & down the back without circular motion stretching & relaxing back muscles.
  • Spot massage – concentrates the massage on one particular place to ease a specific ache or injury.
  • Vibrational massage – relieves pressure, increases circulation in the thighs & legs.

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The 10 Best Massage Cushions & Pads (2021 Reviews)

massage chair cushion pad Are you looking for a massage cushion that is affordable and truly relieves muscle tension?

If so, massage pads could be your best option. They take the benefits of a massage chair and condense them into smaller cushions.

Some of which, you can take with you to use in the car or at work. Others are best for simply relaxing at home.

Choosing the right massage cushion can work wonders to improve how your body feels.

Although, there are so many on the market that it can be incredibly tough trying to decide which one’s correct for you.

That’s why we’ve carried out research to provide you with a detailed list of the best massage pads. The hard part is done for you.

Simply consider the benefits you want to experience from a massage chair pad and pick out the one below that matches up best.

[amazon box=”B076HWNCP5, B07DRBMDHR, B0798LJDV3″ grid=”3″]

Massage Chair Pad and Cushions reviews for 2019 (Editors Choice)

1. HoMedics, Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion with Heat

HoMedics, Shiatsu XL Massage Cushion with Soothing Heat 2 Back Massage Styles, 4 Massage Nodes, 3 Massage Zones, Spot Massage, Seat Vibration, Programmed Controller, and Integrated Chair Straps

This massage cushion by Ho-medics comes with a variety of different massage styles.

You can experience kneading, rolling, or percussion massages. It’s able to create fast, intense movements, up and down your back.

The spot massage feature lets you highlight specific areas of your back to be massaged.

Furthermore, you can program the controls to let you customize the way the cushion massages you.

We liked how the MCS-750HA also comes equipped with an excellent heat feature.

You can turn this on or off at your convenience, and customers are finding it enhances their relaxation experience.

There is a strapping mechanism that ensures this cushion can fit well onto most chairs. Not to mention, the mesh fabric used works to keep you completely comfortable.

Pros Cons
  • 3 massage styles available
  • Full control and personalized options
  • Heat feature for added relaxation
  • A strapping system to fit with most chairs
  • Breathable mesh materials for comfort.
  • Some people would prefer adjustable features.

2. SNAILAX Vibration Massage Seat Cushion with Heat 6 Vibrating Motors

SNAILAX Vibration Massage Seat Cushion with Heat 6 Vibrating Motors and 3 Therapy Heating Pad, Back Massager, Massage Chair Pad for Home Office Car use

The SNAILAX massage seat cushion has a total of six vibrating massage motors built-in.

These motors work to provide you with a lot of massage options. You can target the thighs, upper back, lower back, and hips.

There are five modes of vibration that you can program to your needs. In addition to this, four varying levels of massage intensity are also on offer too.

Heating pads are incorporated into the design of this cushion. They work to heat up our entire back. This feature is also very safe as it has an overheating prevention mechanism as well as a timer.

So, you can set the timer and the heat will turn off by itself once the timer is up.

We liked how the materials used are extremely comfortable. This is a result of the plush and soft polyester fabrics.

You get to utilize straps that keep the cushion securely in place onto a chair or seat massager too. Since it’s a cushion, you can place it in your car seat. This can help you stay relaxed on long car journeys.

In fact, you could use this cushion anywhere with a seat. People use it to relieve tension from sitting down in the office all day. It can also be used at home when you’re just relaxing in front of the TV.

Pros Cons
  • 6 powerful vibration motors built-in
  • 5 vibration modes & 4 intensities to suit your needs
  • Heating pads & soft materials for ultra-comfort
  • The cushion is great for many settings (car, work, home).
  • .


3. Zyllion Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager Cushion Pad with Soothing Heat Function – Fits Perfectly on Chair

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager Cushion Pad with Soothing Heat Function - High Intensity Massage with 3 Modes - Fits Perfectly on Chair

The Zyllion Shiatsu chair massage pad comes with four massage nodes. These nodes work effectively to massage the neck.

You can even alter their direction and exact placement to target the densest areas of your neck.

These four massage nodes can also be utilized on your back, as well as your neck. There are options to pick between your upper or lower back.

Alternatively, for a more precise massaging experience, you can use the spot system to focus on more specific areas.

With a heating function, you can also benefit from your muscles being soothed by warmer temperatures.

When your muscles are heated, the blood circulation is improved, which can relieve tension. An overheating protection mechanism and an automatic 20-minute timer prevent any potential dangers.

Another one of the fantastic personalized features is the Rolling Massage system. This allows your back to be massaged in an up and down motion.

We appreciated how you’re also able to change the distance between the massage nodes. This is another feature that allows for precise massaging on targeted areas.

This cushion even has a vibration setting. They are especially useful for alleviating tension in the legs. All of these features can be effortlessly altered with the remote control provided.

Pros Cons
  • Unique nodes to massage back and neck with precision
  • Heating feature for comfort
  • Rolling Massage system provides full-motion massage
  • Vibration settings for the legs
  • Easy-to-use control.
  • .


4. Naipo Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat, Adjustable Full Back Kneading Shiatsu

Naipo Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat, Adjustable Full Back Kneading Shiatsu or Rolling Massage Chair Massage Chair Pad for Neck and Back Hip, Relieve Muscle Pain

This Naipo massager seat cushion is equipped with tons of great features to massage your neck and back.

For the neck massages, you can alter the nodes to ensure they target the right areas.

This can be done by using the up and down controls. People are loving this adjustable feature as it means people of all heights can experience the neck massaging benefits.

To utilize the back-massaging features, you have the option to select the different areas.

This includes the upper, lower, or the entire back.

There is a total of eight massage nodes for the back which can roll up and down your entire back, or in the specific areas that you’ve programmed.

In addition to the massage nodes, there are heat and vibration benefits on offer too. The heat function allows you to enjoy soothing warmth to enhance the relaxation experience.

The vibration settings within the seat are great for your hips. You’re able to choose between three different levels of intensity to suit your needs best.

Pros Cons
  • Adjustable massage nodes for accurate back & neck massages
  • Heat feature for further relaxation
  • Vibration settings to relax your hips
  • Targeted massage features available.
  • Fairly heavy.


5. Gideon Luxury Full Back Shiatsu Massaging Cushion with Heat and Vibration

Gideon Luxury Full Back Shiatsu Massaging Cushion with Heat + Vibration/Powerful 3D Deep Kneading + Multiple Vibrating Points at Thighs - Massage, Sooth, Relax and Relieve Aches, Pains and Knots

Gideon’s Luxury Massaging Cushion lets you choose between a total of six programs.

There are four nodes that work to massage your entire back. You can also specify whether you want it to focus on the upper or lower back too.

In addition to the four back massaging nodes, there is also four neck massaging nodes.

We found them to be impressively accurate at targeting the neck and shoulders. You’re able to adjust exactly where you want to neck massage nodes to focus on.

All of the nodes included are 3-dimensional and are made to provide deep kneading massages.

You have the option to select a faster speed to provide a more intense massage.

However, there’s also the choice to use the lower speed settings to experience a more relaxing massage.
Moreover, you also get to incorporate vibration features into your massage.

There are high, medium, and low settings to choose from. This massage cushion enables you to use the vibration setting on its own, or in combination with the massage nodes.

The Roller Massage feature is fantastic for covering larger areas of the back. It provides more of a general massage which can be incredibly relaxing.

Lastly, a therapeutic heat system is built-in this cushion too. It creates warmth to your neck and back which can be used along with the massaging features for relaxation.

Pros Cons
  • 6 customizable massage options
  • 4 adjustable back/neck massage nodes
  • Vibration setting for increased tension relief
  • Therapeutic heat feature for comfort
  • Massage intensity options.
  • .


6. Naipo Back Massager Shiatsu Massage Chair Cushion Electric Seat Pad with Soothing Heat

Naipo Back Massager Shiatsu Massage Chair Cushion Electric Seat Pad with Soothing Heat, Deep Kneading, Rolling, Vibration, Air Compression to Relieve Neck Shoulder Waist Back Pain Customers are loving how this Naipo massager seated cushion pad comes with a neck pillow.

It’s made using incredibly soft materials for a super comfortable experience.

It can also be adjusted to ensure your neck, head, and spine are in a healthy position.

There are four massage nodes included that are made with a 3D design.

They can work to massage your entire back. On the other hand, you can also use the setting to make the target more specific areas of your back.

We also found there to be unique tension-relieving features. One of them being an airbag design feature. They are located around your waist and they apply compression to alleviate fatigue.

Furthermore, you can experience vibration-massages too. Simply turn on the vibration setting and set it to one of the three intensity levels that suit you best. They add an increased element of relaxation.

In addition to the vibration features, you can also benefit from the advanced heat settings included.

They provide you with enough heat to be relaxing, but not enough to cause overheating.

You can use this massager pad pretty much anywhere that has an outlet. This is because it’s equipped within an AC adapter, so it can fit into wall outlets, hassle-free. It’s also easily foldable, meaning you can carry it around and use it wherever you like.

Pros Cons
  • Neck pillow for comfort
  • Massage nodes for deep kneading massage
  • Airbag design for hip tension relief
  • Vibration & heat settings for enhanced relaxation
  • Easy to plug in and use anywhere.
  • .


7. Sable Back Massage Cushion with Heat, Massage Chair Pad, Shiatsu Massagers for Neck and Back

Sable Back Massage Cushion with Heat, Massage Chair Pad, Shiatsu Massagers for Neck and Back, Deep Kneading 3D Rolling and Vibrating Full Back Massager Seat for Home Office Car Use, FDA Approved

This Sable Cushion Pad Massager lets you experience acupressure massage techniques.

There are controls that enable you to easily control these massage features to your needs.

The neck massage nodes can be adjusted to specific heights that suit you best.

The back massages consist of four nodes that provide deeply penetrating massages.

But again, you can use the controls to alter the nodes to massage either your full, lower, or upper back. Alternatively, you can set it to zero in on more specific areas.

You can also experience a total of three vibrational intensities.

These are located on the seat of the cushion which means you can relieve tension in the glutes after sitting down for a long time.

A heating function is also available. It provides a soothing warmth aspect to your massage. You can easily use it along with the massage and vibration settings, or on its own.

We were also impressed by how the durable materials used with this massage pad chair are. They’ve used mesh and PU leather to make the cushion comfortable and breathable.

Pros Cons
  • Targeted massage areas
  • Neck and back massage nodes
  • Vibrational settings to alleviate glute tension
  • The heating system soothes muscles
  • Comfortable and breathable materials.
  • .


8. HoMedics, Shiatsu Elite Pro Massage Cushion With Heat Full Back Kneading Shiatsu or Rolling Massage

HoMedics, Shiatsu Elite Pro Massage Cushion With Heat | Full Back Kneading Shiatsu or Rolling Massage | Optional Heat & Height Adjustment | Programmed Controller & Integrated Strapping System

This HoMedics massage chair pad provides you with a deep kneading massage experience.

It can go up and down your entire back to relieve tense muscles. However, there are also options that let you experience shoulder and neck massages too.

You can easily adjust the height to ensure the massage features can reach the right spots. There are two different types of massage to choose from.

They include deep kneading and rolling. The deep kneading is a deeper tissue massage.

Whereas, the rolling feature is what enables your whole back to be massaged in up and down motions.

Moreover, there are a total of three massage zones. You can either program the cushion to focus on your entire, lower or upper back.

You get an easy-to-use controller that lets you adjust all of these features. We appreciated how this HoMedics massager is integrated with a strapping mechanism. As a result, you can securely attach it to fit most chairs.

Pros Cons
  • Kneading or rolling massages available
  • Three massage zones to a customized experience
  • The strapping system to ensure a good fit on chairs
  • Easy-to-use controller.
  • .


9. Snailax Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat Massage Chair Pad Kneading Back Massager for Home Office Seat use SL-256

Snailax Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat Massage Chair Pad Kneading Back Massager for Home Office Seat use SL-256

People are loving how this Snailax massage cushion pad lets them experience massages with four shiatsu nodes.

There are also three different areas that these nodes can work on. This includes your entire back, as well as the upper and lower back.

The type of massage provided is deep as it uses kneading techniques. We found this to be effective at relieving muscle tension and tiredness.

In addition to the three massage areas, you can also choose to have the nodes target a specific area.

A heat feature can be turned on or off at your convenience. It exposes your muscles to soothing heat for extra relaxation.

Furthermore, you can also experience a vibration function too. This is equipped with three levels of intensities to suit you best. It’s mostly beneficial for your thighs and hips.

These heat settings come with a 15-minute auto-turnoff feature. This is a fantastic safety element that prevents overheating. All of these settings can be easily adjusted by using the remote control provided.

Pros Cons
  • 4 shiatsu nodes for targeted massaging
  • Massage chair heat feature to relax muscles further
  • Vibration setting to improve thigh/hip fatigue
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • .
  • .


10. NURSAL Back and Neck Massager Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion with Heat Function

NURSAL Massage Cushion with Heat & Vibration, Deep Kneading, Pressing & Rolling Back Massager Chair Pad - Upper-Lower Back, Waist, Hips, Pinpoint Precise Spots for Home, Office & Car Use

There are three different ways you can experience a massage with this NURSAL back massager. The first one being a kneading massage.

You could also opt for the Shiatsu massage feature.

It uses eight nodes that work up and down your entire back and neck.

The third option is a hip massage. By using this setting, you’re able to experience a vibrational massage that targets the legs.

All of the massage nodes used are 3-dimensional. As a result, they’re able to provide you with fantastic deep tissue massages.

Furthermore, there’s a heating function available too. By turning this on, you give your muscles a warm sensation which helps them to relax.

We liked how you can use this massager on a chair, or by laying down on it too.
The overall design is very ergonomic too. So, you can be sure that your body will mold into it for an extremely comfortable experience.

Pros Cons
  • Different massage types
  • Vibration features for thighs
  • Heat function to relax muscles
  • Ergonomic design that you can lay on top of.
  • .


Final Thoughts on above Massage chair pads

A massage cushion is an excellent option for people who are sitting down for a large portion of their day. The massage features can relieve the tension in your back, hips, and legs, to ensure you avoid the health problems of prolonged sitting.

Hopefully, our review has given you valuable insights into what some of the best massage pad chairs have to offer. Be sure to consider all the positives and negatives of this massage chair pad reviews guide, Hope it helps you pick the best one for your needs.


The 10 Best Foot Massagers (2021 Reviews)

foot massager Do you want something to soothe and relax your feet? A foot massager is an ultimate solution.

We have the perfect solution…

Do you find yourself on your feet all day at work or have specific medical conditions?

well, then a relaxing massage will go a long way in easing your feet and blood circulation.

The market is filled with different kinds of products that one could ask for, ranging from premium professional foot massagers to manual foot massage machine to help relax your feet.

When the right acupuncture points are triggered, you can have a blissful experience right in the comfort of your own home. It’s easier and comfortable than having to visit a foot reflexology center in person.

Here is our compilation of the top 10 best foot massagers you can find online.
Each one of them has unique product features with great pros and some cons but at the end of the day, it’s your personal preference that matters the most!

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Electric Foot massager Consumer Reviews

1. MedMassager Therapeutic 11 Speed Electric Deep Tissue Foot Calf Massager MMF06

MedMassager Therapeutic 11 Speed Electric Deep Tissue Foot Calf Massager MMF06

The MediMassager is another awesome foot massager on the market. I personally think that it is the best, all things kept in mind. Most importantly, this massager gives you an excellent massage, one you will be satisfied with. The Medi-Rub foot massager will relieve your aching feet in minutes.

This is ultimately known best for its 2-speed heavy-duty motor which increases blood circulation while also activating the various nerves at the end of your feet, preventing aching feet. This is highly recommended for people with poor blood circulation and is most commonly used by diabetic patients.

Additionally, the vibration provided by this massager will not only vibrate your feet but you will also be able to feel the vibration all the way up to your thighs. Medi-Rub has done a brilliant job building this machine by not only making it sturdy but also by not making the motor lag when pressure is applied.

This massager will help you prevent cramps and is designed in such a way that it makes it less awkward to use the machine, allowing the preference of multiple positions. Although it may be a bit more expensive than other massagers it is definitely worth the price and it should last you a long time.

Features & Specifications

  • 11-speed settings {ranges from 1,000 RPMs to 3,700 RPMs}
  • The device is for those suffering from neuropathy and other ailments
  • Its primary function is to provide comfort and circulation through heavy vibration.
Pros Cons
  • Extremely strong vibration
  • Multiple speed settings.
  • Vibration only – no Shiatsu features included
  • No timer settings included.


2. FIT KING Leg Air Massager for Circulation and Relaxation Foot and Calf Massage

FIT KING Leg Air Massager for Circulation and Relaxation Foot and Calf Massage with Handheld Controller 3 Intensities 2 Modes(with 2 Extensions)


FIT KING is a reputed brand known for its high-quality foot massagers. The Sequential Compression device is geared towards people with medical conditions.

It has cleared the FDA certification and is recommended by professionals for a wide range of conditions including lymphatic system function, post-immobilization edema, and if the insufficiency is found in the veins.

While it may sound like a device meant for medical conditions, the product is primarily a compact foot and leg massager. You can switch between four different pressure levels. It also has an auto shut off feature for improved safety and is really useful for people of all age groups.

Pros Cons
  • Certified by FDA and is a proven medical-grade device
  • Works well for people with lymph-edema, edema, and lymphatic issues
  • Comfortable to wear and covers the entire, foot legs for a complete massage
  • Comes bundled with an easy to carry, durable storage bag.

Recommended For

Buyers looking for a compact foot massager can undoubtedly go with the Sequential compression device by FIT KING.
It’s an ideal fit for those looking to have a foot and leg massage equipment.
Designed for users with unique medical conditions.

3. Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager With Deep-Kneading

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager With Deep-Kneading, Multi-Level Settings, And Switchable Heat Charcoal Grey


If you want all the attention on your feet, the Miko Shiatsu foot massage equipment is the one you should go with! Designed with two individual foot compartments, it provides equal pressure around your feet during a massage session. The compact massager comes with remote controls to adjust the heat, massage sensitivity, and other options on each individual foot.

The machine allows you to start at a lower pressure level which you can gradually increase up to the fifth level. It also has an option to switch between gentle relaxing vibrations to deep kneading. You can use it when watching television or even at the office to relax your feet.

The Miko Shiatsu foot massager has a great build quality and has removable cloth covers to maintain the highest level of hygiene.

Miko Massager Video Review


Pros Cons
  • A machine dedicated to foot massage that doesn’t deviate its attention by offering too many features
  • Bundled with wireless remote to easily adjust heat and pressure level
  • Compact and can be placed anywhere
  • Easy to wash, a hygienic option when different users use it.
  • It’s not designed to cover your legs or other areas as larger massagers do.
  • It can cover only up to size 12 feet and may not accommodate wide feet sizes.

Recommended For

  • People who spend a lot of time working on a computer and need a non-intrusive relaxation equipment
  • A massager that’s easy to use and store in the home or office
  • Made for those who are looking for an exquisite massage for their foot area with a remote control to easily change pressure levels

4. Shiatsu Foot Massager Electric Heat Kneading

Shiatsu Foot Massager Electric Heat Kneading Foot Massage Machine with Rolling and Air Compression for Home and Office for Men and Women (Heat/Air compression/Shiatsu can be use Separately)

Marnur Foot Massager uses Shiatsu massaging techniques to relax your feet after a hard day at work and it is one of the most complete massagers available in the market. Equipped with three different levels of intensity to choose from, the device completely covers your feet and offers pressure massage and heat rolling massage options.

The manufacturer claims that it touches the acupuncture points accurately while warming your feet and kneading the right spots. The reviews from users suggest the same making this an ideal, cost-efficient choice for anyone looking to relieve foot ache, joint pain, and feel relaxed.

It heats up the entire foot area, supports three massage modes, and is easy to maintain as you can remove the cover to wash it before using it again.

The Marnur foot massager is also integrated with three different safety measures including one to automatically cut-off after 15 minutes, and over-heat cut-off system, and PTC protection. You can easily find a great deal as it is found to go on sale often and has garnered positive reviews overall.

Pros Cons
  • Completely covers your entire feet and offers both heating system as well as relaxing kneading massage mode
  • Offers three different intensity levels to choose from to suit people of all age groups and with different requirements
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Very hygienic to use and washable cover allows multiple family members to use the same machine.
  • Supports foot size only up to Size 10 and may not fit people with large feet.

Recommended For

  • Office goers and manual workers who need a relaxing foot massage with adjustable intensity levels
  • Touches the acupuncture points that make it an ideal fit for average users but it’s not for people with medical conditions
  • A great choice to invest if you have 3-4 members in your family who like to use it

5. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat - Multi Setting Electric Feet Massager with Deep Kneading Massage Therapy and Air Compression - Delivers Relief for Tired Muscles and Plantar Fasciitis

Belmint Shiatsu foot massager is the best fit if you are looking for a product that offers an array of customizable features. Right from its speed, intensity, or varying pressure levels, everything is customizable using the large, easy-to-access buttons on top. All the functions you need including adjusting heat levels, five different pressure levels, and kneading features can be accessed with one-touch buttons.

The new Belmint massager is also a perfect choice for people with large feet. When you look for the best foot massagers, you might often bump into a dead end with products that don’t support large sizes. This one, however, supports men’s feet with size 13 and by far is the largest.

The independent feet chambers allow you to personalize your massage settings which you can always change when needed and knead your feet in a leisurely manner. The massager doesn’t take care of the top area of your foot which may disappoint some but it’s a wholesome product with great reviews and requires limited maintenance.


Pros Cons
  • Individual foot compartments to provide personalized attention
  • Large buttons that are easily accessible to customize heat and pressure levels
  • Shiatsu styled massage offers maximum comfort
  • Washable foot cover, deep kneading functionality and you can select the most comfortable heat level.

Recommended For

  • If you prefer the highest level of customization, Belmint’s product offers five pressure levels and individual heat settings based on personal comfort
  • Large buttons that are readily accessible
  • Sturdy body and build quality which makes it less portable but more durable in the long run

6. Naipo Foot Massager Calf Foldable Machine

Naipo Foot and Calf Massager Foldable Machine Shiatsu Rolling Tapping and Air Compression Feet Massage with Heat, Leg Beautician Massager

The Naipo Foot Massager is a unique product in the lot as it uses a completely new tapping functionality to massage your feet. You will be in total control of the equipment as it allows users to fully customize between three different tapping patterns, the heat level, and the air pressure to find the most comfortable setting.

An advantage of using the Naipo design is that it completely immerses your feet into comfortable, cushion pockets. You can choose between a rhythmic continuous mode to tap the feet and an intermittent pulse that sends wave-like taps.


Pros Cons
  • Offers both foot and calf massage
  • Large pockets completely immerse your feet and provide overall comfort
  • Unique tapping system with three different modes which is not available in any other product
  • Easy to customize to your individual preference and has great heating levels.
  • Therapists don’t recommend this for people with any ailments or pregnant women as triggering acupuncture points could cause adverse effects.

Recommended For

  • If you want a strong massaging experience combined with an unconventional tapping technology, this is the product to go for
  • It offers sturdy build quality, has high-pressure levels and will suit users who indulge in strenuous manual work

7. Human Touch Reflex4 Targeted Relief Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

Human Touch Reflex4 Targeted Relief Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

Powered by an exclusive figure-eight technology, the Reflex-4 massager is known for its capability to massage both your foot and calf at the same time. While it is equipped with reflexology massaging techniques, the highlight is its capability to improve blood flow from your foot to the upper part of your body.

Most reviews claim it soothes your feet to a satisfying level, has the good build quality and as it covers your entire leg area until the calf region, it is considered to be offering a comprehensive foot reflexology treatment.

Most conventional feet massage machine stops at the foot area while the Reflex-4 happens to go the extra mile. It may not have any significant drawbacks other than being slightly large and for not having heating capabilities for the top area of your feet.

Pros Cons
  • Designed to improve blood circulation and uses exclusive figure-eight technology
  • Soothes your feet, reduces stress and implements best of reflexology methods
  • Easy to clean
  • Covers the entire bottom area of the feet and the calf.

Recommended For

  • People who spend a lot of their work hours standing and need a relaxing massage for their entire leg
  • Improves blood flow and reduces strain which is good for users who just want to rejuvenate their feet without using any Shiatsu or other massaging techniques.

8. uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager 2.0, Red

uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager 2.0, Red

The uComfy Shiatsu foot massager strikes a fine balance between portability and performance. While the sturdy build quality with polished metal frame on top looks as premium as it could get, the foot massager has a strong focus on usability and features.

It is affordable, easy to store, and relies on Shiatsu massaging technique, making it an ideal companion for users looking to get quick relief. Unlike other products, it doesn’t have any fancy features but uses the basic vibration and heating massage systems to relax your sore feet. It

massages both the top and bottom area of your feet. If you expect an easy-to-use feet massage machine with large buttons and simple controls, this is a good choice.

Pros Cons
  • Compact in size and easy to store
  • No complex custom settings to learn
  • Provides both heating and Shiatsu therapy.

Recommended For

  • If you are looking for a hassle-free massaging experience with just the basics done right, the uComfy is an ideal pick
  • Doesn’t need a learning curve as the settings are simple and large buttons are easily accessible
  • People looking for a compact massager that supports Shiatsu therapy.

9. HoMedics FMS-270H Foot Massager

HoMedics, Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat, Deep-Kneading Rotating Heads & Soothing Heat, Large Design, Breathable Fabric & Toe Controls

HoMedics foot massager relieves stress and gives the best massaging experience. Unlike most conventional products, it doesn’t require you to insert your feet into an enclosure as it houses an open design.

Powered with six rotational heads and a whopping 18 massage nodes, HoMedics has got a product that focuses strongly on your heel and the bottom area of your feet. The product should not be used by people with diabetics but works well for everyone else.

You can always move your feet to let the rollers massage specific points and its deep kneading action has received amazing reviews online except for a few caveats that you should take note of.

Pros Cons
  • Then open-design is meant to focus solely on the bottom area of your feet and offers the best kneading experience
  • Mimics Shiatsu massaging effectively and touches all the essential points in your sole.
  • Maintenance-friendly and easy to clean.
  • Quick and easy to use, doesn’t need any complex setup.

Foot Massagers Buying Guide

Prices for different types of foot massagers can range from a few dollars to several hundred or more. The most expensive foot massagers can be recommended by doctors for people that suffer from chronic pain and might be covered under healthcare insurance in some cases.

For people with complicated foot problems, it is recommended that they speak with their doctor before investing in a foot massager and consult their health insurance providers to determine if some or all of the costs might be covered under their health insurance plans.

For a foot massager to be covered, it typically must be included in a prescribed therapeutic regimen ordered under the supervision of a licensed medical doctor.

What are the benefits of foot massagers?

Foot massagers can relieve the foot aches caused by ill-fitted shoes, foot fatigue, and pain caused by muscle, joint, and skeletal diseases. They can also play an important role in reflexology.

Reflexology is an alternative medicine approach that claims that pressure points in the feet are directly linked to the health of other parts of the body. By applying pressure to certain areas of the foot, a whole host of health problems can be alleviated.

For example, massaging the joints of the toes is believed to relieve sinus headaches. Using a foot massager can help people stimulate the pressure points throughout the whole foot in addition to targeting specific areas of the foot to ease the pain in the rest of the body.

Foot Massager Features

Each of the different types of foot massagers can be manufactured to include added features that can increase the comfort and convenience of using the device.

Before purchasing a foot massager model, buyers should think carefully about the specific features they might find most beneficial.

When they have a clear idea of the features that are mandatory for purchase, buyers should check the specifications of each foot massager model they are interested in to be sure a certain feature is included before they begin a foot massager purchase.

Cushion Surface

Both manual and electric foot massagers might include a cushioned surface in the area where users place their feet. Cushioning on a foot massager can allow users greater comfort because it helps the foot massager conform to the shape of a user’s foot.

In some cases, cushioning also creates a non-slip surface on the massager. A foot massager cushion can be manufactured from soft foam or from malleable plastic pads that have been injected with gel.

Multiple Speeds

Electric foot massager models can include multiple speeds so users can customize their massaging experience. Typically offering two or three speeds, multiple speed foot massagers should have a solid base to minimize any shifting while in use.

Before buying a multiple speed foot massager, buyers should check to make sure that a model is designed to include non-slip posts or padding on the bottom to the foot massager to prevent moving when in use.

Convenient Control Options

In the most basic models of electric foot massagers, control options will be located on the body of the foot massager. This forces users to bend down to reach the controls each time a user would like to make an adjustment.

In more sophisticated foot massager models, users are often provided with a remote control to change settings conveniently.

Buyers should check to make sure remote control mechanisms are easy to use before purchasing a foot massager model, particularly if a buyer suffers from joint-related health issues like arthritis.


Heat can be used to relieve aches related to foot pain. For added comfort, some foot massager models include heaters to increase their therapeutic benefits.

Heat options can be combined with a water bath in some foot massager models, while other models include heat features independent of water bath options.

Depending on the foot massager model, heat can be applied only to the bottom of the foot or can include the ability to heat the upper foot and ankle.

Foot massager models that extend their heating options past the bottom of the foot are significantly larger than other models, so buyers should determine before buying if this feature would be beneficial.

Water Jets

To create an invigorating experience, foot massager models can include water jets. These jets can be used to increase blood circulation and relax tight muscles.

Before buying a foot massager with water jet options, buyers should read the model specifications to understand how many jet-speed options are available if they would like a number of options.

Types of Foot Massagers

There are many types of foot massagers of which the following are the most common.

Electric foot massager:

These machines work on the principle of rolling or oscillating. These are powered by electricity and are designed to provide heat and vibration to your feet for complete relaxation of the muscles.

Manual foot massager:

These employ rolling action to massage soft tissues of the foot and are made of natural materials that the user operates manually. The basic model is a tube placed under the feet. The users roll the tube from the heel to the toes for a complete massage. Read more about foot rollers.

Water foot massager:

These are like mini hot tubs for the feet, fitted with bubbling water jet and foot massage options. These are perfect for dry and tired feet.

While the other types of massagers simply massage the feet, these exfoliate your feet with warm water and jet bubbles, thus nourishing your feet.

Handheld Massager:

Perfectly suited for targeted areas. This means you can focus your attention on specific places on your feet. They are easy to carry around and come in small sizes.

Common Features in Modern Massager Machines

Each foot massage machine can have certain features for improving convenience and comfort. The following are some of the basic features provided by modern foot massagers.

  • Cushion Surface: These are generally made of soft foam injected with gel for ensuring comfort during a massage.
  • Multiple speeds: These are provided with non-slip pads and have varying speed options for a customized massaging experience.
  • Convenient control: These are provided either with toe-touch controls when you can control the machine by simply pressing the button with your toes without bending down or when you have a remote control to change settings conveniently.
  • Infra-red heating: Foot massagers are provided with options to heat which can either be applied at the bottom of the foot or can include the ankle and the upper foot for decreasing muscle pains.
  • Water jets: For having refreshing experience foot massagers can also have warm water jets. Water jets improve blood circulation and relax tight muscles.

Advantages of Using a Foot Massager Machine

Foot massage is not only pleasurable but can provide many benefits. Finding the best foot massager can give you relief from the pain of wearing an ill-fitted shoe, the fatigue of the foot, and muscle pains as well.

They can also play a greater role in improving overall health by reflexology when pressure is applied to certain pressure points thus alleviating many health issues. But if you do not have the time to go to a massage parlor, then using foot massagers can be the only option left. Massaging with foot massagers has the following advantages:

  • Improves your blood circulation: Foot massages help to relieve stress and improve blood circulation thus providing more oxygen and nutrition to the cells and also removing wastes and toxins from the body.
  • Healthier feet: Foot massagers massage muscles, reduce stiffness and relieve pain to make your feet healthier. These also bring balance when all the body systems work in harmony to achieving good health.
  • Exfoliation: Massaging with water foot massagers help to exfoliate your skin by strong warm water jets. When the feet are soaked in warm water you have a nice soothing effect that refreshes your feet.
  • Tranquility and relaxation: Massaging the feet helps to relieve stress and anxiety. When the solar plexus point of the feet is pressed, all of your stresses are removed and you live in a tranquil state of mind.
  • Your energy rejuvenates: When the foot is rubbed or massaged with a massager it energizes the body due to the pressure applied to the pressure points of the feet.
  • You enhance your immunity: Massaging with foot massagers also improves the blood flow and relieves stress resulting in relaxation and healing. A regular foot massage with a foot massager helps to protect many diseases.

Reflexology In a Foot and Calf Massager

A very basic understanding of reflexology foot massage is that it is a method in which pressure is applied to specific areas of feet’s soles. So what happens when this is done? Well, with the manipulation of every particular area, a reflex action in other parts of the body is stimulated. So what is the difference between other massages and reflexology foot massage?

Other massages make use of palms, hands, thumbs, knee, and foot, but reflexology massage makes use of hands, fingers along with a wooden stick with lotion and oil. Thus it could be said that reflexology foot massage is one of the healing methods.

Why Use a Reflexology Foot Massager?

As per Chinese medicine, it is around the soles of the feet that the sensory nerves of the internal organs which spread throughout the body are mostly gathered around.

Vital fundamentals to keep in mind with Reflexology Foot Massage

First and foremost try to ensure that you have kept your hands clean along with the nails of your fingers being properly trimmed prior to any kind of massage. It is essential to ensure that the feet are pressed properly or held firmly.

There may be certain areas of feet that may be sore and for such areas ensure that pressure is applied in a gentle way. The best way to do this is by pressing in a way that is gentle but firm.

The process could be started by massaging every nook and crannies which are around the ankles. The remaining foot gets ready for the direct pressure which is part of a reflexology foot massage when all the ligaments, as well as the nerves which run through the ankle, are loosened.

Advantages of Reflexology Foot Massage

With this type of foot massage pain and stiffness could be relieved. Stiffness is caused due to a lot of exercises or when muscles are used for too long.

Reflexology foot massage could be useful in preventing as well as in curing diseases. This includes headaches, asthma, migraine, stress, and so on. Blood circulation could be boosted with the help of this technique. Reflexology foot massage is also helpful in naturally turning the body’s function into its homeostasis.

Where it is useful

It is important for us to understand the areas and the genres on which this reflexology can be used. One important thing to understand here is that if you are injured then this reflexology massage really serves a great purpose in healing that pain.

Reflexology is a therapy that not only alleviates the pain for a short while but also completely decimates it. In modern times, everything has become digitized.

Right from booking the next flight to Disneyland to paying your taxes, everything is just a click away. However, if anything this lifestyle has promoted is an increased level of stress and obesity.

Doctors have quoted this many times that obesity is the breeding ground of many other diseases. However, none of the modern marvels or inventions are good enough to treat stress other than those colorful pills.

But reflexology can easily treat and alleviate your stress levels. Apart from the above mentioned, problems like indigestion, frequent headaches, constipation, and the pain of periods can also be treated by reflexology.

However, some of the practitioners have gone on record saying that reflexology can also treat the pain from chemotherapy. Although, they have also joined in a rider that none of the patients should use only reflexology to treat cancer.

The patients should use their regular drugs but can supplement it with reflexology in order to have some relaxation.

Even those people who were in depression or were chronic pessimists agreed to a fact that after having even a single session of reflexology, they felt way better than before and that reflexology was the best thing that has happened to them over a long time.


Hopefully, we have answered your question ” What is the best foot massager?” by providing you with a brief overview of the top-massagers in the market as well as a detailed comparison chart. In the end, it all boils down to personal preference. One massager that works for one person might not be suitable for another person.

It depends on your needs, your budget, and your preference. So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and grab yourself foot massager and experience a new lifestyle!

Worth Looking At

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The 10 Best Massage Mats (2021 Reviews)

Full body massage mat Do you love the idea of a massage that leaves you feeling incredible? If so, you may be interested in a Massage Mat.

What exactly is a massage mat?

Well, it is a special pad or mat that is made to help massage one or more areas of your body. Mats are made for the back, the feet, the neck, and even other areas.

There are some mats that are made of rubber, some made of silicone, and others are electronic.

The main point of these mats is to help reach stress points in your body, helping to relax the muscles and tissues in the area.

In some cases, you may find that a Massage Mat may not just provide massage, but it may combine heat with it as well.

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Best Massage Mat Reviews 2021

1. Massage Mat with 10 Vibrating Motors and 4 Therapy Heating pad

Massage Mat with 10 Vibrating Motors and 4 Therapy Heating pad Full Body Massager Cushion for Relieving Back Lumbar Leg Pain SL-363 Snailax


Pros Cons
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2. ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back/Neck Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation

ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back/Neck Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation


Pros Cons
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3. Sivan Back and Neck Pain Relief Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Sivan Back and Neck Pain Relief Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set, Chronic Back Pain Treatment - Relieves Your Stress of Lower Upper Back and Sciatic Pain - Green


Pros Cons
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4. SNAILAX Memory Foam Massage Mat with Heat

SNAILAX Memory Foam Massage Mat with Heat, 6 Therapy Heating pad,10 Vibration Motors Massage Mattress Pad, Full Body Massager Cushion Relieve Neck, Back, Waist, Legs Pain SL363M