Original ToePal, Toe Separators and Toe Streightener for bunion reliefI know you will agree with me when I say foot cramping is the most annoying experience after a long day.

But there’s a solution…

Toe separators or toe spacers are the ultimate relief for your foot pain.

… and yes, it’s the easiest workout ever for your toes.

You’re probably wondering what they are and how they work. wonder no more. In this review, I will list and explain the features of different gel toe separators. I will also explain in detail on what to look for when looking for the best yoga toes. Foot massagers are also a great way of relaxing your feet

You Know?

Feet have more nerve endings per square inch than any other part of the body; therefore the feet are a powerful portal to the entire nervous system.

Best Toe Separators Comparison Table

 Product ImageProduct Name FeaturesPrice
1Pack of 4 Toe Separators and Spreaders for Relieving Pain Associated with Bunions, Overlapping Toes, and Toe DriftPack of 4 Toe Separators and Spreaders for Relieving Pain Associated with Bunions, Overlapping Toes, and Toe Driftdurable gel toe separator,
Medical-grade gel is latex free
2YogaToes GEMS: Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator (Instant Therapeutic Relief For Feet)YogaToes GEMS: Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator (Instant Therapeutic Relief For Feet)100% Medical Grade Gel, Shoe Sizes 6-11 / MEN: US Shoe Sizes 7-10
3Gel Toe Separator,Bestrice Toe Spacers Rubber Toe StretchersGel Toe Separator,Bestrice Toe Spacers Rubber Toe StretchersMade of durable, soft and safe medical-grade silicone gel
4YOGABODY Naturals Toe Spreaders and Separators (Two Pairs in Wooden Box)YOGABODY Naturals Toe Spreaders and Separators (Two Pairs in Wooden Box)Fits women sizes 4.5-7.5 or 8-11, and men size 4-7 or 7.5-12,
Podiatrist Recommended Corrective Spacers:
5Pedifix Gel Smart Visco-gel Toe SpacersPedifix Gel Smart Visco-gel Toe SpacersComes in 4 pieces only and not a pack of 4
6Toe Separators - Yoga Massage Ball Toe Separators - Yoga Massage Ball Toe spacers are made of latex-free silicone, You get access to video instructions online
7PediFix Double-Toe StraightenerPediFix Double-Toe StraightenerComes with a soft cushion protects ball-of-foot

Best Toe Spacers For Runners

Editors Note ; Runners experience toe discomfort after training for the better part of the day. Some problems that they may experience include friction, joint stiffness and muscle cramps between the toes.

#1. YogaToes GEMS




YogaToes GEMS: Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator (Instant Therapeutic Relief For Feet)

The aesthetic design is not only beautiful but also functional. It makes slipping into these spacers quite easy. They offer a natural, doctor-approved instant therapeutic relief for your feet. The gel toe spreaders straighten toes, relieve pain and help ease cramps.

The gems fit perfectly between your toes gently spreading them apart. This proves more beneficial than actually walking bare feet. Start slowly, by wearing the toe straightener for around 10 minutes each day and build up gradually as your feet become more accustomed to them. They might feel uncomfortable at first, but with constant use, your feet will get used to them.

Made from 100% medical grade gel, these toe spacers will prevent and treat bunions, hammertoes and other feet conditions. They are sold as a pair and are available in sapphire blue for both men and women.

#2. Original YogaToes

toe spacers

Made from 100% premium medical grade gel, these toe separators provides revolutionary care for your entire feet. It works by stretching your toes and strengthening the weak muscles thus improving your posture and toe alignment.

The ergonomic design ensures an easy slip, a comfortable fit, and a most exhilarating barefoot experience. These gel toe separators will offer incredible results in foot pain relief and rectifying injuries. They also help eliminate various foot problems such as claw toes, hammertoes, and bunions.

The separators are originally made and sold by YogaPro, a company with over fourteen years experience in foot relief. They come in purple, sapphire blue and clear color tones. They are available for both men and women.

The medical grade gel used to manufacture these toe correctors is non-toxic and latex free. It is great for those with sensitive skin. It is easy to clean with just soap and water.

You should consider your doctor’s advice if you have severe foot conditions before using this product. The toe separators are not meant to be worn with shoes. For personal safety, avoid walking around in them.

#3. Original Yoga Toes For Men (Fits US Shoe Sizes 10 & Up)

yoga toes


These particular toe correctors are recommended for men with wide feet and only fits US shoe size 10 and above. It is made in the USA using 100% medical grade gel that is free of toxins. These toe separators are meant for men who spend most days in shoes and have no time or place to walk bare feet.

They can be worn at work or at home while you relax to give your feet a much-needed shoe break.

Regular use of the toe correctors treats and prevents bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, flat feet and a host of other foot conditions. Slipping into these correctors for just 10 minutes a day can eliminate feet pain, improve blood circulation and provide you with better agility and overall balance.

The unique design offers maximum stretch for your toes and arches to give them more strength. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but with time, your feet get used to it. Suggested you spray the gel separators with warm water to make them easier to get them on.


Best Toe Separators For Overlapping Toes

Editors note: Overlapping toes are a results of different factors but the main one is wearing shoes that are tight on the front of the shoe.

#4. Toe Spacers, Spreaders & Separators Straightener


One pair of these gel toe separators can give your feet that much-needed spa treatment after a day in those uncomfortable and possibly tight fitting shoes. These toe straighteners also offer instant pain relief and treatment of bunions, hammertoes, claw toes and other unsightly feet conditions.

The design is simple and easy to slip on. Because the toe separators are made from medical grade gel, they have a much smoother texture. The material also provides a stronger grip and more stability making it possible to wear these toe separators with socks or walk around bare feet in the house.

They are perfect for people who practice yoga, are athletes or do ballet dancing. They work by separating and lengthening the toes thereby giving the feet more balance and flexibility. The orthotic device reduces the strain on your feet muscles and joints greatly relieving the tension and ultimately relaxing your feet.

One size fits all. Can also be used for pedicures. Do not wear the separators for too long without a break as they may cause an interruption in blood circulation or cause irritation.

#5. Original ToePal, Toe Separators and Toe Streightener


If you suffer from the toe drift, toe overlap, and bunion, the toes separator makes your feet happy. The Original ToePal helps to improve toes health loops for straightening the toes.

With the propriety medical-grade gel, the stretcher greatly reduces the strain of the joints, muscles, tissue and lengthen the toes. As per the design, the top part of the toe separator
keeps open.

The Original ToePal, toe straightener for relaxing the toes landed in the market a single standard size. The single size fits most feet. The powerful toe separators come with the enough flexible, relaxing and the smooth texture.

Wearing the Original ToePal toe spacer helps to keep your toes in proper natural alignment. Toe separator greatly work for Hallux Valgus, Claw Toes, Bunionette, Bunion Split, Toe Pain Relief, Toe alignment, Toe spreader, Night splint, Ball of foot pads and much more. It’s
Made up of the medical grade gel.

#6. Toe Separators by VIVE


Loving your high heel, pointy and slightly uncomfortable shoes does not mean you should have unhealthy feet. The key is to slip into these comfortable gel toe separators guaranteed to bring your feet back to their natural position especially after a long day of looking good in your designer shoes.

The toe separators work to give you a great posture and gait. The soft silicone gel used to manufacture these toe spacers makes them long lasting, easy to wear and easy to clean. They prove to be the best remedy for bunions, hammertoes, and other feet ailments.

The easy-care design fits comfortably around your toes offering you more flexibility and comfort that can only be compared with years of walking bare feet. The toe separators give your feet the ultimate foot yoga. They stretch your toes opening up blood veins and arteries for improved circulation. These toe separators also provide instant pain relief.

Best Toe Separators For Bunions

Editors note: Bunions can be painful if not treated early enough. These are some of the best get pads in the market for bunion relief.

 #7. ZenToes Pack of 4 Toe Separators and Spreaders

These toe separators are a natural remedy for unsightly feet problems like bunions. The ring-like design is made to be worn on the second toe. The flexible silicone pad grips comfortably against the big toe instantly correcting your toe overlap problem.

They also relieve drift pain caused by wearing tight-fitting footwear over time. By gently aligning your big toe, the toe separator ensures you comfortably walk and stand for longer.

The spreaders are made from medical grade gel that is latex free. The soft material used to make these spreaders is soft and does not cause blisters or calluses on the sensitive skin between the toes. This material also makes it easy to clean, allergy free and can be used repeatedly without losing its shape.

The toe spreader stays in place properly aligning the big toe and preventing the sides of your shoes from rubbing against it. It stretches the big toe thereby reducing muscle strain and aches.

Available in a set containing four, one size fits all pieces that come in either white or beige. They can be worn discreetly under almost all types of shoes.

#8. Dr. Frederick’s Original 14 Piece Bunion Pad & Spacer Kit


As the name suggests, the package comes in a set of 14 products. The set of 14 bonus pads, toes separators made of soft medical and super flexible gel. The Soft and stretchy gel pads are specially designed to provide gentle realignment of your toes and bunions.

Dr. Frederick’s cushions pledge to be always ethical: The professional
has consistently worked to improve the benefits of the products.The toe separator designed for an active lifestyle.

#9. Bunion Corrector & Bunion Relief Protector Sleeves Kit

Carefully purchasing  an outstanding Bunion corrector is highly indispensable for those who are suffering from bunions or looking for relief. This modern-day Bunion corrector comes with the excellent cushioning and padding ability.

Yet there are slim enough toes separators made their way to market with compatibility to wear it under regular footwear. One Size fits all: the package of 7 carefully selected piece set is highly useful for bunion relief.

It’s a unique solution towards the many foot problems like Hallux Valgus, pain in the big toe joint and much more. No doubt, this toe spacer made up of 100% medical grade premium quality silicone. The material is washable and reusable.

#10. DR ROGO Bunion Relief 2 Big Toe Protectors For Bunions


Dr. Rogo Bunion toe protector is specialized in instantly reducing the daily discomfort of hammer toe pain and bunions. With the usage of Dr. Rogo Bunion Toe protector gel, you’ll get the therapeutic solution for your Bunions in the big toe joint.

Made up of premium quality one of a kind durable medical-grade level. Simple to use and can be worn underneath the socks and shoe without experiencing any discomfort.

The insulating pads fit between the big and the second toe to instantly reduces the routine life discomfort of hammer toe gain.

Read more on Bunions Splints

Toe Alignment Socks

Editors note: If you don’t want the conventional toe stretchers made of gel, plastic or silicone, then you can use toe stretcher socks which are extremely comfortable. They are also considerably cheaper than the gel versions, but they don’t provide as much of a stretch.

#11. Happy Feet Women’s7-9/Men’s5-7 Original Foot Alignment Socks


These toe alignment socks reverse the damaging effect of wearing narrow shoes by providing cushioned toe dividers. The plush toe dividers offer relief from overlapping, crowded and crooked toes, bunions, toe cramps and more for pain-free comfort.

This acrylic sock is designed for both men and women. They do take some time getting used to. the socks should only be worn at night time. It’s not advisable to walk in them because these tend to stretch the material. Do not wear them with your shoes.

Enjoy improved foot health and warmth when you slip on these comfortable socks.

#12. 1 Pair Yoga GYM Massage Five Toe Separator Socks 


The Yoga gym massage sock is available in different colors but comes as a pair. Some of the main functions of the sock are to prevent beriberi infection and big toe hallux from exstrophy.

The sock also prevents plantar fasciitis, foot pain, diabetic feet, deep vein thrombosis, bunions, hammer toes, heel spurs, claw toes, bunionettes, poor circulation and mallet toes.

It made up of the Acrylic and Cotton.

It’s advisable to wear the sock for a few hours on each foot.

#13. Flesser Toe Separator Socks Yoga Sports GYM Half Toe Socks



Bunionette Toe Spacer

Editors note: If your main problem is the bunionette, then select one of the following for quick relief.

#14. NatraCure Pinky Toe Guard (Tailor’s Bunion)


#15. Dr. Frederick’s Original Tailor’s Bunion Pads


My Story: The Dancer with Squished Toes

I found myself having feet pain every day after wearing my heels and taking dance lessons 5 times a week.

Just like i was, you’re probably wondering what they have to do with yoga and if really work…

…so I decided to head to the far east for some answers. I landed at Waterbury at One Studios. You didn’t really think I was headed overseas, did you? While there I met Indie Ewell a yoga trainer. She’s been training yoga for over 20 years. So I was sure she would be able to explain the mystery of yoga toes.

I asked if she’s ever heard of this yoga toes and she said she’s heard of them but doesn’t use them in her yoga classes because she believes in inner healing from deep relaxation…. I almost gave up at that point.

My next visit was to a podiatrist. To my amusement, he had a sample of the toe spacers and even went ahead to illustrate how they are worn and what they do.

This is what he said:

“What it does is stretch out our feet making up for the position your feet should be all day. Many physical activities may end up depriving your feet of enough blood circulation such as wearing high heels or walking for long distances which may be harmful in the long run.”

Trying them on (My very first Experience)

At the end of all that I decided to try them on at least thrice a week while reading, watching Tv and even taking a nap.

Guess what… they work great and they are absolutely incredible. I used to have terrible foot pain from wearing high heels and taking dancing lessons but that’s no more.

Gel Toe Separators

Thanks to modern technology and the advancement of science and manufacturing, we can now enjoy the benefits of wearing Gel Toe Separators. It is so easy to use. Just take a piece of the gel that is meant for that gap (an example is between the big toe and the second toe) and that is it. Instant comfort!

Gel Toe Separators will help reach the different areas of the toes during the pedicure treatment. This is especially beneficial during the trimming or filing of the nails.

Those who decide to have a french tip pedicure will be glad to know that it will be easier to do this with the Gel Toe Separators as they separate each toe from one another. Thus, making the application of the nail polish easier and faster. No more worries. Just apply it and let it dry.

Another benefit of the Gel Toe Separators is the drying process. It can be faster and less messy as the toes do not touch each other. Proper air circulation is distributed between toes ensuring the faster drying of nails.

Painting nails can be a tiring thing to do and redoing it is a nightmare. These Gel Toe Separators relieves friction between toes and prevents rubbing. Thereby, relieving the toes from irritation and pain.

Gel Toe Packaging

Gel toe separators come in a pack and can be reused. It comes in different sizes and even colors. Some manufacturers added unique features such as making their gels vitamin-enriched which releases mineral oil that soothes and moisturizes the skin. These items can be purchased in your local health or beauty stores and even online.

Gel Toe Separators are a great alternative to paper or plastic that is inserted between your toes. It provides comfort and style. Say goodbye to toes scrapping one another. Bid farewell to ruined pedicures and styled nail polishes. Say hello to a healthier and happier set of toes.

How to Use Toe Spreaders

Tightening of the muscles and ligaments leads to discomfort and stiffness. This makes mobility a problem. If this persists, the problem is transferred to the calf and all the way to the back eventually affecting your posture.

The stretchers are carefully placed between your toes to exercise the muscles on the toes. This also helps in increasing flexibility and blood circulation to all parts of the feet.


Toe Separators for Bunions

Toe Separators for Bunions are beneficial in reducing pain in the foot due to bunions.  A bunion is the growth of bone or tissue at the base of the big toe roughly around the joint area. Thus, the toe turns inward and towards in the second toe. This generates pain when walking or when weight is shifted towards the big toe and second toe.

Aside from putting ice on the foot and taking prescribed medication, one way to provide comfort to a person who has bunions is to put a toe spacer in between the affected toes. This is called Orthotics or putting padding or shielding between two toes.

In the old days, they use either paper or tissue. But this can be more of a pain than a pleasure. That is why there are now products such as Toe Separators for people with bunions that available in the market.

These specially crafted and shaped gels are inserted in between the big toe and the adjacent second toe. Since they are made of the finest gel possible, special care and comfort are aimed at anyone who will use it.

In fact, you will be able to notice already a big relief once these Toe Separators for bunions are placed. They are reusable and washable without any worries of corrosion.

What Other Conditions Can They Be Used For?

Toe spreaders are used for preventing and correcting many conditions such as:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Bone Spurs
  • Hammer
  • Varicose Veins
  • toe stiffness
  • Mallet & Claw Toe
  • Morton’s Neuroma
  • Corns & Calluses
  • Achilles problems
  • foot cramps
  • overlapping toes
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Arthritis

Apart from using the gel toes for medical treatments, they can also be used for relaxation or improving the overall appearance of tour feet. Everybody wants to show off their beautiful toes and feet especially on this sandal season.


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