tens 7000The TENS 7000 Digital TENS Unit is the ideal device for people who could be suffering from back pain and troublesome paints in other parts of the body.

This is a professionally made device, which is portable and has flexible settings that are adjustable. It has five modes of operation, which include burst, normal, modulation, strength-duration 1 and strength-duration 2.

For pain management and rehabilitation, this unit has electro-muscle stimulation, which is also known as EMS. It can record and sessions automatically for over 900 hours. It has been provided with lead wires, Tens electrodes, battery, and a case and can provide electoral stimulation Tens therapy.

Additionally, included are instructions to operate the unit along with a carrying case for added convenience.

This unit can be used for electro-muscle stimulation and for pain management and rehabilitation. It has five different modes of operation which consumers will find comfortable to use.

Features Of TENS 7000 Digital TENS Unit

This has been built for easy operation and includes all the features which consumers are certain to like. It works efficiently for pain management, back pain and rehabilitation. It has an added advantage because it is flexible, portable and adjustable according to requirements. This is a professional Tens unit 7000 provided with lead, tens electrodes, battery and case and has the electro-stimulation Tens therapy.

  • The unit is rectangular in shape and is easy and manageable for all.
  • Included with this device are four (4) individual electrodes.
  • The unit will be accompanied a Tens manual.
  • Lead wires and a 9 V battery are also included.
  • In addition, included are instructions to operate the unit along with a carrying case for added convenience.

This unit can be used for electro-muscle stimulation and for pain management and rehabilitation. It has five different modes of operation which consumers will find easy to use.

Benefits of Using A Muscle Stimulator From Tens

The general practice among people who suffer from pain of any kind is to follow the most common method to find relief. They generally consider visiting a doctor and getting medications of some type for the pain they feel. Most ignore the fact that advances in technology have made it possible to manage pain effectively without having to think about visiting a medical practitioner. This is exactly what the tens unit is capable of going.

For people who have no knowledge of the manufacturer they would do well to understand, the term Tens represent Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, which is commonly, used against pain in the body, especially the back. However, this unit can work efficiently just about anywhere on the body.

The tens unit blocks the pain you are suffering from by stimulating the sensory nerves of the body over a large diameter resulting in the pain being blocked by the sensation the device provides. It is easy to use the device because you do not have to worry about the electrodes losing their capacity to stick to the skin. You can effortlessly order replacements as and when you need them from the manufacturer. People will absolutely find relief after they begin using the device and could even appreciate the effort made by Tens to give them relief from pain at an affordable cost.


Pros and Cons


This muscle stimulator is easy to use because it is portable and is provided with flexible and adjustable settings. A 9-V battery has been provided along with the stimulator.

1.It has a convenient shape and can be used single-handedly.

2.Different areas of the body can be targeted with pads, which have been supplied.

3.Consumers have a choice of keeping a record of their sessions by automatically recording them to the tune of 900 hours.

4.Pain management and rehabilitation are handled by electro-muscle stimulation.

Consumers will have the added advantage of getting for individual electrodes along with the unit, the lead wires, an instruction manual and a case for carrying the device.


1.Some consumers have mentioned the 9 V battery is insufficient for use for more than 48 hours and have recommended investing in a lithium-ion battery for better performance. This is a matter of individual perception because the usage of the device can differ from individuals.

2.Consumers have also suggested getting a one-year warranty which the device complaining that they had faced problems after around five months of regular usage.

Other than these two exceptions, the muscle stimulator has not received any adverse comments. Most have spoken favorably to provide the device the ratings it needs.

Tips for Using and Preserving The Muscle Stimulator

There is a reason for people to believe this is an electronic device manufactured to deliver relief from pain to the user. It is not impregnable and can easily get damaged if it is not handled or preserved properly. Therefore, they must make an attempt to read through the instruction manual provided by the manufacturers to understand how they can accomplish this objective of using and preserving the device efficiently. It will be futile for people to believe they can easily mishandle the device because it is extremely affordable. They must take care of it properly if they intend to use the muscle stimulator for some time to come.


Tens have made getting relief from the pain people suffered from easy. They have been manufacturing several devices for this purpose. TENS 7000 Digital TENS Unit is just another inclusion in a long list of highly preferred devices for pain management, which have been produced by this manufacturer. It has been priced affordably and is within reach of even the average individual making this device one that will stand out from the rest.


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