Teak Shower Bench

Teak Shower Bench For Your Bathroom Safety

 This article is the ultimate guide to buying a teak shower bench.
So, if you want a:

  • Sturdy and versatile bench
  • Long-lasting bench
  • A bathroom bench that offers resistance to the natural elements

Then you’ll love this new guide.
Let’s get started. Teak wood is used for various purposes.

It is suitable furniture for a sauna as well as personal bathrooms. This is for sitting while taking a shower as they enhance the comfort level and let one have a relaxing and refreshing shower.

A shower chair also serves the same purpose, although it is made of plastic or other material. Many benches come with folds that make them easy to use. These teak shower benches are easily moved around.

Best Teak Shower Benches: Our Top Picks

1. AquaTeak The Original 36″ Spa Teak Shower Bench with Shelf

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2. Ala Teak Indoor Outdoor Bath Shower Spa Waterproof Stool Bench

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3. The Original Spa 24″ Teak Shower Bench with Shelf

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4. Utoplike Teak Shower Bench Seat with Handles

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5. The Original Sumba 18″ Teak Shower Bench with Shelf

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6. AquaTeak The Original Maluku 18″ Teak Shower Bench with Shelf

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7. The Original Kai 15.5″ Corner Teak Shower Bench with Shelf

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8. The Original Asia 18″ Teak Shower Bench

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Why use a Teak Shower Bench

Teak shower seats are a simple but elegant luxury that is a nice attribute to any shower. Being naturally water-resistant, teak is a beautiful wood that provides a soft, comfortable feel and looks great in the shower.

Teak is by far the best choice for a shower seat, and there are many different styles and functions. Each of the different types of teak seats serves a particular function, and their costs will vary accordingly.

Teak Shower Seat Styles

A teak shower seat is not only practical but will add beauty and style to any bathroom. Due to its natural water resistance, a teak stool can be placed directly into either a shower or a bathtub.

Teak is a durable hardwood that will last for many years and, over time, take on an attractive grey patina. For both its elegance and quality, few shower seats can compare to one made of teak.

When selecting a teak shower chair, you have three basic designs. There are teak shower stools, corner benches, and folding chairs.

1. Teak Shower Stools

The most common design is that of the teak shower stool. These square three or four-legged stools can be found with either all teak or aluminum legs.

The seat has vents in it to allow water to drain through. Some also come with a basket feature. This permits an individual to store shower items right beside them. You wouldn’t have to stand up or move around if they need to reach the shampoo or conditioner.

2. Teak Corner Bench

Depending on the size and shape of your shower, you might want to select a teak corner shower seat. This will still benefit from having a chair in the shower but will take up less room and make getting in and out of a shower much easier.

Not all shower enclosures are square. Many homes have neo-angle showers, and the square shape of the normal stool often makes it awkward to use. The triangular shape of the corner stool allows it to fit compactly into this type of shower and a bathtub.

3. Teak Folding Chair

For those who want a shower chair they can remove from the bathroom or shower, a teak folding shower chair is an ideal solution. These can be picked up and moved easily. Additionally, a teak folding shower chair can be stored almost anywhere when it is not in use.

Many people use these for outdoor showers or their backyard landscaping. That’s because of their design and larger size.

4. Hinged Teak Shower Seat

There are hinged or fold-down shower seats made of teak. As with other retractable shower seats, these seats provide more room in the shower because they are folded out of the way when not being used.

But even when folded up or down, the teak seat will still provide visual interest in the shower, unlike the typical plastic hinged seat. They can also be spruced up by using fancier connecting hardware, such as brass.

Benefits and Features of Teak Benches for Shower

The advantage of buying a teak shower seat is that teak is the world’s most water-resistant wood. This is why you often see teak used in all kinds of bathrooms and in the construction of outdoor furniture.

Teak is such a classic wood that you often only see it stained. It can be painted, but due to the grain’s natural beauty, most people prefer not to alter the color.

A teak shower stool or a teak shower chair can range in price from about $45 to $70 and up. However, the cost is minimal when one considers that it will last for years, and unlike many of its metal and plastic counterparts, teak has a look of elegance.

If you are looking to buy a chair for the indoor bathtub or shower or your backyard, you should consider getting a teak shower seat. You will be pleased by its comfort, practicality, and attractiveness.

Teak Bench by Sizes

  1. 12 inch

  1. AquaTeak 12″ Kai OptiAREA Corner Teak Shaving
  2. CoastalVogue Oasis 2-Tier Teak Corner Shower Shelf
  3. Decoteak Oasis Teakwood Bench
  4. 15 inch

  5. The Original Kai 15.5″ Corner Teak Shower Bench with Shelf
  6. 18 inch

  1. EcoDecors Serenity Shower Stool, 18″, Natural
  2. Teak Shower Bench, Teak Shower Stool, 18″ Teak Wood Bath Spa Shower Stool
  3. CoastalVogue Eleganto 18in Wide Teak Shower Safety Transfer Bench
  4. Decoteak Satori Shower Stool, 18″ W x 12″ D x 18″ T, Brown
  5. DecoTeak Espalier 18-inch Teak Lattice Shower Bench with Shelf
  6. The Original Asia 18″ Teak Shower Bench
  7. 20 inch

  1. Classic 20″ Teak Shower Bench with LIFTAIDE ARMS
  2. 20″ LIFTAIDE ARMS, Solid Teak Shower Bench, with Shelf- with Adjustable Height Foot Pad
  3. Teak Shower Bench, Teak Shower Stool, 20″ Sturdy Waterproof Stool with Shelf
  4. 24 inch

  1. Decoteak Serenity 24″ Eastern Style Teak Shower Bench Stool
  2. CoastalVogue Satori 24″ Eastern Style Teak Shower Bench Stool
  3. Harmony 24″ Teak Eastern Style Shower Bench with Shelf and Arms
  4. Decoteak 24″ Teak Shower Bench with Shelf and LIftAide Arms
  5. 30 inch

  1. AquaTeak Patented 30″ Sumba Teak Shower Bench with Shelf
  2. DecoTeak Tranquility Teak Shower Bench with Shelf, 30″
  3. DecoTeak Harmony Teak Shower Bench with Shelf and Lift Aide Arms, 30″
  4. Earthy Teak™ Serenity Teak Bench with Shelf Eastern Style 30″

Why should you Use a Teak Shower bench?

1. Therapeutic

Typically, bath benches are used by people with mobility problems making it difficult for them to get into and get out of their bath.

A typical bath has sides that are approximately between 18 inches and 2 feet (45 cm – 60 cm) above the floor level and the action required of raising one’s leg over the side, to get in and out of the bath is a challenge for some people.

The main users of Teak bath seats are:

  • The elderly, whose freedom of movement is often more limited
  • The temporarily disabled – because of accident or illness, including people who have been in an accident or who are unwell and need a bath bench temporarily.
  • The permanently disabled – as a result of paralysis or some other condition making movement difficult.
    Bath benches are a significant aid in making bathing both possible and comfortable for people with disabilities.

2. For Pleasure

A bath seat is an important bathroom accessory, enabling you to sit and enjoy the experience of bathing your feet in warm water after a long day on your feet – after hiking or at work – without having to fill a basin with water or having to completely strip off.

If you need to take care of your feet, e.g. pedicure treatments that you can do yourself, a bath bench is an ideal addition to your bathroom furniture.

Who Uses Teak Bath Seats?

1. CareGivers Institutions

First and foremost, the elderly. No institution caring for the elderly should be without a bath bench in every bathroom.  The institutions using bath benches are golden age homes, sheltered housing complexes, and long-term nursing facilities.

A bath seat reduces the need for assistance from caregivers, enabling more efficient uses of the workforce.  A bath bench is an essential safety feature for all institutions. It reduces institutions’ exposure to damages claims from people slipping and falling when getting into and out of their baths.

Hospitals use bath benches for their patients who are temporarily unable to use a regular bath due to surgery or an accident. Bath seats are an essential boost to caregiver efficiency, reducing the time taken to bathe patients, and are an essential safety feature.

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2. Recreational Use

You have been on your feet all day, running from appointment to meet, or just going on a shopping expedition, or you have had a great day out hiking, but your feet are killing you – you need a bath bench to be able to soak your feet and relax.

If you do your pedicure treatment, a bath bench is an ideal bathroom accessory, enabling you to work on your feet without splashing water all over the floor.

Or you may decide to treat yourself to a long hot bath but also want to read and drink some wine or make some calls – its a whole lot easier reading the paper if you sit out of the bath than letting the paper get all soggy, splashing bath water into your glass of vintage wine, and ruining your cell phone by dropping it in the water!

What to Look for When Buying A Teak Bench

1. Size

The bath benches are 73 cm x 30 cm (approximately 29 x 12 in.).
Fits almost all standard-sized bathtubs.

2. Strength

Most bath seats can bear a weight of up to 280 pounds (140 kg).

3. Comfort

The degree of comfort depends to a large extent on the type of material:
Bath seats are made of wood, steel covered with plastic, padding, etc.
A number of issues need to be taken into consideration:

  • Does it get slippery when wet?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Does it get waterlogged?
  • How well does collected water drain away?
  • Does it come with a backrest?

Please feel free to leave your comments or question in the comments section below.