Declutter Your Bathroom

Like most families, if your bathroom is a zoo in the morning, creating bathroom efficiency for everyone should be a top priority so that everyone gets in and out of there in as little time as possible.

The good news is, there is hope for you yet, all you have to do is organize the things that you use regularly so that you never have to leave the bathroom to get anything and make sure everything you need is within easy reach. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

Here Are Some Tips to Unclutter Your Bathroom.

1. A great way to unclutter drawers is to customize the draws by inserting dividers into the drawer to create separate compartments so that items can be quickly identified. A simpler solution would be to go to your local dollar store and get a myriad of small boxes and place them inside your draws for easy sectioning.

2. To keep your vanity counters uncluttered, you can keep everyday items handy through the use of caddies, trays, baskets, and plastic or decorative cardboard bins.

3. Near the vanity, opened cabinet units attached to the wall allow for easy access to lotions, cologne, and perfumes.

4. A clothes hamper is always a good addition for keeping those used towels and laundry out of sight and aiding you in your fight to unclutter your bathroom.

5. This may take away from the sophistication of a pedestal sink but if you do need the storage space, adding a fabric skirt to the basin will create an enclosed area below the sink that can be used to hide toiletries and cleaning items.

6. Perhaps all you need is a small storage area for towels or toiletry items, a small wooden stand beside the bathtub will suffice quite nicely and you can also place such items such as shampoo and bath oils on top so they are within easy reach when you are taking a bath.

7. Depending upon the size of your bathroom, floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets would be the ideal addition to your bathroom and provide more than ample storage compartments for all your bathroom amenities.

8. Also placing a tall centrally located open cabinet between your two vanity sinks makes it easy to locate and reach your most used items in an instant while providing plenty of storage for the bathroom.

9. If your tub does not include a shower, the space above the tub on the wall is the perfect place for an over-the-tub storage compartment for the placement of bath salts, bathing oils, sponges, soaps and brushes used to aid in cleaning you when you bathe.

10. Shower caddies are great for organizing soap, shampoo, and washcloths in your shower enclosure. These caddies can be attached to the walls, hung from the showerhead, or can even be straddled across the tub depending upon your preference.

Keeping your bathroom organized is not rocket science, let us emphasize, a well-organized bathroom should be uncluttered and have easy access to staple items such as robes, bath towels as well as hand towels.

It should have ample storage for toiletries, cleaning supplies, and a designated area for small electronic items like hairdryers and curling irons. It is always good to have a separate and safe storage area for medicine and other personal hygiene items that can be quickly accessed in case of emergencies.

Freestanding Storage Units

The move towards luxurious and trendy bathroom spaces has created dramatic changes in the way we perceive and use storage and furnishing being used today in our homes.

Hiding behind a façade of elegant finishes, these hard-working furnishings have evolved from the mundane to resemble high-quality components that are chock full of convenience, comfort, and storage capacity. Adding to this trend of custom fittings is the increasing use of freestanding storage components in our baths.

The good organization begins with having ample space for your belongings. There is nothing more frustrating than having to dig through a pile of things you don’t want in search of something that you desperately need, especially if you are in a rush in the wee hours of the morning.

When Over Capacity is an Issue

While most modern homes do provide standard cabinets to file away your essentials, as your family or needs grow you may soon find that your accumulation of accessories and devices has outgrown your designated space to store them.

Freestanding furniture, as opposed to built-in units, gives you the flexibility and growth potential to accommodate your ever-expanding need to keep things neat, organized, and tidy in your home. These component pieces not only allow you to fill your bath with color, shape, and textural diversity but you can also rotate these components in and out of your bathing space as the seasons’ change or the mood strikes your fancy.

Storing Things Where you Need Them

Another plus with moveable furnishings is their portability, so you can invest in expensive and luxurious components that you can take with you when you move to a new dwelling. Another plus is that you can take advantage of unused space above toilets and in the corners by purchasing customized units to fit specific areas that are more useful for your needs by keeping essentials where you need them.

A small cabinet unit fitted with casters can be rolled into place next to the tub laden with towels and accessories for use and then tucked out of the way under a pedestal sink until needed again. This way you can display attractive pieces and keep less appealing but necessary items out of sight but within reach.

Creating Order from Chaos

Clutter is the enemy. Not only does it potentially make your bathroom unsafe, it just plain looks bad. With so many toiletries and devices competing for space in the everyday bathroom, you need to take control of cosmetics and cleaning supplies before they take over your bath. A good solution is a combination of open shelves, closed drawers, and cabinet units.

Stand Alone Bath Furnishings

In order to make things work you need to take inventory of what your requirements are to accomplish your everyday tasks and categorize them into the type of storage needed, then and only then can you start looking for the best components to furnish the space with the best conveniences.

Ease of Maintenance

The ergonomic experts tell us that the best height for storage units is between hip and shoulder height. Tall matching chests with deep drawers offer exceptional storage for towels, linens, and bathware. Despite the multitude of furnishing available on the market all bathroom furniture has to be able to withstand the humid atmosphere of the room.

Whether fabricated from wood, metal, or synthetics they must be made of high-quality materials with durable and moisture resistant finishes that are easily maintained by the homeowner.

Another element that makes freestanding furniture so appealing is that these pieces can be chosen as much for their looks as for their ability to be rearranged. Change the style of the room on a whim by making a bold statement that is as fundamental to the space as is the convenient stowing capabilities the units offer. And if you are renting you can take your style wherever you go.

Combine and Rearrange as You Please

Here you can experiment with various models that can be easily moved or replaced if they don’t quite work out. In large baths, these components can be used to fill empty areas or in smaller powder rooms they can combine function with high style. You now have the ability to pool various influences from around the globe to create an interesting and eclectic mix that can be stacked and rearranged to your heart’s content.

Whether for display or storage, free-standing furniture in the washroom is a trend that is here to stay. You can even go the extra mile and get custom component furniture built by a professional craftsman to meet your needs even further.

But with so many manufacturers offering furnishings that are specifically designed for moist warm conditions it should not be an issue finding a unit that will adequately expand your storage requirements.