Feet aren’t the prettiest part of the body but we all got them and we all need them!

For millions of women who wear heels, work on their feet all day or even walk for long distances, you should know about toe separators and toe stretchers.

Why … you ask,

Toe separators are the ultimate relief for your feet pain. I found myself having feet pain every day after wearing my heels and taking dance lessons 4 times a day.

Yes, it’s the easiest workout ever.

You’re probably wondering what they have to do with yoga. I was wondering the same thing and decided to head to the far east for some answers.

I landed at Waterbury at One Studios. You didn’t really think we were headed overseas, did you? While there I met Indie Ewell a yoga trainer. She’s been training yoga for over 20 years. So I was sure she would be able to explain the mystery of yoga toes.

I asked if she’s ever heard of this yoga toes and she said she’s heard of them but doesn’t use them in her yoga classes because she believes in inner healing from deep relaxation. almost gave up at that point.

My next visit was to a foot doctor. To my amusement, he had a sample of the toe spacer. at that time he even went ahead to illustrate what it does.

This is what he said:

What it does is stretching out our feet making up for the position your feet should be all day. Many physical activities may end up depriving your feet of enough blood circulation such as wearing high heels which may be harmful in the long run.

At the end of all that I decided to try them on at least thrice a week while reading, watching Tv and even taking a nap.

Guess what they work, they are absolutely incredible. I used to have terrible foot pain from wearing high heels and taking dancing lessons but that’s no more.

Where to start when selecting a Toe spacer

Best Toe Separators For Men and Women

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Don’t forget These Two Important addons

Clip-On Deluxe Massagers

The clip-on massager adds more functionality to types of toe spacers which have vibeClips attached on them.

The massager soothes stiff muscles as well as relieving stress and tension between your toes. it does so by increasing blood circulation to re-energize your feet.

It works great in the bath-tab; it’s waterproof.

The Deluxe massager is powered by AAA batteries which are acquired separately.


YogaToes Purifying Spray

We all know how even the cleanest feet can produce unwanted odor. Start your rejuvenating experience with this purifying spray from Yoga Toes company. After application, it simplifies the process of putting on the toe spacers.

more info:

  • The spray should not come into contact with your eyes or be ingested
  • Its ingredients do not contain any perfumes, preservatives or mineral oils.
  • made the U.S.A
  • Shake well before use

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