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The 10 Best Tennis Elbow Braces & Straps (2021 Reviews)

Tennis Elbow Brace Tennis elbow is an injury that occurs to the elbow area during sports or non-sports activities, also known as lateral epicondylitis.

Choosing a good tennis elbow brace for this condition is of the highest priority in order to give your injured elbow the support that it needs as it undergoes the healing process.

The main function of the brace is to provide a certain force or pressure to the forearm muscles so that they do not cause unnecessary pressure on the tendons. Make sure that this is the main thing it does.

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Best Tennis Elbow Brace Reviews 2021

1. Copper Compression Recovery Elbow Sleeve

Copper Compression Recovery Elbow Sleeve - Guaranteed Highest Copper Content Elbow Brace for Tendonitis, Golfers or Tennis Elbow, Arthritis. Elbow Support Arm Sleeves Fit for Men and Women (Large)


2. Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve (Shipped From USA) for Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow Treatment – Reduce Joint Pain During Any Activity

Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve (Shipped From USA) for Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow Treatment - Reduce Joint Pain During Any Activity

3. Venom Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve

Venom Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve - Elastic Support, Tendonitis Pain, Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow, Arthritis, Bursitis, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Golf, Lifting, Sports, Men, Women (XXL)


4. Nordic Lifting Elbow Compression Sleeves (1 Pair) – Support for Tendonitis Prevention & Recovery – 1 Year Warranty

Nordic Lifting Elbow Compression Sleeves (1 Pair) - Support for Tendonitis Prevention & Recovery - 1 Year Warranty

5. Pro Band Sports Bandit Arm Band

Pro Band Sports Bandit Arm Band

6. Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve (1 Pair)

Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve (1 Pair) - Instant Arm Support Elbow Sleeves for Tendonitis, Arthritis, Bursitis, Golfers & Tennis Elbow Brace, Treatment, Workouts, Weightlifting, Pain Relief, Recovery


7. McDavid HEX Compression Shooter Arm Sleeve w/ Protective Elbow Pad for Basketball, Football, All Contact Sports, Single

Mcdavid 6500 Hex Padded Arm Sleeve, Compression Arm Sleeve w/ Elbow Pad for Football, Volleyball, Baseball Protection, Youth & Adult Sizes, Sold as Single Unit (1 Sleeve)

8. CopperJoint – Compression Elbow Sleeve (Large)

CopperJoint - Compression Elbow Sleeve (Large)


9. Tomight [2 Pack] Elbow Brace, Tennis Elbow Brace with Compression Pad for Both Men and Women, pink

Tomight [2 Pack] Elbow Brace, Tennis Elbow Brace with Compression Pad for Both Men and Women, pink


10. Aircast Pneumatic Armband: Tennis/Golfers Elbow Support Strap, Black

Aircast Pneumatic Armband: Tennis/Golfers Elbow Support Strap, Black

Types of Tennis Elbow Braces

There are various types of Tennis Elbow Brace. The main function of the brace is to support the damaged tendon while it is healing.

The main types of tennis elbow braces are:

  • Elbow Heat Retainer/Support
  • Magnetic Tennis Elbow Brace
  • Epicondylitis Clasp
  • Cold Therapy Elbow Wrap
  • Elastic Elbow Support

Elbow Heat Retainers

The Elbow Heat Retainer provides support and protects the elbow joint in general. It helps to retain the heat naturally produced by the body which in turn, increases the blood circulation and aids healing.

Check out the Active Wrap Elbow Heat Ice Wrap which acts as an elbow brace that has pockets that allow you to insert hot or cold ice packs.

By applying the ice for up to 20 minutes at a time, you will get relief from the pain. Sufferers report excellent results for pain management.

Once the inflammation has improved, usually within 3 – 4 days, a heat pack can be applied. This helps in relaxing the muscles which have tightened in the inflamed area. The tendons can regain flexibility and improved activity range of the elbow can be achieved.

Magnetic Tennis Elbow Wraps

The Magnetic Tennis Elbow Wrap works on the principle of creating a magnetic field around the affected area which causes the blood vessels to dilate and increases the blood circulation which then accelerates the natural healing process.

The magnetic field also reduces swelling and therefore relieves pain. Most Magnetic Elbow Wraps make use of neodymium magnets which are quite common in magnetic therapy for various ailments.

Magnet therapy has not made it into the mainstream with many studies showing a placebo effect. Some double-blind studies have been conducted where there is reported improvement in pain and where the range of results goes from no effect to immediate improvement.

Having said this, many resort to magnet pain management after they have tried various other pain relief methods that have not worked.

The wraps and braces that utilize magnets also provide the usual compression effect and restrict the mobility of the elbow at the very least.

Epicondylitis Clasp

The Epicondylitis Clasp is precision support and is usually recommended by sports injury professionals. It fits comfortably on the forearm and places direct pressure on the muscles of the forearm taking the strain off the epicondylitis.

This type of clasp needs to be fitted correctly in order for it to be effective. An Epicondylitis clasp is referred to as an orthotic device.

Most orthotic devices on the market come with detailed instructions on how to be worn. The EpiSport Epicondylitis Clasp is one of many such devices.

Cold Therapy Tennis Elbow Brace

Cold Therapy Tennis Elbow Brace or wrap combines compression with cold therapy. The wraps typically have a middle layer of sewn in re-freezable gels which helps to prevent inflammation around the joint and provides support to the elbow.

This type of Elbow Brace can also be used for bursitis and pain associated with arthritis. A great example of this is the Elbow Ice Wrap by Cold One for its instant relief.

The ice pack is only to be worn for about 20 minutes at a time. You can remove the ice pack and continue wearing the brace for restricted movement of the elbow and the compression that it provides.

Elastic Elbow Supports

Elastic Elbow Supports usually cover more of the arm and help to protect the tendon whilst healing and strengthening. They do not put direct pressure on the tendon and are generally used to support the whole area rather than to control inflammation and pain.

They fit comfortably under clothing to give support when at work. Check out the McDavid Elastic Elbow Support.

Things to Consider when choosing a tennis elbow strap

Tennis Elbow straps are more often used when the condition is not severe. They are more likely to be used when doing an activity that is likely to inflame the forearm and use is usually preventative.

When the pain is new, severe or acute, a tennis elbow brace is more often chosen as it usually offers more control of the tension. Straps are great for wearing under clothes when at work as they are rarely bulky.

They keep the area warm and are especially good for retaining heat after using Topricin® Transdermal Anti-Inflammatory Treatment cream.

Tennis elbow straps are relatively cheap and are more commonly used as a preventative precaution.

People that have recovered from tennis elbow injury frequently use elbow straps after their recovery whenever they feel an onset, a niggle, or a tinge of pain in the previous injury.

The main difference between brands is their individual features; like the kind of materials used can affect comfort and moisture, the elasticity and the adjust-ability are the most common considerations in choosing between brands.

If using a strap or a brace only offers limited relief it may be worth investing in a Tenease Medical Device for treating Tennis Elbow. This device is the leading product for treating tennis elbow in the UK and it is now available in America.

It is recommended by physiotherapists and doctors. It works by massaging the affected area using a mechanical impulse or vibration.

You simply apply it to the affected area and turn it on for 10 minutes. This gives up to 4 hours of relief. This is not to be worn instead of a brace during forearm activity. Rather it is used to warm up and relax the area before a game.

Why use Tennis Elbow Support?

Elbow Supports are worn for injury prevention and recovery.

Supports are often used for injury prevention or injury recovery. There is nothing worse than having recovered from an injury only to have that injury recur.

Oftentimes we get signs that something is just not right, a little niggle, a muscle spasm, sometimes even a shooting pain. Recovering muscle tissue or tendons can remain sensitive for months.

Elbow supports can be worn to assist with healing and to minimize the chances that the injury occurs again.

The Elastic Tube type Elbow Support

There are two main types of tennis elbow supports. There is the elastic-tube type support which can be slipped into position and adjusted for comfort. They are usually made with elastic materials using a blend of neoprene and cotton.

These are non-adjustable so care should be taken when ordering. Simply use a tape measure around your forearm for correct sizing.

These are generally the cheaper type of support, they are easy to clean and can be worn all day quite comfortably.

Rigid Supports With Adjustable Straps

The other main type of support is one that uses straps so as to be easily adjusted to the required firmness. These are usually less flexible and more rigid than the tube type.

They are especially useful when recovering from a tennis elbow injury or surgery as the restrict unwanted motions. The straps are made from comfortable materials that are designed to be worn throughout the day.

If adjusted correctly they can dramatically reduce any pain levels. Most are machine washable and very durable.

Night-Time Elbow Support

Lesser-Known support but one with a specific purpose is the IMAK Night-Time Elbow Support. As the name suggest this is to be during sleep.

It is not uncommon to wake at night in pain to discover that you have moved into an awkward sleeping position.

This can be avoided by using the splint when sleeping. The splint is designed to keep the elbow semi-extended so as to avoid any extreme bending.

In the day the splint can be removed and the support can easily be worn under clothing. If the pain is a problem during sleep using an Anti-Inflammatory cream like Topricin can be very helpful.

It´s well known you should use rest and rehabilitation to ease the pain. There are times however that we need to continue with an activity when training or when at work. If you have recently overcome an elbow injury elbow support is a must and there are plenty to choose from.

Tennis Elbow Treatments

An important fact is that more than 90% of tennis elbow treatments can be treated successfully without surgery.

Non-surgical tennis elbow treatments vary. Firstly one needs to identify the activity, usually, an act of vigorous or repetitive nature that caused the tennis elbow to flare up in the first place.

If this activity is not identified properly and is continued after successful treatment, the injury usually returns. Treatments range from natural methods to the use of injections and or surgery.

One thing to note however is that if the treatment is not done properly, the risk of chronic injury increases which then increases the chances of surgery being used.

Toricin Anti-Inflammatory Treatment cream can be used for deep massage and pain relief.

A word about steroidal and corticosteroid injections.

Doctors commonly use steroidal or corticosteroid (cortisone) injections in the treatment of tennis elbow in the affected area.

This post is not going to go into detail about treating tennis elbow using these methods other than to say that doctors achieve mixed results using such methods.

In fact, conventional medicine has yet to establish an effective course of dosages for treatment which is quite astounding seeing as it is the main method used by doctors in treating tennis elbow.

Anyone seeking more information regarding this treatment should consult with their doctor or the broader medical establishment.

Chances are most people reading this page will have already exhausted these methods and are still frustrated with the lack of success.

Some simply do not wish to be pumped with cortisone injections and are looking for a natural and lasting way to make the pain go away. These are the treatments we will focus on here.

Activity modification

Although the term has been coined as ´tennis elbow´, any range of activities causes it. In fact, the majority of people that seek treatment have never played tennis in their lives.

The activities that bring on tennis elbow could be any activity that is either rigorous or repetitive in nature. Most people can identify the offending activity themselves. Although ceasing this activity is the first step to begin the healing, it does not bring about quick results.

Typically injuries of this sort take some time to develop and subsequently need a similar amount of time to heal.

Why choose a Magnetic Elbow Wrap?

Studies have been done where people that suffered from pain were put into two groups. There are also known as double-blind studies. One group was given magnets to wear over the pain-affected area.

The other group was just given regular metal to wear. Up to three-quarters of the group that used the magnet reported reduced levels of pain.

There are many such studies that have been conducted and a quick search on the internet will show similar results.

Magnets manage pain by:

• Providing a relaxing effect on capillary walls, this leads to increased blood flow.
• Reducing spasms and contractions of muscles, this is common in tennis elbow pain.
• Having an effect on nerve endings that alter the pain signals that are sent to the brain.
• Decreasing inflammation and swelling.

Magnet Strength

Magnet strength is measured in Gauss units or the lesser referred to Tesla units. One Gauss is roughly associated with the magnetic attraction of the earth´s magnetic field.

Typically a toy magnet or a fridge magnet does not exceed 50 gausses. To get any therapeutic effect you would need to use a magnet of at least around 1000 gauss.

The more gauss the deeper the penetration of the magnet. Pain relief is not achieved instantly by holding the magnet over the skin.

Results from studies are usually done over a period of 2 weeks or longer so you would need to wear it quite often.

Neodymium Magnets

These are also known as Rare Earth Magnets and are known as having the strongest magnetic field. Stronger magnetic fields can only be produced with the use of electric currents.

Although these magnets are very strong, they commercially used ones in consumer products are not too strong so as to disrupt the body´s own electromagnetic balance.

Any Side Effects?

There are no known side effects of using magnets for pain relief. However, if you have any mechanical or metallic implants you should consult with your doctor before using magnets for therapy.

Tennis Elbow Exercises

There are various types of massages, stretches, and resistance exercises for the treatment or rehabilitation of tennis elbow. Here are some of the techniques.

As with all tendon injuries, it is important to cease the activity that has aggravated the injury.

Tenderness and inflamed muscles should calm down before any therapeutic stretches or exercises are attempted.

If the pain is felt when performing the stretches or the tennis elbow exercises, stop immediately. Applying cross friction massage if done properly can relieve pain at least temporarily.

Cross Friction Massage

The following can be performed with better results using Topricin Anti-Inflammatory Treatment cream as it will allow for a deeper massage.

Sit in a comfortable position. Bend your elbow to a right angle. Place your other hand on the affected forearm starting from just below the elbow. Your palm now measures the area in which you are going to massage.

Using two fingers apply medium pressure and rub in a circular manner. Do not dig in. The circles should cover about a square inch at a time. Do this for about 8 circles then lift your fingers, place them in a different part of the massage area.

Repeat this massaging for about 10-15 minutes. Avoid riding upwards and down the arm. The Idea is to go across the arm and you should be able to feel the forearm muscles crossing under your fingertips, essentially nudging them from side to side.

Do not use any form of massage oil or lubrication as the skin is flexible enough for the small circular movements.

This technique is used to increase blood circulation to the affected area. Repetition of this technique should be limited to 2-3 times a day as any further repetitions could aggravate the muscle tissues.

Stretching Exercises

All stretching exercises should be done within your comfort range. Stretch, aiming to utilize the full mobility of the elbow.

If a stretch is uncomfortable or painful, the same stretch should be performed at less than full stretch so as not to be uncomfortable. Movements may be more restricted in the earlier phases of rehabilitation and should ease with time and repetition.

If you seek help dealing with tennis elbow, I strongly recommend a guide such as Tennis Elbow. It is a step by step method of overcoming your injury.

A noticeable difference is felt within the first two to three days with a simple set of exercises that only take a few minutes each day. It is filled with useful information you can apply immediately.

The book sells for $$ with bonus material. It is available as a simple download so you can begin using it today.

How To Wear a Tennis Elbow Brace

best tennis elbow brace It is essential to fit a tennis elbow brace correctly in order for it to be effective. It is a well-known fact that wearing a tennis elbow brace can trim down the risk of tennis players getting tennis elbow which is also commonly known as lateral epicondylitis.

Tennis elbow or also known as lateral epicondylitis is a common type of injury that got this name since most of the tennis players suffer frequently due to tennis injury.

In the past few years, demand for tennis elbow brace has increased drastically and there are varieties of it available in the market.

Though you can also find the free size i.e. one size fits all types of elbow braces which are available at cheaper rates but it is highly recommended to buy one which fits your size correctly.

Along with the tennis elbow brace size, it is equally important to wear it properly.

Shopping for a tennis elbow brace

While shopping for a tennis elbow brace it’s better to check in the health care equipment store and check with the staff since normally they are trained in this area in order to help the customer in selecting the correct brace.

Wearing the correct size brace and in the right way can help you get relief from the pain.
In order to wear the tennis elbow brace properly you need to follow the simple instructions as mentioned below:

  • First of all, you need to undo the velcro strap
  • Secondly, you need to slip the brace on your forearm
  • Thirdly you need to make the brace adjustments to make sure that the forearm splint is on the side of the arm and just below your thumb.
  • Make sure to check that the top Velcro strap is approximately 2 inches below the elbow.
  • Now fasten the straps carefully around the forearm to the place where it feels comfortable.

Remember to wear the tennis elbow brace around the clock for at least one whole month and even while going to bed.

But even after doing it in case you do not feel any relief then it is highly recommended to consult the medical practitioner.

Basically, the tennis elbow brace is designed in such a way that it provides therapeutic heat and compression which is very helpful in relieving you from the tennis elbow pain.

The majority of the tennis elbow brace these days comes with straps that can be fastened tight in order to lessen the muscle action of the extensor tendons of the forearm; it helps in relieving the stress on your affected tennis elbow area.

The majority of the branded tennis elbow braces these days are facilitated with a spiral-lining which helps in removing the extra perspiration.

It also helps in avoiding any kind of skin related problems and is also very comfortable to wear on a daily or regular basis.